Guest Post: Ireland, Please Do the World a Favor and Default

Guest Post: Ireland, Please Do the World a Favor and Default

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Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds

Ireland, Please Do the World a Favor and Default

Ireland would save the world from much misery by defaulting now and driving the vampire banks into liquidation.

The alternative title for today entry is: Ireland, please drive a stake through the heart of the vampire banks which have the world by the throat. The entire controlled demolition of the Eurozone’s finances can be summed up in one phrase: privatize leverage and profits, socialize losses and risk.

The basic deal is this: protect the bank’s managers, shareholders and bondholders from any losses, while heaping the socialized losses and risks on the taxpayers and citizens.

While there are murmurings of “forcing bondholders to share the pain,” any future haircut will undoubtedly be just for show, while the Irish pension funds are gutted to bail out the banks.

EU Outlines Bond Restructuring Plan (

Europe Goes “Completely Mad” At Suggestion Of Irish Default Demanded By 57% Of Irish Population (Zero Hedge)

Here is a chart which illustrates the dynamic at play in Greece, Ireland and indeed, the rest of the world as well: leveraged speculation and mal-investment lead to asset deflation and collapse.


Here is a chart which illustrates how asset deflation leads to taxpayer-funded bank bailouts and then sovereign default. It’s fairly self-explanatory:


It’s rather straightforward: as asset bubbles rise, they enable vast leveraging of credit and debt. Once mal-invested assets collapse in value, then the debt remains, unsupported by equity or capital.

As the Financial/Political Elites transfer these catastrophic losses onto the citizenry, they set off a positive (runaway) feedback loop: the Central State austerity required to pay the borrowing costs of the bailout sends the economy into recession, which reduces borrowers’ incomes, triggering more defaults which further sink housing prices. As prices continue falling, bank capital declines, requiring ever-larger bailouts to provide the banks with a simulacrum of solvency.

Austerity measures must be tightened to channel more of the citizens’ incomes to the banks, which further suppresses the economy, lowering tax revenues and incomes, which leads to more austerity to fund more bailouts, and so on, until the haggard remnants of a once-wealthy citizenry finally rebel against their Financial/Political Overlords and topple the government which arranged the bailout.

A new populist government announces a sovereign default, to widespread huzzahs from the unyoked citizenry.

The EU’s bailout of Greece and Ireland will only hasten this dynamic. The Power Elites are rapidly losing their credibility; just compare the market’s euphoric reaction to the Greek bailout in May and the openly negative response to the Irish bailout.

The money is lost, and Capitalism requires those who took on the risk to earn outsized returns must take the loss, come what may. When a nation such as Ireland is running a State deficit equal to 32% of GDP, austerity cannot generate the stupendous surpluses needed to make good the vast sums which are already lost.

And even if they could, why should the citizens save the banks and bondholders from the losses Capitalism requires? Mal-investments should be sold, for pennies on the dollar if need be, insolvent banks liquidated and bondholders handed 95% losses. Managers would be sacked, bonuses cancelled and shareholders wiped out.

It’s a little late to decide Capitalism is only fun when reaping gargantuan profits from highly leveraged mal-investment and fraud. Ireland, and indeed the world, will survive if all the vampire banks are liquidated. That is the end-state, and “buying time” just increases the misery of the citizens who have been yoked to save their “betters.”

Ireland, please drive a stake through the heart of the vampire banks which have the world by the throat. By defaulting, you would be doing the world (and your own nation) an immense favor.

Justice for Some

November 24th, 2010 BlogAdmin


NEW YORK – The mortgage debacle in the United States has raised deep questions about “the rule of law,” the universally accepted hallmark of an advanced, civilized society. The rule of law is supposed to protect the weak against the strong, and ensure that everyone is treated fairly. In America in the wake of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, it has done neither.

Part of the rule of law is security of property rights – if you owe money on your house, for example, the bank can’t simply take it away without following the prescribed legal process. But in recent weeks and months, Americans have seen several instances in which individuals have been dispossessed of their houses even when they have no debts.


To some banks, this is just collateral damage: millions of Americans – in addition to the estimated four million in 2008 and 2009 – still have to be thrown out of their homes. Indeed, the pace of foreclosures would be set to increase – were it not for government intervention. The procedural shortcuts, incomplete documentation, and rampant fraud that accompanied banks’ rush to generate millions of bad loans during the housing bubble has, however, complicated the process of cleaning up the ensuing mess.

To many bankers, these are just details to be overlooked. Most people evicted from their homes have not been paying their mortgages, and, in most cases, those who are throwing them out have rightful claims. But Americans are not supposed to believe in justice on average. We don’t say that most people imprisoned for life committed a crime worthy of that sentence. The US justice system demands more, and we have imposed procedural safeguards to meet these demands.

But banks want to short-circuit these procedural safeguards. They should not be allowed to do so.

To some, all of this is reminiscent of what happened in Russia, where the rule of law – bankruptcy legislation in particular – was used as a legal mechanism to replace one group of owners with another. Courts were bought, documents forged, and the process went smoothly.

In America, the venality is at a higher level. It is not particular judges that are bought, but the laws themselves, through campaign contributions and lobbying, in what has come to be called “corruption, American-style.”

It was widely known that banks and mortgage companies were engaged in predatory lending practices, taking advantage of the least educated and most financially uninformed to make loans that maximized fees and imposed enormous risks on the borrowers. (To be fair, the banks tried to take advantage of the more financially sophisticated as well, as with securities created by Goldman Sachs that were designed to fail.) But banks used all their political muscle to stop states from enacting laws to curtail predatory lending.

When it became clear that people could not pay back what was owed, the rules of the game changed. Bankruptcy laws were amended to introduce a system of “partial indentured servitude.” An individual with, say, debts equal to 100% of his income could be forced to hand over to the bank 25% of his gross, pre-tax income for the rest of his life, because, the bank could add on, say, 30% interest each year to what a person owed. In the end, a mortgage holder would owe far more than the bank ever received, even though the debtor had worked, in effect, one-quarter time for the bank.

When this new bankruptcy law was passed, no one complained that it interfered with the sanctity of contracts: at the time borrowers incurred their debt, a more humane – and economically rational – bankruptcy law gave them a chance for a fresh start if the burden of debt repayment became too onerous.

That knowledge should have given lenders incentives to make loans only to those who could repay. But lenders perhaps knew that, with the Republicans in control of government, they could make bad loans and then change the law to ensure that they could squeeze the poor.

With one out of four mortgages in the US under water – more owed than the house is worth – there is a growing consensus that the only way to deal with the mess is to write down the value of the principal (what is owed). America has a special procedure for corporate bankruptcy, called Chapter 11, which allows a speedy restructuring by writing down debt, and converting some of it to equity.

It is important to keep enterprises alive as going concerns, in order to preserve jobs and growth. But it is also important to keep families and communities intact. So America needs a “homeowners’ Chapter 11.”

Lenders complain that such a law would violate their property rights. But almost all changes in laws and regulations benefit some at the expense of others. When the 2005 bankruptcy law was passed, lenders were the beneficiaries; they didn’t worry about how the law affected the rights of debtors.

Growing inequality, combined with a flawed system of campaign finance, risks turning America’s legal system into a travesty of justice. Some may still call it the “rule of law,” but it would not be a rule of law that protects the weak against the powerful. Rather, it would enable the powerful to exploit the weak.

In today’s America, the proud claim of “justice for all” is being replaced by the more modest claim of “justice for those who can afford it.” And the number of people who can afford it is rapidly diminishing.

Foreclosure fraud on utube


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  • Lawsuits Against Lenders Accelerate Amid U.S. Housing Crisis

    The U.S. housing crisis has caused huge loan losses at big lenders but also spawned a slew of class-action lawsuits against them, many alleging noncompliance with consumer disclosure rules.”The compliance issue is a ticking time bomb for some lenders,” said Louis Pizante, chief executive of Mavent Inc., an Irvine, California-based company that provides automated regulatory compliance reports for financial clients. “We have only just seen the beginning of the lawsuits.”

    Navigant Consulting said in a report last month that in the 15 months through March 2008 a total of 448 lawsuits had been filed related to the subprime crisis. Of the 170 cases filed in January-March 2008, 46 percent were borrower class actions.

    That compared to 559 lawsuits related to the U.S. savings and loan association debacle in the 1980s and 1990s, it said.

    “Each of the top 10 subprime mortgage lenders for 2006 was named in at least one borrower class action suit during 2007,” the Navigant report said.

    Lenders targeted include Wachovia Corp unit World Savings Bank, Bear Stearns Cos. Inc., Citigroup Inc.’s CitiMortgage, Wells Fargo & Co. Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. unit First Franklin, and Countrywide Financial Corp., which agreed in January to be acquired by Bank of America Corp.

    “Looking at the volume and scope of the claims, there is an all-out assault under way against the firms involved in subprime loans,” Navigant Managing Director Jeff Nielsen said.

    Pizante and lawyers for plaintiffs said that if lenders lose such lawsuits, they may be obliged to return billions of dollars in interest and fees to borrowers. In some cases, homeowners could also have their loans declared unsecured debt by a bankruptcy court judge, allowing them to walk away.

    Pizante said Mavent had seen a dramatic increase this year in requests for compliance checks from lenders. But requests have also risen from investors looking to verify whether the loans that Wall Street banks sold them during the height of the U.S. property boom met all applicable laws.

    “In some cases it appears compliance may not have kept pace with the demand to get some of the more exotic loan products to market,” Pizante said.

    Under a U.S. law known as The Truth in Lending Act, lenders must disclose the terms and cost of loans to consumers. But lawyers representing borrowers in the lawsuits claim lenders gave borrowers loans with hidden costs and consequences.

    “The law requires lenders to disclose clearly and conspicuously what the ramifications are of a particular loan,” said Paul Kiesel, a partner at Kiesel, Boucher & Larson LLP.

    “But in many cases they didn’t even come close,” he said.

    Kiesel’s firm represents borrowers in more than 50 lawsuits involving Option Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs), one of the more exotic loan products made available by lenders during the recent property boom.

    Lawyers representing lenders said that compliance cases can often come down to the interpretation of a single word.

    “This will be a long slog, but the industry will get through it,” said Tom Hefferon, a partner at law firm Goodwin Procter in Washington, D.C.

    The stakes are high for lawyers and lenders. But emotions are running high for plaintiffs who had subprime loans.

    Richard Carbone, 65, and his wife Carmen, 62, in Hesperia, California, are typical. They said that not only were they not protected but were cheated by their mortgage provider.

    Carbone, a Vietnam War veteran, said in August 2006 a broker called and told him: “‘Have I got a great deal for you.”‘

    The deal: refinancing his 30-year fixed rate mortgage to a loan charging only 2 percent annual interest.

    Jeffrey Berns of Arbogast & Berns LLP, who is representing the Carbones and 12,000 other subprime borrowers in class action suits, said the Carbones ended up with an Option ARM with the terms not explained in the disclosures given.

    “If I’d known what they were selling me, I would have stuck with my 30-year fixed loan,” Carbone said. “I was lied to.”

    With an Option ARM, borrowers can make a minimum monthly payment instead of paying the larger full amount due. But the unpaid remainder is then added to the balance of the loan.

    The loan interest starts at a low “teaser” rate, then goes up quickly. There are also stiff prepayment penalties.

    In two months the Carbones’ interest rate went up and they found that $800 per month was being added to their balance.

    “The average person would look at the deal as it was presented and think ‘this is great.”‘ Berns said. “But by the time they realize what they have, they can’t get out.”

    “The disclosures for some Option ARMs state that ‘interest rates may go up,”‘ Kiesel said. “But in 100 percent of cases they went up in the second month. That’s misleading.”

    Defense lawyers say that argument is unlikely to succeed.

    “That is standard language on mortgage loan disclosures,” said Jeffrey Naimon, a partner at Buckley Kollar LLP in Washington, D.C. “Interest rates go up and down all the time, so this is not the world’s strongest argument.”

    Foreclosure attorney

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    Our Bankruptcy Attorneys and Foreclosure Prevention Attorneys have options for every situation…you just need to call. Don’t wait any longer, it may only get worse…

    Bankruptcy Attorneys and Foreclosure Prevention Attorneys

    We know times are tough, you aren’t sure what to do, but you know one thing, you need to do something.  Maybe you are upside down in your home and tired of throwing good money at a bad problem, maybe you can’t afford your house payments anymore due to an adjusting loan, you’ve tried talking with your  lender and after months you have gotten nowhere and you are frusterated and scared.

    Your bills are mounting, your credit cards are maxed, you are starting to receive creditor calls…it is time to let the experienced bankruptcy and real estate attorneys at the McCandless  Law Firm step in and help you with all of your problems, we will steer you in the right direction for YOU. We are one of the few law firms that can assist with BOTH your real estate needs (short sales, foreclosure assistance, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, rescission of foreclosure, etc) and/or your bankruptcy needs so whichever option fits you and your needs the best, you can rest assured that our experienced attorneys can assist you quickly and competently.  And with our offer of a free consultation you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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    Some judges chastise banks over foreclosure paperwork

    During the housing boom, millions of homeowners got easy access to mortgages. Now, some mortgage lenders and government officials are taking action after discovering that many mortgage documents were mishandled.

    ST PATCHOGUE, N.Y. – A year ago, Long Island Judge Jeffrey Spinner concluded that a mortgage company’s paperwork in a foreclosure case was so flawed and its behavior in negotiations with the borrower so “repugnant” that he erased the family’s $292,500 debt and gave the house back for free.

    The judgment in favor of the homeowner, Diane Yano-Horoski, which is being appealed, has alarmed the nation’s biggest lenders, who say it could establish a dramatic new legal precedent and roil the nation’s foreclosure system.

    It is not the only case that has big banks worried. Spinner and some of colleagues in the New York City area estimate they are dismissing 20 to 50 percent of foreclosure cases on the basis of sloppy or fraudulent paperwork filed by lenders.

    Their decisions illustrate the central role lower court judges will have in resolving the country’s foreclosure debacle. The mess came to light after lawsuits and media reports showed lenders were routinely filing shoddy or fraudulent papers to seize the homes of borrowers who had missed payments.

    In millions of cases across the United States, local judges have wide latitude to impose sanctions on banks, free homeowners from their mortgage debts or allow the companies to proceed with flawed foreclosures. Ultimately, the industry is likely to face a messy scenario – different resolutions by courts in all 50 states.

    The foreclosure dismissals in this area of New York have not delivered free homes for borrowers. With so much at stake, lenders in this part of New York are aggressively appealing foreclosure dismissals, which is likely to keep the legal system bogged down, foreclosed homes off the market, and homeowners like the Yano-Horoski family in legal limbo for years.

    “We believe the Yano-Horoski ruling, if allowed to stand, has sweeping and dangerous implications for the entire mortgage lending industry,” said OneWest Bank, the family’s mortgage servicer.

    The situation in Suffolk and Nassau counties on Long Island and Kings County in Brooklyn- which have among the highest rates of foreclosure in the state and where the 81 judges handling foreclosures have become infamous over the past few years for scrutinizing paperwork for errors – provides a window into how the crisis could unfold across in the country.

    While the level of tolerance for document mistakes varies from judge to judge, the group as a whole has a reputation for ruling against mortgage companies when paperwork issues or other problems arise. At least one bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, requires document processors to separate foreclosures cases from these three counties from those in the rest of the country. A high-ranking executive of the company is specially assigned to sign off on the area’s foreclosure filings.

    Judge Dana Winslow of Nassau County says he’s thought a lot about why judges in his area are more apt to question filings. He said it comes down to one thing: Lack of trust for Wall Street. In this region, judges have seen a lot of inaccurate filings from the financial sector.

    Trust “of the lending institutions and Wall Street has eroded in some areas of the country more than others,” Winslow said.

    Craig D. Robins, a foreclosure defense attorney who authors the Long Island Bankruptcy blog, said of the Yano-Horoski case: “I think we’re going to see more decisions like this across the country. Many judges are finding their court calendars clogged with cases that have all these flaws in them that never should have been brought in the first place or should never have been brought without more due diligence.”

    Going forward, mortgage companies trying to foreclosure in the state of New York will face stiffer requirements. On Oct. 20, the state’s chief judge said attorneys for lenders will have to vouch personally for the accuracy of documents.

    “We can’t have the process being a fraud,” New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman said in announcing the new procedure. “It has to be real and based on credible information.”

    Even before Lippman’s order, however, lower court judges were already raising questions about faulty paperwork in foreclosures.

    On June 17, for example, Judge Karen Murphy of Nassau County ruled that Wachovia Bank lacked standing to foreclose on a home because the document used to prove ownership of the mortgage was incomplete.

    On Sept. 21, Judge Peter Mayer of Suffolk County delayed a foreclosure by Ally Financial’s GMAC mortgage unit after noticing that the paperwork transferring the mortgage to the bank was dated two days after the foreclosure was initiated.

    And on Oct. 21, Judge Arthur Schack of Kings County dismissed a OneWest foreclosure motion because the bank had not adequately documented how the mortgage had been sold and resold to investors. He also questioned why the employee who signed many of the documents claimed to be a vice president of several different mortgage companies at the same time.

    In a different case in May, Schack ruled that HSBC Bank could not foreclose on a home because the paperwork that assigned the mortgage to HSBC from the original lender, Cambridge, was “defective.”

    That didn’t mean the borrower, Lovely Yeasmin, a 28-year-old cashier who immigrated from Bangladesh, got her three-story townhouse in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood for free. Wells Fargo, the mortgage servicer for HSBC, has not appealed the case. Instead, it has offered to temporarily lower her monthly payment from $4,700 to $3,000.

    Yeasmin’s eldest brother, Mohammed Parpez, 35, said that before the judge’s order, Wells Fargo was resistent to a loan modification. “The banks are crooks. They tell everyone they are trying to help people like us, but they are really doing the opposite,” Parpez said.

    Tom Goyda, a Wells Fargo spokesman, said that although the company “disagrees with the court’s findings,” it is continuing to try to work out a longer-term solution with the family.Members of the Yano-Horoski family said they struggled similarly to get their lender to modify their loan after Greg Horoski fell ill in 2005 and his online business selling specialty dolls suffered. After he underwent a triple bypass surgery, two stents and two hip replacements, he and his wife, Diane – who teaches an online English composition course – found themselves unable to pay the bills.

    Despite his pleas, Horoski said, he failed to get OneWest to come to an agreement, even though he became able to pay the debt after his company’s sales picked up.

    In his November 2009 ruling, Judge Spinner of Suffolk County blasted OneWest for negotiating with an “opprobrious demeanor and condescending attitude.” He also cited the bank’s “duplicity” in offering a forbearance agreement with a deadline that had already passed and for presenting contradictory paperwork claiming different amounts for what the family owed.

    With their case under appeal, the Yano-Horoskis now find themselves in a tricky position, wary of putting more money into a house that an appeals court could take away from them. While the other houses on their quiet suburban street are meticulously maintained, their front-porch light remains shattered and the paint on their house is peeling.

    They’ve shelled out $3,000 for a new hot-water system. They paid $2,000 for tree trimming after a neighbor complained. But they’ve let the $10,000 property tax bill become delinquent, and they worry an appeals court could not only reverse the earlier ruling but demand that the family pay back the mortgage for every month that has passed since.

    Nonetheless, Horoski remains optimistic.

    “People thought people who didn’t pay their mortgages were automatically deadbeats,” he said. “People are educated now. They are realizing all of a sudden how many hundreds of thousands of these homes that were foreclosed may have been done so with fraudulent documents.”

    Staff researchers Julie Tate, Alice Crites and Magda Jean-Louis contributed to this report. Faye Crosley forwarded this article to me and I have posted it for my readers. It would appear that some judges are beginning to thaw to the idea that this “bailout” is for the banks and the victims are being pushed aside by the foreclosure machine

    Recent Chapter 11 Filings – California


    Recent Chapter 11 Filings – California Pacer (click on Pacer district link(s) below to access Pacer)










