27 thoughts on “1 Homeowner wins !!!”

  1. god bless this attorney for taking the time and pressing the issue of fraud and the lost note. this is one victory out of how many fraudlent foreclosures? reason being the attorneys charge a arm and leg for representing a homeowner. come on attorneys face it you don’t want to help just like the banks don’t want to do the modification. i have been looking and looking for a attorney who would help me. i have been living in my car since september 8th of this year. the attorneys listen to my story and even agree with me on my issues but when i tell them i have no money its all been spent trying the banks the simple answer is sorry i cant represent you but ill find some one who can. give me a frigen break.
    laurie mendoza
    homeless in california

    1. We have been facing the same thing. I have a family with 3 children, and when we talked to an attorney, they agree that we have a valid case on several points. But, you can only BUY justice in America these days, which is why these big banks are able to keep doing this to people and get away with it. At the end of the day it is all about money. They have it, and we don’t.

      1. Sad but so true!! Aren’t there any attorneys out there willing to do the right thing?? There are millions of us home/small business people who have been violated & our lives destroyed. What happened to attorneys who used to take a percentage of winnings?? (especially when we have sufficient evidence of illegal and wrongful actions against these banks!!!) These banks should not be allowed to even operate any longer!!

      2. Soooo true. I am single parent with a college son…been in car, friends’ couches, motel rooms, now renting a room. I paid $3,500 for a securitization audit, then another $12,000 for a lawyer to go after WFB. WFB did their own SOT to Cal Western Reconveyance who auctioned off our house on Sept 24 2012 and we got evicted by flipper Home Reserves LLC on Dec 6 2012. Been wandering without our home since then. Securitization audit PROVED WFB and Cal Western Recon did fraudulent foreclosure every single step of the way…Who’s got time, energy, money, knowledge (need to pay for it)? I need to borrow $$ from siblings who are ignorant about these issues but helping out. Banks know the odds are in their favor so the saga goes on. It may take a revolution to fight this system. Anybody up for it???

    2. I feel for you because we are in the same boat. We lost our home illegally and we were not in arrears. We had a perfect payment history for 24 yrs. We had a corrupt Judge and attorney who we paid over $35,000 in 1 year and had apreponderance of evidence which the Judge ignored. We also had an expert witness proof of all Letter, QWR, Validation of Debt we sent to the bank and their attorneys. We had depositions in which the bank employees and their attorney committed perjury, as well as perjury in the trial. The Judge ignored the facts of law. There is so much more that will blow your mind. Our son returned home from his 2nd deployment in Iraq to find the only home he ever knew was gone and we were homeless and lost our life savings. The bank never sent a Notice of Default because we were not in arrears nor did they abide by MA state foreclosure laws. They never sent a Notice of intent to foreclose nor did they advertise the sale in the paper. The bank attorney was the only one with knowlede and he bought it for the bank subsidiary but had no proof of sale, no memorandum to satisfy the statute of FRAUD, no proof of deposit, no proof of payment as you can see no money ever switched hands because we later found out the security inst was never recorded and they had no legal right to collect on this invalid loan. We were never in possession of the NOTE or any closing documents with according to UCC 3 305 this is a right to recoupment. We never knew the house was sold until 45 days later when we were served with a 72hr notice to quit. Our home was uninhabitable due to TOXIC MOLD and we were still paying our mortgage. They tried to paint over the mold and I went to the town building inspecter with Mold Reports and pictures(we had the highest level ever seen in a residence). The bank ended up selling the home to a cash buyer and did not disclose the mold problem. Too much more to tell and unlike you we have no more money to pay a lawyer. It is a disgrace that the facts aren’t enough. These Judges are ignoring their oaths that they took and they should be jailed also. Let me know if you have any luck and I’ll do the same.

      1. I am so sorry for what your family has been through. The banks have screwed so many home & small business owners & there has not been any justice for any of us. Please thank your son for his service. My husband is a Desert Storm Veteran. I vote we lynch all the corrupt judges, attorneys, bank management & even a few crooked politicians!! Good luck to your family, & hopefully if we stick together, we can maybe get some justice & revenge.

