How much Time do I have from Feb, 2009 till Sept 10, 2014 and allthis time you could modify and yes I have cases like this

How Much time do I have
Event Name Start Date End Date Category Notes Source
First payment default Feb 01 2009 May 01 2009 Free time Lender will let you go this far
Send RESPA accounting letter Apr 03 2009 Jun 03 2009 Negotiation period
Send Hardship ask for modification Jun 05 2009 Jun 10 2009 Negotiation period Lender Makes offer if reasonable accept if not Rescind loan
Send Recision letter Jun 12 2009 Jun 30 2009 Negotiation period They have by law 20 days to rescind
File Chapter 13 Jul 03 2009 Sep 04 2009 Stay Period Initial Filing 30 days then fail to make payments Case gets dismissed about 90 days
File Lawsuit and lis Pend against Lender Oct 12 2009 Jul 01 2010 Trial Period Discovery demur settlement Dismissal Removal to Federal court
Notice of default Jul 09 2010 Nov 09 2010 Default Period
File Chapter 13 Nov 04 2010 Feb 04 2011 Stay Period
Trustee Sale period Feb 28 2011 Mar 24 2011 Default Period
3/60 Day Notice to Vacate Apr 03 2011 Jun 04 2011 Default Period
Fight Eviction 90 days Jun 10 2011 Sep 10 2013 Default Period

7 thoughts on “How much Time do I have from Feb, 2009 till Sept 10, 2014 and allthis time you could modify and yes I have cases like this”

  1. this is quite interesting and actually sounds worth while trying or doing – seems to offer quite a bit of time just to mess with their heads – but, would certainly like to know there is some assurance during the process to BEAT these B’s at their own game! Wadda think?

  2. Dear Mr. Timothy McCandless:

    Thank you! Thank you!, Thank you! so much for standing up to the Pittsburg Superior Court in the Contra Costa County. The homeowners you represented last Friday, were amazed and impressed on how you stood up and fearlessly faught for their rights.

    This court has been ordering evictions like traffic tickets and treating homeowners as if we are the criminals.

    Again, Thank You Mr. McCandless
    From Contra Costa County, CA

  3. Wanting to sue lender. It’s been three months and no reply from lender on mortgage audit. 4 months behind and no N.O.D. With no current employment and life savings invested in home, my realtor is trying to negotiate short sale that I can sue later. I feel the home is the last poker chip on the table. I have the first form from my realtor stating I agree with the short sale. After that, then what? My agent and lender sale and kick me out? I intend to secure an attorney but don’t want to get involved in some over priced monthly fee payment to the attorney. What to do?

  4. Your article is really the best when it comes to this subject. I agree with your views and I look forward to your new posts. Good job you got there and I’m hoping much success in your business efforts! Take care.

  5. I purchased a home February 2005 and signed for a (5) year fixed rate but my rate changed in 2008 beyond my means to beable to pay. In September 2009 my home was foreclosed on. Is there anything I can do if I just found out this might be a wrongful foreclosure???????

  6. hi everybody, im in a bit of a pickle, my 64 yr old mothers house was sold around the middle of june, she entrusted a realtor to be able to keep her in her home somehow by filing bankruptcy or something, but he failed to file the paper work in time and yesterday she got a notice of eviction for six days from now on the 12th, my plan was to go there and give them a rental agreement that i have that states that i rented the house from the time of the sale date, afgter that im at a loss, i dontknow what my next step should be and my mom needs my help. This isnt right, throwing senior citizens out on the street, whats wrong with the world?

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