    Debtor District Filing Date Case Number Attorney
    Maverick Asphalt, Inc. Eastern 2/08/10 10-11232 T. Scott Belden
    Harder’s Print Shop, Inc. Eastern 2/09/10 10-90434 David C. Johnston
    Geoffrey S. Payne Central 2/09/10 10-14626 David R. Haberbush
    SLA York House, LLC Northern 2/09/10 10-10405 Richard V. Day
    Vertical Ventures-Wiget Lane, LLC Northern 2/09/10 10-41380 Tracy Green
    Cyrus Ansari Northern 2/09/10 10-10410 Neil Jon Bloomfield
    San Diego Family Services, L.P. Southern 2/09/10 10-02015 Bret Hamelin
    East Airport Development, LLC Central 2/10/10 10-10634 William C. Beall
    Ofelia Valdez Romero Eastern 2/10/10 10-23145 Kenneth R. Graham
    Naim Harrison Northern 2/10/10 10-30453 Naim Harrison
    Ace Financial Corporation Eastern 2/10/10 10-11289 Lisa Holder
    Billie Rene Powers Central 2/10/10 10-11637 Michael A Younge
    Stewart E. Hatler Eastern 2/11/10 10-90472 Patrick B. Greenwell
    Ortega’s Nightmare, LLC Southern 2/11/10 10-02070 Thomas S. Engel
    McDonald Family Trust Central 2/11/10 10-14870 Bryan J. Thomas
    Magnavon Industries, Inc. Central 2/11/10 10-11709 Thomas J. Polis
    Leopoldo Rocha Northern 2/12/10 10-51383 Judson T. Farley
    Diamond Decisions Inc. Central 2/12/10 10-15109 Brent H Blakely
    Gary D. Carroll Eastern 2/13/10 10-90496 David C. Johnston
    Jorge Richard Delasierra Northern 2/15/10 10-51437 Drew Henwood
    Garrett S. Duncan Eastern 2/15/10 10-23525 Philip J. Rhodes
    25th Street West, LLC Central 2/15/10 10-11643 Lewis R Landau
    Declan Mary Kavanagh Central 2/15/10 10-11653 Louis J Esbin
    Daz Vineyards, LLC Central 2/15/10 10-10689 William C Beall
    Ajk Investments Central 2/15/10 10-11640 Lewis R Landau
    Jak Limited Partnership Central 2/15/10 10-11641 Lewis R Landau
    Levi Mejilla Lacanienta Northern 2/15/10 10-30503 Robert T. Kawamoto
    Mh Sterling Group, LLC Northern 2/15/10 10-51435 Charles B. Greene
    Jose Luis Pedroza Central 2/15/10 10-10693 David A. St. John
    Lesser Investments, LLC Central 2/16/10 10-11694 Anthony J. Turner
    Tsafrir Aviezer Central 2/16/10 10-11670 M. Jonathan Hayes
    453 Sixth Avenue, LLC Southern 2/16/10 10-02285 Darvy Mack Cohan
    Harold J Perkins Central 2/16/10 10-15467 Joseph Aliberti
    Re/max Marquee Partners, Inc. Central 2/16/10 10-15425 Stuart I. Koenig
    Robert M. Owen and Maruerite C. Owen IV Trust Central 2/16/10 10-11703 Alexander Lebecki
    Paul F. Dumas Eastern 2/16/10 10-90518 David C. Johnston
    Mark Kesel Northern 2/16/10 10-41653 Judith Whitman
    Gloria Freeman Eastern 2/16/10 10-23577 W. Austin Cooper
    Deborah Joy O’Grady Central 2/17/10 10-14330 Robert B. Rosenstein
    Gordon James Grill & Bar, Inc. Central 2/17/10 10-11966 Gerald Wolfe
    Waverly Lee Logan Northern 2/17/10 10-30541 Sydney Jay Hall
    Plastic Engineering Technologies Central 2/17/10 10-14248 Plastic Engineering Technologies
    David Paul Schwenke Eastern 2/17/10 10-23673 Lewis Phon
    Robert Pyke Central 2/17/10 10-15706 David R. Haberbush
    Melchor Celeridad Gorospe Northern 2/17/10 10-41681 Melchor Celeridad Gorospe
    Paul Earnest Guest Northern 2/17/10 10-30533 Ruth Elin Auerbach
    Ademir Pasco Central 2/18/10 10-15866 Michael J. Jaurigue
    Cuong Viet Do Northern 2/18/10 10-51583 Lars T. Fuller
    Dave’s Hay Barn, Inc. Eastern 2/18/10 10-23819 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    Felix M. Fhima Central 2/18/10 10-15854 Michael Jay Berger
    Georgina V. Rigonan Central 2/18/10 10-10750 David A. St. John
    Irvine Brothers, Inc. Central 2/18/10 10-12014 Anthony Egbase
    17623 Martha St., LLC Central 2/18/10 10-11815 17623 Martha St., LLC
    Zenaida Masacayan Postolica Northern 2/18/10 10-51522 Lewis Phon
    Central Occupational Medicine Providers Central 2/19/10 10-14524 Robert B. Rosenstein
    The Rabuck Agency, Inc. Central 2/19/10 10-16013 Stephen F. Biegenzahn
    T. K. Hiram Investments, LLC Northern 2/19/10 10-30571 James F. Beiden
    Joseph M. Mancuso Central 2/19/10 10-11893 Philip D. Dapeer
    Taghi Malekshoar Northern 2/19/10 10-51604 Shawn R. Parr
    Ronald Eugene Hill Central 2/19/10 10-14588 Ronald Eugene Hill
    Peter Capone Central 2/19/10 10-10782 Franklyn S. Michaelson
    Martin Carbajal Central 2/20/10 10-11916 Anthony Egbase
    Scuderia Investments, LLC Central 2/20/10 10-16135 Michael R. Totaro
    Distribuidora Morazan, Inc. Central 2/21/10 10-16176 Jeffrey S. Hoffman
    Alamo Auto Car Care Center Inc. Central 2/22/10 10-16317 Sammy Zreik
    Almaden Associates, LLC Northern 2/22/10 10-41903 Joel K. Belway
    Paul D. Van Tassel Eastern 2/22/10 10-11742 Riley C. Walter
    Bakery Express Cafe’, Inc. Central 2/22/10 10-16224 William H. Brownstein
    W.H.E. Enterprises, LLC Northern 2/22/10 10-10566 Gregory B. Orton
    The Yucca Group Central 2/22/10 10-16226 The Yucca Group
    Gabriel Tauber Central 2/22/10 10-11943 Gabriel Tauber
    Oasis Club, Inc. Central 2/22/10 10-16304 Sammy Zreik
    Lasaine Avenue Development, LLC Central 2/22/10 10-11967 Lasaine Avenue Development, LLC
    Global Reach Investment Corp. Northern 2/22/10 10-30589 Chinin Tana
    Douglas Wayne Gary Eastern 2/22/10 10-24109 Douglas Wayne Gary
    F.R.A. Inc. Central 2/22/10 10-16313 Sammy Zreik
    Avishay Weinberg Central 2/22/10 10-16229 Avishay Weinberg
    Blanca, LLC Central 2/23/10 10-16519 Carolyn A. Dye
    K G Development, LLC Central 2/23/10 10-16562 Eric Bensamochan
    West Valley Real Estate Group, LLC Northern 2/23/10 10-51740 Basil J. Boutris
    Grant Rudolph Northern 2/23/10 10-10586 Michael C. Fallon
    Firestone Associates, LLC Central 2/23/10 10-16498 Carolyn A. Dye
    Briarwood Capital, LLC Southern 2/23/10 10-02677 Jeffry A. Davis
    B&W Investments Central 2/23/10 10-12174 Jeffrey S Benice
    Canby Holdings Inc. Central 2/23/10 10-11988 Canby Holdings, Inc.
    Omnia College, LLC Northern 2/24/10 10-51757 Charles B. Greene
    M E Jones DDS, Inc. Central 2/24/10 10-12077 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Dep Thi Trieu Northern 2/24/10 10-51793 Michael Chinh Vu
    The Yucca Group, LLC Central 2/24/10 10-12079 Jerome Bennett Friedman
    Bock Family Trust Dated December 9, 1999 Eastern 2/24/10 10-24302 Ignascio G. Camarena, II
    9801 Irvine Center Drive LLC Central 2/24/10 10-12239 Marc C. Rosenberg
    901 De Haro, LLC Northern 2/24/10 10-30627 901 De Haro, LLC
    Ahmad Reza Rafii Northern 2/24/10 10-51776 Lars T. Fuller
    Hollywood Motion Picture Trust Central 2/24/10 10-10864 Peter Susi
    Miguel Lopez Central 2/24/10 10-12080 Eric Bensamochan
    Hayashi Asset Management, LLC Central 2/24/10 10-16721 David Weinstein
    Ricky Dean Frick Central 2/24/10 10-12283 Babak R. Sabahat
    Hayashi Syndication Holdings, LLC, Central 2/24/10 10-16722 David Weinstein
    Selden Enterprises Limited Partnership Central 2/24/10 10-10865 Peter Susi
    Valles & Associates, LLC Northern 2/25/10 10-51813 William C. Lewis
    NGTV Central 2/25/10 10-16897 Sandford Frey
    Nicolas Marsch, III Southern 2/25/10 10-02939 Jeffry A. Davis
    Claribel Torres Tonel Northern 2/25/10 10-42026 Kenneth R. Graham
    Colony Properties International, LLC Southern 2/25/10 10-02937 Jeffry A. Davis
    53;59 1/2 Tenth Street, LP Central 2/25/10 10-16890 Jerry A. Chad
    Michael John Sullivan Central 2/26/10 10-17022 Stephen F. Biegenzahn
    Maria E. Valencia Northern 2/26/10 10-42069 William F. McLaughlin
    Patrick Wayne Neal Northern 2/26/10 10-42153 Guy A. Odom, Jr.
    Capitol Properties, LLC Eastern 2/26/10 10-24819 W. Steven Shumway
    Flaunt Magazine, Inc. Central 2/26/10 10-17320 Alex Kagianaris
    Colony Properties International II, LLC Southern 2/28/10 10-03361 Colony Properties International II, LLC
    Eurodesign Cabinets, LP Central 2/28/10 10-15606 George E. Schulman
    Surf and Skate, Inc. Eastern 3/01/10 10-25009 C. Anthony Hughes
    California Ranchos, LLC Eastern 3/01/10 10-12136 Hagop T. Bedoyan
    Charles Emelio Janeke Central 3/01/10 10-12281 Charles Emelio Janeke
    Michael Wood Eastern 3/02/10 10-25046 Michael Wood
    Contos Development, LLC Central 3/02/10 10-12324 John R. Contos
    Robert Gonzalez Central 3/02/10 10-15767 Mark D. Potter
    Raymund Gonzalez Central 3/03/10 10-17740 Anthony Egbase
    Editha Diwa Masacayan Northern 3/03/10 10-52112 Lewis Phon
    Sisco, Inc. Eastern 3/03/10 10-90761 David C. Johnston
    Craig Hutchinson Northern 3/03/10 10-42312 Craig Hutchinson
    USDC Fresno, Inc. Central 3/04/10 10-12745 Garrick A Hollander
    USDC Tuchman Indiana, Inc. Central 3/04/10 10-12736 Marc J Winthrop
    Cleaners Club Acquisition Sub, Inc. Central 3/04/10 10-12742 Marc J Winthrop
    500 West Broadway, L.P. Southern 3/04/10 10-03532 Michael D. Breslauer
    USDC Portsmouth, Inc. Central 3/04/10 10-12743 Marc J Winthrop
    U. S. Dry Cleaning Services Corporation Central 3/04/10 10-12748 Garrick A Hollander
    Steam Press Holdings, Inc. Central 3/04/10 10-12740 Marc J Winthrop
    Preferred Properties Eastern 3/04/10 10-25309 David Foyil
    Enivel, Inc. Central 3/04/10 10-12735 Marc J Winthrop
    USDC Fresno 2, Inc. Central 3/04/10 10-12746 Garrick A Hollander
    UST Development, Inc. Central 3/05/10 10-16297 Robert G Uriarte
    Mesa Verde Re Ventures, LLC Central 3/05/10 10-12757 Kenneth Hennesay
    New Healdsburg Venture, LP Northern 3/05/10 10-10760 Michael C. Fallon
    David Scott Nichols Northern 3/05/10 10-10764 Michael C. Fallon
    Donald L. Young Northern 3/05/10 10-10762 Michael C. Fallon
    Raymond Wu Northern 3/05/10 10-52169 Lars T. Fuller
    Greater Years, Inc. Central 3/05/10 10-16186 Greater Years Inc
    ANF Asbury Park, LLC Central 3/05/10 10-12819 Michael G Spector
    Shawn K. Yoder Northern 3/05/10 10-10752 Michael C. Fallon
    Tech Craft, Inc. Central 3/08/10 10-12897 Stephen R. Wade
    Thomas Smiley, III Southern 3/08/10 10-03716 Ajay Gupta
    Murray Neal Eastern 3/08/10 10-12372 Jamie P. Dreher
    Grigor Bakchadjian Central 3/08/10 10-18475 Robert M. Yaspan
    Commonwealth Investment & Development Corporation Southern 3/08/10 10-03719 Ajay Gupta
    R Star Restaurants, Inc. Central 3/08/10 10-12892 Thomas J Polis
    Cypress Estates, Inc. Eastern 3/09/10 10-12439 Tomas D. Nunez
    Sky King, Inc. Eastern 3/09/10 10-25657 Matthew R. Eason
    Armando Martinez Central 3/09/10 10-18615 Philip A. Kramer
    Majestic, LLC Northern 3/09/10 10-30787 Paul E. Manasian
    Allen Crawford Barron Thomas Northern 3/09/10 10-10798 Michael C. Fallon
    Hotel Metropolis II, LLC Northern 3/10/10 10-30802 Edward C. Singer
    Patrice Michelle Kolebuck Central 3/10/10 10-18859 Patrice Michelle Kolebuck
    Personality Hotels III, LLC Northern 3/10/10 10-30804 Edward C. Singer
    E and J Developers, LLC Eastern 3/10/10 10-25873 John David Maxey
    Amy Emiko Awtrey Trust Northern 3/10/10 10-42626 Scott J. Sagaria
    Lamarr Orlando Algee Central 3/10/10 10-12732 Blake Lindemann
    Lawrence K. C. Ko Northern 3/11/10 10-30823 Lewis Phon
    Daniel Craig Smith Central 3/11/10 10-12761 Illyssa Fogel
    Aaron David Rafelle Central 3/11/10 10-12750 Aaron David Rafelle
    Harold Franklin Mendenhall Central 3/11/10 10-19042 David R. Haberbush
    Connectto Communications, Inc. Central 3/12/10 10-19227 Scott C. Clarkson
    Carole Ann Meikle Central 3/12/10 10-13106 Stephen W Johnson
    Renato R. Cuenca Eastern 3/12/10 10-26168 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    Maria Caridad Lucero Alcantara Northern 3/12/10 10-42759 Sydney Jay Hall
    Wall Management, Incorporated Northern 3/12/10 10-52418 Wayne A. Silver
    Forrest R. Hendrickson Northern 3/14/10 10-42782 Kenneth Bauer
    Ayala Garden 6, LLC Northern 3/14/10 10-52517 Dennis Yan
    Glenn V. Basina Northern 3/15/10 10-30871 Johnson P. Lazaro
    Jitendra M. Vora Northern 3/15/10 10-30889 Oxana Kozlov
    Juan Manuel Lugo Central 3/15/10 10-19575 Dennis E. McGoldrick
    Joselito Alban Guzman Northern 3/15/10 10-42823 Kenneth R. Graham
    Rancho Mirage Hand Car Wash, Inc. Central 3/15/10 10-17306 Rancho Mirage Hand Car Wash, Inc.
    374 West Street, LLC Central 3/15/10 10-19554 Scott C. Clarkson
    Manuel L Fernandez Northern 3/15/10 10-30874 Kenneth R. Graham
    Dunn Properties, LLC Central 3/15/10 10-19564 Jerry A. Chad
    Ennis Commercial Properties, LLC Eastern 3/16/10 10-12709 Peter L. Fear
    East Side Development Company, LLC Northern 3/16/10 10-42835 Dennis Yan
    Brian C. Dudley Central 3/16/10 10-17456 Thomas P. Giordano
    B3 FLJC, LLC Central 3/16/10 10-19697 Bernard D. Bollinger, Jr.
    KT Terraza I, LLC Central 3/16/10 10-19693 Bernard D. Bollinger, Jr.
    Hans Gregory Wood Central 3/16/10 10-17475 Todd L. Turoci
    Zokku Downtown, Inc. Eastern 3/16/10 10-26547 W. Austin Cooper
    Lance Reed Central 3/16/10 10-19761 Omar Zambrano
    Jon Huffine Eastern 3/16/10 10-26494 Stephen M. Reynolds
    Home Organizers, Inc. Central 3/16/10 10-19762 Julian I. Gurule
    Porto Siena, LLC Southern 3/16/10 10-04213 Alan Vanderhoff
    Thinkfilm LLC Central 3/17/10 10-19912 Thinkfilm, LLC
    R2D2, LLC Central 3/17/10 10-19924 R2D2, LLC
    Capitol Films Development, LLC Central 3/17/10 10-19938 Capitol Films Development, LLC
    Capco Group, LLC Central 3/17/10 10-19929 Capco Group, LLC
    CT-1 Holdings, LLC Central 3/17/10 10-19927 CT-1 Holdings LLC
    Escom, LLC Central 3/17/10 10-13001 Escom, LLC
    Juan Esteban Alfaro Central 3/17/10 10-19966 Giovanni Orantes
    Arthur Pritchard Northern 3/17/10 10-42917 Arthur Pritchard
    Ruffin Road Office Park, LP Central 3/17/10 10-17606 Thomas C. Nelson
    Sandra J. Scher Central 3/18/10 10-20001 Sandra J. Scher
    Dorit Eden Central 3/18/10 10-20047 Robert S. Altagen
    CBD Las Vegas, LLC Central 3/18/10 10-19977 Christopher S Reeder
    Closet Dimensions, Inc. Central 3/18/10 10-19975 Christopher S Reeder
    Closets By Design, Inc. Central 3/18/10 10-19974 Christopher S Reeder
    Krameria, LLC Central 3/18/10 10-17761 J. Dana Mitchellweiler
    Paloma Avenue, LLC Northern 3/18/10 10-10934 Jay T. Jambeck
    Closet World, Inc. Central 3/18/10 10-19972 Christopher S Reeder
    Closet World Arizona, LLC Central 3/18/10 10-19978 Christopher S Reeder
    CBD Franchising, Inc. Central 3/18/10 10-19973 Christopher S, Reeder
    T & C Restaurant Group, Inc. Central 3/18/10 10-17777 Thomas J. Polis
    2665 Geneva, LLC Northern 3/18/10 10-30951 Jay T. Jambeck
    Home Closets, Inc. Central 3/18/10 10-19976 Christopher S Reeder
    David Lack General Contractor, Inc. Central 3/19/10 10-11314 Karen L. Grant
    Alta Cross Industries, LLC Eastern 3/19/10 10-26881 Matthew R. Eason
    David Lack Central 3/19/10 10-11315 Karen L. Grant
    Kerrys Medical, Inc. Eastern 3/19/10 10-26818 Paul R. Bartleson
    Diamond Distribution, Inc. Central 3/19/10 10-20208 Mark E. Brenner
    James W. Knoblach Central 3/21/10 10-13514 Alan L. Armstrong
    Klentner-Marquez Construction, Inc. Central 3/22/10 10-20627 Philip D. Dapeer
    Timberdog, LLC Northern 3/22/10 10-43114 Timothy L. McCandless
    661 Shatto Place, LLC Central 3/22/10 10-20670 Stephen L. Burton
    San Diego Expressway, L.P. Southern 3/22/10 10-04516 Robert Pilmer
    Innovative Technology Business Park, LLC Eastern 3/22/10 10-91022 David C. Johnston
    California Transportation Ventures, Inc. Southern 3/22/10 10-04518 Robert Pilmer
    Grant Grandchildrens Trust Eastern 3/22/10 10-12926 Grant Grandchildrens Trust
    1764 San Diego Avenue, LLC Southern 3/23/10 10-04611 Craig E. Dwyer
    Sequoia Capital Fund Northern 3/23/10 10-43182 Harold M. Jaffe
    Ripon Self Storage, LLC Eastern 3/23/10 10-27215 Arthur L. Barnes
    J and J Harrison, LLC Eastern 3/23/10 10-27195 James L. Brunello
    Juanito Tuazon Estanislao Central 3/23/10 10-13292 John H. Bauer
    717 Oak Grove Corporation Northern 3/23/10 10-31003 Guy A. Odom, Jr.
    Lavanson Cernon Coffey Northern 3/23/10 10-43176 Lavanson Cernon Coffey
    Alberto C. Guerra, Jr. Southern 3/23/10 10-04655 Andrew H. Griffin, III
    Glassel Properties, LLC Central 3/23/10 10-13660 Alan L. Armstrong
    California Restaurants, Inc. Central 3/23/10 10-13661 Alan L. Armstrong
    WHD, LLC Eastern 3/23/10 10-13010 Justin D. Harris
    Ni Ni Ichi Corporation Northern 3/24/10 10-43262 W. Austin Cooper
    Bradford J. Staph, DPS Central 3/24/10 10-13685 Marc R. Tow
    Crestridge Estates, LLC Central 3/24/10 10-13689 David B. Golubchik
    Preferred Properties, LLC Eastern 3/25/10 10-27515 David Foyil
    H Square, LLC Northern 3/25/10 10-43325 Mark J. Romeo
    Orange Grove Service, Inc. Central 3/25/10 10-21336 Ori S. Blumenfeld
    LB/L – DS Ventures Clovis, LLC Central 3/25/10 10-21288 Victor A. Sahn
    Future Enterprise Trust Central 3/25/10 10-13768 Vincent Renda
    Ramzy Nayef Fakhoury, Jr. Central 3/25/10 10-21315 Stephen R Wade
    Robert Beltran Northern 3/25/10 10-52995 Scott J. Sagaria
    VMA Motoring, Inc. Central 3/25/10 10-18618 VMA Motoring, Inc.
    Jennifer Scott Roshala Southern 3/25/10 10-04765 Arthur Stockton
    David J. Behrend Central 3/25/10 10-21201 James R. Selth
    Jack Walton Robinson Eastern 3/25/10 10-27432 Mikalah R. Liviakis
    Impeva Labs, Inc. Northern 3/26/10 10-53056 Laurent Chen
    Paul R. Martin Central 3/26/10 10-18751 Barbara Barrett
    Reny Yeghia Mazmanian Central 3/26/10 10-13433 Alla Tenina
    Northern California Land Trust Northern 3/26/10 10-43343 Jeffrey J. Goodrich
    Jon J. Simon Central 3/26/10 10-13815 Justin D Graham
    CEM Builders, Inc. Central 3/26/10 10-13837 CEM Builders, Inc.
    Robert Teora Eastern 3/26/10 10-27727 Philip J. Rhodes
    Recreation Villas, L.L.C Central 3/26/10 10-18838 Daniel C. Sever
    Topaz Capital and Investments, Inc. Southern 3/29/10 10-04983 Raymond R. Lee
    Loyalty Mortgage, Inc. Central 3/29/10 10-13949 Joseph M Hoats
    Gerald Lee Bybee Northern 3/29/10 10-11099 Steven M. Olson
    Centerport Records & Productions, Inc. Central 3/29/10 10-13562 Centerport Records & Productions, Inc.
    JG Orbis Corporation Northern 3/29/10 10-31089 Darvy Mack Cohan
    Derik John Hart Central 3/29/10 10-13535 Gerald Wolfe
    Arnelio Bulatao Acosta Northern 3/29/10 10-43480 Craig V. Winslow
    Harbor Asia Plaza, LLC Central 3/30/10 10-14012 Phu D. Nguyen
    Donald Wagner Eastern 3/30/10 10-28103 W. Steven Shumway
    Ultimate Hair Salon and Spa, LLC Northern 3/30/10 10-43524 Ultimate Hair Salon And Spa, LLC
    J. Michelle Of California Inc. Central 3/30/10 10-22078 George J. Paukert
    Cee Sportwear, Inc. Central 3/30/10 10-22065 George J. Paukert
    Paul Bogner Central 3/30/10 10-22063 George J. Paukert
    David C. Katz Southern 3/30/10 10-05104 Elliott H. Stone
    Alfonso Reynoso Central 3/31/10 10-22272 Robert B. Rosenstein
    Efigenia May Parker Southern 3/31/10 10-05284 Marjan Mortazavi
    Anna Marie Moore Central 3/31/10 10-22260 Thomas P. Giordano
    Dynamic Builders, Inc. Central 3/31/10 10-14151 Nanette D. Sanders
    Catalina Beach House, LLC Central 3/31/10 10-22206 Blake Lindemann
    L. Ramon Bonin Central 3/31/10 10-14067 James C. Bastian, Jr.
    Shelia G. Scott Central 3/31/10 10-22308 Robert S. Altagen
    Aziz B. Mohammed Northern 4/01/10 10-43699 Michael N. Sofris
    DJA, Corp. Central 4/01/10 10-19732 Robert B. Rosenstein
    Sutter Properties, LLC Eastern 4/01/10 10-28478 W. Austin Cooper
    Hesameddin Pakdel Northern 4/01/10 10-53407 Kari L. Silva
    Durham Development, Inc. Central 4/01/10 10-13769 Moises S. Bardavid
    Mei Zhou Knight Central 4/01/10 10-19734 Robert B. Rosenstein
    Thomas F. Rayman Eastern 4/01/10 10-28449 David C. Johnston
    Toneata Leona Martoccio Central 4/02/10 10-13830 Toneata Leona Martoccio
    Herrera, Herrera & Associates, Inc. Southern 4/02/10 10-05549 Alan L. Williams
    Earll Urg Commons-DE, LLC Central 4/02/10 10-13866 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Paragon Produce, LLC Central 4/02/10 10-22803 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Victory Townhouse Commons-DE, LLC Central 4/02/10 10-13867 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Associated Of Los Angeles Central 4/02/10 10-22784 David A. Tilem
    Otay-Adejo Properties, LLC Southern 4/04/10 10-05585 Kit J. Gardner
    Creditwest Corporation Northern 4/04/10 10-11212 Steven M. Olson
    Theodore R. Carter Northern 4/05/10 10-43818 Scott J. Sagaria
    Jerry Herling Construction, Inc. Central 4/05/10 10-20032 Lazaro E Fernandez
    Rodolfo Zamora Northern 4/05/10 10-53496 Judson T. Farley
    Cal-Ontario, Inc. Eastern 4/05/10 10-28672 Julia P. Gibbs
    Briand Properties, LLC Northern 4/05/10 10-53503 Stanley A. Zlotoff
    Daniel Tarver Central 4/05/10 10-13919 M Jonathan Hayes
    American Academy Of Aeronautics Eastern 4/05/10 10-28630 American Academy Of Aeronautics
    Sutter Buttes Ranch, LLC Eastern 4/05/10 10-28621 Julia P. Gibbs
    Gia Van Tran Northern 4/06/10 10-53525 Michael H. Luu
    944 Media, LLC Central 4/06/10 10-23240 Michael I. Gottfried
    Robert Allan Henrichs Eastern 4/06/10 10-28771 Robert Allan Henrichs
    Michael Stockton Marix Central 4/06/10 10-20172 James E. Till
    Jade Salonspa, Inc. Central 4/06/10 10-20168 Robert G. Berke
    Buellton Connolly, LLC Central 4/06/10 10-11620 Joseph M. Sholder
    Thuy Vo Northern 4/06/10 10-53529 Drew Henwood
    Stuart L. Groten Central 4/07/10 10-11666 James Studer
    Janice A. Dehesh Southern 4/07/10 10-05722 Joseph J. Rego
    Geoffrey Scott Group, Inc. Northern 4/07/10 10-43924 Geoffrey Scott Group, Inc.
    Corradi Arms, Inc. Central 4/07/10 10-23313 Gerald Wolfe
    Nilesh Shah Northern 4/07/10 10-43908 Scott J. Sagaria
    Fanita Ranch, LP Southern 4/07/10 10-05750 William A. Smelko
    Joseph R. Tedesco Eastern 4/07/10 10-91296 David C. Johnston
    Romar Studios Of North America, Inc. Central 4/07/10 10-23265 Romar Studios Of North America, Inc
    Navdeep Jaggi Central 4/08/10 10-23603 William H. Brownstein
    KJS Sams, Inc. Central 4/08/10 10-11686 John D. Faucher
    Leo Frederick Kramer Northern 4/08/10 10-43951 Scott J. Sagaria
    Mariam Suie Gabra Central 4/08/10 10-20307 Michael R Totaro
    Gian Carlos Cristi Central 4/08/10 10-23462 Gian Carlos Cristi
    Concrete Solutions and Supply Central 4/08/10 10-14088 Steven R Fox
    Joseph Atsus Northern 4/08/10 10-31254 Joseph Atsus
    2151 Hotel Circle South, LLC Central 4/08/10 10-14061 Stuart J Wald
    Eastern 4/08/10 10-29072 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    Mana 4 J, Inc. Eastern 4/08/10 10-29003 Jee Soo Kim
    CSTS, Inc. Central 4/09/10 10-14600 Shalem Shem-Tov
    Silvera’s Steakhouse & Lounge, LLC Central 4/09/10 10-14576 Warren G. Enright
    Driscoll Partners, LLC Central 4/09/10 10-14577 Driscoll Partners, LLC
    High Desert Academy Of Applied Arts & Sciences Central 4/09/10 10-20564 Stephen R Wade
    Suk Hee Suh Central 4/09/10 10-23682 Robert M. Yaspan
    Rancho Farm Construction Corporation Southern 4/09/10 10-05845 Marjan Mortazavi
    SYS Hospitality LLC Central 4/09/10 10-20501 Robert M. Yaspan
    Sanford Jay Simon Central 4/10/10 10-14159 Michael R. Totaro
    Anita Quintos Honrade Northern 4/10/10 10-53684 Kenneth R. Graham
    Arthur J. Gross Eastern 4/10/10 10-91341 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    Edgehill Ranch Estates, LLC Southern 4/11/10 10-05899 Amy L. Butters
    Jesus J. Venegras Northern 4/11/10 10-53686 Michael H. Luu
    Michael Joseph Morgan Northern 4/12/10 10-11302 Christopher G. Metzger
    NMI Industrial Contractors Eastern 4/12/10 10-29301 Anthony Asebedo
    Damoor, Inc. Central 4/12/10 10-14192 Paul M. Brent
    Shandi Lanette Smith Central 4/12/10 10-24052 Kahlil J. McAlpin
    Primary Package, Inc. Eastern 4/12/10 10-13835 Riley C. Walter
    411 New York Owners Corp. Northern 4/12/10 10-11310 411 New York Owners Corp.
    Habib Rashed Eastern 4/12/10 10-13828 T. Scott Belden
    Ceasar Cuevas Ricasata Northern 4/12/10 10-44101 Kenneth R. Graham
    Surfun Enterprises, LLC Southern 4/12/10 10-05954 Matthew D. Rifat
    Ruth Delgado Central 4/13/10 10-24239 Steven P. Chang
    Craig Hart Southern 4/13/10 10-05981 Joseph J. Rego
    Alexander Lopez De Guzman Central 4/14/10 10-24389 Kenneth R. Graham
    Lito Sales Nicolas Northern 4/14/10 10-44176 Kenneth R. Graham
    Sand Box II Partners, L.P. Central 4/14/10 10-21097 Stephen R. Wade
    10919 Vanowen Partnership Central 4/14/10 10-14344 William H. Brownstein
    Trans Atlantic Intl Tr Central 4/14/10 10-14319 Trans Atlantic Intl Tr
    Johnny Kumar Jain, M.D. Central 4/15/10 10-24550 Peter T. Steinberg
    Blue Velvet, LLC Central 4/15/10 10-24522 Stephen L. Burton
    Rene De La Fuente Northern 4/15/10 10-53848 Scott J. Sagaria
    Horowitz Management Of Troy, Inc. Central 4/15/10 10-14405 Peter M. Lively
    Garabet Kocoglu Central 4/15/10 10-14351 Aurora Talavera
    Amadeus Trust, LLC Central 4/15/10 10-24450 Amadeus Trust, LLC
    Michael Lawrence Central 4/15/10 10-24505 Thomas P. Giordano
    Sequoia Capital Fund Northern 4/16/10 10-44361 Harold M. Jaffe
    David Allen Dewyke Central 4/16/10 10-14895 Michael G. Spector
    Mount Diablo Young Men’s Christian Association Northern 4/16/10 10-44367 Iain A. Macdonald
    Ricky Lawson Carroll Central 4/16/10 10-14927 Thomas P. Giordano
    Deanna Ozanyan Central 4/16/10 10-14472 Aurora Talavera
    Jesus Manuel Garcia Central 4/17/10 10-24861 Michael R. Totaro
    Assured Horizons, LLC Central 4/18/10 10-14970 Robert K. Wing
    Carpus, Inc. Central 4/19/10 10-25046 Robert S. Altagen
    Charles William Bragg, Jr. Northern 4/19/10 10-31380 Iain A. MacDonald
    Tillie Jahnke Central 4/19/10 10-11873 Charles Shamash
    Stanley H. Johnson, Sr. Central 4/19/10 10-14999 Rose M. Hollander
    Wrightcrest, LLC Central 4/19/10 10-25075 Robert S. Altagen
    The Cambria Moonstone, LP Central 4/19/10 10-11869 William C. Beall
    Shams Azar Yousefi Tehrani Northern 4/19/10 10-44391 Marc Voisenat
    Jeannie Fu Northern 4/19/10 10-31374 Jeannie Fu
    Ultimate Hair Salon and Spa, LLC Northern 4/19/10 10-44426 Duncan M. McNeill
    Austiaj Limited Partnership Fund II Northern 4/19/10 10-53982 Austiaj Limited Partnership Fund II
    Phillips Cattle Company, Inc. Central 4/20/10 10-25276 Leslie A. Cohen
    Ramon Canyon, Inc. Central 4/20/10 10-25891 Ramon Canyon, Inc.
    Wali A. Hamidy, D.M.D., Inc. Southern 4/20/10 10-06489 Christopher W. Olmsted
    Ramon Canyon, Inc. Central 4/20/10 10-21730 Ramon Canyon, Inc.
    N/C Carbon Racing Development, Inc. Central 4/20/10 10-15072 N/C Carbon Racing Development, Inc.
    Madison 124 Partners, LLC Northern 4/20/10 10-44456 Madison 124 Partners, LLC
    650 San Pedro Road, LLC Northern 4/20/10 10-11415 Stephen D. Finestone
    Julio Estrada Central 4/21/10 10-21910 Robert G. Uriarte
    DAB41, LLC Northern 4/21/10 10-44530 Dennis Yan
    Anna Maria Prezio Central 4/21/10 10-14627 Anna Maria Prezio
    BMD Long Beach, LLC Central 4/21/10 10-25356 Robert S. Altagen
    Ionian Woodland, LLC Eastern 4/21/10 10-30286 Noel Knight
    Pickwick Arms Estates, LLC Central 4/21/10 10-25372 Thomas C. Corcovelos
    Davis Area Cooperative Housing Assoc. Eastern 4/21/10 10-30314 Davis Area Cooperative Housing Assoc.
    Carlos Herrera Eastern 4/22/10 10-30481 Michael H. Luu
    Agrizap, Inc. Central 4/22/10 10-11933 Joseph M. Sholder
    Dario Vivan Northern 4/22/10 10-11445 Michael C. Fallon
    City Lights At East Hills, LLC Central 4/22/10 10-25594 City Lights At East Hills, LLC
    John Lee Cater Central 4/22/10 10-25532 Leonard Pena
    1700 Van Ness Properties, LLC Central 4/22/10 10-22074 1700 Van Ness Properties, LLC
    Vitoil-Scottish, LLC Central 4/22/10 10-14734 Ron Bender
    Papa’s BBQ Pit, Inc. Central 4/23/10 10-25873 Papa’s BBQ Pit, Inc.
    Vision Investment Group Central 4/23/10 10-15284 Bruce A Thomason
    Carl Richard Stromberg Central 4/23/10 10-25868 Steven L. Bryson
    Hossein Mehrdad Sadeghi Southern 4/23/10 10-06740 Derek J. Lobo
    August Blass Northern 4/24/10 10-44688 Ted Z. Wolny
    Scott Joseph Huber Central 4/25/10 10-15375 Michael R. Totaro
    TBO Investment, LLC Central 4/26/10 10-15457 Phu D. Nguyen
    Gregory Stephen Jones, Jr. Central 4/26/10 10-26079 Christopher C. Barsness
    Sogomon Kozanyan Central 4/26/10 10-26137 Sogomon Kozanyan
    Mare’ Altura, LLC Central 4/26/10 10-15399 Mare’ Altura, LLC
    Nevada Star, LLC Central 4/26/10 10-26188 Michael Jay Berger
    Unison Investments, LLC Central 4/26/10 10-22318 Vincent Renda
    Reed Mountain, LLC Northern 4/26/10 10-11517 Stephen T. Davies
    CCG Riverside, Inc. Central 4/27/10 10-15498 Alan L. Armstrong
    Robert Teora Eastern 4/27/10 10-30938 Philip J. Rhodes
    Alain Salmea Central 4/27/10 10-26205 Blake Lindemann
    Cedros Properties, LLC Central 4/27/10 10-14897 David B. Golubchik
    Emerald Development & Investment, LLC Central 4/27/10 10-15481 Phu D. Nguyen
    Navjot, LLC Northern 4/27/10 10-11533 David N. Chandler
    Martin Pemstein Central 4/28/10 10-15552 Nancy Knupfer
    Edwin Kulubya Central 4/28/10 10-26665 Jason Boyer
    William Elgy Brintnall Central 4/28/10 10-26656 Mark T. Young
    Today Not Tomorrow Investments, Inc. Central 4/28/10 10-22657 Mindy G. Kennedy Alvarez
    Baks USA, Inc. Central 4/28/10 10-26547 Miyun Lim
    Installer’s Choice Electronics, LLC Central 4/29/10 10-26796 Blake Lindemann
    Yelena Malaga Northern 4/29/10 10-31553 James F. Beiden
    Randy J. Morris Central 4/29/10 10-26867 Jerry A. Chad
    David J. Haupt Central 4/29/10 10-15645 Paul S Nash
    Michael Frank Tousley Southern 4/29/10 10-07137 Joseph J. Rego
    Jose Noe Tellez Northern 4/29/10 10-11583 Michael C. Fallon
    Lionel Felix Chavez Central 4/29/10 10-15614 Michael R. Totaro
    James Emmanuel Thrower Central 4/30/10 10-23157 Gordon L. Dayton
    Jorge Vasquez Central 4/30/10 10-15104 Sylvia Ho
    Kerrys Medical, Inc. Eastern 4/30/10 10-31510 Paul R. Bartleson
    Sutter Properties, LLC Eastern 4/30/10 10-31572 W. Austin Cooper
    Vicente Salas Garcia, Sr. Northern 4/30/10 10-54586 Judson T. Farley
    LSM Executive Course, LLC Southern 4/30/10 10-07480 Christopher W. Olmsted
    Nenita Maniagu Bacay Central 4/30/10 10-26961 Marc A. Zimmerman
    60th & K, LLC Central 4/30/10 10-15070 Raymond H. Aver
    Mario Burnias Northern 4/30/10 10-54546 Scott J. Sagaria
    Bahram Hekmatnia Central 4/30/10 10-15131 Aurora Talavera
    Irma Padua Quitilen-Feliciano Northern 4/30/10 10-45035 Kenneth R. Graham
    2151 Hotel Circle South, LLC Southern 4/30/10 10-07330 Stuart J. Wald
    Modesto Ruiz Baniqued Eastern 5/01/10 10-31593 C. Anthony Hughes
    Francisco T. Cervantes Central 5/03/10 10-23321 Francisco T. Cervantes
    Roth-Montezuma Partners, L.P. Southern 5/03/10 10-07638 Kit J. Gardner
    Darlene Persson Northern 5/03/10 10-54630 Charles B. Greene
    James Marvin Roth Southern 5/03/10 10-07659 K. Todd Curry
    Gregory Charles Dowson Northern 5/03/10 10-11676 Sheila Gropper Nelson
    Roth Management Corporation Southern 5/03/10 10-07663 K. Todd Curry
    Claudia Raffone Central 5/04/10 10-27683 Michael Jay Berger
    La Tanya D Greenaway-Sharp Central 5/04/10 10-23578 Stephen R. Wade
    Lorraine Properties, LLC Central 5/04/10 10-15283 Robert M. Yaspan