  2. Hi, how are you? Hopefully your response is a great one!

    We are homeowners in Michigan with a mortgage with a small town Bank. My husband is a recent college grad who was out of work for a span of time combined with our bank’s decition to no longer pay for our house insurance with our escrow is how we got into our current financial situations. Our monthly house payment stayed the same even though we were paying house insurance.

    We are a family of five including three teenage sons who have known of no other home, so when we saw our home listed in the newspaper as a notice of mortgage sale was a huge emotional blow! We were only 2 house payments behind and were communicating with them.

    Our small town bank has since strung us along leading us to believe they were entering us into the program called Michigan’s Helping Hardest Hit Homeowners plan. I called Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s (MSHDA) 3/7/11 to see if they could check our status and to my surprise they stated we were not enrolled. This program is one that our bank has to initiate.

    I have every date, time, name, and phone number of every conversation documented.

    Is there any legal actions I could pursue?

  3. We’re in Colorado and are in the unusual situation of not being in foreclosure, we’re both on disability but paying the bills. But we put $25k into this house in 2005 and wound up with a BAC first mortgage ARM and a GMAC second at 9.5%, BOTH of which now appear to be fraudulent. No clear title. Neither of these companies appear to have any legal standing to collect mortgage payments from us, since 2005! In fact you can look at the property records for this place and NO mortgage liens are even listed from these companies. We just don’t have the money to fight them, but are wondering if we could find an attorney on contingency, who might even get us our payments all back, because of this, an estimated $100k!

  4. Hi, I would like to know if any of you are having problems with a so called servicing company in Utah. Select Porfolio Servicing they were deemed as predatory lenders in 2003 in a class action suit. Changed their name to SPS and continued the same practice. They never stopped all the illegal charges, not posting payments, charging for insurance we were paying for also property tax etc. We have been in a battle for three years. Also there are many, many, that would like to enjoin in a class action suit. Just wondering. Lori Totten

  5. Please send over price and the service it covers. I am only interested in doing business with attorneys or paralegals. I have future business to discuss

    Thank you


  6. I would like to know if there are any cases to cite (in CA) regarding a foreclosed property where the home described for sale at auctions as the real property was removed/scrapped years before; the new current home on the foreclosed property is a completely different rebuilt home with lots more additional sq. ft. with extra rooms with higher upgrades that is easy to see that this was not the house described and sold at the auction sale. Now I most certain it has always been the said real property on the second trust deed (which I question could have been pos void) that foreclosed on us…NOT the first, they had put our loan mod on hold due to the second trust deed.

    Are there cases could help us void an unlawful detainer to be void for they could not remove us from the home that was not described; ( I found Kessler v. Bridge 161 Cal. app. 2d Supp. 837) also the new home cost more than what they sold it for at auction (since it is to us real property that no one has paid us for, could be put a lien on the second trust ? or something to regain our equity) on the second trust deed. Any suggestions I could forward to my attorney would be helpful. Thank you.

  7. ACTIONS FOR JUSTICE ( AXJ ) in the USA is publishing cases just like your regarding unlawful foreclosures. Bottom line is if the Bank cannot come up with the original note they do not have standing to foreclose. If a Judge omits this then on appeal they will catch it. Just make sure you announce the appeal and take it to the State and eventually the US Supreme Court since it is a travesty of Justice. You are invited to post you cases on the AXJ websites around the world and let our Attorneys take a look at them.

  8. i have the original note of 1st paid off loan washington mutual paid in full along with 2nd paid in full not and i have the 2 subsatution of trustees only these dates and names are not the ones that honestly were on title at this date and year plus i had another loan at same time its fraud predatory lending faulseafly truth in lending plus docs the judge ordered my ex off home giving me full deed and clerk of court signed him off along with adding my youngest to trustee 1995 was date of order. only i could not get anyone to help me until 3 2006 then april 2006 took loan adding joint with son after this dec 2006 son did not qualify to be on loan i was sole owner once again. but 2007 someone morgan jp took myself and son off adding them just as they took ex and me off adding another back 2006 at time loan was in my name and son joint tenetees
    they stole my home i been homeless 3/29/2011 living in my car also since plus i had hud secured loan plus did nhsie june to oct 2010 to save home what a confusing mess i need to know if and where do i fax these docs stamped sealed or what ever cause i have every paper that they dont believe i do. im pissed mad angry hurt lost and so confused can you help please? because no one will tell me anything and i know somethings not right same felling as i had when i was fighting to save my home of 22 years san berdo 92407
    i have org docs now a collection agency is taking 30 dollars out of my ssi disability and i have to pay $8.50 for western union charges from bank making it 38.50 not 30.00
    and b of a interest charge on makeup i did not order i returned the 2 packages i received called company they sent out way prior before 1st bill was due and i went into bank they were going to fix this but ? and took me to court lean on home i lost for some makeup i mailed return to sender but from 2007 when i tried clearing this up interest charge thief liars