    Daniel R. Soldano Eastern 5/05/10 10-31886 Illyssa I. Fogel
    Justin T. Mir Central 5/05/10 10-15355 Eric Bensamochan
    Raynol, LLC Central 5/05/10 10-15349 Michael H. Weiss
    George Rodolfo Pagliaro Central 5/05/10 10-15975 Vincent Renda
    Martha Marian Ernst Southern 5/05/10 10-07743 Marjan Mortazavi
    Heffler Holdings, LLC Southern 5/05/10 10-07740 John L. Smaha
    Mt. California Properties, LLC Central 5/06/10 10-23862 Stephen R. Wade
    OC1 Bush, LLC Central 5/06/10 10-16074 Thomas C. Corcovelos
    Rio Concho, Limited Central 5/06/10 10-15378 Rio Concho, Limited
    Kent E. Salveson Central 5/07/10 10-16124 Kent E. Salveson
    Ruffin Road Office Park, LP Central 5/07/10 10-16163 Thomas C. Nelson
    Sergey Zhuravlev Northern 5/10/10 10-54830 Oxana Kozlov
    Northland Petroleum, Inc. Eastern 5/10/10 10-32166 Illyssa I. Fogel
    Zinaida Andreevna Nedovodina Central 5/10/10 10-28519 Jerry A. Chad
    Mark J. Matovich Northern 5/10/10 10-54838 Judson T. Farley
    The Pasadena Playhouse State Theatre Of California Central 5/10/10 10-28586 Barney A. Eskandari
    Eufresina De Leon Boado Northern 5/10/10 10-45356 Kenneth R. Graham
    Ham Hung, Inc. Central 5/11/10 10-28649 Robert Y. Lee
    Peak Properties, LLC Central 5/11/10 10-28771 David B Golubchik
    Santa Cruz Tides, Inc. Central 5/11/10 10-24318 Winfield S. Payne, III
    Tartan, LLC Central 5/11/10 10-28735 Link W. Schrader
    Tobias Apartments, LLC Central 5/11/10 10-15594 David B Golubchik
    Alan E. Hart Northern 5/11/10 10-54869 Lars T. Fuller
    International Juice Concentrates, Inc. Central 5/11/10 10-28592 Michael D. Kwasigroch
    Wayne Butler Northern 5/12/10 10-45449 David M. Sternberg
    Professional Healthcare Staffing Service Northern 5/12/10 10-45445 Professional Healthcare Staffing Service
    Kahraman, LLC Northern 5/12/10 10-31748 James F. Beiden
    Rajpal Singh Bhullar Northern 5/12/10 10-54935 Rajpal Singh Bhullar
    Tino Stan Georgalakis Eastern 5/13/10 10-32605 C. Anthony Hughes
    Norrie Corporation Central 5/13/10 10-29146 Norrie Corporation
    Robert A. Kraft Southern 5/13/10 10-08145 Jackie Robert Geller
    Maria Cristina Natividad Northern 5/13/10 10-31764 Kenneth R. Graham
    Pacific First Redlands, LLC Central 5/14/10 10-15764 Roger A.S. Manlin
    439 Ogden, LLC Central 5/14/10 10-29372 Linda M Blank
    Sookyung Chang Central 5/14/10 10-29342 John Eom
    Joseph Hernandez Central 5/14/10 10-29383 Joseph Hernandez
    Herman Kemp Central 5/14/10 10-29429 Peter M Lively
    David Lee Eastern 5/14/10 10-32727 Fredrick E. Clement
    IE Rollersports, Inc. Central 5/15/10 10-24823 Andrew S Bisom
    David B. Rosen Central 5/16/10 10-15822 Louis J Esbin
    Candalyn Marie Laufer Central 5/17/10 10-15847 Philip D Dapeer
    Story Building, LLC Central 5/17/10 10-16614 Sandford Frey
    Paul M. Jarchow Central 5/17/10 10-12416 Debra C. Young
    Dinamica Telecom, Inc. Central 5/17/10 10-16626 Andrew S Bisom
    CJ Prime Investment, LLC Central 5/17/10 10-29694 Yoonju Kim
    Ricardo Lopez Ortega Central 5/17/10 10-12424 Philip D Dapeer
    Robert Blechman Central 5/17/10 10-29636 Michael N Sofris
    Robert M. Rollins Southern 5/17/10 10-08358 Link W. Schrader
    Dennis A. Gibbs Northern 5/18/10 10-45706 Vincent Renda
    Cornerstone Properties & Management, LLC Central 5/18/10 10-16656 Cornerstone Properties & Management, LLC
    Antonio V. Vallero Northern 5/18/10 10-31812 Mark J. Romeo
    John Shart Central 5/18/10 10-29973 Michael Jay Berger
    Vladimir Elkin Central 5/19/10 10-15996 Maria V Primushko
    Edge Fitness Clubs, LLC Central 5/19/10 10-12480 Edge Fitness Clubs, LLC
    Sakhawat Jaffery Northern 5/19/10 10-55196 Sunita Kapoor
    Liguari Products, Inc. Central 5/19/10 10-25296 Ricardo A Figueroa
    Rotrans Central 5/19/10 10-25299 Ricardo A Figueroa
    Tri Pacific Capital Corporation Central 5/19/10 10-16015 Gerald Wolfe
    VLB Associates Central 5/19/10 10-25298 Ricardo A Figueroa
    Westcliff Medical Laboratories, Inc. Central 5/19/10 10-16743 Ron Bender
    Gloria Montano Central 5/19/10 10-12483 Chris Gautschi
    Patrick W. McElroy Northern 5/19/10 10-55234 Ted Z. Wolny
    Vine Lavy Central 5/19/10 10-15945 Michael D Kwasigroch
    Jeffrey Brereton Knox Central 5/19/10 10-30187 David I. Brownstein
    Gasspecs, Inc. Eastern 5/19/10 10-33091 David C. Johnston
    Joey Davis Central 5/19/10 10-30085 Gilbert Azafrani
    Biolabs, Inc. Central 5/19/10 10-16746 Ron Bender
    Hacienda Villas Of The Desert, LLC Central 5/19/10 10-30212 Richard Shuben
    2900 Lakeshore Drive, LLC Northern 5/19/10 10-31819 William J. Healy
    Casino Rea Corporation Central 5/20/10 10-12502 Thomas J Polis
    Experexchange, Inc. Northern 5/20/10 10-45810 Daniel R. Richardson
    Tri Trong Do Northern 5/21/10 10-45900 Robert C. Borris, Jr.
    Laura Ann Gens Northern 5/21/10 10-55305 Laura Ann Gens
    Kiernan Plaza Investors, LLC Northern 5/21/10 10-45827 Ruth Elin Auerbach
    Ricardo Martinez Central 5/22/10 10-30668 Jerry A. Chad
    Royce Brister Central 5/23/10 10-16909 Michael R. Totaro
    A To Z Electric, Inc. Central 5/23/10 10-25738 Robert B Rosenstein
    NBGI Homes, LLC Central 5/23/10 10-30683 Joon M. Khang
    Hacienda Gardens, LLC Northern 5/24/10 10-55423 Robert G. Harris
    Peter Quentin Murray Northern 5/24/10 10-11950 Michael C. Fallon
    Gregorio Alvarez Northern 5/24/10 10-11949 Michael C. Fallon
    Stuart B. Cohen Central 5/24/10 10-16921 Marc C. Forsythe
    Franklin Pacific Finance, LLP Central 5/24/10 10-30727 Stephen R. Wade
    Rodin & Company, Inc. Central 5/24/10 10-30771 David B. Golubchik
    Michael Eric Shalaby Northern 5/24/10 10-11951 Michael C. Fallon
    Stanley Simmons Central 5/24/10 10-30739 Peter M. Lively
    Vinton Oil, Inc. Central 5/24/10 10-30790 Philip A. Kramer
    Yreka RV Park, LLC Eastern 5/25/10 10-33721 Jamie P. Dreher
    Advanced Media Design, Inc. Central 5/25/10 10-16245 Peter T. Steinberg
    Laurelwood Group, LLC Central 5/25/10 10-16289 Jeremy Faith
    Lankershim & Vanowen Properties, LLC Central 5/25/10 10-16257 Robert S. Altagen
    KB In & Out, Inc. Central 5/25/10 10-31004 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Sugiarti Wiryadimejo Central 5/25/10 10-17032 Kimberly De La Fuente
    Aircraft Seal and Gasket Corporation Central 5/25/10 10-25937 Aircraft Seal And Gasket Corporation
    96 Mt. Tiburon, LLC Northern 5/25/10 10-11980 Michael C. Fallon
    ESDSD, Inc. Central 5/25/10 10-31023 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Jung Hee Kim Central 5/26/10 10-31353 Anthony Egbase
    Sanjay Maharaj Central 5/26/10 10-26199 Kathy McCormick
    Joe Kudoglanyan Central 5/26/10 10-31202 Aurora Talavera
    Kiran Industries Corporation Central 5/26/10 10-31304 Marc Weitz
    Vista Roble, LLC Central 5/26/10 10-12605 Jerry Namba
    Bela Keresztes-Fischer, Jr. Central 5/26/10 10-16332 Louis J. Esbin
    Mission Baking, Inc. Central 5/26/10 10-31320 Keith F. Rouse
    Kyong Hwa Kim Northern 5/27/10 10-55601 Jenny Do
    James Edward Lemon Eastern 5/27/10 10-15924 Anthony Delas
    Skymountain Coastal Properties, Inc. Central 5/27/10 10-31543 Louis J. Esbin
    Epicentrum, LLC Central 5/27/10 10-26375 Thomas C. Nelson
    Wet Investments, Inc. Northern 5/27/10 10-55570 Wet Investments, Inc.
    American Health Services, LLC Central 5/27/10 10-31553 Barry K. Rothman
    CIT Sports, Inc. Northern 5/27/10 10-31940 Lawrence A. Jacobson
    Osztar De Jourday Southern 5/27/10 10-09074 Thomas C. Nelson
    New Vision Power Properties, LLC Central 5/27/10 10-16352 New Vision Power Properties, LLC
    American Gas, Inc. Eastern 5/28/10 10-34147 Geoffrey A. Sutliff
    Kambiz Tehranchi Central 5/28/10 10-31745 Michael Jay Berger
    M.S. Tancio Dmd A Professional Dental Corporation Northern 5/28/10 10-46211 M.S. Tancio DMD
    Ronald Gregory McLean Northern 5/28/10 10-12043 Michael C. Fallon
    Harvard Grand Investment, Inc. Central 5/28/10 10-31833 David B Golubchik
    Foxwood Properties, LLC Central 5/28/10 10-16484 Michael Jay Berger
    Eurotec M.F.G., Inc. Central 5/28/10 10-26566 Patrick J. Casey
    Mary Regina Gonsalves Central 5/29/10 10-32036 Denise M. Fitzpatrick
    Jewellean Knowles Central 5/30/10 10-32041 Joseph L. Pittera
    SW Properties, LP Eastern 5/31/10 10-34351 W. Steven Shumway
    Okcal Hospitality, LLC Central 5/31/10 10-16524 Jerome Bennett Friedman
    Sundance Self-Storage-El Dorado, LP Eastern 5/31/10 10-34414 C. Anthony Hughes
    Zcater, Inc. Central 6/01/10 10-17412 David B Golubchik
    Capinvest, Inc. Northern 6/01/10 10-55770 Dennis Yan
    Jaswind Tropicals, Inc. Southern 6/01/10 10-09671 Ronald H. Freshman
    Gina Torres Wasdyke Eastern 6/01/10 10-34486 Brandon Scott Johnston
    David R. Johnson Central 6/01/10 10-17408 Marc C Forsythe
    Michael Anthony Management, Inc. Northern 6/01/10 10-55755 C. Randall Bupp
    East LA Leonard, LLC Central 6/01/10 10-32251 Anthony Egbase
    Dream Catcher Ranch, Inc. Eastern 6/01/10 10-16213 Andrew A. Magwood
    Corina Dragnea Eastern 6/01/10 10-34418 Julia P. Gibbs
    Sterling Real Estate Partners II, LLC Northern 6/01/10 10-55759 Sterling Real Estate Partners II, LLLC
    El Camino Charter Lines, Inc. Northern 6/02/10 10-32053 Ruth Elin Auerbach
    Yosuf Maiwandi Central 6/02/10 10-32463 Yosuf Maiwandi
    ASAP Hotel Management Corporation Central 6/02/10 10-32451 Robert S Altagen
    Sharon Lavone Nelson Central 6/02/10 10-32501 Michael R. Totaro
    Martha Cenia Fernandez Central 6/02/10 10-17450 Bruce Boice
    Pacific Metro, LLC Northern 6/02/10 10-55788 John Walshe Murray
    Abdus Salam Qureshi Northern 6/02/10 10-32054 Dennis Yan
    Shane E. Perry Eastern 6/03/10 10-16295 Riley C. Walter
    Vladmir Vilchitsa Eastern 6/03/10 10-34626 Alberto G. Montefalcon, Jr.
    Anaheim Plating and Polishing, Inc. Central 6/03/10 10-17532 Moses S. Hall
    Thai Spice, Inc. Central 6/03/10 10-17535 Timothy P. Peabody
    Desert Hills 1, LLC Central 6/03/10 10-27119 Kent Salveson
    Dish Direct, Inc. Central 6/03/10 10-32556 Allan D. Sarver
    Sonia Martha Harris Northern 6/03/10 10-46407 Sonia Martha Harris
    Mehdi Mohammadian Northern 6/03/10 10-55832 Saman Taherian
    Prowest Media Corporation Northern 6/03/10 10-12153 David N. Chandler
    Senal Jayamaha Northern 6/03/10 10-55841 Lewis Phon
    Spectrum Glass and Aluminum, Inc. Central 6/04/10 10-32803 Spectrum Glass And Aluminum, Inc.
    Sunfair, LLC Eastern 6/04/10 10-34839 W. Austin Cooper
    Plazaria, LLC Eastern 6/04/10 10-34835 W. Austin Cooper
    Marlys Vance Vasterling Central 6/04/10 10-17565 Carolyn Dillinger
    Gregory G. Monardo Northern 6/04/10 10-12168 Joel K. Belway
    J&D Properties Nevada, LLC Central 6/04/10 10-16769 Robert S. Altagen
    Tommy Cooks Central 6/04/10 10-27339 Tommy Cooks
    Moote Pointe Properties, LLC Central 6/04/10 10-17616 Thomas C. Corcovelos
    1952 Stradella Road, LLC Central 6/04/10 10-16728 Roger A.S. Manlin
    James Brown Central 6/04/10 10-32725 Thomas P. Giordano
    Martin Mosqueda Southern 6/06/10 10-09881 Joseph J. Rego
    Nobel Group, Inc. Northern 6/06/10 10-55902 Wayne A. Silver
    NMP Investors, LLC Southern 6/07/10 10-09920 Vatche Chorbajian
    Emma Dejillo Lee Northern 6/07/10 10-55913 Kenneth R. Graham
    B.A.R. Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. Central 6/07/10 10-33015 Illyssa Fogel
    Self Storage Of Walnut Creek, LLC Northern 6/07/10 10-46516 Joel K. Belway
    Hung T. Tran Northern 6/07/10 10-55939 Shawn R. Parr
    Samra University Of Oriental Medicine Central 6/07/10 10-33116 John P. Kreis
    Thai Ventures 002, LLC Central 6/08/10 10-17769 Timothy P. Peabody
    Studio City Partners, Inc. Central 6/08/10 10-16840 Leslie A. Cohen
    Miguel Lopez Central 6/08/10 10-16858 Eric Bensamochan
    Xiomara E. Varela Central 6/08/10 10-33274 Arshak Bartoumian
    Trent Holdings, LLC Central 6/08/10 10-33320 Sandford Frey
    Dena R. Herman Mendes Central 6/08/10 10-33346 David I. Brownstein
    High Desert Estates, LLC Central 6/08/10 10-33370 Steven M. Gluck
    5425 S.M.B. Ltd Limited Partnership Central 6/08/10 10-12853 Robert E. Canny
    Masjid Al Rasool Northern 6/08/10 10-55967 Oxana Kozlov
    Fariborz I. Nouri Central 6/08/10 10-16867 Robert M Yaspan
    Victor M. Sanchez Northern 6/09/10 10-56000 Michael H. Luu
    Sutter Properties, LLC Eastern 6/09/10 10-35204 W. Austin Cooper
    Gorian and Associates, Inc. Central 6/09/10 10-16943 William E Winfield
    Shantre Investments, Inc. Central 6/09/10 10-33566 Alla Tenina
    Orlun K. Jones Central 6/09/10 10-27784 Majid Foroozandeh
    Rita Mendoza Eastern 6/09/10 10-35121 Johnson P. Lazaro
    Edward R. MacDonald Eastern 6/09/10 10-35187 Stephen M. Reynolds
    Guillermo Luis Calixtro Central 6/09/10 10-33389 Guillermo Luis Calixtro
    Cartwright Properties, LLC Central 6/09/10 10-17823 Evan D. Smiley
    James P. Frampton Southern 6/10/10 10-10099 Thomas S. Engel
    Freds Glass & Mirror, Inc. Central 6/10/10 10-27909 David T Egli
    Pro D International, Inc. Central 6/10/10 10-12920 Robert E Hurlbett
    Madison 124 Partners, LLC Northern 6/10/10 10-46646 Alan E. Walcher
    Kenneth Roderick Anderson Eastern 6/10/10 10-35331 Helga A. White
    See Myun Kymm Central 6/10/10 10-27879 Stuart J. Wald
    661 S. Shatto Place, LLC Central 6/11/10 10-33916 Stephen L. Burton
    A and Wiltz Autobody Northern 6/11/10 10-56080 Sidney C. Flores
    Danny Ahn Central 6/11/10 10-17071 Mark E Brenner
    David Bryson Redding Northern 6/11/10 10-46676 Kenneth R. Graham
    Candy Holyfield Central 6/11/10 10-33893 Candy Holyfield
    Robert Charles Martinez Northern 6/11/10 10-56106 Charles B. Greene
    Thomas L. Lackman Southern 6/11/10 10-10177 Thomas L. Lackman
    William O. Iyasere Eastern 6/11/10 10-35362 Matthew R. Eason
    Andrea Tash Eastern 6/11/10 10-35475 John G. Downing
    Christopher Page Northern 6/12/10 10-56130 Judson T. Farley
    M & L Markets, Inc. Central 6/13/10 10-34022 Jeffrey B Smith
    Desert Paradise Properties, Ltd. Central 6/14/10 10-28302 Desert Paradise Properties, Ltd.
    Slke Entertainment, Inc. Central 6/14/10 10-28360 Miyun Lim
    Robert Wallace Nygaard, Jr. Northern 6/14/10 10-12246 Michael C. Fallon
    Ruffin Road Venture Lot 3 Central 6/14/10 10-28204 Vincent Renda
    Jose Luis Ordonez Central 6/14/10 10-17149 Jose Luis Ordonez
    Anthony V. Russo Central 6/15/10 10-28448 Robert B. Rosenstein
    F. Robert Fritzky Northern 6/15/10 10-46809 Matthew J. Shier
    Fernando W. Chong Central 6/15/10 10-34379 Anthony Egbase
    FPF Oak Trails, L.P. Central 6/15/10 10-34386 Stephen R Wade
    Scott Travis Simmons Central 6/15/10 10-34273 Peter C Bronstein
    VLJ Aloha, LLC Central 6/15/10 10-18067 Marc J. Winthrop
    Robert James Simpson Northern 6/15/10 10-46777 Robert James Simpson
    Pres-Lahaina Square, LLC Central 6/15/10 10-18065 Marc J. Winthrop
    Glenn J. Smith Central 6/15/10 10-18050 Marc C. Forsythe
    Suzanne Lobato Northern 6/16/10 10-56288 Michael H. Luu
    La Paz Holding Southern 6/16/10 10-10469 La Paz Holding
    Judie Sabac Magsayo Eastern 6/16/10 10-35835 Kenneth R. Graham
    William H. Koett DDS, Inc. Eastern 6/16/10 10-35762 John David Maxey
    Thai Ventures 004, LLC Central 6/16/10 10-18174 Timothy P Peabody
    R&P Ventures LLC Central 6/16/10 10-18175 Timothy P Peabody
    Gateway Real Estate Investments, LLC Central 6/16/10 10-34506 Michael H Weiss
    Thai Ventures 001, LLC Central 6/16/10 10-18173 Timothy P Peabody
    Alan Pagmanua Fulgencio Northern 6/17/10 10-32252 Kenneth R. Graham
    Chester Marketing, Inc Southern 6/17/10 10-10528 Jackie Robert Geller
    Phish House, LLC Southern 6/17/10 10-10566 Thomas C. Nelson
    Lizola Group, LLC Central 6/17/10 10-28695 Thomas L. Reed
    Today Not Tomorrow Investments, Inc. Central 6/17/10 10-28733 Mindy G. Kennedy Alvarez
    Phoenix Equity Group, LLC Central 6/17/10 10-18246 Thomas C. Nelson
    C-Shore International, Inc. Eastern 6/18/10 10-16860 James T. Studer
    Yuri Plyam Central 6/18/10 10-34923 Michael Jay Berger
    MGR and Sons Development, LLC Central 6/18/10 10-28877 John P O’Connell
    Justin L. Salerno Eastern 6/18/10 10-36135 Philip J. Rhodes
    Zicron Corporation Central 6/18/10 10-34864 Jaak Olesk
    Arthur Crespin Perez Central 6/18/10 10-28922 Arthur Crespin Perez
    Jose Canales Northern 6/21/10 10-56453 Drew Henwood
    Karin M. Frank Eastern 6/21/10 10-36150 Karin M. Frank
    Fortune Positive, LLC Northern 6/21/10 10-47050 Fortune Positive, LLC
    Karlovich Financial, LLC Southern 6/22/10 10-10862 John L. Smaha
    Carol Karlovich Southern 6/22/10 10-10860 John L. Smaha
    Robert Bruce Gittelson Central 6/22/10 10-17468 Robert Bruce Gittelson
    Coast Carwash L.P. Central 6/22/10 10-35382 Robert M. Yaspan
    JK Management, LLC Central 6/23/10 10-17551 Lillian Kim
    Jay D. Walters Central 6/23/10 10-29346 Michael G. Spector
    Bill A. Sakes Central 6/23/10 10-35659 Bert Y Kawahara
    Internet Business Systems, Inc. Central 6/24/10 10-18592 Paul S. Nash
    Tomas Martinez Central 6/24/10 10-35693 Anthony Egbase
    Harvey Kalmenson Central 6/24/10 10-17601 Joon M. Khang
    Conduit Networks, Inc. Central 6/24/10 10-29539 Robert B. Rosenstein
    Chino Hills Podiatry, Inc. Central 6/24/10 10-29561 Andrew K. Mauthe
    Inayat Unissa Bergum Central 6/24/10 10-18608 Steven Karlton Kop
    Robert S. Sage, Loretta Arnold Trust Central 6/24/10 10-17587 M Jonathan Hayes
    John Gregory Arden Eastern 6/24/10 10-36518 John Gregory Arden
    Garden Way Apartments, LLC Eastern 6/25/10 10-36720 Oxana V. Kozlov
    Sundance Self-Storage-El Dorado, LP Eastern 6/25/10 10-36676 C. Anthony Hughes
    Altaya Ventures, Inc. Northern 6/25/10 10-56588 Charles B. Greene
    Richard Yin-Ching Houng Central 6/25/10 10-18712 Leonard M. Shulman
    Ashray Corporation Eastern 6/25/10 10-36666 Robert N. Kitay
    5th Avenue Partners, LLC Central 6/25/10 10-18667 Marc J. Winthrop
    David C. Davis Central 6/25/10 10-36108 Thomas P. Giordano
    Doris June McGuire Central 6/26/10 10-36143 Michael R. Totaro
    Thanh Thuy Thi Hoang Northern 6/28/10 10-47314 Drew Henwood
    Vernon Leroy Maxwell Central 6/28/10 10-29886 Thomas P. Giordano
    Alegria Vicencio Hipolito Northern 6/28/10 10-56688 Kenneth R. Graham
    Joe Ortaliz Miranda Northern 6/28/10 10-56690 Kenneth R. Graham
    Mark Steven Martin Northern 6/28/10 10-47335 Scott J. Sagaria
    Ghulam Mohammad Mohammadi Northern 6/29/10 10-47357 Mark A. Mclaughlin
    Pacific Shores Development, Inc. Southern 6/29/10 10-11351 Daniel Masters
    Arleene Ann Estoesta Northern 6/29/10 10-56749 Stanley Phan
    Robert W. Buechel Southern 6/29/10 10-11371 Martin A. Eliopulos
    Celso C. Avaricio Eastern 6/29/10 10-37000 W. Austin Cooper
    Tuan Anh Sam Northern 6/29/10 10-56702 Lars T. Fuller
    Hawshon Daniel Riley Central 6/29/10 10-36661 Thomas P Giordano
    United Law Group, Inc. Central 6/30/10 10-18945 Robert J Buscho
    Adriana Mendoza Central 6/30/10 10-18888 Robert Sabahat
    Raissi Real Estate Development, LLC Northern 6/30/10 10-56855 Janice M. Murray
    Andrew C. Marquez Northern 6/30/10 10-56844 Kenneth R. Graham
    Florastene Holden Central 6/30/10 10-30283 Thomas P Giordano
    Capitol Properties, LLC Eastern 6/30/10 10-37129 W. Steven Shumway
    Elizabeth Campisi Northern 6/30/10 10-56816 Elaine M. Seid
    Awtrey Properties, Inc. Northern 6/30/10 10-47414 Scott J. Sagaria
    Crown Management Services, Inc. Northern 7/01/10 10-47551 William F. Mclaughlin
    Certified Parking Attendants, LLC Northern 7/01/10 10-12513 David N. Chandler
    Hawshon Daniel Riley Central 7/01/10 10-37069 Thomas P. Giordano
    Frank M. Jodzio Southern 7/02/10 10-11788 Philip J Giacinti, Jr
    Eloush Talasazan Central 7/02/10 10-37251 Michael Jay Berger
    Temple Properties, LLC Central 7/02/10 10-37354 James G Allen
    Cal Grove Rentals, Inc. Central 7/02/10 10-18080 Jacqueline L Rodriguez
    Epicentrum, LLC Central 7/02/10 10-30672 Vincent Renda
    Jaime Gonzalez Northern 7/02/10 10-47600 Matthew R. Eason
    Miriam Sanchez Central 7/02/10 10-37402 Jerome S Cohen
    Tracy Press, Inc. Eastern 7/02/10 10-37525 David C. Johnston
    Kalika C Bowman Northern 7/03/10 10-56931 Shawn R. Parr
    Marcelino Corral Ramirez Northern 7/05/10 10-56945 Lewis Phon
    Stringers, LLC Central 7/06/10 10-30909 Robert B. Rosenstein
    Susan L Lansdorp Central 7/06/10 10-37612 Aurora Talavera
    Augustine Prieto Central 7/06/10 10-18158 Giovanni Orantes
    Rancho Malibu, LLC Central 7/06/10 10-18138 Daniel J. Weintraub
    Rambling Estates, LLC Eastern 7/06/10 10-37642 Raymond P. Burton, Jr.
    Garden Grove Dermatology Center, Inc. Central 7/06/10 10-19195 Anthony Egbase
    Diamond Bar Dermatology Center Central 7/06/10 10-19230 Anthony Egbase
    Covina Dermatology Center, Inc. Central 7/06/10 10-19223 Anthony Egbase
    Corona Dermatology Center, Inc. Central 7/06/10 10-19210 Anthony Egbase
    James Vaughn Morphis Northern 7/06/10 10-47665 Scott J. Sagaria
    Moving Solutions Ltd., LLC Central 7/06/10 10-18143 Craig T. Wormley
    California Dermatology Center, Inc. Central 7/06/10 10-19216 Anthony Egbase
    Ruth Delgado Central 7/07/10 10-37910 Steven P. Chang
    Grande Bar Italiano, Inc. Central 7/07/10 10-31081 Robert B Rosenstein
    Richard G. Miller, Jr. Central 7/07/10 10-31105 Michael Jay Berger
    Lake County Grapevine Nursery Operations Northern 7/07/10 10-12578 Douglas B. Provencher
    Erz Motel, LLC Central 7/07/10 10-18214 Dana M. Douglas
    Izzuddin Ahmed Northern 7/07/10 10-47690 Ted Z. Wolny
    Lake County Grapevine Nursery, LLC Northern 7/07/10 10-12579 Douglas B. Provencher
    Chunyi An Central 7/08/10 10-38053 Anthony Egbase
    Patricia R. Damion Central 7/08/10 10-19399 Donald Segretti
    August Blass Northern 7/08/10 10-47735 Ted Z. Wolny
    CFRI/Greenlaw Dyer Road, L.L.C. Central 7/08/10 10-19345 David B. Shemano
    Christopher James Weik Central 7/08/10 10-13499 David S. Quintana
    Jin Quan, Inc. Central 7/08/10 10-31253 Charles Shamash
    Christopher Jon Scinto Central 7/08/10 10-18265 James S Yan
    Sonia Martha Harris Northern 7/08/10 10-47718 Iain A. MacDonald
    Michael K. Spillane Northern 7/08/10 10-32556 Dan M. Himmelheber
    Douglas B. Muse Central 7/09/10 10-13528 Karen L Grant
    Elitecom, Inc. Central 7/09/10 10-38153 Robert M Yaspan
    Israel Gamliel Central 7/09/10 10-18320 Eric Bensamochan
    Gary S. Houck Northern 7/09/10 10-12592 Gary S. Houck
    David Lee Tomblin Central 7/09/10 10-38256 Stephen F Biegenzahn
    Diversified Openings, Inc. Central 7/10/10 10-31508 Steven P Chang
    Central Cal Orthopedic Medical Associates, Inc. Eastern 7/11/10 10-92683 David C. Johnston
    Marilyn Mondragon Central 7/12/10 10-38587 Thomas P Giordano
    Normandie Chula Vista, L.P. Northern 7/12/10 10-32603 Paul E. Manasian
    Dong Hyun Chang Central 7/12/10 10-18411 Chris Gautschi
    Ruffin Road Venture Lot 3 Central 7/12/10 10-31628 Roger D Stacy
    Rotrans Central 7/12/10 10-31592 Ricardo A Figueroa
    Nasser Omary Eastern 7/12/10 10-38182 W. Steven Shumway
    Phpw 2121 Property, LLC Central 7/13/10 10-19604 Matthew A Lesnick
    Humantouch, Inc. Central 7/13/10 10-18492 Andrew A Goodman
    The Jumping Bean, Inc. Southern 7/13/10 10-12305 John L. Smaha
    Victor Gonzalez Central 7/13/10 10-18500 Thomas P Giordano
    Peter Mark Getz Central 7/13/10 10-38673 Louis J Esbin
    Charles D. Dietz Central 7/13/10 10-31667 Daniel C Sever
    Beverly Anne Feusier Northern 7/13/10 10-47885 Beverly Anne Feusier
    Billie Rene Powers Central 7/14/10 10-19648 Michael A Younge
    Nancy Tenuta Northern 7/14/10 10-47974 Nancy Tenuta
    Anthony Torres Central 7/14/10 10-38963 Thomas P Giordano
    John William Mahli Central 7/14/10 10-38989 Robert M Yaspan
    Distinguished Charters Northern 7/14/10 10-47975 David M. Sternberg
    Rosalie Guancione Northern 7/14/10 10-57229 Rosalie Guancione
    Cherry Valley Acres, LLC Central 7/14/10 10-38925 Stephen F Biegenzahn
    Calstar Investments, LLC Northern 7/14/10 10-47980 Scott J. Sagaria
    6231 Murphy Way Management, LLC Southern 7/14/10 10-12357 Thomas C. Nelson
    4550 San Pablo AVE., LLC Northern 7/14/10 10-47964 4550 San Pablo AVE., LLC
    Civic Properties DE, LLC Northern 7/15/10 10-32663 John H. MacConaghy
    Donald David Simpson Central 7/15/10 10-19745 Michael R Totaro
    Little Tokyo Partners, L.P. Central 7/15/10 10-39113 Neeta Menon
    Bay Citi Properties II DE, LLC Northern 7/15/10 10-32662 John H. MacConaghy
    All Waste Systems, Inc. Eastern 7/15/10 10-38564 David C. Johnston
    808 Brannan Street, Inc. Northern 7/15/10 10-32650 Michael H. Lewis
    621 Stockton DE, LLC Northern 7/15/10 10-32661 John H. MacConaghy
    LRL Citigroup Properties II DE, LLC Northern 7/15/10 10-32664 John H. MacConaghy
    Amadeus Trust Central 7/15/10 10-39069 Amadeus Trust
    Bluwolf, Inc. Central 7/15/10 10-19721 M Jonathan Hayes
    Sohail Rafiq Central 7/16/10 10-19812 Paul J. Ultimo
    Theresa Ngozi Aduba Central 7/16/10 10-39330 Anthony Egbase
    ENPI, Inc. Central 7/16/10 10-39386 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Sequoia Day Investment, Inc. Central 7/16/10 10-39295 Anthony Egbase
    Preet Charo Chicken Co. Central 7/16/10 10-39286 Anthony Egbase
    Ywan-Lung Tsay Northern 7/16/10 10-48088 Ywan-Lung Tsay
    The Highlands Of Los Gatos, LLC Northern 7/16/10 10-57370 Charles B. Greene
    Caleb D. Tector Eastern 7/16/10 10-38738 Michael J. Jaurigue
    Bachan Kaur Central 7/16/10 10-18651 Anthony Egbase
    Ace Direct, Inc. Central 7/19/10 10-32471 Stephen F. Biegenzahn
    Taifa Senko Eastern 7/19/10 10-38964 Taifa Senko
    Laarni Garcia Omingo Central 7/19/10 10-19843 James D Zhou
    Jon L. Curry Northern 7/19/10 10-12717 Jean Barnier
    Brooks Avenue Townhomees, LLC Central 7/19/10 10-18752 Brooks Avenue Townhomees, LLC
    Oak Song, LLC Eastern 7/20/10 10-39123 Kenrick Young
    William Rose & Associates, Inc. Central 7/20/10 10-39755 William Rose & Associates, Inc.
    Pacifica Mesa Studios, LLC Central 7/20/10 10-18827 Steven T. Gubner
    John A. Labayna Central 7/20/10 10-39921 William H. Brownstein
    9339 Alondra Blvd, LLC Central 7/20/10 10-39725 Michael Jay Berger
    David William Neary Central 7/20/10 10-39802 David R Haberbush
    Shams Azar Yousefi Tehrani Northern 7/20/10 10-48209 Marc Voisenat
    Rialto Heights, LLC Central 7/20/10 10-39796 Michael Leight
    Thomas A. Kosich Central 7/21/10 10-39967 Thomas A. Kosich
    Avedis P Barsoumian Central 7/21/10 10-40099 Ovsanna Takvoryan
    Wild Game Ng, LLC Northern 7/21/10 10-48272 Aram Ordubegian
    One South Lake Street, LLC Northern 7/21/10 10-48270 Aram Ordubegian
    Hi-Five Enterprises, LLC Northern 7/21/10 10-48268 Aram Ordubegian
    Council For Refractive Surgery Quality Assurance Eastern 7/21/10 10-39240 C. Anthony Hughes
    James Duffy Eastern 7/22/10 10-39306 Matthew J. Shier
    Seventh Street Land East, LLC Eastern 7/22/10 10-39386 Noel Knight
    Speedy Mart & Gas, Inc. Southern 7/22/10 10-12829 David L. Speckman
    Barkwood Development, LLC Central 7/22/10 10-13764 Chris Gautschi
    Digital Hub USA, LLC Central 7/22/10 10-40115 Shan K. Thever
    Darryl G. Harris, Sr. Central 7/22/10 10-40268 Thomas P. Giordano
    Donna Anderson Eastern 7/22/10 10-39309 Donna Anderson
    Mall Boulevard V.V., LP Central 7/23/10 10-20167 Christopher P. Walker
    Kimberely C. Horn Central 7/23/10 10-40458 Kimberely C. Horn
    Carey Lee Salley Central 7/23/10 10-19021 Timothy F. Umbreit
    Indio Sun, LLC Central 7/25/10 10-33217 Sandford Frey
    Vitafreze Frozen Confections, Inc. Eastern 7/26/10 10-39664 Ron Bender
    Pacific Northern Corporation Northern 7/26/10 10-32804 Melvin S. Hodges
    Kim Narog Northern 7/26/10 10-57683 Scott J. Sagaria
    Marc S. Melloul Central 7/26/10 10-40882 Thomas P Giordano
    Matterhorn Group, Inc. Eastern 7/26/10 10-39672 Ron Bender
    Philis Groomes-Love Central 7/26/10 10-40803 Philip D Dapeer
    Josephine Jose Edralin Northern 7/26/10 10-12827 Stephen D. Finestone
    Deluxe Ice Cream Company Eastern 7/26/10 10-39670 Ron Bender
    John Aflague Northern 7/26/10 10-12820 Albert M. Kun
    Lisa Gillian Young Central 7/26/10 10-33366 Kevin M. Cortright
    Echo Gray, LLC Central 7/26/10 10-33359 Thomas C Nelson
    Kevin Earl Rabey Eastern 7/26/10 10-39615 Julia P. Gibbs
    Appollo, Inc. Eastern 7/26/10 10-92879 David C. Johnston
    Donald Zavala Eastern 7/27/10 10-39705 Donald Zavala
    The Ellie N. Chappel Revocable Trust Central 7/27/10 10-41008 James M Powell
    Letishia D. Stillwell Central 7/27/10 10-33521 Catherine E Christiansen
    Hummel Village II, LLC Central 7/27/10 10-13846 Robert E Hurlbett
    Encinitas Office, LP Southern 7/27/10 10-13160 Alan Vanderhoff
    Jonathan Dishell Central 7/27/10 10-40948 Michael S Kogan
    Lamberto M. Colon Revocable Living Trust Central 7/27/10 10-41114 Bryan T Gonzales
    Mimielle Sophia Goulatte Central 7/27/10 10-33545 Catherine E Christiansen
    Bb Q Grill House, Inc. Central 7/27/10 10-20308 Kim T Nguyen
    Don Tobin Watkinson Southern 7/28/10 10-13305 Mitchell Abdallah
    John M. Woodburn Central 7/28/10 10-41251 Sylvia Ho
    Abdi Manavi Central 7/28/10 10-41352 Lorraine L Loder
    David Scott Carpenter Southern 7/28/10 10-13256 John L. Smaha
    Cristina Balubar Hipolito Northern 7/28/10 10-32861 Sydney Jay Hall
    Nelson Sanchez Central 7/28/10 10-41357 Anthony Egbase
    Jonathan David Ledesma Central 7/28/10 10-20362 Anthony Egbase
    World Blessing Mission Church, Inc. Central 7/28/10 10-41278 Robert M Yaspan
    RP Sam Houston Plaza, L.P. Central 7/29/10 10-33922 D Edward Hays
    Richard Conan Kniesel Eastern 7/29/10 10-40118 Brian L. Coggins
    Kim Laube& Company Incorporated Central 7/29/10 10-13936 William E Winfield
    Cameron T. Garrett Northern 7/29/10 10-12894 Jeffrey J. Goodrich
    Traveling Times, Inc. Central 7/29/10 10-41546 Mark T Young
    Nivie Samaan-Lloyd Central 7/29/10 10-41511 Michael J Jaurigue
    Daniel Jordan Central 7/29/10 10-20500 Daniel Jordan
    Leo D. Portal Northern 7/29/10 10-32892 Leo D. Portal
    David Levy Southern 7/29/10 10-13383 Joseph J. Rego
    Razmik Safarians Central 7/30/10 10-41705 Majid Foroozandeh
    Rony Tomasino Central 7/30/10 10-19332 Alla Tenina
    Carol Joy Ojo Central 7/30/10 10-41672 Carol Joy Ojo
    Carmichael Brentwood, LLC Eastern 7/30/10 10-40174 Richard A. Hall
    Joaquin Charles Balistreri Northern 7/30/10 10-12897 Steven M. Olson
    Picard Medical, Inc. Central 7/30/10 10-19408 M. Jonathan Hayes
    Trant Manor, LLC Southern 7/31/10 10-13663 Alan Vanderhoff
    Scott James Nelson Central 8/01/10 10-20699 Carlos F. Negrete
    New Age Laundry, Inc. Central 8/02/10 10-19453 Raymond H Aver
    Theodore Lord Schroeder Northern 8/02/10 10-57978 Charles B. Greene
    All State Consultants, Inc. Northern 8/02/10 10-48846 Ruth Elin Auerbach
    Rita Tashjian Northern 8/03/10 10-58039 Dennis Yan
    Aida Alban Miranda Northern 8/03/10 10-58060 Scott J. Sagaria
    Milton A. Miner Eastern 8/03/10 10-18865 Jeff Reich
    Ar Properties Unlimited, LLC Central 8/03/10 10-42423 Raymond H Aver
    James Melvin Greer Central 8/03/10 10-14039 Richard E Rossi
    GGS and Associates, LLC Central 8/03/10 10-42373 Philip D Dapeer
    Tetzlaff Chiropractic, Inc. Eastern 8/03/10 10-93005 David C. Johnston
    Yacoobian Enterprises, LP Central 8/03/10 10-19542 James R Selth
    Job Cruz Lopez Northern 8/04/10 10-58092 Rattan Dev S. Dhaliwal
    Downtowner Inn, LLC Eastern 8/04/10 10-18894 D. Max Gardner
    Tammy Rae Foley Northern 8/04/10 10-58069 Henry G. Rendler
    Michael T. Tabrizi Central 8/04/10 10-20847 Timothy P Peabody
    Sterling Real Estate Partners II, LLC Northern 8/04/10 10-58063 Sterling Real Estate Partners II, LLC
    George Lanning Central 8/04/10 10-42450 Michael Jay Berger
    Iliana Karina Monteagudo Central 8/04/10 10-42572 Arshak Bartoumian
    Nancy Jean Wandlass Northern 8/05/10 10-33009 Nancy Jean Wandlass
    Robert Lee Pelton Eastern 8/05/10 10-40881 Lance E. German
    Pacific Allied Development, LLC Central 8/05/10 10-42788 Lewis R. Landau
    Michael Lawrence Central 8/05/10 10-42786 Thomas P. Giordano
    Calvary Baptist Church World Outreach Centers Central 8/05/10 10-20895 Theodore E. Malpass
    Great America Networks, Inc. Central 8/05/10 10-42634 Gary S Brown
    Emak Worldwide, Inc. Central 8/05/10 10-42779 Jeffrey M. Reisner
    Emak Worldwide Service Corp, Central 8/05/10 10-42784 Jeffrey M. Reisner
    Geoffrey Paul Moncrief Southern 8/06/10 10-14057 Arthur Stockton
    Tommy Salehi Central 8/06/10 10-19669 Philip D. Dapeer
    Playlist, Inc. Central 8/06/10 10-42946 Marc J. Winthrop
    Thomas A. Banis Northern 8/06/10 10-49004 Chris D. Kuhner
    EPlanning Securities, Inc. Eastern 8/06/10 10-40974 Marianne M. Dickson
    EPlanning, Inc. Eastern 8/06/10 10-40975 Marianne M. Dickson
    EPlanning Advisors, Inc. Eastern 8/06/10 10-40976 Marianne M. Dickson
    Project Playlist, Inc. Central 8/06/10 10-42927 Mark S. Horoupian
    Dean Pickard Central 8/06/10 10-20943 Michael R. Totaro
    Mbi Development, LLC Central 8/06/10 10-42837 Steven R. Fox
    Luis Felipe Gill Central 8/06/10 10-20952 Michael R. Totaro
    J & C Safar Enterprises, Inc. Central 8/07/10 10-43040 John Saba
    1700 Van Ness Properties Northern 8/09/10 10-33058 Jonathan Fried
    Rancho Amistad Northern 8/09/10 10-33059 Jonathan Fried
    Shady Acres Dairy Eastern 8/09/10 10-19058 Hagop T. Bedoyan
    Omni Crown Trucking, Inc. Central 8/09/10 10-43153 Omni Crown Trucking, Inc.
    Impact Films, Inc. Central 8/09/10 10-35049 Todd B. Becker
    Terry D. Campbell Northern 8/09/10 10-49079 James F. Beiden
    Chandana Basu Central 8/09/10 10-35181 David A Akintimoye
    A & F Forklift, Inc. Central 8/10/10 10-43489 Thomas J Polis
    Elaine Rose Schwartz Central 8/10/10 10-43451 Thomas P Giordano
    Shannon Ovazine Central 8/10/10 10-43488 Michael A Younge
    Maxine Marie Logoluso Eastern 8/10/10 10-19108 Hagop T. Bedoyan
    KAJ, LLC Northern 8/10/10 10-58288 Stephen D. Finestone
    Alfred P. Digiacinto Central 8/10/10 10-35323 Illyssa Fogel
    Arch Street Apartments, LLC Northern 8/10/10 10-49147 Joan M. Chipser
    Ise Corporation Southern 8/10/10 10-14198 Marc J. Winthrop
    Gazel A. Velasco-Flowers Central 8/10/10 10-43368 Joseph L Pittera
    Melissa Mosich Miller Central 8/11/10 10-19870 Jacqueline L Rodriguez
    Tatou Supper Club, LLC Central 8/11/10 10-43580 Roger C Lim
    Cedars Summit Investments, LLC Central 8/11/10 10-35346 Julian K Bach
    Shadab D. Nowaid Central 8/11/10 10-19902 Arthur F Stockton
    Eliminator Custom Boats, Inc. Central 8/11/10 10-35393 Robert B Rosenstein
    John Robert Lemke Eastern 8/11/10 10-41292 C. Anthony Hughes
    Tycoon Development Corporation Southern 8/11/10 10-14277 Martin A. Eliopulos
    Michael C. Ditmore Central 8/12/10 10-14172 Debra C Young
    Richard Nahigian Central 8/12/10 10-43870 Ovsanna Takvoryan
    Ruffin Road Venture Lot 3 Southern 8/12/10 10-14356 Edward Medina
    Belal Ahmad Alshawe Central 8/13/10 10-44103 Michael Jay Berger
    Leo Wills, III Central 8/13/10 10-43947 David S. Kupetz
    Nato Investment Group, Inc. Eastern 8/13/10 10-41505 Nato Investment Group, Inc.
    Cielo Tower, LLC Central 8/13/10 10-43975 Robert Y. Lee
    Nathan Linder Central 8/13/10 10-43941 David S. Kupetz
    Jean Dethiersant Central 8/13/10 10-44108 Michael Jay Berger
    Nigel Bryan Holman Southern 8/14/10 10-14485 Hugh D. Kelso, III
    Layne Ellis Gruenewald Central 8/15/10 10-35876 Michael R Totaro
    SJS Properties Group, LLC Eastern 8/16/10 10-19324 Myron F. Smith
    Bonifer Puno Parungao Central 8/16/10 10-20131 Anthony Cartee
    Navy & Highland, LLC Central 8/16/10 10-20067 Dana M Douglas
    Antonio Martinez Eastern 8/16/10 10-41667 Thomas O. Gillis
    Rima Shahbazian Central 8/17/10 10-44596 Stephen R Wade
    John N. Liu Northern 8/17/10 10-33164 Ivan C. Jen
    Apex Digital, Inc. Central 8/17/10 10-44406 Juliet Y Oh
    4 Union Northern 8/17/10 10-33165 Iain A. MacDonald
    Gateway To East Hills, LLC Central 8/17/10 10-44433 Stephen F Biegenzahn
    Aaron Mark Goncalves Southern 8/17/10 10-14565 Aaron Mark Goncalves
    South Coast Metal Finishing, Inc. Central 8/18/10 10-44684 David R Haberbush
    Sierra View Mobile Home Park Corporation Central 8/18/10 10-44781 Robert M Yaspan
    400 Sunrise Partners, LLC Eastern 8/18/10 10-41878 Illyssa I. Fogel
    Rolf Berschneider Central 8/18/10 10-44675 Rolf Berschneider
    Rosalind Merrifield Nelson Central 8/18/10 10-20215 Gerald Wolfe
    Mehdi Afshar Northern 8/18/10 10-58594 Anthony Delas
    Ashray Corp. Eastern 8/18/10 10-41932 Mohammad M. Mokarram
    Mt. Zion Church Of God In Christ Central 8/18/10 10-36253 Mt. Zion Church Of God In Christ
    Todd Edward Macaluso Southern 8/18/10 10-14685 Joseph J. Rego
    William O. Iyasere Eastern 8/18/10 10-41943 William O. Iyasere
    Joseph Michael Husman Central 8/18/10 10-44799 Thomas B Ure
    Choa Vision, LLC Central 8/18/10 10-44798 Michael Jay Berger
    Thang C. Nguyen Northern 8/19/10 10-58631 Michael H. Luu
    Carpenter Properties, LLC Eastern 8/19/10 10-42056 Marlon H. Bateman
    Old Colonies Investment, LLC Northern 8/20/10 10-49531 Sandra F. Banks
    California Street Machine Incorporated Eastern 8/20/10 10-42264 John S. Sargetis
    Pc Enterprises Incorporated Eastern 8/20/10 10-42279 John S. Sargetis
    Paul E. Clontz, Jr. Eastern 8/20/10 10-42250 John S. Sargetis
    JJJ Diners, Inc. Central 8/20/10 10-45020 Kenneth Chong
    Roy O’Dell Fields, II Northern 8/20/10 10-13213 Roy O’Dell Fields, II
    Clifford Andrew Dumas Southern 8/20/10 10-14829 John L. Smaha
    Darius Enterprises, LLC Central 8/20/10 10-20351 Michael G. Spector
    Citrus Cafe, Inc. Central 8/20/10 10-21661 Alan L. Armstrong
    Amatulli Auto Parts, Inc. Central 8/20/10 10-36652 Robert B Rosenstein
    Oakhurst Lodge, Inc. Eastern 8/20/10 10-19554 Peter L. Fear
    Dale Stickney Construction, Inc. Eastern 8/20/10 10-42119 Dennis K. Cowan
    James Sydney Smith Central 8/22/10 10-20412 Kenneth Jay Schwartz
    Bert Haze Central 8/23/10 10-21791 Thomas P Giordano
    HSR General Engineering Contractors, Inc. Northern 8/23/10 10-58737 William J. Healy
    Selim America, Inc. Central 8/23/10 10-45503 Monica Y Kim
    Selim Textile, Inc. Central 8/23/10 10-45505 Monica Y Kim
    Floyd Robertson Northern 8/23/10 10-49625 Floyd Robertson
    Richard Parks Central 8/23/10 10-21738 Richard Parks
    Sherry M. McWoodson Northern 8/23/10 10-49618 Linda J. Cox-Cooper
    El Dorado Ridge IV, LLC Eastern 8/23/10 10-42384 Megan A. Lewis
    EAS Electric Central 8/23/10 10-36855 Jennifer Urquizu
    Darin Frank Eardly Estate Central 8/23/10 10-36888 Darin Frank Eardly Estate
    Jerome A. Bannister Southern 8/23/10 10-14891 Jackie Robert Geller
    Maria Caroline Townsend Central 8/23/10 10-14357 Maria Caroline Townsend
    Marilyn I. Epperson Central 8/24/10 10-45595 Marilyn I Epperson
    Gonzalo Cardenas Central 8/24/10 10-14365 Gonzalo Cardenas
    Sam Elia Husary Northern 8/24/10 10-13231 Michael C. Fallon
    Roger E. D’Anna Northern 8/24/10 10-58775 Roger E. D’Anna
    Anna Karina Herzog Central 8/24/10 10-45565 Anna Karina Herzog
    Stanford Regency Plaza, LLC Central 8/24/10 10-45729 Michael Jay Berger
    David John O’Leary Northern 8/24/10 10-13243 Thomas P. Kelly, Jr.
    Power Tax Relief, LLC Central 8/24/10 10-45622 Michael Jay Berger
    Pablo Vieri Mendoza Northern 8/24/10 10-58756 Pablo Vieri Mendoza
    City Mall, LP Eastern 8/25/10 10-93322 David C. Johnston
    Valley MHP, LLC Central 8/25/10 10-20599 Robert Reganyan
    Mark Yeadaker Northern 8/26/10 10-33304 Bryan Smith
    HG7, Incorporated Central 8/26/10 10-37339 Jennifer C Jones
    Citizens Development Corp. Southern 8/26/10 10-15142 Ron Bender
    Majid Kashanian Northern 8/26/10 10-33309 Lars T. Fuller
    Barron Frank Gardner Central 8/26/10 10-46164 Todd B Becker
    Alan Grubb Northern 8/27/10 10-58924 Alan Grubb
    PBJCT Irrevocable Trust Northern 8/27/10 10-49865 PBJCT Irrevocable Trust
    Sardon Jonoubei Eastern 8/27/10 10-42936 W. Steven Shumway
    Edward O. Terino Central 8/27/10 10-20739 Michael T Harper
    Custom Processors Central 8/27/10 10-46362 Brian L Davidoff
    P&C Poultry Distributors, Inc. Central 8/27/10 10-46350 Brian L Davidoff
    Peter Lay Northern 8/27/10 10-49828 Chris D. Kuhner
    Lagoon Breeze Development Corp. Southern 8/27/10 10-15177 Lagoon Breeze Development Corp.
    Jenson Custom Furniture, Inc. Central 8/27/10 10-22014 Gerard W O’Brien
    Gioconda Maria Egan Northern 8/27/10 10-33326 Heather Wolnick
    Samuel P. Borlasa Eastern 8/27/10 10-42855 Robert T. Kawamoto
    826-840 Hobart, LLC Central 8/27/10 10-46399 Daniel Malakauskas
    Nasser Kohan Central 8/27/10 10-20761 Roy C Dickson
    Eric Dwayne Smith Central 8/29/10 10-22075 Michael R Totaro
    Faff, Inc. Central 8/30/10 10-46757 Raymond H Aver
    John N. Wood Central 8/30/10 10-37821 Stephen R Wade
    Michael Labadie Central 8/30/10 10-14486 Philip D Dapeer
    Glenn Paul Wilford Central 8/31/10 10-38089 Glenn Paul Wilford
    Marian L. Fortier Central 8/31/10 10-20971 James Studer
    Ronald T. Short Central 8/31/10 10-22208 Ronald T Short
    James E. McGoey Northern 8/31/10 10-70004 Marc Voisenat
    Robert Gerard Spehar Central 8/31/10 10-47181 Jerome S Cohen
    Flair Gifts and Accessories, Inc. Eastern 9/01/10 10-43489 Perry D. Popovich
    Cerag Development, LLC Eastern 9/01/10 10-60201 Cerag Development, LLC
    1451 Hi Point, LLC Central 9/01/10 10-20992 Louis J Esbin
    Rosalva Luna Central 9/01/10 10-38322 Wade C Johnson
    We Lead, Inc. Central 9/01/10 10-21021 Rachel S Ruttenberg
    Timothy Karl Sears Southern 9/01/10 10-15781 Elliott H Stone
    Pacific Sun Entertainment Inc. Central 9/01/10 10-20974 Thomas H Schelly
    Leslie Andre Ezidore Central 9/01/10 10-47330 Steven Karlton Kop
    Eugene Hobbs Central 9/01/10 10-47381 Michael Jay Berger
    Jose Medero Arias Southern 9/01/10 10-15783 Andrew H. Griffin, III
    1100 Chico, LLC Central 9/01/10 10-21016 Russell H Rapoport
    Derrick D. Lightfoot Central 9/01/10 10-47215 Thomas P Giordano
    Glenn Davis Wong Northern 9/01/10 10-33425 James F. Beiden
    Milton Quach Central 9/01/10 10-22386 Gary L Harre
    Johnny Lai Nguyen Northern 9/01/10 10-59184 Michael H. Luu
    Naco, Incorporated Central 9/01/10 10-47256 Lotfy Mrich
    Behnam Ghasseminejad Central 9/02/10 10-21043 Behnam Ghasseminejad
    Kenneth J. Wall Northern 9/02/10 10-59229 Henry G. Rendler
    Sikder Group, Inc. Central 9/02/10 10-47414 Bradley E Brook
    Michael A. Rizzio Northern 9/02/10 10-33434 James F. Beiden
    Rainbow Children’s Academy, Inc. Central 9/03/10 10-47732 Michael Jay Berger
    Vadim Lebovich Investment Group, LLC Central 9/03/10 10-47738 Michael Jay Berger
    Ronald V. Ziegler Central 9/03/10 10-22487 James R Selth
    Edith Avanzado Central 9/03/10 10-47646 Roy C Dickson
    Javier Luis Guel Northern 9/06/10 10-33469 William F. McLaughlin
    Westway Construction, Inc. Central 9/06/10 10-21153 Mufthiha Sabaratnam
    Robert James Wagner Eastern 9/07/10 10-43776 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    Larry Dee Wilcox Central 9/07/10 10-21156 Kenneth Jay Schwartz
    L.T. Titan Limited Partnership Central 9/07/10 10-47941 Adam C Thiel
    Advanced Packaging and Distribution Specialist, Inc. Eastern 9/07/10 10-43901 Kenrick Young
    Gregory Thomas Malley Northern 9/07/10 10-59336 Stanley A. Zlotoff
    Sonoma Vineyard Estates, LLC Northern 9/07/10 10-13447 Michael C. Fallon
    Robert Lee Pelton Eastern 9/07/10 10-43804 Lance E. German
    Lance M. Larson Central 9/07/10 10-22563 Matthew L. Tonkovich
    Frank Lewis Gray Central 9/07/10 10-47950 Stephen W Johnson
    Dunbar Richmond, Inc. Central 9/07/10 10-38724 Dunbar Richmond, Inc.
    Richard Kent Greenland Central 9/07/10 10-48034 Louis J Esbin
    Cheryl D. Turner Northern 9/08/10 10-33508 William F. McLaughlin
    William Francis Salerno, Jr. Northern 9/08/10 10-13457 Michael C. Fallon
    Myong Chun Kim Northern 9/08/10 10-70305 H. Kenneth Ahn
    Daryl George Deliman Central 9/08/10 10-22627 Todd B Becker
    JDCO, Inc. Northern 9/09/10 10-33531 Gregory A. Rougeau
    Java Detour, Inc. Northern 9/09/10 10-33530 Gregory A. Rougeau
    Timothy Jon Coxen Eastern 9/09/10 10-44128 Illyssa I. Fogel
    Skandia Family Center, Inc. Eastern 9/09/10 10-43991 Matthew R. Eason
    Paymonn Investment Corp. Central 9/09/10 10-48350 Paymonn Investment Corp.
    Peter S. Nguyen Northern 9/09/10 10-33514 Michael H. Luu
    Yoshifumi Hanzaki Central 9/09/10 10-22714 Myava R Escamilla
    Entre Nous, LLC Central 9/09/10 10-48308 Douglas M Neistat
    Cynthia J. Turner Northern 9/09/10 10-33520 James F. Beiden
    Todd Campbell Central 9/09/10 10-21306 Todd Campbell
    East Bay Associates, LLC Northern 9/09/10 10-70345 Benjamin W. Tipton, III
    Susan Carle Northern 9/09/10 10-70341 Michael R. Germain
    Jun Ho Lee Central 9/10/10 10-48568 Gary A Laff
    Chelse Charlotte Wasserwald Central 9/10/10 10-21389 M Jonathan Hayes
    Russian Hill Corners, LLC Northern 9/10/10 10-33542 Russian Hill Corners, LLC
    Valerie Lopez Central 9/10/10 10-22755 Valerie Lopez
    Harrington West Financial Group, Inc. Central 9/10/10 10-14677 Sharon M. Kopman
    Frazier Winery, LLC Northern 9/10/10 10-13509 Michael C. Fallon
    Azimuth Amzsss, LLC Central 9/10/10 10-48440 Edmond Nassirzadeh
    03 Restaurant Lounge & Nightclub, LLC Central 9/10/10 10-48495 Tappan Zee
    M&M Quality Printing, Inc. Central 9/10/10 10-22759 Jiyoung Kym
    Aram Samuelian Central 9/12/10 10-21410 Ovsanna Takvoryan
    Ludivina Nacionales Central 9/13/10 10-48837 Dennis E McGoldrick
    Cirtech, Inc. Central 9/13/10 10-22855 Richard L Barnett
    Coast Index Company, Inc. Central 9/13/10 10-21442 Steven R Fox
    Jeffry Dean Forcier Northern 9/13/10 10-13516 Michael C. Fallon
    Nikolay V. Gusenkov Eastern 9/13/10 10-44345 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    Kevin C O’Keefe Northern 9/13/10 10-13522 Michael C. Fallon
    Victor Valley Community Hospital Central 9/13/10 10-39537 Mary D Lane
    Arturo Buenrostro Ruelas Northern 9/13/10 10-59538 Scott J. Sagaria
    Madisyn Northeast, LLC Northern 9/13/10 10-59531 Scott J. Sagaria
    William Lawrence Ramage Northern 9/13/10 10-13515 Steven M. Olson
    Wien Bakery, LLC Central 9/13/10 10-48843 Robert Y Lee
    Yasmin Moradieh Kashani Central 9/14/10 10-49040 David B Golubchik
    Danielle Thompson Central 9/14/10 10-49180 James R Selth
    Lym, LLC Central 9/14/10 10-39681 Kenneth D Sisco
    Colonial Yacht Anchorage, Inc. Central 9/14/10 10-49153 Sebastian Rucci
    Charles Butler Central 9/14/10 10-14713 Debra C Young
    Norm Novitsky Central 9/15/10 10-21590 Douglas M Neistat
    Moving Solutions Ltd, LLC Central 9/15/10 10-21589 Craig Wormley
    Leonard M. Ross Central 9/15/10 10-49358 Robert M Yaspan
    6620 Hazeltine Property, LLC Central 9/15/10 10-49362 Michael Jay Berger
    GC Holdings, Inc. Northern 9/15/10 10-70550 William C. Lewis
    Skylimit Apparel, Inc. Central 9/16/10 10-49460 Leonard M Shulman
    Loretta Margaret Muntz-Seeby Southern 9/16/10 10-16444 David A. St. John
    Rosalie Guancione Northern 9/16/10 10-59667 Rosalie Guancione
    James B. Dummit Central 9/16/10 10-14772 William C Beall
    This Little Piggy Wears Cotton, Inc. Central 9/16/10 10-14785 C Lawrence Powell
    Se10 W & L, LLC Central 9/16/10 10-21696 Raymond H Aver
    Keyla Reania Bell Central 9/17/10 10-49673 James T King
    Denney Farms Northern 9/17/10 10-59704 Paul W. Moncrief
    Shawn E. Guinn Northern 9/17/10 10-70676 William F. McLaughlin
    Tommy Cooks Central 9/17/10 10-40134 Robert E Valdez
    Brugnara Properties VI Northern 9/17/10 10-33637 Joel K. Belway
    Allen David Bruno Northern 9/17/10 10-13575 Michael C. Fallon
    Stradella Investments, Inc. Central 9/19/10 10-23193 Timothy J Yoo
    Teresa L. Diaz Northern 9/19/10 10-70714 Earle A. Sylva
    Sergio Luis Zepeda Central 9/20/10 10-49873 B. Kwaku Duren
    Nato Investment Group, Inc. Eastern 9/20/10 10-44933 Nato Investment Group, Inc.
    Elvin Efrain Linares Central 9/20/10 10-49958 Anthony Egbase
    Intercommercial Group, Ltd. Central 9/20/10 10-49973 William H Brownstein
    Zelig Herskovitz Central 9/20/10 10-21788 Roy C Dickson
    David Lloyd Flynn Central 9/20/10 10-14821 Joseph M. Sholder
    JMA Logistics, Inc. Central 9/20/10 10-50004 James R Selth
    Cristie Tolotti Central 9/21/10 10-14856 Cristie Tolotti
    Nancy Davies Newman Eastern 9/21/10 10-45085 Nancy Davies Newman
    Faro De Luz Central, Inc. Central 9/21/10 10-50290 Greta S Curtis
    Sierra F, LLC Central 9/21/10 10-50227 Philip D Dapeer
    Delujo Spanish Village Aps, LLC Central 9/21/10 10-21875 Philip D Dapeer
    Charles Jeannel Central 9/21/10 10-50232 Philip D Dapeer
    Sharron Nisbett Eastern 9/22/10 10-60960 Jeff Reich
    G. Jorge Klappenbach Central 9/22/10 10-23403 Arthur F Stockton
    Tod William Griswold Central 9/22/10 10-50520 Leonard Pena
    MCP Ontario Festival, LLC Central 9/22/10 10-23351 Cory J Briggs
    Zoltan Szakaly Southern 9/22/10 10-16756 Joseph J. Rego
    Harriet Sanders Stricklen Eastern 9/22/10 10-45213 Harriet Sanders Stricklen
    Plateaux Development, Inc. Central 9/22/10 10-21935 Plateaux Development, Inc.
    Raymond Babcock Central 9/22/10 10-40660 Ali E Galam
    Walter Clift Central 9/22/10 10-23402 Arthur F Stockton
    Roberto Almaraz Central 9/22/10 10-50424 David A Tilem
    1495 Investors, LLC Eastern 9/22/10 10-45214 1495 Investors,LLC
    Raj Rakkar, LLC Eastern 9/22/10 10-60943 Hilton A. Ryder
    Rachel Fae Birnbaum Eastern 9/23/10 10-45393 Scott J. Sagaria
    53;59 1/2 Tenth Street, LP Central 9/23/10 10-50693 Jerry A Chad
    Eduardo Monroy Central 9/23/10 10-21989 Roger D Stacy
    C-Shore International, Inc. Eastern 9/23/10 10-61037 James T. Studer
    Truc C. Nguyen Northern 9/23/10 10-33720 Drew Henwood
    Kaufman Pierce Plaza, LLC Central 9/23/10 10-22007 M Jonathan Hayes
    Ronielio Garcia Central 9/23/10 10-50600 Jerry A Chad
    Ellie N. Chappel Central 9/23/10 10-50621 James M Powell
    Ludo Gust Mensch Central 9/24/10 10-22102 Michael Jay Berger
    Carson Kolb Healthcare Group, Inc. Central 9/24/10 10-23592 Michael G Spector
    Abdul W. Hamidi Northern 9/24/10 10-70960 Sandra F. Banks
    Dennis Michael Garrison Central 9/24/10 10-14922 Mitchell L Abdallah
    Cesar C. Campos Northern 9/24/10 10-59944 Cesar C. Campos
    Susan Lynn Sidwell Central 9/24/10 10-50817 Philip E Koebel
    Michael B Irving Central 9/24/10 10-50827 Aurora Talavera
    Horseshoe Canyon Lodging, Inc. Eastern 9/26/10 10-45605 Julia P. Gibbs
    George Chou Central 9/27/10 10-51207 James A Dumas, Jr.
    Tayseer N. Qutob Northern 9/27/10 10-71084 Scott J. Sagaria
    Mai Thi Tran Central 9/27/10 10-22179 Jerome Bennett Friedman
    Bay Vista Apartments, LLC Central 9/27/10 10-51176 Philip D Dapeer
    Thanh Huu Tran Central 9/28/10 10-22244 Jerome Bennett Friedman
    Iron Industries, Inc. Eastern 9/28/10 10-61192 Hagop T. Bedoyan
    Miguel Angel Angeles-Hernandez Northern 9/28/10 10-60102 Rattan Dev S. Dhaliwal
    Action Equipment Rentals Eastern 9/28/10 10-61196 Hagop T. Bedoyan
    Superior Acquistions, Inc. Northern 9/28/10 10-13730 Michael C. Fallon
    Anthony Moultrie Central 9/28/10 10-51334 William H Brownstein
    Paul Phillip Bardos Central 9/29/10 10-41455 Martha A Warriner
    Chandra Wati Payton Central 9/29/10 10-51650 M Jonathan Hayes
    Downtown San Pedro, LLC Central 9/30/10 10-51806 Downtown San Pedro, LLC
    Harold McCaffrey Northern 9/30/10 10-60196 John G. Downing
    Robert A. Vickery Southern 9/30/10 10-17355 Arthur Stockton
    American Sushi, LLC Southern 9/30/10 10-17463 Edward Medina
    ZF Micro Solutions, Inc. Northern 10/01/10 10-60334 John Walshe Murray
    Spicy Gourmet Organics, Inc. Central 10/01/10 10-22504 Daniel C Masters
    St. George Hotel Eastern 10/01/10 10-46365 David Foyil
    Joe Ortaliz Miranda Northern 10/01/10 10-60343 David A. Boone
    Enviro Scapes, Incorporated Northern 10/01/10 10-71397 Basil J. Boutris
    Laguna Village Owners’ Association, Inc. Central 10/01/10 10-24033 James C Bastian, Jr.
    Robert D. Leach Central 10/01/10 10-42023 Robert B Rosenstein
    East Palmdale Enterprises, LLC Central 10/01/10 10-22478 Glenn Ward Calsada
    Jeffrey K. Frimmersdorf Northern 10/01/10 10-60357 Perry D. Popovich
    Dvbe Trucking and Construction Co., Inc. Northern 10/01/10 10-60358 Richard T. Hilovsky
    Terry Gallimore Central 10/02/10 10-52373 Louis J Esbin
    Embassy Delujo Apartments, LLC Central 10/03/10 10-24114 Michael Jay Berger
    China Village, LLC Northern 10/04/10 10-60373 Lawrence A. Jacobson
    Victor P. Hernandez Central 10/04/10 10-15134 James Studer
    JS Apparel, Inc. Central 10/04/10 10-52562 Joon M Khang
    St. Stephen’s Church In God In Christ Of San Diego Southern 10/04/10 10-17785 Paul J Leeds
    Grace Sue Lim Central 10/04/10 10-24119 Michael R Totaro
    Robert Anthony Rositano, Jr. Northern 10/04/10 10-60389 Robert Anthony Rositano Jr.
    Kim Narog Northern 10/04/10 10-60384 Scott J. Sagaria
    The Lawrence Building Company Northern 10/04/10 10-33938 Sheila Gropper Nelson
    David L. Feldman Northern 10/04/10 10-60396 John L. Mlnarik
    Donn M. Campbell Central 10/04/10 10-52565 Roseann Frazee
    Airlift Helicopter Service, Inc. Central 10/05/10 10-24223 Robert P Goe
    Ateco, Inc. Central 10/05/10 10-22623 Steven J Krause
    Eduardo Aceves Southern 10/05/10 10-17801 Bruno Flores
    Charles Anyadike Central 10/05/10 10-52635 Charles Anyadike
    Cal-West Funding, Torrance, Inc. Central 10/06/10 10-52998 Link W Schrader
    Amede Nho Le Eastern 10/06/10 10-46596 Amede Nho Le
    MJAK, LLC Central 10/06/10 10-24234 Vahid Naziri
    Ristoranti Piemontesi, Inc. Northern 10/06/10 10-33959 Iain A. Macdonald
    Lance Joseph Casey, Sr. Eastern 10/08/10 10-46815 Lance Joseph Casey, Sr.
    Raymond Marchisset Central 10/08/10 10-24356 Bruce Boice
    Robert Allen Lawrence Central 10/08/10 10-53407 Wade C Johnson
    New Century Remanufacturing, Inc. Central 10/08/10 10-53219 George J Paukert
    Hormi Holding Company, Inc. Central 10/08/10 10-22788 Peter M Lively
    Mark K Hicks Northern 10/08/10 10-71626 Scott J. Sagaria
    Sylvia Jimenez Southern 10/09/10 10-18064 Sylvia Jimenez
    Sylvia Jimenez Southern 10/09/10 10-18065 David A. St. John
    Susana Pulido Central 10/09/10 10-42828 George L Baugh
    Ali Elmezayen Central 10/11/10 10-53505 Henry D Paloci
    Ava Global Enterprise, LLC Northern 10/12/10 10-60598 Julian C. Roberts
    C & C Organization Central 10/12/10 10-43081 Stephen R Wade
    Damon Hollis Southern 10/12/10 10-18108 Damon Hollis
    Marsha Feldman Armstrong Northern 10/12/10 10-60607 David A. Boone
    Mirek Kucera Northern 10/12/10 10-13932 Scott J. Sagaria
    Ryan W. Zeber Central 10/12/10 10-24485 Matthew E Faler
    Charles Carmello Virzi Central 10/12/10 10-24532 David B Dimitruk
    Sorrento Mesa Hand Car Wash & Spa, Inc. Southern 10/12/10 10-18144 Gino Pietro
    Christopher Scott Central 10/12/10 10-22857 Christopher Scott
    Ravinder Kaur Padda Northern 10/12/10 10-60567 Scott J. Sagaria
    Francisco Pinedo Central 10/12/10 10-53882 Ian Landsberg
    Rocklin James Joseph, LLC Eastern 10/13/10 10-47323 Brian L. Coggins
    Hugo Ramos Northern 10/13/10 10-71819 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    William R. Norrie Central 10/13/10 10-53949 William R Norrie
    Lda Enterprises, Inc. Central 10/13/10 10-54037 John Saba
    El Primo Foods, Inc. Central 10/13/10 10-53997 Robert Sabahat
    Castaic Partners, LLC Central 10/13/10 10-53956 David Gilmore
    Behrooz Sumekh Central 10/13/10 10-54048 Behrooz Sumekh
    2109 N. Long Beach, LLC Central 10/14/10 10-54257 Michael Jay Berger
    Aurora Yanson Cruz Central 10/14/10 10-43403 Roy C Dickson
    Silverado Pacific Enterprises, Inc. Central 10/14/10 10-22962 Silverado Pacific Enterprises, Inc.
    Charlie Greer Southern 10/14/10 10-18259 Joseph J. Rego
    Betty Wang Northern 10/14/10 10-71838 Anthony Delas
    Juan Jose Andrade Central 10/14/10 10-54131 Dionne M Marucchi
    William E. Eisen Southern 10/14/10 10-18286 William E. Eisen
    North America Real Estate Master Fund, LLC Central 10/15/10 10-54405 Diane B Carey
    Upper Market Place, LLC Northern 10/15/10 10-34082 Mark J. Romeo
    Pacific Funding Investment Group, LLC Central 10/15/10 10-43429 Pacific Funding Investment Group, LLC
    Moussa Moradieh Kashani Central 10/15/10 10-54460 Moussa Moradieh Kashani
    Leighton Hull Central 10/15/10 10-54409 Leighton Hull
    Carson Valley, LLC Central 10/15/10 10-24665 Jeffrey S Benice
    Smart Alec’s Intelligent Food, Inc. Northern 10/15/10 10-71884 James S. Monroe
    Mary L. Simmons Central 10/15/10 10-54475 Kelly F Ryan
    Nefertary, Inc. Central 10/15/10 10-24738 Bert Briones
    Rancho Topanga Development Land Company Central 10/15/10 10-23071 David Weinstein
    Russian Hill Corners, LLC Northern 10/18/10 10-34120 Russian Hill Corners, LLC
    Fahmi Hammad Central 10/18/10 10-54706 Todd B Becker
    Luis Longoria Central 10/18/10 10-54625 Michael R Totaro
    Jose Octavio Martinez Southern 10/18/10 10-18443 Roger Stacy
    Crystal Cathedral Ministries Central 10/18/10 10-24771 Marc J Winthrop
    Vanessa Redding White Central 10/18/10 10-54721 Michael J Jaurigue
    Oak Knoll Court, LLC Northern 10/18/10 10-14000 Michael C. Fallon
    H & E Auto Repair, Inc. Central 10/18/10 10-54665 Neil C Evans
    John B. Chickering, Jr. Central 10/18/10 10-54708 Michael Jay Berger
    Raul Fernando Valderrama Northern 10/18/10 10-71976 Mark A. McLaughlin
    VE&E-Nevada, LLC Northern 10/19/10 10-60843 Shawn R. Parr
    James E. Cheeley Central 10/19/10 10-43861 Stephen R Wade
    Gerald William Filice Eastern 10/19/10 10-47748 Gerald William Filice
    Clara Drose Southern 10/19/10 10-18529 Roger Stacy
    Meredith Joyce Winborn Southern 10/19/10 10-18492 Arthur Stockton
    Donald J. Hamilton Northern 10/20/10 10-14032 Jean Barnier
    Jerry Dean Coil Northern 10/20/10 10-72082 Darya Sara Druch
    184 Diamond, LLC Central 10/20/10 10-24907 David G Epstein
    Professional Nurses, Inc. Eastern 10/20/10 10-47844 Professional Nurses, Inc.
    Gina Meneses Tchikovani Northern 10/20/10 10-34144 Oxana Kozlov
    Lerma Pattugalan Central 10/20/10 10-55153 Philip E Koebel
    Jerry James Topolos Northern 10/20/10 10-34156 James F. Beiden
    Melinda Louise Henricks Central 10/21/10 10-23354 Melinda Louise Henricks
    Abby Normal, LLC Central 10/22/10 10-23417 Lewis R Landau
    Krimar Properties, LLC Central 10/22/10 10-55577 Mark T Young
    Jay Gehre Putnam Northern 10/22/10 10-14079 Michael C. Fallon
    Whitten Pumps, Inc. Eastern 10/22/10 10-62225 T. Scott Belden
    Michael K. Hargett Central 10/22/10 10-25027 Arthur F Stockton
    Omar Yehia Spahi Central 10/22/10 10-55570 Michael Jay Berger
    Gartel Corp. Central 10/25/10 10-55744 Stephen F Biegenzahn
    Global Business Services, Inc. Central 10/25/10 10-55759 M Jonathan Hayes
    Jacqueline Amrikhas Northern 10/25/10 10-14111 Craig K. Welch
    Fairgrounds Plaza, LLC Northern 10/25/10 10-34213 Matthew D. Metzger
    Christopher Duo Hoang Central 10/25/10 10-25113 Jeffrey S Benice
    Ben Ennis Eastern 10/25/10 10-62315 Riley C. Walter
    Matthew J. Edwards Central 10/25/10 10-15478 Joseph M. Sholder
    Aliso Commons Corner, LLC Central 10/26/10 10-25192 Aliso Commons Corner, LLC
    Aliso Corner 2, LLC Central 10/26/10 10-25193 Aliso Corner 2, LLC
    Bob Ray Rivera Central 10/29/10 10-45080 Philip D Dapeer
    Avp Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, Inc. Central 10/29/10 10-56761 Ian Landsberg
    AVP, Inc. Central 10/29/10 10-56777 Ian Landsberg
    Shahin Melamed Central 10/31/10 10-23818 Arthur F Stockton
    Kori J. Page Southern 10/31/10 10-19528 Arthur Stockton
    Eras Roy Noel, Jr. Central 11/01/10 10-57095 Haleh C Naimi
    Abdi Fay Sagati Central 11/01/10 10-23838 Abdi Fay Sagati
    Alfredo Casas Eastern 11/01/10 10-49025 Mark J. Hannon
    CLG Properties, LLC Central 11/01/10 10-23859 Clg Properties Llc
    Dean Joseph Rositano Northern 11/01/10 10-61404 Dean Joseph Rositano
    Sylvia Lee Northern 11/01/10 10-34371 Scott J. Sagaria
    Vicente Salas Garcia, Sr. Northern 11/01/10 10-61405 Judson T. Farley
    Michael Wood Eastern 11/01/10 10-49032 Michael Wood
    New Century Commercial and Mortgage Corp. Central 11/02/10 10-57194 M Jonathan Hayes
    Thyme Lewis Central 11/02/10 10-57170 Giovanni Orantes
    Daniel Sanders Southern 11/02/10 10-19607 Daniel Sanders
    Jorge Zuniga Central 11/02/10 10-23892 Leslie Nadas
    Westside Medical Park, LLC Central 11/03/10 10-57457 John P Kreis
    Wave House Belmont Park, LLC Southern 11/03/10 10-19663 John L. Smaha
    W.C. Brown Welding, Inc. Central 11/03/10 10-45795 Lazaro E Fernandez
    Palm House, Inc. Central 11/03/10 10-57454 Brad Weil
    Daniel Steven Kullberg Southern 11/03/10 10-19681 Bruce R. Babcock
    Shappire Resources Central 11/04/10 10-57493 Jaime G Monteclaro
    Vazgen Mirzakhanyan Central 11/04/10 10-57624 Jerome S Cohen
    20 Mar Vista, LLC Central 11/04/10 10-25743 David G Epstein
    Archdesign, Inc. Northern 11/04/10 10-61491 Charles B. Greene
    New Island Associates Central 11/04/10 10-57621 Michael Jay Berger
    Erik R Brown Eastern 11/04/10 10-49268 Mitchell L. Abdallah
    Employment Partnering Services, Inc. Southern 11/04/10 10-19737 Francisco J. Aldana
    Haciendas Holdings Company, LLC Southern 11/04/10 10-19736 Francisco J. Aldana
    Stars Petroleum, Inc. Southern 11/04/10 10-19724 Jackie Robert Geller
    Taxstar Income Tax Service, Inc. Central 11/04/10 10-24021 Taxstar Income Tax Service, Inc.
    Lack/skinner Enterprises, Inc. Eastern 11/05/10 10-49319 David C. Johnston
    David L. Singer Northern 11/05/10 10-72829 Kenneth Bauer
    Randall Villas, LLC Central 11/05/10 10-45964 Timothy P Peabody
    Robert Allan Sportswear, Inc. Central 11/05/10 10-57649 Steven R Fox
    John Peter Johnsen Central 11/08/10 10-57998 Eric P Israel
    Sharon Butticci Northern 11/08/10 10-14305 Sharon Butticci

    Caltenantlaw’s List of Tenant Lawyers in California

    Most landlord-tenant attorneys only represent the landlords. The following is a list of lawyers and legal agencies who help tenants in California.  The areas are arranged generally North to South. The red city names make scanning easier for you. The downloading of this list may take a minute, so please be patient.]  Visit the main website.

    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Northern California
    Legal Services of Northern California
    190 Reamer Street
    Auburn, CA 95603
    (530) 823-7560 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (530) 823-7560      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

    541 Normal Avenue; PO Box 3728
    Chico, CA 95927
    (530) 345-9493 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (530) 345-9493      end_of_the_skype_highlighting123 Third Street; PO Box 1017
    Eureka, CA 95502
    (707) 445-0866 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (707) 445-0866      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800) 972-0002 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 972-0002      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    807 S. Dora St.
    Ukiah, CA 95482
    (707) 462-1471 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (707) 462-1471      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    1370 West Street
    Redding, CA 96001
    (530) 241-3565 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (530) 241-3565      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800) 822-9687 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 822-9687      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    714 West Main Street #8
    Nevada City, CA 95945
    (530) 470-8562 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (530) 470-8562      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    515 12th Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 551-2150 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (916) 551-2150      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


    [All locations]

    [Redding only

    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    SF Bay
    Michael W. Blacksburg
    315 Noe Street
    San Francisco, California 94114
    (415) 861-9900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415) 861-9900      end_of_the_skype_highlighting  Facsimile: (415) 861-9908
    David Rouda
    285 12th Avenue, First Floor
    San Francisco, CA  94118-2103
    (415) 221-7683 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415) 221-7683      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Dave Crow & Solvejg Rose
    605 Market Street, Suite 400
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    (415)552-9060 FAX (415)222-9995
    Rachel E. Shapiro
    530 Divisadero, #203
    San Francisco, CA 94117
    415.621.5302 FAX 415.651.8712
    Carol S. Gordon
    P O Box 27056
    San Francisco, CA 94127
    (415)989-8444 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415)989-8444      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Michael Bracamontes / Bracamontes & Vlasak APLC
    220 Montgomery St #870
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    (415) 835-6777  FAX 415 835-6780
    Richard Sax
    448 Sebastopol Ave.
    Santa Rosa, CA 95401
    (707)525-1824 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (707)525-1824      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    J. Scott Weaver, Paul Wartelle, Christina Schreiber
    369 Pine St. #506
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    (415) 693-0504; (FAX 415) 693-9102
    Sally Morin
    Law Offices of James M. Millar
    100 Montgomery Street, #1600
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    (415)981-8100 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415)981-8100      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ; FAX (415)981-9024
    Mark Hooshmand/Hooshmand Law Group
    654 Sacramento St. 3rd Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94111
    (415)835-5900 Fax (415)376-5897
    Kenneth Greenstein /Steve McDonald
    Greenstein & McDonald
    300 Montgomery St, #1621
    San Francisco. CA 94104
    (415)773-1240 X304; FAX (415)773-1244
    Larry Becker
    819 Eddy St.
    San Francisco, CA 94119
    Richard Hurlburt
    870 Market St. #315
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415)391-6496 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415)391-6496      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Marylin Kalman
    45 Polk St. 2d floor
    San Francisco, CA 9410
    (415)824-3250 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415)824-3250      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Mary Jane Foran,  Cathy Mosbrucker
    Mosbrucker & Foran
    870 Market Street, Suite 313
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 398-9880 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415) 398-9880      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    James Coy Driscoll
    2740 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 300
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    (415) 673-6000; FAX (415) 673-6030
    Robert DeVries
    785 Market St #1150
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    (415)546-5100 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415)546-5100      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Thomas Swihart
    2039 Shattuck Ave. #308
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    (510) 843-2750; FAX (510)843-2766
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Jeffery Carter
    2041 Bancroft Way #207
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    (510) 548-4774  FAX (510)845-6419
    East Bay Community Law Center
    3130 Shattuck Avenue
    Berkeley, California 94705
    (510) 548-4040 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (510) 548-4040      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, FAX (510) 548-2566
    Robert J. Evans
    1736 Franklin Street, 10th Floor
    Oakland CA 94612
    510-238-4190 Fax 510-444-1704
    Bay Area Legal Aid
    1735 Telegraph Ave.
    Oakland, CA 94612
    (510) 663-4744 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (510) 663-4744      end_of_the_skype_highlighting1017 MacDonald Ave.
    Richmond, CA 94802
    (510) 233-9954 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (510) 233-9954      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; 

    50 Fell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 982-1300 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415) 982-1300      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    2 West Santa Clara St., 8th Floor
    San Jose, CA 95113
    (408) 283-3700 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (408) 283-3700      end_of_the_skype_highlighting




    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Legal Aid of the North Bay
    30 N. San Pedro Road #245
    San Rafael, CA 94903
    (415) 492-0230  FAX (415) 472-7400
    Gregory Reed Brockbank
    101 Lucas Valley Rd #380
    San Rafael, CA 94903
    (415) 472-4400 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (415) 472-4400      end_of_the_skype_highlighting;
    Legal Aid of Sonoma County
    1105 N. Dutton #B
    Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    (707) 542-1290
    Marc A. Eisenhart /Gates Eisenhart Dawson
    125 S. Market St #1200
    San Jose, CA 95113
    408 288 8100; FAX 408 288 9409
    Legal Aid Society of Santa Clara
    480 North First Street
    San Jose, CA 95112
    (408) 998-5200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (408) 998-5200      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Senior Adults Legal Assistance
    160 E. Virginia Street #260
    San Jose, CA 95112
    (408) 295-5991/ (408)847-7252 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (408)847-7252      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Central Coast
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Ed Frey
    2820 Porter St
    Soquel, CA 95073
    (831)479-8911 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (831)479-8911      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Ernest Fox
    555 Soquel Ave. #230
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062
    (831)427-2114 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (831)427-2114      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Kent Washburn
    501 Moraga Way
    Orinda, CA 94563
    (925) 377-0231 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (925) 377-0231      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; FAX (925) 254-3815
    California Rural Legal Assistance
    2100 Garden Road, #D
    Monterey, CA 93940
    (831) 375-0505 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (831) 375-0505      end_of_the_skype_highlighting21 Carr Street
    Watsonville, CA 95076
    (831) 724-2253; FAX  831 724 7530 

    Santa Cruz/Housing Law Center
    501 Soquel Avenue, Suite D
    Santa Cruz, CA 95062
    (831) 458-1089; FAX 831 458-1140

    Randolph W. Andell
    1591 Spinnaker Dr. #203
    Ventura, CA 93001
    (805) 339-0101; Fax (805) 339-0202
    1220 1/2 State Street
    Santa Barbara, CA. 93101
    (805) 339-0101; Fax (805) 339-0202
    Legal Aid Foundation Santa Barbara
    301 E. Canon Perdido Street
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    (805) 963-6754 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (805) 963-6754      end_of_the_skype_highlighting505A S. McClelland Ave.
    Santa Maria, CA 93454
    (805) 922-9909 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (805) 922-9909      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

    110 S. “C” Street, Ste. C
    Lompoc, CA 93436
    (805) 736-6582

    Legal Services for Seniors
    915 Hilby Ave. Ste. 2
    Seaside, CA 93955
    (831) 899-0492 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (831) 899-0492      end_of_the_skype_highlighting21 W. Laurel Drive, Suite 83
    Salinas, CA 93906
    (831) 442-7700 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (831) 442-7700      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800) 499-1247 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 499-1247      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Central Valley
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance
    615 California Avenue
    Bakersfield, CA 93304
    661-325-5943 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              661-325-5943      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; tollfree 888.292.GBLA begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              888.292.GBLA      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Central California Legal Services
    357 W. Main Street, Suite 201
    Merced, CA 95340
    (209) 723-5466 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (209) 723-5466      end_of_the_skype_highlighting1401 Fulton St #700
    Fresno, CA 93721-2011
    (559) 441-1611 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (559) 441-1611      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800)-675-8001 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800)-675-8001      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

    208 W. Main Street, Suite U-1
    Visalia, CA 93291
    (559)733-8770 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (559)733-8770      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800)350-3654 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800)350-3654      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Tulare)
    (559)584-2631 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (559)584-2631      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800)417-3296 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800)417-3296      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Kings)



    Brian Lawlor
    Legal Services of Northern California
    515 12th Street
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 551-2150  FAX (916)551-2196
    Los Angeles
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Fran Campbell .
    633 W. Fifth Street, Ste. 2800
    Los Angeles, CA  90071
    (213) 223-2065  FAX (213) 223-2066
    Daniel Marquez
    1605 W. Olympic Blvd #588
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
    (213)632-6111; FAX (213)632-6114
    Robert Sainburg
    620 N. Brand Blvd #405
    Glendale, California 91203
    (818) 550-5001 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (818) 550-5001      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; FAX: (818) 550-5008
    Eviction Defense Network
    1930 Wilshire Blvd. #208
    Los Angeles, CA 90057
    (213) 385-8112 FAX (213)385-8181
    Scott Broffman
    5455 Wilshire Blvd #1012
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323)937-5030; FAX 323 937-3510
    Law Offices of Liddle & Liddle
    310 South Vermont Avenue
    Glendora, CA 91741
    626-963-1638 FAX 626-914-0710
    [Commercial leasing consultations ONLY]
    Robb M. Strom
    6500 Wilshire Blvd 16th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
    (323)852-1888 FAX (323) 852 1889
    Pomona Self-Help Legal Center
    400 Civic Center Plaza, 7th Fl
    Pomona, CA 91766-3201
    David C. Dantes
    12400 Ventura Blvd., Suite 689
    Studio City, CA 91604
    (818)386-9333 FAX (818)386-9444
    Philip Shakhnis
    1055 Wilshire Blvd #1660
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    (213)250-9367; FAX (213)937-9368
    Larry Rosenberg
    14401 Sylvan Street, # 200
    Van Nuys, CA 91401-2637
    (818) 989-2434 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (818) 989-2434      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (323) 873-4044 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (323) 873-4044      end_of_the_skype_highlighting ; Fax: (818) 989-3815
    Stephen Downey
    10200 Sepulveda Blvd. #140
    Mission Hills, CA 91345
    (818)672-8258 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (818)672-8258      end_of_the_skype_highlighting    FAX:  -8266
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Edward I. Sands
    835 S. Lucerne Blvd #110
    Los Angeles, CA 90005
    (323)931-6990 FAX (323)931-5643
    Charles Odiase
    3540 Wilshire Blvd #511
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    (213)385-0193 FAX -0576
    Omatshola Enafete Dafeta
    3540 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1118
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    (213)381-1155 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (213)381-1155      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Levi Uku
    3540 Wilshire Blvd #1028
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    (213)385-0193   FAX -0576
    Victor Hairapetian
    300 W Glenoaks Blvd 202
    Glendale, CA 91202
    (818)500-9881 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (818)500-9881      end_of_the_skype_highlighting FAX: (818)500-9886
    Raymond Hovsepian
    3171 Los Feliz Blvd #301
    Los Angeles, CA 90039
    (323)953-9494 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (323)953-9494      end_of_the_skype_highlighting FAX: (323)953-9777
    William J. Middleton
    5002 York Boulevard
    Los Angeles, California 90042
    (323) 478-1156     FAX (323) 478-9094
    Sonya Bekoff Molho
    12240 Venice Blvd #22
    Los Angeles, CA 90066
    (310)390-3583 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (310)390-3583      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Andrew M Zanger
    2118 Wilshire Blvd #984
    Santa Monica, CA 90403
    (310)393-9794 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (310)393-9794      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Franklin Radoff
    19528 Ventura Blvd #572
    Tarzana, CA 91356
    (818)705-3059  FAX (818)705-4920
    James G McCone
    25835 Narbonne Ave #295
    Lomita, CA 90717
    (310)539-4555 Fax (310)539-4888
    Lawrence C. Hales
    5130 Batris Ln.
    Quartz Hill, CA 93536
    (661)723-5530; FAX (661)942-7055
    Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
    1102 South Crenshaw Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90019-3111
    (800) 399-4529 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 399-4529      end_of_the_skype_highlightingEviction Defense Center
    1550 W. 8th St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90022
    (213) 640-3881 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (213) 640-3881      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

    110 Pine Ave., Suite 420
    Long Beach, CA 90802
    (562) 435-3501 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (562) 435-3501      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    1640 5th St., Suite 124
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    (310) 899-6200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (310) 899-6200      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    5228 Whittier Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90022
    (213) 640-3883 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (213) 640-3883      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    8601 S. Broadway Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90003
    (213) 640-3884 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (213) 640-3884      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    Bet Tzedek Legal Services
    145 South Fairfax Avenue, #200
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 939-0506 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (323) 939-0506      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

    12821 Victory Boulevard
    North Hollywood, CA 91606
    (818) 769-0136 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (818) 769-0136      end_of_the_skype_highlighting@Plummer Park
    3435 Wilshire Blvd #470
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    (213) 384-3243 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (213) 384-3243      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    Valley Legal Services
    243 E. Mission Boulevard
    Pomona, CA 91766
    (909) 620-5547 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 620-5547      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Community Services of Southeast LA
    725 W. Rosecrans
    Compton, California 90222
    (800) 834-5001 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 834-5001      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; 310 638 5524 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              310 638 5524      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

    11834 E. Firestone Blvd
    Norwalk, California 90650
    (800) 834-5001 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 834-5001      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; 562 864-9935 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              562 864-9935      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    Legal Services for  Pasadena & San Gabriel-Pomona Valleys
    241 & 243 East Mission Boulevard
    Pomona, CA 91766
    (909) 623-6357 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 623-6357      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Neighborhood Legal Services Inc.
    13327 Van Nuys Boulevard
    Pacoima, CA 91331-3099
    (818) 896-5211 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (818) 896-5211      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Inland Empire
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Michael S. Feinberg / Feinberg & Fitch
    24641 Washington Ave.
    Murrieta, Ca. 92562
    (909) 698-9900 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 698-9900      end_of_the_skype_highlighting FAX: (909) 698-9909
    Ken Carlson
    PO Box 2417
    Idyllwild, CA 92549
    (951 659-6043 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              951 659-6043      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; FAX 888 764 1919
    Suzanne Klump
    PO Box 4020,
    Crestline CA 92325
    Robert J. Spitz
    204 N. San Antonio
    Ontario, CA 91762
    (909) 395 0909 Fax 909 395 9535
    Inland Counties Legal Services
    1737 Atlanta Ave., #H3
    Riverside, CA 92507
    (909) 368-2555 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 368-2555      end_of_the_skype_highlighting45-550 Grace Street
    Indio, CA 92201
    (760) 342-1591 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (760) 342-1591      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 

    715 N. Arrowhead Avenue, #113
    San Bernardino, CA 92401
    (909) 884-8615 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 884-8615      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800) 677-4257 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 677-4257      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    10601 Civic Center Drive #260
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    (909) 980-0982 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 980-0982      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (800) 977-4257 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (800) 977-4257      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    14196 Amargosa Road  #K
    Victorville, CA 92392
    (760) 241-7073 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (760) 241-7073      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

    Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Legal Aid
    2060 University Avenue,#113
    Riverside, CA 92507
    (909) 369-3009 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 369-3009      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino
    354 West 6th Street
    San Bernardino, CA 92401
    (909) 381-4633 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (909) 381-4633      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Orange County
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Deborah M. Vasquez
    600 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Suite 814
    Santa Ana, California 92701

    (71`4)505-4529; FAX (714)590-6484
    Robert P. Famularo
    12842 Valley View #202
    Garden Grove, CA 92845 2514
    (714)379-3195 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (714)379-3195      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Jeffrey Wilens, Esq.  Lakeshore Law Center
    17476 Yorba Linda Blvd., Suite 221
    Yorba Linda, CA 92886
    714-854-7205 714-854-7206 (fax)
    David Salisbury
    10646 El Morro Cir
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708-4825  (714)654-5739
    Richard Spix
    1505 E. 17th St., Ste. 229
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
    (714) 835-5112 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (714) 835-5112      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    E. Daniel Bors Jr.
    23461 South Pointe Drive #350
    Laguna Hills, CA 92653-1546
    (949) 206-9900  FAX (949) 586-7798
    L. Sue Loftin            [Mobilehome Residency Law]
    5760 Fleet Street, Suite 110
    Carlsbad CA 92008
    760-431-2111 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              760-431-2111      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, FAX 760-431-2003
    Legal Aid Society of Orange County
    2101 N., Tustin Ave.
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    (714)571-5200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (714)571-5200      end_of_the_skype_highlighting250 E. Center St.
    Anaheim, California 92801
    (714) 571-5200 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (714) 571-5200      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Public Law Center
    601 Civic Center Drive West
    Santa Ana, CA 92701
    (714) 541-1010 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (714) 541-1010      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    San Diego
    Area Attorney or Legal Agency e-mail Website
    Steve Kellman
    Tenants Legal Center  of San Diego
    5252 Balboa Ave, #408
    San Diego, California 92117
    (858) 571-7100 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (858) 571-7100      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Legal Aid Society of San Diego
    110 South Euclid Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92114
    (619) 262-0896 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (619) 262-0896      end_of_the_skype_highlighting; (877) 734-3258 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (877) 734-3258      end_of_the_skype_highlighting216 South Tremont Street
    Oceanside, CA 92054
    (760) 722-1935 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (760) 722-1935      end_of_the_skype_highlighting;  (760) 724-2740
    Multi County 


    The following have many offices throughout California, in the rural areas as well as urban areas. See the associated map to see all of the locations and make contact with the closest office.
    California Indian Legal Services
    [See Map]
    California Rural Legal Assistance
    [See map on their website-many locations]


    Partially updated 3/19/10

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    Video deposition of alleged robosigner Dhurata Doko taken by attorney Christopher Forrest of The Forrest Law Firm in Pinellas County, Florida on Nov. 4, 2010. © 2010 FORECLOSURE FRAUD | by DinSFLA. All rights reserved. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men Couldn’t put […]


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    The American Dream of Home Ownership has become a Nightmare (via Foreclosureblues)

    The American Dream of Home Ownership has become a Nightmare The American Dream of Home Ownership has become a Nightmare Yesterday, November 06, 2010, 10:45:46 PM | moraloutrage Nothing symbolizes America’s dream more than home ownership. Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that a country of homeowners would be “invincible.” More recently, former President George W. Bush said, “Owning a home lies at the heart of the American dream”. By the 1960s, two-thirds of Americans owned a home. Now, 11 m … Read More

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    Eliminating Foreclosure Fraud: Setting the Record Straight on Bank of America, Part 2: (via Foreclosureblues)

    Eliminating Foreclosure Fraud: Setting the Record Straight on Bank of America, Part 2: Eliminating Foreclosure Fraud: Setting the Record Straight on Bank of America, Part 2: Friday, November 05, 2010, 1:02:37 PM | Randall Wray William K. Black is an Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He is a white-collar criminologist and was a senior financial regulator. He is the author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One. L. Randall Wray is a Professor of Economics at the University of Mis … Read More

    via Foreclosureblues

    talk to someone by the numbers

    Property Preservation Servicer Contacts
    Company Names Mailing Information Key Contacts Title/Department Phone
    Amtrust Bank 1111 Chester Avenue
    Cleveland, OH 44144 Jaques Hawkins

    Stephen Murphy
    Property Preservation Specialist, Foreclosure Dept.
    Property Preservation Specialist, Foreclosure Dept. 216-588-5936

    American Home Mortgage 1525 S. Beltline Road
    Coppell, TX 75067 Christine Morse

    Renena Summerfield
    Property Preservation Specialist

    Property Preservation Specialist
    469-645-3000, Ext 50229

    469-645-3000, Ext. 50304
    Aurora Loan Services 10350 Park Meadows Drive
    Littleton, CO 80124 Brandon McGill AVP, Property Services 720-945-4775
    Bank of America 400 National Way, Simi
    Valley, CA 93065

    301 E. Vanderbilt Way
    San Bernardino, CA 92408

    301 E. Vanderbilt Way
    San Bernardino, CA 92408
    Brian Zamani

    Tiaquanda S. Turner

    Martha (Marta) Fulgham Sanchez

    Brendan Gail
    AVP, FHA Conveyance/Claims

    AVP, FHA Conveyance/Claims

    VP, Control Tower/Field Services

    VP, Operations/Field Services



    BB&T 301 College Street
    6th Floor
    Greenville, SC 29601 800-827-3700
    Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC 1610 E St. Andrew
    Santa Ana, CA 92705 Sharif Touny

    Chris Castruita

    Victor Revis
    Director of Default


    REO Manager


    Capital One P.O. Box 259330
    Plano, TX 75025-9330 Jeremy Atkinson

    Elaine Parker

    Derrick Weber
    Default Control

    Default Control

    Default Control


    Central Mortgage Company 801 John Barrow Road
    Ste. 1
    Little Rock, AR 72205 Shelia Roeling

    Chellie Stewart

    Jan Davis
    Asset Preservation Specialist-Default Asset Management Department
    REO Supervisor-Default Asset Management Department
    Default Asset Manager, Default Asset Management Department 501-716-4810


    Chase 800 Brooksedge Blvd.
    Westerville, OH 43081
    Attn: MC OH1-8020 Michelle R. Stevens-Schultz

    Vicky Beever
    Officer – Property Preservation & Hazard Claims
    Officer – Property Preservation 614-776-8031

    Citi Mortgage 1000 Technology Drive
    O’Fallon, MO 63368
    MS 323

    David Mazanek
    Code Violations Department
    Property Preservation Department
    Field Service Contact 877-290-3997, Option 2

    877-290-3997, Option 1

    800-852-8306, Ext 1261
    Dovenmuehle Mortgage, Inc. 1 Corporate Drive
    Suite 360
    Lake Zurich, IL 60047 Paula Borshell

    Rachel Deuser
    Property Preservation Department Manager

    Property Preservation Department Supervisor

    Everhome Mortgage 8100 Nations Way
    Jacksonville, FL 32256 Shannon Hudson Supervisor, Property Preservation 866-918-4507
    Fannie Mae 14221 Dallas Parkway
    Ste. 1000
    Dallas, TX 75254 Elonda Crockett

    Michael Lawler

    Paul Hayes
    Vice President, REO Fulfillment

    Director, Loss Mitigation-Credit
    Manager, REO Foreclsoure-Credit


    Fifth Third Bank 5001 Kingsley Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45227
    MD 1MOB1o Jennifer Lewis

    Jill Cannon
    Supervisor. Property Preservation

    Director, MCS

    First Bank Mortgage 1 First Missouri Center
    St. Louis, MO 63141 Karen Hanawinkel

    Lou Sanders

    Autumn Kingsbury-Buck
    Foreclosure Manager

    Loss Mitigation Manager

    Collection Manager


    First Niagara Bank 6950 S. Transit Rd.
    PO Box 514
    Lockport, NY 14095-0514 Trish Harris

    Christina Palmer

    Recovery Services

    Franklin Credit 101 Hudson Street
    Jersey City, NJ 07302 Glenn Murphy Vice President 201-604-1800
    Freddie Mac 8000 Jones Branch Drive
    McLean, VA 22102 Joe Moschetto

    Deloise Browne-Miller

    Mahad Ali
    Senior Manager-FC/Bankruptcy Operations

    Unit Mnaager-FC/Bankruptcy

    FC/Bankruptcy Associate


    GMAC Mortgage Corporation 3451 Hammond Ave.
    Waterloo, IA 50702-5345 Patric F. McCool Key Partner Manager Analyst 319-236-4733
    HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc. Mortgage Services
    636 Grand Regency Blvd.
    Brandon, FL 33510 Property Preservation Department Team Property Preservation Department 866-411-3810, Option 3
    HSBC Mortgage Corporation Mortgage Corporation
    2929 Walden ave., Depew
    NY 14073 Code Violations Department Safeguard Properties/Field Service Contact 800-852-8306, Ext 2173
    HUD Prior To Conveyance: See MCB Below

    Post Conveyance: Follow Link For State Coverages & Contacts

    Key Bank 4910 Tiedeman Road
    Brooklyn, OH 44114 Lori Tierney
    Liberty Bank 2251 Rombach Ave.
    Wilmington, OH 45177 JB Stamper
    Litton Loan Servicing 4828 Loop Cebtral Drive
    Houston, TX 77081 Terrell Phearse

    Sharon Graham

    Amy West

    Linda Milan
    Property Preservation Processor

    Property Preservation Processor

    Property Preservation Team Lead

    Property Preservation Supervisor



    M&T Bank One Fountain Plaza
    6th Floor
    Buffalo, NY 14203 Preservation Manager

    David Mazanek
    Preservation Department

    Field Service Contact

    800-852-8306, Ext. 1261
    Michaelson, Connor & Boul, Inc. (MCB) 4400 Will Rogers Parkway
    Ste. 300
    Oklahoma City, OK 73108 Ryan McDoulett

    Greg Nelson

    Sheree McClure

    Donna Telles

    Kimberly Bell

    Goeff Grafford

    Damon Kornele
    Overallowables & Extensions

    Occupied Conveyance Requests

    Claims Department

    Claims Department

    Title Department

    Appeals Department

    Reconveyance Department






    Midland Mortgage/MidFirst Bank 999 NW Grand Blvd.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Midfirst Property Preservation

    Safeguard Code Violations

    MCS Code Violations

    Mortgage Contracting Services One Urban Centre – Suite 950
    4830 West Kennedy Blvd.
    Tampa, FL 33609 Field Service Provider 813-387-1100
    Ocwen Financial Corporation 2300 M Street, NW, Suite 800
    Washington, DC 20037 Tara Williams

    Jasbir Chawdhary
    Vice President
    Field Services

    Senior Manager
    Property Preservation and Inspection
    (713) 647-8990
    (800) 280-3863
    Ex 296191
    One West Bank 2900 Esperanza Crossing
    Austin, TX 78758 Kim Magel

    Leah Collins
    Supervisor, Property Preservation (Pre-sale)

    Supervisor, Property Preservation (REO)

    PA Housing Finance Agency 211 North Front Street
    PO Box8029
    Harrisburg, PA 17105-8029 Tom Gouker

    Bonita Russell

    Jennifer Smallwood

    Dave Mazanek
    Foreclosure Manager

    Conventional REO Manager

    FHA REO Manager

    Field Services Provider



    800-852-8306, 1261
    PHH Mortgage 2001 Bishops Gate Blvd
    Mount Laurel, NJ 08002 Bieu T. Corl

    Dana Young

    Kelly Smyth

    Safeguard Code Violations

    MCS Code Violations
    P&P Rep II/Claims-REO

    Claims Supervisor, REO Dept.

    Claims Assistant Supervisor



    800-852-8306, Ext 2173

    PNC Mortgage (formally National City), dba Commonwealth United Mortgage, Accubank Mortgage and MidAmerica Bank 3232 Newmark Drive
    Miamisburg, OH 45342 Property Preservation Team:

    Gail Klein

    Julie Kick

    Dave Mazanek
    Process Leader

    Process Manager

    Field Services Contact/Safeguard Properties



    800-852-8306, Ext. 1261
    Regions Mortgage 215 Forrest St.
    PO Box 18001
    Hattiesburg, MS 39401 Denise McLaurin

    Paula Gilliland
    Legal Claims Processor 601-554-2386

    Residential Credit Solutions 4282 North Freeway
    Ft. Worth, TX 76137 Susan Jorgensen

    Jeff Gideon

    Alicia Wood
    Property Coordinator (REO)

    VP, FC, BK & REO

    VP, Loan Administration


    RRR 92 W 3900 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84107 Joe Arico VP 801-293-2658
    Safeguard Properties code.enforcement.violations@safeguard Field Service Provider 800-852-8306, 2173
    Saxon Mortgage Services 4708 Mercantile Drive, North, Fort Worth, TX 76137 Renee Tello

    Peter Gilkey

    Code Violations
    Senior Manager, Property Preservation

    Senior Manager, Property Preservation

    Distribution Desk

    SC State Housing 300C Outlet Pointe Blvd.
    Columbia, SC 29210 Lisa E. Rivers Director, Mortgage Servicing 803-896-9384
    Sovereign Bank Mail Code 10-6438-MD4
    601 Penn Street
    Reading, PA 19601 Connie Cocroft

    Shannon Lippert

    Heather Solley
    Consumer Default VP

    Consumer Default Manager

    Consumer Default Manager


    Specialized 8742 Lucent Blvd.
    Suite 300
    Highland Ranch, CO 80129 Susan Beck VP Consumer Support OP/DS 720-241-7385
    Suntrust Mortgage, Inc. Foreclosure Dept. RVW3064
    1001 Semmes Ave.
    Fourth Florr
    Richmond, VA 23224 Lorrie Pond

    Tammi Stubbs

    Natish King
    AVP, Post Foreclosure & Property Preservation

    Property Preservation Supervisor

    Property Preservation Team Lead


    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage 1 Home Campus
    Des Moines, IA 50328 Andrew Hohensee

    Code Violations

    CoreLogic Field Services

    LPS Field Services

    Mortgage Contracting Services
    Violation Specialist

    Field Service Provider

    Field Service Provider

    Field Service Provider

    440-633-4100, Option 3, Option 1


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    Filed under: CDO, CORRUPTION, Eviction, GTC | Honor, Investor, Mortgage, bubble, currency, foreclosure, securities fraud
    « Georgia Notary Fraud Revealed by TV Investigation Developer In the Shadows: Be Careful of What You Ask For »

    Countrywide Financial Bankruptcy a Possibility for Bank of America (via Livinglies's Weblog)

    Countrywide Financial Bankruptcy a Possibility for Bank of America Countrywide Financial Bankruptcy a Possibility for Bank of America Countrywide Financial, the distressed mortgage-lending arm of Bank of America, could file for bankruptcy, according to a leading stock analyst.Financial analyst Mike Mayo, who works for Credit Agricole, released a report this week saying the company might file for bankruptcy because it is still technically separate from Bank of America, according to a Wall Street Journal report.  … Read More

    via Livinglies's Weblog

    LUCY VUKI et al., Petitioners, v. THE SUPERIOR COURT OF ORANGE COUNTY, Respondent; HSBC BANK USA, Real Party in Interest

    Filed 10/29/10
    LUCY VUKI et al.,
    Real Party in Interest.
    (Super. Ct. No. 30-2010-00360268)
    O P I N I O N
    Original proceedings; petition for a writ of mandate to challenge an order of the Superior Court of Orange County, David C. Velasquez, Judge. Petition denied.
    Law Offices of Moses S. Hall and Moses S. Hall for Petitioners.
    No appearance for Respondent.
    Severson & Werson, Suzanne M. Hankins, Jarlath M. Curran II and Jan T. Chilton for Real Party in Interest.
    * * *
    Lucy and Manatu Vuki lost their Buena Park home to foreclosure. The sale took place October 7, 2009, with their erstwhile lender, HSBC Bank USA (HSBC), as the buyer at the foreclosure sale. In early January 2010 the Vukis stipulated to entry of judgment in an unlawful detainer action (denominated a “Limited Civil” action) brought against them by HSBC. The stipulation provided for an immediate writ of possession, but allowed the Vukis to remain in the house until January 26, 2010.
    However, the day before January 26, the Vukis filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It took HSBC just a little more than 60 days to obtain relief from the automatic stay, which it did on March 30, 2010. Six days after that, on April 6, 2010, the Vukis filed this state court action against HSBC for, among other things, statutory violation of Civil Code sections 2923.52 and 2923.53.
    On April 9, three days later, they filed an application for a temporary restraining order seeking a stay of eviction. Three days after that, on April 12, the trial court denied the request for that restraining order. The eviction was thus free to proceed.
    But then the Vukis filed this writ proceeding on April 16. On April 20 this court stayed the eviction pending further order. In particular, we wanted to consider the scope of Civil Code sections 2923.52 and 2923.53, a question of first impression. (All further undesignated statutory references will be to the Civil Code.)
    We have now heard oral argument in this proceeding. Because of the importance of the statutory issues presented, we publish this opinion explaining the reasons we deny the requested writ. (See Hecht, Solberg, Robinson, Goldberg & Bagley LLP v. Superior Court (2006) 137 Cal.App.4th 579, 584 [denying petition but issuing opinion “in an effort to clarify” law on issue]; Greenlining Institute v. Public Utilities Com. (2002) 103 Cal.App.4th 1324, 1326, 1329 [same].)
    In particular, we conclude that, unlike section 2923.5 as construed by this court in Mabry v. Superior Court (2010) 185 Cal.App.4th 208 (Mabry), neither section 2923.52 or section 2923.53 provides any private right of action, even a very limited one as this court found in Mabry.
    We also address a related question of the operation of section 2923.54. Subdivision (b) of that statute is clear that: “Failure to comply with Section 2923.52 or 2923.53 shall not invalidate any sale that would otherwise be valid under Section 2924f.” The Vukis, however, claim that the statute does not apply to lenders who themselves buy the property at foreclosure, i.e., to lenders who cannot claim the status of bona fide purchasers. This argument fails since any claim which the Vukis might have to invalidate the foreclosure sale based on sections 2923.52 and 2923.53 necessarily entails a private right of action which the statutes do not give them.
    1. The Operation of Sections 2923.52 and 2923.53
    a. basic requirements for a loan modification program
    Civil Code section 2923.52 imposes a 90-day delay in the normal foreclosure process. But Civil Code section 2923.53 allows for an exemption to that delay if lenders have loan modification programs that meet certain criteria. Before section 2923.52 was enacted, there was a minimum of three months from any notice of default until any foreclosure sale (§ 2924, subd. (a)(3)). After the enactment of section 2923.52, at least for certain loans, another 90 days must be included “in order to allow the parties to pursue a loan modification to prevent foreclosure.” However, if lenders meet the requirements of section 2923.53, they are exempted from the 90-day delay imposed by section 2923.52.
    Those requirements are set forth in subdivision (a) of section 2923.53. Readers should note the theme that the requirements are a matter of a general program, evaluated by regulatory commissioners:
    “(1) The loan modification program is intended to keep borrowers whose principal residences are homes located in California in those homes . . . .
    “(2) The loan modification program targets a ratio of the borrower‟s housing-related debt to the borrower‟s gross income of 38 percent or less, on an aggregate basis in the program.
    “(3) The loan modification program includes some combination of the following features:
    “(A) An interest rate reduction, as needed, for a fixed term of at least five years.
    “(B) An extension of the amortization period for the loan term, to no more than 40 years from the original date of the loan.
    “(C) Deferral of some portion of the principal amount of the unpaid principal balance until maturity of the loan.
    “(D) Reduction of principal.
    “(E) Compliance with a federally mandated loan modification program.
    “(F) Other factors that the commissioner determines are appropriate. In determining those factors, the commissioner may consider efforts implemented in other jurisdictions that have resulted in a reduction in foreclosures.
    “(4) When determining a loan modification solution for a borrower under the loan modification program, the servicer seeks to achieve long-term sustainability for the borrower.” (Italics added.)
    b. application for an exemption
    Subdivision (b) of section 2923.53 sets forth the process by which a lender may obtain an exemption from an otherwise applicable 90-day delay. Everything in the exemption process, in short, is funneled through the relevant commissioner:
    “(b)(1) A mortgage loan servicer may apply to the commissioner for an order exempting loans that it services from Section 2923.52. If the mortgage loan servicer elects to apply for an order, the application shall be in the form and manner determined by the commissioner.
    “(2) Upon receipt of an initial application for exemption under this section, the commissioner shall immediately notify the applicant of the date of receipt of the application and shall issue a temporary order, effective from that date of receipt, exempting the mortgage loan servicer from the provisions of subdivision (a) of Section
    2923.52. The temporary order shall remain in effect until a final order has been issued by the commissioner pursuant to paragraph (3). If the initial application for exemption is denied pursuant to paragraph (3), the temporary order shall remain in effect for 30 days after the date of denial.
    “(3) Within 30 days of receipt of an initial or revised application, the commissioner shall make a final determination on whether the application meets the criteria of subdivision (a). If, after review of the application, the commissioner concludes that the mortgage loan servicer has a comprehensive loan modification program that meets the requirements of subdivision (a), the commissioner shall issue a final order exempting the mortgage loan servicer from the requirements of Section 2923.52. If the commissioner concludes that the loan modification program does not meet the requirements of subdivision (a), the application for exemption shall be denied and a final order shall not be issued.
    “(4) A mortgage loan servicer may submit a revised application if its application for exemption is denied.” (Italics added.)
    c. enforcement of the statute
    Similar to subdivision (b), subdivisions (c) and (d) of section 2923.53 commit enforcement of the statute to the relevant commissioner. That particular commissioner is given legislative authority to issue regulations fleshing out the process set forth in sections 2923.52 and 2923.53:
    “(c) The commissioner may revoke a final order, upon reasonable notice and an opportunity to be heard, if the mortgage loan servicer has submitted a materially false or misleading application or if the approved loan modification program has been materially altered from the loan modification program on which the exemption was based. A revocation by the commissioner shall not be retroactive.
    “(d) The commissioner shall adopt, no later than 10 days after the date this section takes effect, emergency and final regulations to clarify the application of this section and Section 2923.52, including the creation of the application for mortgage loan
    servicers and requirements regarding the reporting of loan modification data by mortgage loan servicers.” (Italics added.)
    Along the same lines, section 2923.53, subdivision (h), makes enforcement a matter of losing a license:
    “(h) Any person who violates any provision of this section or Section 2923.52 shall be deemed to have violated his or her license law as it relates to these provisions.”
    d. public assessment
    Subdivision (e) sets forth requirements making the relevant commissioner report back to the Legislature on how the whole process is going, generally and throughout the state. Readers should note that the operation contemplates a sample for purposes of a report that does not even necessarily include every loan servicer. That is, the scope of the assessment process is one which is within the discretion of the relevant commissioner:
    “(e) Three months after the first exemption is issued pursuant to subdivision (b) by order of any commissioner specified in paragraph (1) of subdivision (j), the Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing shall submit a report to the Legislature regarding the details of the actions taken to implement this section and the numbers of applications received and orders issued. The secretary shall submit an additional report six months from the date of the submission of the first report and every six months thereafter. Within existing resources, the commissioners shall collect, from some or all mortgage loan servicers, data regarding loan modifications accomplished pursuant to this section and shall make the data available on an Internet Web site at least quarterly.” (Italics added.)
    By the same token, subdivision (f) of section 2923.53 sets up a public informational system to determine who has exemptions and who doesn‟t:
    “(f) The Secretary of Business, Transportation and Housing shall maintain on an Internet Web site a publicly available list disclosing the final orders granting
    exemptions, the date of each order, and a link to Internet Web sites describing the loan modification programs.”
    e. the enforcing commissioners
    The definitions section of the legislation comes at the end of the statute. The most significant language here is that “the commissioner” is defined to include any one of three separate heads of executive branch departments:
    “(k) For purposes of this section and Sections 2923.52 and 2923.54:
    “(1) „Commissioner‟ means any of the following:
    “(A) The Commissioner of Corporations for licensed residential mortgage lenders and servicers and licensed finance lenders and brokers servicing mortgage loans and any other entities servicing mortgage loans that are not described in subparagraph (B) or (C).
    “(B) The Commissioner of Financial Institutions for commercial and industrial banks and savings associations and credit unions organized in this state servicing mortgage loans.
    “(C) The Real Estate Commissioner for licensed real estate brokers servicing mortgage loans.”
    f. analysis of the text
    The text of sections 2923.52 and 2923.53 stands in sharp contrast to that of section 2923.5, which was the subject of this court‟s decision in Mabry, supra, 185 Cal.App.4th 208. As the italicized language quoted above shows, sections 2923.52 and 2923.53, read together, create a structure much more resembling the regulatory structure over general insurance industry claims practices that the Supreme Court held to be without a private right of action in Moradi-Shalal v. Fireman’s Fund Ins. Companies (1988) 46 Cal.3d 287. Enforcement of sections 2923.52 and 2923.53 is committed to regulatory agencies, which have implicit power to terminate the license of any company whose program is not in compliance. By contrast, in Mabry, nothing in the subject
    statute (§ 2923.5) suggested that its enforcement was committed to a regulatory structure, and the individual, case-by-case approach of the statute indicated otherwise. (See Mabry, supra, 185 Cal.App.4th at p. 219 [“the enforcement mechanism at hand, in direct contrast to the one in Moradi-Shalal, is one that strongly implies individual enforcement of the statute”].) Not only is there no express unmistakable private right to sue (see Lu v. Hawaiian Gardens Casino, Inc. (2010) 50 Cal.4th 592, 597), there is a virtually unmistakable intent not to allow a private right to sue.
    2. The Operation of Section 2923.54
    Section 2923.54 first imposes a requirement that a notice of sale give information about whether the servicer has, or has not, obtained an exemption from the 90-day delay provisions of section 2923.52. But then section 2923.54 makes clear that whatever else is the case as regards actual compliance or noncompliance with sections 2923.52 and 2923.53, it will not invalidate any otherwise valid foreclosure sale:
    “(b) Failure to comply with Section 2923.52 or 2923.53 shall not invalidate any sale that would otherwise be valid under Section 2924f.”
    The Vukis argue that there is an implied exception in section 2923.54‟s used of the word “otherwise,” (as in “otherwise be valid under Section 2924f”). Their theory is that Section 2924f only protects bona fide purchasers for value (“BFP‟s”), and in this case HSBC cannot be a BFP because it would have purchased the Vukis‟ home knowing of its own noncompliance with section 2923.52 or 2923.53.
    The argument fails because, as shown above, any noncompliance with sections 2923.52 and 2923.53 is entirely a regulatory matter, and cannot be remedied in a private action. The statutory scheme contains no express or implied exceptions for any lender who buys property knowing that it may not have complied with sections 2923.52 and 2923.53.
    Because the Vukis claim for relief against the impending eviction rests entirely on alleged violations of statutes which afford them no private right of action, we need not address the additional argument made by HSBC that their stipulation for judgment in the unlawful detainer action is itself preclusive of their claim.
    The stay of the eviction is hereby discharged. The petition for the requested writ is denied.
    MOORE, J.

    recent cases on foreclosure law

    California Cases – 2004 to Present
    Including Federal cases interpreting California law
    Go to cases 2000 – 2003

    Vuki v. Superior Court Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G043544)  10/29/10TRUSTEE’S SALES: Unlike section 2923.5 as construed by this court in Mabry v. Superior Court (2010) 185 Cal.App.4th 208, neither Section 2923.52 or Section 2923.53 provides any private right of action, even a very limited one as this court found in Mabry. Civil Code section 2923.52 imposes a 90-day delay in the normal foreclosure process. But Civil Code section 2923.53 allows for an exemption to that delay if lenders have loan modification programs that meet certain criteria. The only enforcement mechanism is that a violation is deemed to be a violation of lenders license laws. Section 2923.54 provides that a violation of Sections 2923.52 or 2923.53 does not invalidate a trustee’s sale, and plaintiff also argued that a lender is not entitled to a bona fide purchaser protection. The court rejected that argument because any noncompliance is entirely a regulatory matter, and cannot be remedied in a private action.
    Abers v. Rounsavell Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G040486)  10/18/10LEASES: Leases of residential condominium units required a re-calculation of rent after 30 years based on a percentage of the appraised value of the “leased land”. The term “leased land” was defined to consist of the condominium unit and an undivided interest in the common area of Parcel 1, and did not include the recreational area (Parcel 2), which was leased to the Homeowners Association. The Court held that the language of the leases was clear. The appraisals were to be based only on the value of the lessees’ interest in Parcel 1 and not on the value of the recreational parcel.
    UNPUBLISHED: Residential Mortgage Capital v. Chicago Title Ins. Company Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist. (A125695)  9/20/10ESCROW: An escrow holder released loan documents to a mortgage broker at the broker’s request in order to have the borrowers sign the documents at home. They were improperly backdated and the broker failed to provide duplicate copies of the notice of right to rescind. Due these discrepancies, the lender complied with the borrower’s demand for a rescission of the loan, and filed this action against the escrow holder for amounts reimbursed to the borrower for finance charges and attorney’s fees. The Court held that the escrow holder did not breach a duty to the lender because it properly followed the escrow instructions, and it is common for escrow to release documents to persons associated with the transaction in order for them to be signed elsewhere.
    Starr v. Starr Docket
    Cal.App. 2nd Dist. (B219539)  9/30/10COMMUNITY PROPERTY: In a divorce action the Court ordered the husband to convey title to himself and his former wife. Title had been taken in the husband’s name and the wife executed a quitclaim deed. But Family Code Section 721 creates a presumption that a transaction that benefits one spouse was the result of undue influence. The husband failed to overcome this presumption where the evidence showed that the wife executed the deed in reliance on the husband’s representation that he would subsequently add her to title. The husband was, nevertheless, entitled to reimbursement for his separate property contribution in purchasing the property.
    Malkoskie v. Option One Mortgage Corp. Docket
    Cal.App. 2nd Dist. (B221470)  9/23/10TRUSTEE’S SALES: After plaintiff stipulated to a judgment in an unlawful detainer action, she could not challenge the validity of the trustee’s sale in a subsequent action because the subsequent action is barred by collateral estoppel. Because the action was barred, the court did not reach the question of the validity of the trustee’s sale based on the substitution of trustee being recorded after trustee’s sale proceedings had commenced and based on assignments of the deed of trust into the foreclosing beneficiary being recorded after the trustee’s deed.
    Lee v. Fidelity National Title Ins. Co. Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist. (A124730)  9/16/10TITLE INSURANCE:
    1. The insureds could have reasonably expected that they were buying a title insurance policy on APN 22, and not just APN 9, where both the preliminary report and policy included a reference to APN 22, listed exclusions from coverage that were specific to APN 22, and attached an assessor’s parcel map with an arrow pointing to both APN 9 and 22.
    2. A preliminary report is merely an offer to issue a title policy, but an insured has the right to expect that the policy will be consistent with the terms of the offer.
    3. There was a triable issue of fact as to whether a neighbor’s construction of improvements on APN 22 was sufficient to commence the running of the statute of limitations, where the insureds testified that they did not know the precise location of APN 22 and assumed that the neighbors constructed the improvements on their own property.
    4. There was a triable issue of fact as to whether Fidelity National Title Insurance Company acted as escrow holder or whether the escrow was conducted by its affiliate, Fidelity National Title Company (only the insurance company was named as a defendant).
    Vanderkous v. Conley Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist (A125352)  9/2/10QUIET TITLE: 1) In a quiet title action the court has equitable powers to award compensation as necessary to do complete justice, even though neither party’s pleadings specifically requested compensation. 2) Realizing that the court was going to require plaintiff to compensate defendant in exchange for quieting title in plaintiff’s favor, plaintiff dismissed the lawsuit. However, the dismissal was invalid because it was filed following trial after the case had been submitted to the court.
    Purdum v. Holmes Docket
    Cal.App. 2nd Dist. (B216493)  7/29/10     Case complete 10/22/10NOTARIES: A notary was sued for notarizing a forged deed. He admitted that he knew the grantor had not signed the deed, but the lawsuit was filed more than six years after the deed was signed and notarized. The court held that the action was barred by the six-year limitation period in C.C.P. 338(f)(3) even though plaintiff did not discover the wrongful conduct until well within the six year period.
    Perlas v. GMAC Mortgage Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist. (A125212)  8/11/10     Case complete 10/10/10DEEDS OF TRUST: Borrowers filed an action against a lender to set aside a deed of trust, setting forth numerous causes of action. Borrowers’ loan application (apparently prepared by a loan broker) falsely inflated the borrowers’ income. In the published portion of the opinion. The court held in favor of the lender, explaining that a lender is not in a fiduciary relationship with borrowers and owes them no duty of care in approving their loan. A lender’s determination that the borrowers qualified for the loan is not a representation that they could afford the loan. One interesting issue in the unpublished portion of the opinion was the court’s rejection of the borrowers’ argument that naming MERS as nominee invalidated the deed of trust because, as borrower argued, the deed of trust was a contract with MERS and the note was a separate contract with the lender.
    Soifer v. Chicago Title Company Modification Docket
    Cal.App. 2nd Dist. (B217956)  8/10/10TITLE INSURANCE: A person cannot recover for errors in a title company’s informal communications regarding the condition of title to property in the absence of a policy of title insurance or the purchase of an abstract of title. There are two ways in which an interested party can obtain title information upon which reliance may be placed: an abstract of title or a policy of title insurance. Having purchased neither, plaintiff cannot recover for title company’s incorrect statement that a deed of trust in foreclosure was a first lien.
    In re: Hastie (Weinkauf v. Florez) Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist. (A127069)  7/22/10     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. filed late and DENIED 9/21/10DEEDS: An administrator of decedent’s estate sought to set aside two deeds on the basis that the grantees were the grandson and granddaughter of decedent’s caregiver. Defendant did not dispute that the transfers violated Probate Code Section 21350, which prohibits conveyances to a fiduciary, including a caregiver, or the fiduciary’s relatives, unless specified conditions are met. Instead, defendant asserted only that the 3-year statute of limitations had expired. The court held that the action was timely because there was no evidence indicating that the heirs had or should have had knowledge of the transfer, which would have commenced the running of the statute of limitations.
    Bank of America v. Stonehaven Manor, LLC Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 3rd Dist. (C060089)  7/12/10     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 10/20/10ATTACHMENT: The property of a guarantor of a debt–a debt which is secured by the real property of the principal debtor and also that of a joint and several co-guarantor–is subject to attachment where the guarantor has contractually waived the benefit of that security (i.e. waived the benefit of Civil Code Section 2849).
    Luna v. Brownell Docket
    Cal.App. 2nd Dist. (B212757)  6/11/10     Case complete 8/17/10DEEDS: A deed transferring property to the trustee of a trust is not void as between the grantor and grantee merely because the trust had not been created at the time the deed was executed, if (1) the deed was executed in anticipation of the creation of the trust and (2) the trust is in fact created thereafter. The deed was deemed legally delivered when the Trust was established.
    Mabry v. Superior Court Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G042911)  6/2/10     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 8/18/10TRUSTEE’S SALES: The court answered, and provided thorough explanations for, a laundry list of questions regarding Civil Code Section 2923.5, which requires a lender to explore options for modifying a loan with a borrower prior to commencing foreclosure proceedings.
    1. May section 2923.5 be enforced by a private right of action?  Yes.
    2. Must a borrower tender the full amount of the mortgage indebtedness due as a prerequisite to bringing an action under section 2923.5?  No.
    3. Is section 2923.5 preempted by federal law?  No.
    4. What is the extent of a private right of action under section 2923.5?  It is limited to obtaining a postponement of a foreclosure to permit the lender to comply with section 2923.5.
    5. Must the declaration required of the lender by section 2923.5, subdivision (b) be under penalty of perjury?  No.
    6. Does a declaration in a notice of default that tracks the language of section 2923.5(b) comply with the statute, even though such language does not on its face delineate precisely which one of three categories applies to the particular case at hand?  Yes.
    7. If a lender forecloses without complying with section 2923.5, does that noncompliance affect the title acquired by a third party purchaser at the foreclosure sale?  No.
    8. Did the lender comply with section 2923.5?  Remanded to the trial court to determine which of the two sides is telling the truth.
    9. Can section 2923.5 be enforced in a class action in this case?  Not under these facts, which are highly fact-specific.
    10. Does section 2923.5 require a lender to rewrite or modify the loan? No.
    612 South LLC v. Laconic Limited Partnership Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D056646)  5/25/10     Case complete 7/26/10ASSESSMENT BOND FORECLOSURE:
    1. Recordation of a Notice of Assessment under the Improvement Act of 1911 imparted constructive notice even though the notice did not name the owner of the subject property and was not indexed under the owner’s name. There is no statutory requirement that the notice of assessment be indexed under the name of the property owner.
    2. A Preliminary Report also gave constructive notice where it stated: “The lien of special tax for the following municipal improvement bond, which tax is collected with the county taxes. . .”
    3. A property owner is not liable for a deficiency judgment after a bond foreclosure because a property owner does not have personal liability for either delinquent amounts due on the bond or for attorney fees incurred in prosecuting the action.
    Tarlesson v. Broadway Foreclosure Investments Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist. (A125445)  5/17/10     Case complete 7/20/10HOMESTEADS: A judgment debtor is entitled to a homestead exemption where she continuously resided in property, even though at one point she conveyed title to her cousin in order to obtain financing and the cousin subsequently conveyed title back to the debtor. The amount of the exemption was $150,000 (later statutorily changed to $175,000) based on debtor’s declaration that she was over 55 years old and earned less than $15,000 per year, because there was no conflicting evidence in the record.
    UNPUBLISHED: MBK Celamonte v. Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G041605)  4/28/10     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 7/21/10TITLE INSURANCE / ENCUMBRANCES: A recorded authorization for a Mello Roos Assessment constitutes an “encumbrance” covered by a title policy, even where actual assessments are conditioned on the future development of the property.
    Plaza Home Mortgage v. North American Title Company Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D054685)  4/27/10     Depublication request DENIED 8/11/10ESCROW / LOAN FRAUD: The buyer obtained 100% financing and managed to walk away with cash ($54,000) at close of escrow. (Actually, the buyer’s attorney-in-fact received the money.) The lender sued the title company that acted as escrow holder, asserting that it should have notified the lender when it received the instruction to send the payment to the buyer’s attorney-in-fact after escrow had closed. The court reversed a grant of a motion for summary judgment in favor of the escrow, pointing out that its decision is narrow, and holding only that the trial court erred when it determined the escrow did not breach the closing instructions contract merely because escrow had closed. The case was remanded in order to determine whether the escrow breached the closing instructions contract and if so, whether that breach proximately caused the lender’s damages.
    Garcia v. World Savings Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 2nd (B214822)  4/9/10     Petition for review and depublication by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 6/23/10TRUSTEE’S SALES: A lender told plaintiffs/owners that it would postpone a trustee’s sale by a week to give plaintiffs time to obtain another loan secured by other property in order to bring the subject loan current. Plaintiffs obtained a loan the following week, but the lender had conducted the trustee’s sale on the scheduled date and the property was sold to a third party bidder. Plaintiffs dismissed causes of action pertaining to setting aside the sale and pursued causes of action for breach of contract, wrongful foreclosure and promissory estoppel. The court held that there was no consideration that would support the breach of contract claim because plaintiffs promised nothing more than was due under the original agreement. Plaintiffs also could not prove a cause of action for wrongful foreclosure because that cause of action requires that the borrower tender funds to pay off the loan prior to the trustee’s sale. However, plaintiffs could recover based on promissory estoppel because procuring a high cost, high interest loan by using other property as security is sufficient to constitute detrimental reliance.
    LEG Investments v. Boxler Docket
    Cal.App. 3rd Dist. (C058743)  4/1/10     Certified for Partial Publication     Case complete 6/2/10PARTITION: A right of first refusal in a tenancy in common agreement does not absolutely waive the right of partition. Instead, the right of first refusal merely modifies the right of partition to require the selling cotenant to first offer to sell to the nonselling cotenant before seeking partition. [Ed. note: I expect that the result would have been different if the right of partition had been specifically waived in the tenancy in common agreement.]
    Steiner v. Thexton Docket
    Cal. Supreme Court (S164928)  3/18/10OPTIONS: A contract to sell real property where the buyer’s performance was entirely conditioned on the buyer obtaining regulatory approval to subdivide the property is an option. Although plaintiffs’ promise was initially illusory because no consideration was given at the outset, plaintiffs’ part performance of their bargained-for promise to seek a parcel split cured the initially illusory nature of the promise and thereby constituted sufficient consideration to render the option irrevocable.
    Grotenhuis v. County of Santa Barbara Docket
    Cal.App. 2nd Dist. (B212264)  3/15/10     Case complete 5/18/10PROPERTY TAXES: Subject to certain conditions, a homeowner over the age of 55 may sell a principle residence, purchase a replacement dwelling of equal or lesser value in the same county, and transfer the property tax basis of the principal residence to the replacement dwelling. The court held that this favorable tax treatment is not available where title to both properties was held by an individual’s wholly owned corporation. The court rejected plaintiffs’ argument that the corporation was their alter ego because that concept is used to pierce the corporate veil of an opponent, and not to enable a person “to weave in and out of corporate status when it suits the business objective of the day.”
    Clear Lake Riviera Community Assn. v. Cramer Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist. (A122205)  2/26/10     Case complete 4/29/10HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATIONS: Defendant homeowners were ordered to bring their newly built house into compliance with the homeowners association’s guidelines where the house exceed the guidelines’ height restriction by nine feet. Even though the cost to the defendants will be great, they built the house with knowledge of the restriction and their hardship will not be grossly disproportionate to the loss the neighbors would suffer if the violation were not abated, caused by loss in property values and loss of enjoyment of their properties caused by blocked views. The height restriction was contained in the associations guidelines and not in the CC&R’s, and the association did not have records proving the official adoption of the guidelines. Nevertheless, the court held that proper adoption was inferred from the circumstantial evidence of long enforcement of the guidelines by the association.
    Forsgren Associates v. Pacific Golf Community Development Docket Sup. Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 2 (E045940)  2/23/10     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 6/17/10MECHANIC’S LIENS: 1. Owners of land are subject to mechanic’s liens where they were aware of the work being done by the lien claimant and where they failed to record a notice of non-responsibility.
    2. Civil Code Section 3128 provides that a mechanic’s lien attaches to land on which the improvement is situated “together with a convenient space about the same or so much as may be required for the convenient use and occupation thereof”. Accordingly, defendant’s land adjacent to a golf course on which the lien claimant performed work is subject to a mechanic’s lien, but only as to the limited portions where a tee box was located and where an irrigation system was installed.
    3. The fact that adjacent property incidentally benefits from being adjacent to a golf course does not support extending a mechanic’s lien to that property.
    4. The owners of the adjacent property were liable for interest, but only as to their proportionate share of the amount of the entire mechanic’s lien.
    Steinhart v. County of Los Angeles Docket
    47 Cal.4th 1298 – Cal. Supreme Court (S158007)  2/4/10PROPERTY TAXES: A “change in ownership”, requiring a property tax reassessment, occurs upon the death of a trust settlor who transferred property to a revocable trust, and which became irrevocable upon the settlor’s death. The fact that one trust beneficiary was entitled to live in the property for her life, and the remaining beneficiaries received the property upon her death, did not alter the fact that a change in ownership of the entire title had occurred.
    Kuish v. Smith Docket
    181 Cal.App.4th 1419 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G040743)  2/3/10     Case complete 4/12/10CONTRACTS: 1. Defendants’ retention of a $600,000 deposit designated as “non-refundable” constituted an invalid forfeiture because a) the contract did not contain a valid liquidated damages clause, and b) plaintiff re-sold the property for a higher price, so there were no out-of-pocket damages. 2. The deposit did not constitute additional consideration for extending the escrow because it was labeled “non-refundable” in the original contract.
    Kendall v. Walker (Modification attached) Docket
    181 Cal.App.4th 584 – 1st Dist. (A105981)  12/30/09     Case complete 3/29/10WATER RIGHTS: An owner of land adjoining a navigable waterway has rights in the foreshore adjacent to his property separate from that of the general public. The court held that the boundary in the waterway between adjacent parcels of land is not fixed by extending the boundary lines into the water in the direction of the last course ending at the shore line. Instead, it is fixed by a line drawn into the water perpendicular to the shore line. Accordingly, the court enjoined defendants from allowing their houseboat from being moored in a manner that crossed onto plaintiffs’ side of that perpendicular boundary line.
    Junkin v. Golden West Foreclosure Service Docket
    180 Cal.App.4th 1150 – 1st Dist. (A124374)  1/5/10     Case complete 3/12/10USURY: The joint venture exception to the Usury Law, which has been developed by case law, provides that where the relationship between the parties is a bona fide joint venture or partnership, an advance by a joint venturer is an investment and not a loan, making the Usury Law inapplicable. The court applied the exception to a loan by one partner to the other because instead of looking at the loan in isolation, it looked at the entire transaction which it determined to be a joint venture. The case contains a good discussion of the various factors that should be weighed in determining whether the transaction is a bona fide joint venture. The presence or absence of any one factor is not, alone, determinative. The factors include whether or not: 1) there is an absolute obligation of repayment, 2) the investor may suffer a loss, 3) the investor has a right to participate in management, 4) the subject property was purchased from a third party and 5) the parties considered themselves to be partners.
    Banc of America Leasing & Capital v. 3 Arch Trustee Services Docket
    180 Cal.App.4th 1090 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G041480)  12/11/09     Case complete 3/8/10TRUSTEE’S SALES: A judgment lien creditor is not entitled to receive a notice of default, notice of trustee’s sale or notice of surplus sale proceeds unless the creditor records a statutory request for notice. The trustee is required to disburse surplus proceeds only to persons who have provided the trustee with a proof of claim. The burden rests with the judgment creditor to keep a careful watch over the debtor, make requests for notice of default and sales, and to submit claims in the event of surplus sale proceeds.
    Park 100 Investment Group v. Ryan Docket
    180 Cal.App.4th 795 – 2nd Dist. (B208189)  12/23/09     Case complete 2/26/10LIS PENDENS: 1. A lis pendens may be filed against a dominant tenement when the litigation involves an easement dispute. Although title to the dominant tenement would not be directly affected if an easement right was shown to exist, the owner’s right to possession clearly is affected

    2.A recorded lis pendens is a privileged publication only if it identifies an action previously filed with a court of competent jurisdiction which affects the title or right of possession of real property. If the complaint does not allege a real property claim, or the alleged claim lacks evidentiary merit, the lis pendens, in addition to being subject to expungement, is not privileged.

    Millennium Rock Mortgage v. T.D. Service Company Modification Docket
    179 Cal.App.4th 804 – 3rd Dist. (C059875)  11/24/09     Case complete 1/26/10TRUSTEE’S SALES: A trustee’s sale auctioneer erroneously read from a script for a different foreclosure, although the correct street address was used. The auctioneer opened the bidding with the credit bid from the other foreclosure that was substantially less than the correct credit bid. The errors were discovered after the close of bidding but prior to the issuance of a trustee’s deed. The court held that the errors constituted an “irregularity” sufficient to give the trustee the right to rescind the sale.

    The court distinguished 6 Angels v. Stuart-Wright Mortgage, in which the court held that a beneficiary’s negligent miscalculation of the amount of its credit bid was not sufficient to rescind the sale. In 6 Angels the error was totally extrinsic to the proper conduct of the sale itself. Here there was inherent inconsistency in the auctioneer’s description of the property being offered for sale, creating a fatal ambiguity in determining which property was being auctioned.

    Fidelity National Title Insurance Company v. Schroeder Docket
    179 Cal.App.4th 834 – 5th Dist. (F056339)  11/24/09     Case complete 1/25/10JUDGMENTS: A judgment debtor transferred his 1/2 interest in real property to the other cotenant prior to the judgment creditor recording an abstract of judgment. The court held that if the trial court on remand finds that the transfer was intended to shield the debtor’s property from creditors, then the transferee holds the debtor’s 1/2 interest as a resulting trust for the benefit of the debtor, and the creditor’s judgment lien will attach to that interest. The court also held that the transfer cannot be set aside under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act because no recoverable value remained in the real property after deducting existing encumbrances and Gordon’s homestead exemption.

    The case contains a good explanation of the difference between a resulting (“intention enforcing”) and constructive (“fraud-rectifying”) trust. A resulting trust carries out the inferred intent of the parties; a constructive trust defeats or prevents the wrongful act of one of them.

    Zhang v. Superior Court Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 4th Dist., Div. 2 (E047207) 10/29/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. GRANTED 2/10/10INSURANCE / BAD FAITH: Fraudulent conduct by an insurer does not give rise to a private right of action under the Unfair Insurance Practices Act (Insurance Code section 790.03 et seq.), but it can give rise to a private cause of action under the Unfair Competition Law (Business and Professions Code section 17200 et seq.).
    Presta v. Tepper Docket
    179 Cal.App.4th 909 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G040427)  10/28/09     Case complete 1/25/10TRUSTS: An ordinary express trust is not an entity separate from its trustee, like a corporation is. Instead, a trust is merely a relationship by which one person or entity holds property for the benefit of some other person or entity. Consequently, where two men entered into partnership agreements as trustees of their trusts, the provision of the partnership agreement, which required that upon the death of a partner the partnership shall purchase his interest in the partnership, was triggered by the death of one of the two men.
    Wells Fargo Bank v. Neilsen Modification Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    178 Cal.App.4th 602 – 1st Dist. (A122626)  10/22/09 (Mod. filed 11/10/09)     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 2/10/10CIRCUITY OF PRIORITY: The Court follows the rule in Bratcher v. Buckner, even though Bratcher involved a judgment lien and two deeds of trust and this case involves three deeds of trust. The situation is that A, B & C have liens on the subject property, and A then subordinates his lien to C’s lien. The problem with this is that C appears to be senior to A, which is senior to B, which is senior to C, so that each lien is senior and junior to one of the other liens.

    The Court held that the lien holders have the following priority: (1) C is paid up to the amount of A’s lien, (2) if the amount of A’s lien exceeds C’s lien, A is paid the amount of his lien, less the amount paid so far to C, (3) B is then paid in full, (4) C is then paid any balance still owing to C, (5) A is then paid any balance still owing to A.

    This is entirely fair because A loses priority as to the amount of C’s lien, which conforms to the intent of the subordination agreement. B remains in the same position he would be in without the subordination agreement since his lien remains junior only to the amount of A’s lien. C steps into A’s shoes only up to the amount of A’s lien.

    NOTE: The odd thing about circuity of priority cases is that they result in surplus proceeds after a foreclosure sale being paid to senior lienholders. Normally, only junior lienholders and the foreclosed out owner are entitled to share in surplus proceeds, and the purchaser takes title subject to the senior liens.

    Schmidli v. Pearce Docket
    178 Cal.App.4th 305 – 3rd Dist. (C058270)  10/13/09      Case complete 12/15/09MARKETABLE RECORD TITLE ACT: This case was decided under the pre-2007 version of Civil Code Section 882.020, which provided that a deed of trust expires after 10 years if the maturity date is “ascertainable from the record”. The court held that this provision was not triggered by a Notice of Default, which set forth the maturity date and which was recorded prior to expiration of the 10-year period. NOTE: In 2007, C.C. Section 882.020 was amended to make it clear that the 10-year period applies only where the maturity date is shown in the deed of trust itself.
    Nielsen v. Gibson Docket
    178 Cal.App.4th 318 – 3rd Dist. (C059291)  10/13/09     Case complete 12/15/09ADVERSE POSSESSION: 1. The “open and notorious” element of adverse possession was satisfied where plaintiff possessed the subject property by actual possession under such circumstances as to constitute reasonable notice to the owner. Defendant was charged with constructive knowledge of plaintiff’s possession, even though defendant was out of the country the entire time and did not have actual knowledge.

    2. The 5-year adverse possession period is tolled under C.C.P. Section 328 for up to 20 years if the defendant is “under the age of majority or insane”. In the unpublished portion of the opinion the court held that although the defendant had been ruled incompetent by a court in Ireland, there was insufficient evidence that defendant’s condition met the legal definition of “insane”.

    Ricketts v. McCormack Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    177 Cal.App.4th 1324 – 2nd Dist. (B210123)  9/27/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 12/17/09RECORDING LAW: Civil Code Section 2941(c) provides in part, “Within two business days from the day of receipt, if received in recordable form together with all required fees, the county recorder shall stamp and record the full reconveyance or certificate of discharge.” In this class action lawsuit against the County recorder, the court held that indexing is a distinct function, separate from recording a document, and is not part of section 2941(c)’s stamp-and-record requirement.

    The court distinguished indexing, stamping and recording:
    Stamping: The “stamping” requirement of Section 2941(c) is satisfied when the Recorder endorses on a reconveyance the order of receipt, the day and time of receipt and the amount of fees paid.
    Recording: The reconveyance is “recorded” once the Recorder has confirmed the document meets all recording requirements, created an entry for the document in the “Enterprise Recording Archive” system, calculated the required fees and confirmed payment of the correct amount and, finally, generated a lead sheet containing, among other things, a bar code, a permanent recording number and the words “Recorded/Filed in Official Records.”
    Indexing: Government Code Section 27324 requires all instruments “presented for recordation” to “have a title or titles indicating the kind or kinds of documents contained therein,” and the recorder is “required to index only that title or titles captioned on the first page of a document.

    Starlight Ridge South Homeowner’s Assn. v. Hunter-Bloor Docket
    177 Cal.App.4th 440 – 4th Dist., Div. 2 (E046457)  8/14/09 (Pub. Order 9/3/09)     Case complete 10/19/09CC&R’s: Under Code Civ. Proc. Section 1859, where two provisions appear to cover the same matter, and are inconsistent, the more specific provision controls over the general provision. Here the provision of CC&R’s requiring each homeowner to maintain a drainage ditch where it crossed the homeowners’ properties was a specific provision that controlled over a general provision requiring the homeowner’s association to maintain landscape maintenance areas.
    First American Title Insurance Co. v. XWarehouse Lending Corp. Docket
    177 Cal.App.4th 106 – 1st Dist. (A119931)  8/28/09      Case complete 10/30/09TITLE INSURANCE: A loan policy provides that “the owner of the indebtedness secured by the insured mortgage” becomes an insured under the loan policy. Normally, this means that an assignee becomes an insured. However, where the insured lender failed to disburse loan proceeds for the benefit of the named borrower, an indebtedness never existed, and the warehouse lender/assignee who disbursed money to the lender did not become an insured. The court pointed out that the policy insures against defects in the mortgage itself, but not against problems related to the underlying debt.

    NOTE: In Footnote 8 the court distinguishes cases upholding the right of a named insured or its assignee to recover from a title insurer for a loss due to a forged note or forged mortgage because in those cases, and unlike this case, moneys had been actually disbursed or credited to the named borrower by either the lender or its assignee.

    Wells Fargo v. D & M Cabinets Docket
    177 Cal.App.4th 59 – 3rd Dist. (C058486)  8/28/09     Case complete 10/28/09JUDGMENTS: A judgment creditor, seeking to sell an occupied dwelling to collect on a money judgment, may not bypass the stringent requirements of C.C.P. Section 704.740 et seq. when the sale is conducted by a receiver appointed under C.C.P Section 708.620. The judgment creditor must comply with Section 704.740, regardless of whether the property is to be sold by a sheriff or a receiver.
    Sequoia Park Associates v. County of Sonoma Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    176 Cal.App.4th 1270 – 1st Dist. (A120049)  8/21/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 12/2/09PREEMPTION: A County ordinance professing to implement the state mobilehome conversion statutes was preempted for the following reasons: (1) Gov. Code Section 66427.5 expressly preempts the power of local authorities to inject other factors when considering an application to convert an existing mobilehome park from a rental to a resident-owner basis, (2) the ordinance is impliedly preempted because the Legislature has established a dominant role for the state in regulating mobilehomes, and has indicated its intent to forestall local intrusion into the particular terrain of mobilehome conversions and (3) the County’s ordinance duplicates several features of state law, a redundancy that is an established litmus test for preemption.
    Citizens for Planning Responsibly v. County of San Luis Obispo Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    176 Cal.App.4th 357 – 2nd Dist (B206957)  8/4/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 10/14/09PREEMPTION: The court held that the State Aeronautics Act, which regulates the development and expansion of airports, did not preempt an initiative measure adopted by the voters because none of the following three factors necessary to establish preemption was present: (1) The Legislature may so completely occupy the field in a matter of statewide concern that all, or conflicting, local legislation is precluded, (2) the Legislature may delegate exclusive authority to a city council or board of supervisors to exercise a particular power over matters of statewide concern, or (3) the exercise of the initiative power would impermissibly interfere with an essential governmental function.
    Delgado v. Interinsurance Exchange of the Auto Club of So. Cal. Docket
    47 Cal.4th 302 – Cal. Supreme Court (S155129)  8/3/09INSURANCE / BAD FAITH: The case is not as relevant to title insurance as the lower court case, which held that an insurance company acted in bad faith as a matter of law where a potential for coverage was apparent from the face of the complaint. The Supreme Court reversed, basing its decision on the meaning of “accident” in a homeowner’s policy, and holding that an insured’s unreasonable belief in the need for self-defense does not turn the resulting intentional act of assault and battery into “an accident” within the policy’s coverage clause. Therefore, the insurance company had no duty to defend its insured in the lawsuit brought against him by the injured party.
    1538 Cahuenga Partners v. Turmeko Properties Docket
    176 Cal.App.4th 139 – 2nd Dist. (B209548)  7/31/09     Case complete 10/7/09RECONVEYANCE: [This is actually a civil procedure case that it not of much interest to title insurance business, but it is included here because the underlying action sought to cancel a reconveyance.] The court ordered that a reconveyance of a deed of trust be cancelled pursuant to a settlement agreement. The main holding was that a trial court may enforce a settlement agreement against a party to the settlement that has interest in the subject matter of the action even if the party is not named in the action, where the non-party appears in court and consents to the settlement.
    Lee v. Lee Docket
    175 Cal.App.4th 1553 – 5th Dist. (F056107)  7/29/09     Case complete 9/28/09DEEDS / STATUTE OF FRAUDS:
    1. The Statute of Frauds does not apply to an executed contract, and a deed that is executed by the grantor and delivered to the grantee is an executed contract. The court rejected defendants’ argument that the deed did not reflect the terms of sale under a verbal agreement.
    2. While the alteration of an undelivered deed renders the conveyance void, the alteration of a deed after it has been delivered to the grantee does not invalidate the instrument as to the grantee. The deed is void only as to the individuals who were added as grantees after delivery.
    White v. Cridlebaugh Docket
    178 Cal.App.4th 506 – 5th Dist. (F053843)  7/29/09  (Mod. 10/20/09)     Case complete 12/21/09MECHANIC’S LIENS: Under Business and Professions Code Section 7031, a property owner may recover all compensation paid to an unlicensed contractor, in addition to not being liable for unpaid amounts. Furthermore, this recovery may not be offset or reduced by the unlicensed contractor’s claim for materials or other services.
    Linthicum v. Butterfield Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    175 Cal.App.4th 259 – 2nd Dist. (B199645)  6/24/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 9/9/09NOTE: This is a new opinion following a rehearing. The only significant changes from the original opinion filed 4/2/09 (modified 4/8/09) involve the issue of a C.C.P. 998 offer, which is not a significant title insurance or escrow issue.
    EASEMENTS: The court quieted title to an easement for access based on the doctrine of “balancing conveniences ” or “relative hardship”. Prohibiting the continued use of the roadway would cause catastrophic loss to the defendants and insignificant loss to the plaintiffs. However, the court remanded the case for the trial court to determine the width of the easement, which should be the minimal width necessary. The court reversed the judgment insofar as it awarded a utility easement to the defendants because they did not seek to quiet title to an easement for utilities, even though they denied the material allegations of that cause of action.
    United Rentals Northwest v. United Lumber Products Docket
    174 Cal.App.4th 1479 – 5th Dist. (F055855)  6/18/09     Case complete 8/18/09MECHANIC’S LIENS: Under Civil Code Section 3106, a “work of improvement” includes the demolition and/or removal of buildings. The court held that lumber drying kilns are “buildings” so the contractor who dismantled and removed them was entitled to a mechanic’s lien.
    People v. Shetty Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    174 Cal.App.4th 1488 – 2nd Dist. (B205061)  6/18/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 9/30/09HOME EQUITY SALES: This case is not significant from a title insurance standpoint, but it is interesting because it is an example of a successful prosecution under the Home Equity Sales Contract Act (Civil Code Section 1695 et seq.).
    In re Marriage of Lund Docket
    174 Cal.App.4th 40 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G040863)  5/21/09     Case complete 7/27/09COMMUNITY PROPERTY: An agreement accomplished a transmutation of separate property to community property even though it stated that the transfer was “for estate planning purposes”. A transmutation either occurs for all purposes or it doesn’t occur at all.
    St. Marie v. Riverside County Regional Park, etc. Docket
    46 Cal.4th 282 – Cal. Supreme Court (S159319)  5/14/09OPEN SPACE DEDICATION: Property granted to a Regional Park District is not “actually dedicated” under Public Resources Code Section 5540 for open space purposes until the district’s Board of Directors adopts a resolution dedicating the property for park or open space purposes. Therefore, until the Board of Directors adopts such a resolution, the property may be sold by the District without voter or legislative approval.
    Manhattan Loft v. Mercury Liquors Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    173 Cal.App.4th 1040 – 2nd Dist. (B211070)  5/6/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 8/12/09LIS PENDENS: An arbitration proceeding is not an “action” that supports the recordation of a notice of pendency of action. The proper procedure is for a party to an arbitration agreement to file an action in court to support the recording of a lis pendens, and simultaneously file an application to stay the litigation pending arbitration.
    Murphy v. Burch Docket
    46 Cal.4th 157 – Cal. Supreme Court (S159489)  4/27/09EASEMENT BY NECESSITY: This case contains a good discussion of the law of easements by necessity, which the court held did not apply in this case to provide access to plaintiff’s property. This means plaintiff’s property is completely landlocked because the parties had already stipulated that a prescriptive easement could not be established.

    An easement by necessity arises by operation of law when 1) there is a strict necessity as when a property is landlocked and 2) the dominant and servient tenements were under the same ownership at the time of the conveyance giving rise to the necessity. The second requirement, while not categorically barred when the federal government is the common grantor, requires a high burden of proof to show 1) the intent of Congress to establish the easement under federal statutes authorizing the patent and 2) the government’s lack of power to condemn the easement. Normally, a reservation of an easement in favor of the government would not be necessary because the government can obtain the easement by condemnation.

    The court pointed out that there is a distinction between an implied grant and implied reservation, and favorably quotes a treatise that observes: “an easement of necessity may be created against the government, but the government agency cannot establish an easement by necessity over land it has conveyed because its power of eminent domain removes the strict necessity required for the creation of an easement by necessity.”

    Abernathy Valley, Inc. v. County of Solano Docket
    173 Cal.App.4th 42 – 1st Dist. (A121817)  4/17/09     Case complete 6/22/09SUBDIVISION MAP ACT: This case contains a very good history of California’s Subdivision Map Act statutes. The court held that parcels shown on a 1909 map recorded pursuant to the 1907 subdivision map law are not entitled to recognition under the Subdivision Map Act’s grandfather clause (Government Code Section 66499.30) because the 1907 act did not regulate the “design and improvement of subdivisions”. The court also held that a local agency may deny an application for a certificate of compliance that seeks a determination that a particular subdivision lot complies with the Act, where the effect of issuing a certificate would be to effectively subdivide the property without complying with the Act.
    Linthicum v. Butterfield Modification Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    172 Cal.App.4th 1112 – 2nd Dist. (B199645)  4/2/09
    EASEMENTS: The court quieted title to an easement for access based on the doctrine of “balancing conveniences ” or “relative hardship”. Prohibiting the continued use of the roadway would cause catastrophic loss to the defendants and insignificant loss to the plaintiffs. However, the court remanded the case for the trial court to determine the width of the easement, which should be the minimal width necessary. The court reversed the judgment insofar as it awarded a utility easement to the defendants because they did not seek to quiet title to an easement for utilities, even though they denied the material allegations of that cause of action.
    McAvoy v. Hilbert Docket
    172 Cal.App.4th 707 – 4th Dist., Div 1 (D052802)  3/24/09     Case complete 5/27/09ARBITRATION: C.C.P. Section 1298 requires that an arbitration provision in a real estate contract be accompanied by a statutory notice and that the parties indicate their assent by placing their initials on an adjacent space or line. The court held that a listing agreement that is part of a larger transaction for the sale of both a business and real estate is still subject to Section 1298, and refused to enforce an arbitration clause that did not comply with that statute.
    Peak-Las Positas Partners v. Bollag Modification Docket
    172 Cal.App.4th 101 – 2nd Dist. (B205091)  3/16/09     Case complete 5/27/09ESCROW: Amended escrow instructions provided for extending the escrow upon mutual consent which “shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed”. The court held that substantial evidence supported the trial court’s determination that the seller’s refusal to extend escrow was unreasonable. The court pointed out the rule that equity abhors a forfeiture and that plaintiff had paid a non-refundable deposit of $465,000 and spent $5 million in project costs to obtain a lot line adjustment that was necessary in order for the property to be sold.
    Alfaro v. Community Housing Improvement System & Planning Assn Modification Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    171 Cal.App.4th 1356 6th Dist. (H031127)  2/19/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 5/13/09CC&R’s: The court upheld the validity of recorded CC&R’s containing an affordable housing restriction that required property to remain affordable to buyers with low to moderate income. The court reached several conclusions:
    1. Constructive notice of recorded CC&R’s is imparted even if they are not referenced in a subsequent deed,
    2. CC&R’s may describe an entire tract, and do not need to describe individual lots in the tract,
    3. An affordable housing restriction is a reasonable restraint on alienation even if it is of indefinite duration,
    4. Defendants had a duty as sellers to disclose the existence of the CC&R’s. Such disclosure was made if plaintiffs were given, prior to close of escrow, preliminary reports that disclosed the CC&R’s.
    5. The fact that a victim had constructive notice of a matter from public records is no defense to fraud. The existence of such public records may be relevant to whether the victim’s reliance was justifiable, but it is not, by itself, conclusive.
    6. In the absence of a claim that defendants somehow prevented plaintiffs from reading the preliminary reports or deeds, or misled them about their contents, plaintiffs cannot blame defendants for their own neglect in reading the reports or deeds. Therefore, the date of discovery of alleged fraud for failing to disclose the affordable housing restriction would be the date plaintiffs received their preliminary reports or if they did not receive a preliminary report, the date they received their deeds.
    Kwok v. Transnation Title Insurance Company Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    170 Cal.App.4th 1562 – 2nd Dist. (B207421)  2/10/09     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 4/29/09TITLE INSURANCE: Plaintiffs did not succeed as insureds “by operation of law” under the terms of the title insurance policy after transfer of the property from a wholly owned limited liability company, of which appellants were the only members, to appellants as trustees of a revocable family trust. This case highlights the importance of obtaining a 107.9 endorsement, which adds the grantee as an additional insured under the policy.
    Pro Value Properties v. Quality Loan Service Corp. Docket
    170 Cal.App.4th 579 – 2nd Dist. (B204853)  1/23/09     Case complete 3/27/09TRUSTEE’S SALES: A Trustee’s Deed was void because the trustee failed to record a substitution of trustee. The purchaser at the sale was entitled to a return of the money paid plus interest. The interest rate is the prejudgment interest rate of seven percent set forth in Cal. Const., Art. XV, Section 1. A trustee’s obligations to a purchaser are based on statute and not on a contract. Therefore, Civil Code Section 3289 does not apply, since it only applies to a breach of a contract that does not stipulate an interest rate.
    Sixells v. Cannery Business Park Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    170 Cal.App.4th 648 – 3rd Dist. (C056267)  12/29/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 3/25/09CONTRACTS: The Subdivision Map Act (Gov. Code, Section 66410 et seq.) prohibits the sale of a parcel of real property until a final subdivision map or parcel map has been filed unless the contract to sell the property is “expressly conditioned” upon the approval and filing of a final map (66499.30(e)). Here, the contract satisfied neither requirement because it allowed the purchaser to complete the purchase if, at its election, the subject property was made into a legal parcel by recording a final map or if the purchaser “waived” the recording of a final map. Therefore the contract was void.
    Patel v. Liebermensch Docket
    45 Cal.4th 344 – Cal. Supreme Court (S156797)  12/22/08SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE: The material factors required for a  written contract are the seller, the buyer, the price to be paid, the time and manner of payment, and the property to be transferred, describing it so it may be identified. Here, specific performance of an option was granted even though it was not precise as to the time and manner of payment because where a contract for the sale of real property specifies no time of payment, a reasonable time is allowed. The manner of payment is also a term that may be supplied by implication.
    In re Marriage of Brooks and Robinson Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    169 Cal.App.4th 176 – 4th Dist., Div. 2 (E043770)  12/16/08     Request for review and depublication by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 3/25/09COMMUNITY PROPERTY: The act of taking title to property in the name of one spouse during marriage with the consent of the other spouse effectively removes that property from the general presumption that the property is community property. Instead, there is a presumption that the parties intended title to be held as stated in the deed. This presumption can only be overcome by clear and convincing evidence of a contrary agreement, and not solely by tracing the funds used to purchase the property or by testimony of an intention not disclosed at the time of the execution of the conveyance. Because the court found that there was no agreement to hold title other than as the separate property of the spouse who acquired title in her own name, it did not reach the issue of whether a purchaser from that spouse was a BFP or would be charged with knowledge of that the seller’s spouse had a community property interest in the property.
    The Formula, Inc. v. Superior Court Docket
    168 Cal.App.4th 1455 – 3rd Dist. (C058894)  12/10/09     Case complete 2/10/09LIS PENDENS: A notice of litigation filed in another state is not authorized for recording under California’s lis pendens statutes. An improperly filed notice of an action in another state is subject to expungement by a California court, but not under the authority of C.C.P. Section 405.30, and an order of expungement is given effect by being recorded in the chain of title to overcome the effect of the earlier filing.
    Ekstrom v. Marquesa at Monarch Beach HOA Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    168 Cal.App.4th 1111 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G038537)  12/1/08     Depublication request DENIED 3/11/09CC&R’s: A provision in CC&R’s requiring all trees on a lot to be trimmed so as to not exceed the roof of the house on the lot, unless the tree does not obstruct views from other lots, applies to palm trees even though topping a palm tree will kill it. All trees means “all trees”, so palm trees are not exempt from the requirement that offending trees be trimmed, topped, or removed.
    Spencer v. Marshall Docket
    168 Cal.App.4th 783 – 1st Dist. (A119437)  11/24/08     Case complete 1/26/09HOME EQUITY SALES: The Home Equity Sales Contract Act applies even where the seller is in bankruptcy and even where the seller’s Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan allows the seller to sell or refinance the subject property without further order of the court.
    Kachlon v. Markowitz Docket
    168 Cal.App.4th 316 – 2nd Dist. (B182816)  11/17/08     Case complete 1/27/09TRUSTEE’S SALES:
    1. The statutorily required mailing, publication, and delivery of notices in nonjudicial foreclosure, and the performance of statutory nonjudicial foreclosure procedures, are privileged communications under the qualified, common-interest privilege, which means that the privilege applies as long as there is no malice. The absolute privilege for communications made in a judicial proceeding (the “litigation privilege”) does not apply.
    2. Actions seeking to enjoin nonjudicial foreclosure and clear title based on the provisions of a deed of trust are actions on a contract, so an award of attorney fees under Civil Code Section 1717 and provisions in the deed of trust is proper.
    3. An owner is entitled to attorney fees against the trustee who conducted trustee’s sale proceedings where the trustee did not merely act as a neutral stakeholder but rather aligned itself with the lender by denying that the trustor was entitled to relief.
    Hines v. Lukes Docket
    167 Cal.App.4th 1174 – 2nd Dist. (B199971)  10/27/08     Case complete 12/31/08EASEMENTS: [Not significant from a title insurance standpoint]. The underlying dispute concerns an easement but the case involves only civil procedure issues pertaining to the enforcement of a settlement agreement.
    Satchmed Plaza Owners Association v. UWMC Hospital Corp. Docket
    167 Cal.App.4th 1034 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G038119)  10/23/08     Case complete 12/23/08RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL: [Not significant from a title insurance standpoint]. The underlying dispute concerns a right of first refusal but the case involves only civil procedure issues pertaining to a party’s waiver of its right to appeal where it has accepted the benefits of the favorable portion of judgment.
    Gray v. McCormick Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    167 Cal.App.4th 1019 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G039738)  10/23/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 1/14/09EASEMENTS: Exclusive easements are permitted under California law, but the use by the owner of the dominant tenement is limited to the purposes specified in the grant of easement, not all conceivable uses of the property.
    In re Estate of Felder Docket
    167 Cal.App.4th 518 – 2nd Dist.   (B205027)  10/9/08     Case complete 12/11/08CONTRACTS: [Not significant from a title insurance standpoint]. The case held that an estate had the right to retain the entire deposit upon a purchaser’s breach of a sales contract even though the estate had only a 1/2 interest in the subject property.
    Secrest v. Security National Mortgage Loan Trust Order Modifying Opinion Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    167 Cal.App.4th 544 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G039065)  10/9/08, Modified 11/3/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 12/17/08LOAN MODIFICATION: Because a note and deed of trust come within the statute of frauds, a Forbearance Agreement also comes within the statute of frauds pursuant to Civil Code section 1698. Making the downpayment required by the Forbearance Agreement was not sufficient part performance to estop Defendants from asserting the statute of frauds because payment of money alone is not enough as a matter of law to take an agreement out of the statute, and the Plaintiffs have legal means to recover the downpayment if they are entitled to its return. In addition to part performance, the party seeking to enforce the contract must have changed position in reliance on the oral contract to such an extent that application of the statute of frauds would result in an unjust or unconscionable loss, amounting in effect to a fraud.
    FDIC v. Dintino Docket
    167 Cal.App.4th 333 – 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D051447)  9/9/08 (Pub. Order 10/2/08)     Case complete 12/2/08TRUST DEEDS: A lender who mistakenly reconveyed a deed of trust could not sue under the note because it would violate the one action rule. However, the lender prevailed on its unjust enrichment cause of action. The applicable statute of limitations was the 3-year statute for actions based on fraud or mistake, and not the 4-year statute for actions based on contract. Nevertheless, the action was timely because the statute did not begin to run until the lender reasonably discovered its mistake, and not from the date of recordation of the reconveyance. Finally, the court awarded defendant attorney’s fees attributable to defending the contract cause of action because defendant prevailed on that particular cause of action even though he lost the lawsuit.
    California Coastal Commission v. Allen Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    167 Cal.App.4th 322 – 2nd Dist. (B197974)  10/1/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 1/14/09HOMESTEADS:
    1. The assignees of a judgment properly established their rights as assignees by filing with the clerk of the court an acknowledgement of assignment of judgment.
    2. The subject property was not subject to a homestead exemption because the debtor transferred the property to a corporation of which he was the sole shareholder. The homestead exemption only applies to the interest of a natural person in a dwelling.
    3. The debtor could not claim that he was only temporarily absent from a dwelling in order to establish it as his homestead where he leased it for two years. This is true even though the debtor retained the right to occupy a single car section of the garage and the attic.
    In re Marriage of Holtemann Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    162 Cal.App.4th 1175 – 2nd Dist. (B203089)  9/15/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 12/10/08COMMUNITY PROPERTY: Transmutation of separate property to community property requires language which expressly states that the characterization or ownership of the property is being changed. Here, an effective transmutation occurred because the transmutation agreement clearly specified that a transmutation was occurring and was not negated by arguably confusing language in a trust regarding the parties’ rights to terminate the trust. The court also stated that it was not aware of any authority for the proposition that a transmutation can be conditional or temporary. However, while questioning whether a transmutation can be conditional or temporary, the court did not specifically make that holding because the language used by the parties was not conditional.
    Mission Shores Association v. Pheil Docket
    166 Cal.App.4th 789 – 4th Dist., Div. 2 (E043932)  9/5/08     Case complete 11/7/08CC&R’s: Civil Code Section 1356 allows a court to reduce a super-majority voting requirement to amend CC&R’s where the court finds that the amendment is reasonable. Here the court reduced the 2/3 majority requirement to a simple majority for an amendment to limit rentals of homes to 30 days or more.
    Zanelli v. McGrath Docket
    166 Cal.App.4th 615 – 1st Dist. (A117111)  9/2/08     Case complete 11/4/08EASEMENTS:
    1. The doctrine of merger codified in Civil Code Sections 805 and 811 applies when “the right to the servitude,” and “the right to the servient tenement” are not vested in a single individual, but in the same persons;

    2. The doctrine of merger applies regardless of whether the owners held title as joint tenants or tenants in common. Also, the fact that one owner held his interest in one of the properties as trustee for his inter vivos revocable trust does not preclude merger because California law recognizes that when property is held in this type of trust the settlor has the equivalent of full ownership of the property. (If he had held title only in a representative capacity as a trustee for other beneficiaries under the terms of an irrevocable trust, then his ownership might not result in extinguishment by merger because he would only hold the legal title for the benefit of others.) The court cites Galdjie v. Darwish (2003) 113 Cal.App.4th 1331, stating that a revocable inter vivos trust is recognized as simply a probate avoidance device, but does not prevent creditors of the settlers from reaching trust property.

    (3) After being extinguished by merger, an easement is not revived upon severance of the formerly dominant and servient parcels unless it is validly created once again.

    Ritter & Ritter v. The Churchill Condominium Assn. Docket
    166 Cal.App.4th 103 – 2nd Dist. (B187840) 7/22/08  (pub. order 8/21/08)     Case complete 10/21/08HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATIONS: A member of a condominium homeowners’ association can recover damages from the association which result from a dangerous condition negligently maintained by the association in the common area. However, the court found in favor of the individual directors because a greater degree of fault is necessary to hold unpaid individual board members liable, and such greater degree of fault was not present here.
    Kempton v. City of Los Angeles Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    165 Cal.App.4th 1344 – 2nd Dist. (B201128) 8/13/08     Request for Depublication by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 11/12/08NUISANCE: A private individual may bring an action against a municipality to abate a public nuisance when the individual suffers harm that is specially injurious to himself, or where the nuisance is a public nuisance per se, such as blocking a public sidewalk or road. The court held that plaintiff’s assertions that neighbors’ fences were erected upon city property, prevent access to plaintiff’s sidewalk area, and block the sightlines upon entering and exiting their garage were sufficient to support both a public nuisance per se and specific injury.
    Claudino v. Pereira Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    165 Cal.App.4th 1282 – 3rd Dist. (C054808) 8/12/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 11/12//08SURVEYS: Determining the location of a boundary line shown on a plat recorded pursuant to the 1867 Townsite Acts requires an examination of both the plat and the surveyor’s field notes. Here, the plat showed the boundary as a straight line, but the court held that the boundary followed the center line of a gulch because the field notes stated that the boundary was “down said gulch”.
    Zack’s, Inc. v. City of Sausalito Docket
    165 Cal.App.4th 1163 – 1st Dist. (A118244) 8/11/08     Case complete 10/14/08TIDELANDS / PUBLIC STREETS: A statute authorizing the City’s lease of tidelands does not supersede other state laws establishing procedures for the abandonment of public streets. Because the City failed to follow the normal procedure for abandonment of the portion of the street upon which it granted a lease, the leasehold was not authorized and can therefore be deemed a nuisance.
    Gehr v. Baker Hughes Oil Field Operations Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    165 Cal.App.4th 660 – 2nd Dist. (B201195) 7/30/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 10/16/08NUISANCE: Plaintiff purchased from Defendant real property that was contaminated, and Defendant had begun the remediation process. The 3-year statute of limitations for suing under a permanent nuisance theory had expired. So Plaintiff sued for nuisance damages under a continuing nuisance theory, seeking interest rate differential damages based on the difference in the interest rate between an existing loan and a loan that plaintiff could have obtained if not for the contamination.

    The court held that plaintiff’s claim for interest rate differential damages is actually a claim for diminution in value, which may not be recovered under a continuing nuisance theory. Damages for diminution in value may only be recovered for permanent, not continuing, nuisances. When suing for a continuing nuisance, future or prospective damages are not allowed, such as damages for diminution in the value of the subject property. A nuisance can only be considered “continuing” if it can be abated, and therefore a plaintiff suing under this theory may only recover the costs of abating the nuisance.

    If the nuisance has inflicted a permanent injury on the land, the plaintiff generally must bring a single lawsuit for all past, present, and future damages within three years of the creation of the nuisance. But if the nuisance is one which may be discontinued at any time, it is considered continuing in character and persons harmed by it may bring successive actions for damages until the nuisance is abated. Recovery is limited, however, to actual injury suffered prior to commencement of each action.

    Witt Home Ranch v. County of Sonoma Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    165 Cal.App.4th 543 – 1st Dist. (A118911) 7/29/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 5/28/08SUBDIVISION MAP ACT: This case contains a good history of California’s Subdivision Map Act statutes. The court held that the laws governing subdivision maps in 1915 did not regulate the “design and improvement of subdivisions,” as required by the grandfather clause of Government Code Section 66499.30. The subdivision map in this case was recorded in 1915 and no lots were subsequently conveyed, so the map does not create a valid subdivision.
    T.O. IX v. Superior Court Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    165 Cal.App.4th 140 – 2nd Dist. (B203794) 7/24/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 9/10/08MECHANIC’S LIENS: A mechanic’s lien claimant recorded a mechanic’s lien against each of the nine parcels in a project, each lien for the full amount due under the contract. The court held that defendant could record a single release bond under Civil Code Section 3143 to release all of the liens.
    Kassir v. Zahabi Docket
    164 Cal.App.4th 1352 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G038449) 3/5/08 (Pub. Order 4/3/08, Received 7/16/08)     Case complete 5/9/08SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE: The trial court ordered Defendant to specifically perform his contract to sell real property to Plaintiff, and further issued a judgment ordering Defendant to pay Plaintiff for rents accruing during the time Defendant was able to perform the agreement but refused to do so. The court held that because the property was overencumbered, Defendant would have received nothing under the agreement and no offset was required.

    The court explained that because execution of the judgment in a specific performance action will occur later than the date of performance provided by the contract, financial adjustments must be made to relate their performance back to the contract date, namely: 1) when a buyer is deprived of possession of the property pending resolution of the dispute and the seller receives rents and profits, the buyer is entitled to a credit against the purchase price for the rents and profits from the time the property should have been conveyed to him, 2) a seller also must be treated as if he had performed in a timely fashion and is entitled to receive the value of his lost use of the purchase money during the period performance was delayed, 3) if any part of the purchase price has been set aside by the buyer with notice to the seller, the seller may not receive credit for his lost use of those funds and 4) any award to the seller representing the value of his lost use of the purchase money cannot exceed the rents and profits awarded to the buyer, for otherwise the breaching seller would profit from his wrong.

    Grant v. Ratliff Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    164 Cal.App.4th 1304 – 2nd Dist. (B194368) 7/16/08     Request for depublication by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 10/1/08PRESCRIPTIVE EASEMENTS: The plaintiff/owner of Parcel A sought to establish a prescriptive easement to a road over Parcel B. In order to establish the requisite 5-year period of open and notorious possession, the plaintiff needed to include the time that the son of the owner of Parcel B spent living in a mobile home on Parcel A. The court held that the son’s use of Parcel A was not adverse but was instead a matter of “family accommodation” and, therefore, a prescriptive easement was not established. The court also discussed: 1) a party seeking to establish a prescriptive easement has the burden of proof by clear and convincing evidence and 2) once the owner of the dominant tenement shows that use of an easement has been continuous over a long period of time, the burden shifts to the owner of the servient tenement to show that the use was permissive, but the servient tenement owner’s burden is a burden of producing evidence, and not a burden of proof.
    SBAM Partners v. Wang Docket
    164 Cal.App.4th 903 – 2nd Dist. (B204191) 7/9/08     Case complete 9/10/08HOMESTEADS: Under C.C.P. Section 704.710, a homestead exemption is not allowed on property acquired by the debtor after the judgment has been recorded unless it was purchased with exempt proceeds from the sale, damage or destruction of a homestead within the six-month safe harbor period.
    Christian v. Flora Docket
    164 Cal.App.4th 539 – 3rd Dist. (C054523) 6/30/08     Case complete 9/2/08EASEMENTS: Where parcels in a subdivision are resubdivided by a subsequent parcel map, the new parcel map amends the provisions of any previously recorded parcel map made in compliance with the Map Act. Here, although the deeds to plaintiffs referred to the original parcel map, since the intent of the parties was that the easement shown on the amended parcel map would be conveyed, the grantees acquired title to the easement shown on the amended map.
    Lange v. Schilling Docket
    163 Cal.App.4th 1412 – 3rd Dist. (C055471) 5/28/08; pub. order 6/16/08     Case Complete 8/18/08REAL ESTATE AGENTS: The clear language of the standard California real estate purchase agreement precludes an award of attorney’s fees if a party does not attempt mediation before commencing litigation. Because plaintiff filed his lawsuit before offering mediation, there was no basis to award attorney’s fees.
    Talbott v. Hustwit Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    164 Cal.App.4th 148 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G037424) 6/20/08     Petition for review and depublication DENIED by Cal Supreme Ct. 9/24/08GUARANTEES:
    1. C.C.P. 580a, which requires an appraisal of the real property security before the court may issue a deficiency judgment, does not apply to an action against a guarantor.
    2. A lender cannot recover under a guaranty where there the debtor and guarantor already have identical liability, such as with general partners or trustees of a revocable trust in which the debtor is the settlor, trustee and primary beneficiary. Here, however, a  guarantee signed by the trustees of the debtors’ trust is enforceable as a “true guarantee” because, although the debtors were the settlors, they were a) secondary, not primary, beneficiaries and b) were not the trustees.
    Mayer v. L & B Real Estate Sup.Ct. Docket
    43 Cal.4th 1231 – Cal. Supreme Court (S142211) 6/16/08TAX SALES: The one-year statute of limitations for attacking a tax sale does not begin to run against a property owner who is in “undisturbed possession” of the subject property until that owner has actual notice of the tax sale. Ordinarily, a property owner who has failed to pay property taxes has sufficient knowledge to put him on notice that a tax sale might result. However, in this case the property owners did not have notice because they purchased a single piece of commercial property and received a single yearly tax bill. They had no reason to suspect that due to errors committed by the tax assessor, a small portion of their property was being assessed separately and the tax bills were being sent to a previous owner.

    NOTE: This creates a hazard for title companies insuring after a tax sale in reliance on the one-year statute of limitations in Revenue and Taxation Code Section 3725.

    California Golf v. Cooper Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    163 Cal.App.4th 1053 – 2nd Dist. (B195211) 6/9/08     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 9/17/08TRUSTEE’S SALES:
    1. A bidder at a trustee’s sale may not challenge the sale on the basis that the lender previously obtained a decree of judicial foreclosure because the doctrine of election of remedies benefits only the trustor or debtor.
    2. A lender’s remedies against a bidder who causes a bank to stop payment on cashier’s checks based on a false affidavit asserting that the checks were lost is not limited to the remedies set forth in CC Section 2924h, and may pursue a cause of  action for fraud against the bidder.
    (The case contains a good discussion (at pp. 25 – 26) of the procedure for stopping payment on a cashier’s check by submitting an affidavit to the issuing bank.)
    Biagini v. Beckham Docket
    163 Cal.App.4th 1000 – 3rd Dist. (C054915) 6/9/08     Case complete 8/11/08DEDICATION:
    1. Acceptance of a dedication may be actual or implied. It is actual when formal acceptance is made by the proper authorities, and implied when a use has been made of the property by the public 1) of an  intensity that is reasonable for the nature of the road and 2) for such a length of time as will evidence an intention to accept the dedication. BUT the use in this case was not sufficient because the use was by neighbors whose use did not exceed what was permitted pursuant to a private easement over the same area.
    2. A statutory offer of dedication can be revoked as to the public at large by use of the area that is inconsistent with the dedication, but the offer remains open for formal acceptance by the public entity to which the offer was made.
    Steiner v. Thexton Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 3rd Dist. (C054605) 5/28/08     REVERSED by Cal. Supreme Ct.OPTIONS: A contract to sell real property where the buyer’s performance was entirely conditioned on the buyer obtaining regulatory approval to subdivide the property is an option. An option must be supported by consideration, but was not here, where the buyer could back out at any time. Buyer’s promise to deliver to seller copies “of all information, reports, tests, studies and other documentation” was not sufficient consideration to support the option.
    In re Marriage Cases Docket
    43 Cal.4th 757 – Cal. Supreme Court (S147999) 5/15/08MARRIAGE: The language of Family Code Section 300 limiting the designation of marriage to a union “between a man and a woman” is unconstitutional and must be stricken from the statute, and the remaining statutory language must be understood as making the designation of marriage available both to opposite-sex and same-sex couples.
    Harvey v. The Landing Homeowners Association Docket
    162 Cal.App.4th 809 – 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D050263) 4/4/08 (Cert. for Pub. 4/30/08)     Case complete 6/30/08HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATIONS: The Board of Directors of an HOA has the authority to allow owners to exclusively use common area accessible only to those owners where the following provision of the CC&R’s applied: “The Board shall have the right to allow an Owner to exclusively use portions of the otherwise nonexclusive Common Area, provided that such portions . . . are nominal in area and adjacent to the Owner’s Exclusive Use Area(s) or Living Unit, and, provided further, that such use does not unreasonably interfere with any other Owner’s use . . .” Also, this is allowed under Civil Code Section 1363.07(a)(3)(E).
    Salma v. Capon Docket
    161 Cal.App.4th 1275 – 1st Dist. (A115057) 4/9/08     Case complete 6/11/08HOME EQUITY SALES: A seller claimed he sold his house for far less than it was worth “due to the duress of an impending trustee’s sale and the deceit of the purchasers”. The case involves procedural issues that are not relevant to this web site. However, it is included here because it demonstrates the kind of mess that can occur when you are dealing with property that is in foreclosure. Be careful, folks.
    Aviel v. Ng Docket
    161 Cal.App.4th 809 – 1st Dist. (A114930) 2/28/08; pub. order 4/1/08     Case complete 5/6/08LEASES / SUBORDINATION: A lease provision subordinating the lease to “mortgages” also applied to deeds of trust because the two instruments are functionally and legally the same. Therefore a foreclosure of a deed of trust wiped out the lease.
    People v. Martinez Docket
    161 Cal.App.4th 754 – 4th Dist., Div. 2 (E042427) 4/1/08     Case complete 6/2/08FORGERY: This criminal case involves a conviction for forgery of a deed of trust. [NOTE: The crime of forgery can occur even if the owner actually signed the deed of trust. The court pointed out that “forgery is committed when a defendant, by fraud or trickery, causes another to execute a document where the signer is unaware, by reason of such trickery, that he is executing a document of that nature.”
    Pacific Hills Homeowners Association v. Prun Docket
    160 Cal.App.4th 1557 – 4th Dist., Div. 3 (G038244) 3/20/08     Case complete 5/27/08CC&R’s: Defendants built a gate and fence within the setback required by the CC&R’s. 1) The court held that the 5-year statute of limitations of C.C.P. 336(b) applies to unrecorded as well as recorded restrictions, so that the shorter 4-year statute of limitations of C.C.P. 337 is inapplicable. 2) The court upheld the trial court’s equitable remedy of requiring the HOA to pay 2/3 of the cost of relocation defendant’s gate based upon the HOA’s sloppiness in not pursuing its case more promptly.
    Nicoll v. Rudnick Docket
    160 Cal.App.4th 550 – 5th Dist. (F052948) 2/27/08     Case complete 4/28/08WATER RIGHTS: An appropriative water right established in a 1902 judgment applied to the entire 300 acre parcel so that when part of the parcel was foreclosed and subsequently re-sold, the water rights must be apportioned according to the acreage of each parcel, not according to the prior actual water usage attributable to each parcel. NOTE: This case contains a good explanation of California water rights law.
    Real Estate Analytics v. Vallas Docket
    160 Cal.App.4th 463 – 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D049161) 2/26/08     Case complete 5/29/08SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE: Specific performance is appropriate even where the buyer’s sole purpose and entire intent in buying the property was to earn money for its investors and turn a profit as quickly as possible. The fact that plaintiff was motivated solely to make a profit from the purchase of the property does not overcome the strong statutory presumption that all land is unique and therefore damages were inadequate to make plaintiff whole for the defendant’s breach.
    Fourth La Costa Condominium Owners Assn. v. Seith Docket
    159 Cal.App.4th 563 – 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D049276) 1/30/08     Case complete 4/1/08CC&R’s/HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATIONS: The court applied CC 1356(c)(2) and Corp. Code 7515, which allow a court to reduce the supermajority vote requirement for amending CC&R’s and bylaw because the amendments were reasonable and the balloting requirements of the statutes were met.
    02 Development, LLC v. 607 South Park, LLC Docket
    159 Cal.App.4th 609 – 2nd Dist. (B200226) 1/30/08     Case complete 4/3/08SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE: 1) An assignment of a purchaser’s rights under a purchase agreement prior to creation of the assignee as an LLC is valid because an organization can enforce pre-organization contracts if the organization adopts or ratifies them. 2) A purchaser does not need to prove that it already had the necessary funds, or already had binding commitments from third parties to provide the funds, when the other party anticipatorily repudiates the contract. All that plaintiff needed to prove was that it would have been able to obtain the necessary funding (or funding commitments) in order to close the transaction on time.
    Richeson v. Helal Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    158 Cal.App.4th 268 – 2nd Dist. (B187273) 11/29/07; Pub. & mod. order 12/21/07 (see end of opinion) Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 2/20/08CC&R’s / MUNICIPALITIES: An Agreement Imposing Restrictions (“AIR”) and CC&R’s did not properly lend themselves to an interpretation that would prohibit the City from changing the permitted use or zoning and, were they so construed, the AIR and CC&R’s would be invalid as an attempt by the City to surrender its future right to exercise its police power respecting the property. Here, the AIR and CC&R’s did not prohibit the City from issuing a new conditional use permit allowing the continued use of the subject property as a neighborhood market.
    Bill Signs Trucking v. Signs Family Ltd. Partnership Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    157 Cal.App.4th 1515 – 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D047861) 12/18/07     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 4/9/08LEASES / RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL: A tenant’s right of first refusal under a commercial lease is not triggered by the conveyance of an interest in the property between co-partners in a family limited partnership that owns the property and is the landlord.
    Schweitzer v. Westminster Investments Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    157 Cal.App.4th 1195 – 4th Dist., Div. 1 (D049589) 12/13/07     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 3/26/08EQUITY PURCHASERS:
    1) The bonding requirement of the Home Equity Sales Contracts Act (Civil Code Section 1695.17) is void for vagueness under the due process clause and may not be enforced. Section 1695.17 is vague because it provides no guidance on the amount, the obligee, the beneficiaries, the terms or conditions of the bond, the delivery and acceptance requirements, or the enforcement mechanisms of the required bond.
    2) Although the bond requirement may not be enforced, the remainder of the statutory scheme remains valid because the bond provisions are severable from the balance of the enactment.
    3) The court refused to set aside the deed in favor of the equity purchaser because, first, the notice requirements of Civil Code Section 1695.5 appear to have been met and, second, the seller’s right to rescind applies before the deed is recorded but the statute “does not specify that a violation of section 1695.5 provides grounds for rescinding a transaction after recordation of the deed”.
    Crestmar Owners Association v. Stapakis Docket
    157 Cal.App.4th 1223 – 2nd Dist. (B191049) 12/13/07     Case complete 2/15/07CC&R’s: Where a developer failed to convey title to two parking spaces as required by the CC&R’s, the homeowner’s association was able to quiet title even though more than 20 years had passed since the parking spaces should have been conveyed. The statute of limitations does not run against someone, such as the homeowner’s association here, who is in exclusive and undisputed possession of the property.
    Washington Mutual Bank v. Blechman Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    157 Cal.App.4th 662 – 2nd Dist. (B191125) 12/4/07     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 3/19/08TRUSTEE’S SALES: The foreclosing lender and trustee are indispensable parties to a lawsuit which seeks to set aside a trustee’s sale. Therefore, a default judgment against only the purchaser at the trustee’s sale is subject to collateral attack.
    Garretson v. Post Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    156 Cal.App.4th 1508 – 4th Dist., Div.2 (E041858) 11/20/07     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 2/27/08TRUSTEE’S SALES: A cause of action for wrongful foreclosure does not fall within the protection of Code of Civil Procedure section 425.16, commonly referred to as the anti-SLAPP statute (strategic lawsuit against public participation).
    Murphy v. Burch Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    Cal.App. 1st Dist. (A117051) 11/19/07
    AFFIRMED by Cal Supreme Ct. 4/27/09EASEMENT BY NECESSITY: An easement by necessity arises by operation of law when 1) there is a strict necessity as when a property is landlocked and 2) the dominant and servient tenements were under the same ownership at the time of the conveyance giving rise to the necessity. However, the second requirement is not met when the properties were owned by the federal government because the Government has the power of eminent domain, rendering it unnecessary to resort to the easement by necessity doctrine in order to acquire easements.

    The court attempts to distinguish Kellogg v. Garcia, 102 Cal.App.4th 796, by pointing out that in that case the issue of eminent domain did not arise because the dominant tenement was owned by a private party and the servient tenements by the federal government. [Ed. Note: the court does not adequately address the fact that the government does not always have the power of eminent domain. It only has that power if a public purpose is involved. Also, I do not think the court adequately distinguishes Kellogg, which seems to hold that common ownership by the federal government satisfies the requirement of common ownership.]

    Elias Real Estate v. Tseng Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    156 Cal.App.4th 425 – 2nd Dist. (B192857) 10/25/07     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 2/13/08SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE: Acts of a partner falling within Corp. Code 16301(1) (acts in ordinary course of business) are not subject to the statute of frauds. Acts of a partner falling within Corp. Code 16301(2) (acts not in the ordinary course of business) are subject to the statute of frauds. In this case, a sale of the partnership’s real property was not in the ordinary course of business, so it fell within Corp. Code 16301(2) and plaintiff could not enforce a contract of sale signed by only one partner.
    Strong v. State Board of Equalization Docket Sup.Ct. Docket
    155 Cal.App.4th 1182 – 3rd Dist. (C052818) 10/2/07     Petition for review by Cal Supreme Ct. DENIED 1/3/08CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP: The statute that excludes transfers between domestic partners from property tax reassessment is constitutional.

    Top Treasury Official: Investigation Begins on Pretender Lenders


    Posted 1 day ago by Neil Garfield on Livinglies’s Weblog

    “We are faced with a choice here,” Silvers said during the hearing. “We can either have a rational resolution to the foreclosure crisis or we can preserve the capital structure of the banks. We can’t do both.”

    “Evidence has mounted that there are substantive problems with the liens that support significant numbers of securitized mortgages,” Damon Silvers, a member of the panel created to keep tabs on the bailout, who also works as director of policy and special counsel at the AFL-CIO, said Wednesday.


    two Republicans on the panel, J. Mark McWatters and Kenneth R. Troske, advocated an approach embraced by progressives and experts in bankruptcy and contract law: forcing banks to recognize their losses on depreciated assets (sour or underwater mortgages), and restructuring that debt to the current market value. Though they stopped just short of advocating for the judicial restructuring of mortgages, otherwise known as cramdown, they stressed that lenders need to recognize losses and allow borrowers the opportunity to stay in their homes. In other words, principal writedowns.


    “How do we know that people who don’t have good liens aren’t getting public money essentially under the false pretense that they have a good lien?” Silvers asked Caldwell.

    “Again, we don’t,” was her reply. “Our focus at this point has been on…”

    Silvers quickly stopped her. “Hold it,” he said. “That’s the issue.” He added that he hoped Treasury “would be diligent” in trying to answer “what’s potentially at play — are servicers and banks getting public money under false pretenses? We ought to try to figure out whether that’s true or not,” Silvers added.

    Caldwell agreed.

    First Posted: 10-29-10 04:35 PM   |   Updated: 10-29-10 07:40 PM

    Mortgage companies enrolled in the Obama administration’s signature foreclosure-prevention initiative may be receiving taxpayer funds despite not having a legal right to the home or to the mortgage, a top Treasury Department official revealed Wednesday.

    But despite faulty or missing paperwork, the Obama administration allows mortgage companies to boot homeowners from the program, sticking the borrowers with massive bills that often leave them worse off.

    During an oversight hearing, Phyllis Caldwell, Treasury’s housing rescue chief, acknowledged during questioning that Treasury doesn’t know whether mortgage companies and the owners of mortgages are receiving public money under “false pretenses.” Treasury is investigating, she said.

    The contradiction highlights what many critics of the past two administrations’ policies have claimed for some time: they exert overwhelming force when it comes to saving financial institutions, but merely modest assistance when it comes to distressed homeowners.

    More than $535 billion in taxpayer money went to firms and toxic assets as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program and the bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, according to the latest quarterly figures from two federal auditors. About $992 million has gone to homeowners, the same data show.

    President Barack Obama’s promise to “enable as many as three to four million homeowners to modify the terms of their mortgages to avoid foreclosure,” which he detailed in a February 2009 speech, was “always modest compared to the incredible scale of the problem,” Senator Ted Kaufman, a Delaware Democrat and chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel, a bailout watchdog, said Wednesday during the hearing with Caldwell. “Certainly, it was modest compared to the boldness shown in rescuing AIG, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bank of America, Citigroup and the auto companies.”

    Caldwell’s revelation about the possible wrongful disbursement of taxpayer money comes on the heels of multiple nationwide criminal and civil investigations emanating from mortgage companies’ use of fraudulent paperwork to foreclose on homeowners.

    The investigations and near-daily disclosures of improprieties has led to a growing crisis of confidence in the long-held assumption that lenders and other parties followed proper legal procedures when originating a loan and passing it through the chain of securitization. Over the past two weeks shares of Bank of America are down about 15 percent through Thursday; JPMorgan Chase is down seven percent.

    “Evidence has mounted that there are substantive problems with the liens that support significant numbers of securitized mortgages,” Damon Silvers, a member of the panel created to keep tabs on the bailout, who also works as director of policy and special counsel at the AFL-CIO, said Wednesday.

    The paperwork determines true ownership. If those documents weren’t properly passed along, then an investor who bought a piece of the mortgage or the company collecting those payments from homeowners, known as servicers, may not have the right to either the home or the mortgage.

    The administration’s Home Affordable Modification Program, known as HAMP, doles out taxpayer funds to servicers, investors, lenders and homeowners for successfully restructuring a struggling homeowner’s mortgage and lowering their monthly payment so they can afford to stay in their home.

    So taxpayer funds may be going to companies that have no right to it, admitted Caldwell, Treasury’s chief homeownership preservation officer.

    “How do we know that people who don’t have good liens aren’t getting public money essentially under the false pretense that they have a good lien?” Silvers asked Caldwell.

    “Again, we don’t,” was her reply. “Our focus at this point has been on…”

    Silvers quickly stopped her. “Hold it,” he said. “That’s the issue.” He added that he hoped Treasury “would be diligent” in trying to answer “what’s potentially at play — are servicers and banks getting public money under false pretenses? We ought to try to figure out whether that’s true or not,” Silvers added.

    Caldwell agreed.

    Those companies continue to get the money, though. Meanwhile, borrowers are tossed from the program for the same reason — faulty paperwork.

    “I am concerned by what appears to be a discrepancy between the treatment of paperwork defects on the part of homeowners seeking help from HAMP, and the treatment of servicers who are obtaining HAMP funds on the basis that they have a valid lien on the homeowner’s property,” Silvers said in an interview. “However, I think that our hearing may have focused the HAMP team on what the issues are here, and I hope they do as they said they were going to do in terms of looking into the status of these liens,” Silvers said.

    Three megabanks — Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Wells Fargo — service $5.4 trillion in home loans, or 50 percent of all outstanding residential mortgages, according to the latest quarterly data from and the Federal Reserve. BofA and JPMorgan, the nation’s two largest banks, have halted foreclosure sales. On Wednesday Wells Fargo acknowledged errors in its paperwork, and said it’s filing supplemental documents in 55,000 foreclosure proceedings.

    The three lenders also stand to be the biggest recipients of bailout cash as part of HAMP. Of the $30 billion obligated to modifying loans, about $17 billion, or nearly three-fifths, is slated for BofA, JPMorgan and Wells Fargo, Treasury data as of Oct. 19 show.

    “By fulfilling the goal of avoiding a financial collapse, there is no question that the dramatic steps taken by Treasury and other federal agencies through TARP and related programs were a success for Wall Street,” the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program wrote in his Oct. 26 report to Congress. “Those actions have helped garner a swift and striking turnaround, accompanied by a return to profitability and seemingly ever-increasing executive bonuses. For large Wall Street banks, credit is cheap and plentiful and the stock market has made a tremendous rebound.”

    For homeowners it’s a different story.

    The watchdog said that HAMP can sometimes cause the foreclosures it’s supposed to prevent as applicants “end up unnecessarily depleting their dwindling savings in an ultimately futile effort to obtain the sustainable relief promised by the program guidelines.”

    “Main Street has largely suffered alone, however, in those areas in which TARP has fallen short of its other goals,” SIGTARP wrote. “[T]he most specific of TARP’s Main Street goals, ‘preserving homeownership,’ has so far fallen woefully short.”

    The criticism speaks to the larger attitude within the administration, something President Barack Obama explained Wednesday during a White House discussion with left-leaning bloggers.

    “The biggest challenge,” Obama explained, is to help those homeowners “who really deserve help… without wasting that money on folks who don’t deserve help.” The undeserving include “speculators,” said Obama, a former community organizer.

    His attitude towards homeowners is not shared among the two Republicans and three Democrats who make up the Congressional Oversight Panel.

    While they all share the feeling that some foreclosures will undoubtedly happen, and that it’s not incumbent upon taxpayers to prevent every foreclosure, the panelists uniformly expressed deep disappointment with the results of the administration’s foreclosure-prevention initiative. Nearly 21 months after Obama promised that up to four million homeowners would be able to restructure their mortgages, just 640,300 homeowners remain in the program. Nearly 729,000 overburdened homeowners have been kicked out.

    During Wednesday’s hearing, the panelists relentlessly hammered away at the administration’s approach in their questioning of Caldwell and Faith Schwartz, senior adviser to the Hope Now Alliance, a government-encouraged coalition of private industry lenders, servicers and investors that was formed out of the Housing Policy Council. The Council is part of the Financial Services Roundtable, the Washington trade group representing the nation’s biggest financial institutions.

    In fact, the two Republicans on the panel, J. Mark McWatters and Kenneth R. Troske, advocated an approach embraced by progressives and experts in bankruptcy and contract law: forcing banks to recognize their losses on depreciated assets (sour or underwater mortgages), and restructuring that debt to the current market value. Though they stopped just short of advocating for the judicial restructuring of mortgages, otherwise known as cramdown, they stressed that lenders need to recognize losses and allow borrowers the opportunity to stay in their homes. In other words, principal writedowns.

    The only problem is that’s the very approach most vigorously opposed by the banking industry. The Obama administration opposes it, too.

    Basically, if the nation’s biggest lenders had to write down the value of their mortgage assets to their current value, experts believe they’d be wiped out and another bailout would be necessary. The administration says it opposes widespread principal cuts in part because it would reward reckless borrowers. Some have pointed to other considerations.

    “We are faced with a choice here,” Silvers said during the hearing. “We can either have a rational resolution to the foreclosure crisis or we can preserve the capital structure of the banks. We can’t do both.”

    McWatters, who once worked on Capitol Hill for Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a conservative Texas Republican, and Troske, who was picked for the panel by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, want banks to write down those mortgages.

    “You know, I come at this problem as a corporate lawyer, M&A lawyer, tax lawyer,” McWatters said. “And when I look at it, I’m sort of mystified, because if someone came in my office — and [let’s] take off our foreclosure-mitigation hat and just think about a work-out deal — if someone comes in and says, ‘Yes, I paid $250,000 for something. It’s worth $150,000 today. There’s a second lien on it of $50,000, and a first lien of $200,000. What do I do?’

    “And the first thing I’d ask them is, ‘It non-recourse debt?’ And if it’s non-recourse debt, I have an answer. Then if they say — then I would ask them, if it’s a recourse debt, and they say, ‘Yes, it’s recourse, but I’m broke.’ Okay. Now we have the facts.
    “In a commercial setting, what you would do is you would write the loan down to $150,000. You wouldn’t fool around. You would just write it down to $150,000. Because guess what? That’s what the property’s worth. If you foreclose, nobody’s going to pay a dime over $150,000, so you go to [the] economic reality of $150,000.

    “Now, first- and second-lien holders are not chumps. They’re going to say, ‘Well, what if the market turns?’

    “Okay, I’ll give you an equity kicker. Okay? You give them an equity kicker.”

    An equity kicker is a mechanism that allows for the holder of the debt — like the lender who owns the homeowner’s mortgage — to share in the appreciation of its value by giving the holder a stake in the collateral. For example, if the homeowner ends up selling the house at a premium, the lender would get a cut.

    “In the second lien mortgage, what you should do is write them down to zero,” McWatters continued. “You can’t write them down to zero — they’re going to extort something out of you, right? They have a seat at the table. [So] you give them 10 cents on the dollar, you give them 20 cents on the dollar, but you make them happy. You give them an equity kicker. You write [the mortgage] down.
    “Second thing you do is you refinance the loan to a market rate of interest — not 7 percent, not one of these ridiculous adjustable-rate things which people can’t pay. You take it down to a 3.75 or 4 percent risk-adjusted, 30-year fixed rate.

    “Okay, what am I missing? Why doesn’t that work in this environment?”

    Schwartz, representing the financial services industry, was the first to respond.

    “Well, you have investor contracts that won’t let you write down mortgages. You have Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA [Federal Housing Administration], who won’t allow for a write-down like that,” she said.

    “Well, those rules need to be changed, or someone needs to talk to them,” McWatters retorted.

    Left unsaid by Schwartz was that the nation’s four biggest banks — Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo — together hold on their balance sheets nearly $434 billion in second lien mortgages, or nearly half of all outstanding seconds in the country, their most recent regulatory filings with the Fed show. Second liens are home equity loans, second mortgages and other debt that’s junior to the primary mortgage. If a borrower were to declare bankruptcy, those second liens would be wiped out before the debt from the primary mortgage would be affected. Nationwide, there were $996 billion in outstanding second liens as of June 30, the latest Federal Reserve data show. About $742 billion of that is held by commercial banks.

    After some back and forth, during which Schwartz didn’t budge from her opposition to the widespread writing down of mortgage principal, McWatters had enough.

    “Okay, so you’re saying there are rules that would inhibit a common sense, market-oriented response. Oh, that’s encouraging,” he said.

    But the bankruptcy expert among the witnesses, Katherine M. Porter, a law professor at Harvard Law School on leave from the University of Iowa, expressed support for McWatters’s idea. She cautioned that financial firms may not be so supportive.

    “I would tell them that’s a personal problem,” McWatters said. “They cut that deal back in 2004. I’m sorry they cut a bad deal. But guess what? If that deal had turned out to be a really good deal, do you think they would be calling [Treasury] Secretary [Timothy] Geithner and saying, ‘Hey, we made a whole bunch of dough. We want to give you some more?’ No, they would keep every dime of it. So they should live with the downside, too.”

    During a separate exchange, Kaufman and Caldwell discussed the second lien issue. Kaufman noted the “reluctance of some financial institutions to extinguish second liens because they’re carrying them on the books at 90 percent of value.”

    “It seems to me the only reason that they’re carrying the second liens is because they don’t want to write them down because they’re carrying them at 90 percent of value, and they’re worth nowhere near 90 percent of value,” he added.

    “You know, that particular thing we hear a lot,” Caldwell said. But, she noted, those second liens “continue to be current.”

    Experts outside the firms holding and selling second liens uniformly say there’s no reason for a homeowner to keep paying their seconds if they’re delinquent on or struggling with their primary mortgage.

    The administration would never concede that point, though. Neither would the nation’s biggest banks. A deal is a deal, after all.

    “For those who are concerned that somehow there’s something morally suspect about restructuring loans, I should note that every day on Wall Street the people of power and privilege in this society restructure their debt,” Silvers said. “It is commonplace for everyone but the poor.”

    “As people have noted,” Troske explained, “we are at a point where… house prices are worth less than they were. Banks need to write that off, and of course, people need to write that off as well.”

    *************************Shahien Nasiripour is the business reporter for The Huffington Post. You can send him an e-mail; bookmark his page; subscribe to his RSS feed; follow him on Twitter; friend him on Facebook; become