  9. I called you ASAP she heard my name I was transferred to message
    No one returned my call. Thanks for not talking
    I’m depressed today upset with unable to understand what why. I received a letter from a town north I never heard of. Telling me he reviewed my case and decided he will not take
    I don’t even know let have case now I only have short time due to statue of limitations
    I have no idea.
    So I’m lost farther inside confused of the unknown when it comes to my life my case what ever that is.
    Or am I really crazy. Well they did a good job if
    I only asked a question and got no answer
    So I sit my last day in a motel room then back into my dam car. I really don’t want to go in it
    I only wanted truth understanding English
    It’s me not you
    Confused rl

  10. Tell me was this me?
    Please I’m losing my mind and where am I to go to show the note deed original loan docs? Help please I am breaking along with looking at names of movies playing snitch
    Will they kill me next?
    I don’t know what where to contact no one returns my calls. And any official government emails I reply to return spam ?

  11. Hello
    I looked up what to do after foreclosure then I found the original note paid in full letter with the two thick pages note stamped with seal my sig and ex sig on it micro filmed
    That goes with the original loan papers from 1989 feb April 2006 paid off $57,000.00
    Owed house was appraised over 400,000.00 then higher honestly but completely redone new roof heating air faucets fixtures read Mers had no claim due to how errors typos and no sig then read the banks had no standing due to sub of trustees were not the names on title at time Your sight one winner came up only I only understand English and don’t have clue what is what. I am asking you if I may come into your office and hopefully you can help me understand what if I’m to do? Stress from 2nd grade children’s hosipital Pittsburgh pa my stress is getting worse with much pains I don’t want to die yet if go into hospital I know I will not come out due to everything these past years Plus how could they start my foreclosure prior me missing a payment I have all my doc for every program HUD approved NHSIE then springboard making home affordable wells and then Naca lock out march 29 2011 homeless since single women allone scared to death Living in out of car hating this on SSI disability poor disabled PTSD mobility
    Would you please be willing to speak with me and if let me know what all I’d need to bring and money I don’t have much if I’d get compensation I would pay you but I been waiting on this for longer then please contact me and let me know where day time please 909-556-5890 message address 4051 Mountian drive san berdo ca 92407
    Home was 2094 shorter street san berdo ca 92407 they stole it
    Please think about speaking with me it would help me a lot thank you
    Rebecca Lara

  12. The next housing shock
    5, JULY 2013 WRITER
    On May 11, 2010, Lamont Johnson a Sacramento, California picky pay loan victim filed an action against Wachovia Bank FSB and its agents in the Northern District of California. Facing foreclosures and evictions by Wells Fargo Bank Johnson with little cash attempted to become a part of a pending Class Action case filed in the Northern District before Judge Jeremy Fogel (Mandrigues v. World Savings Bank, Inc., et al.) Upon Filing his case, Johnson immediately served Wells Fargo banks, Unlawful Detainer Attorney, Fred Kaiser. Wells Fargo Attorney Kaiser ignored the complaint. Johnson’s case was subsequently transferred from the Northern District to the Eastern District of Sacramento on October 21, 2010 Case NO. 2:10-cv-02839, Johnson vs. Wachovia Bank FSB et al. Johnson initially filed his case Pro Se and later hired Attorney Roxanne Mosley. Mosley represented Johnson for a short period of time eventually abandoning Johnson’s case.
    On or about August 31, 2011 Johnsons case came before newly appointed Eastern District Court Judge Carolyn Delaney. October 6, 2011 Delaney filed an Order to Show Cause. On October 21, 2011 Johnson filed a Substitution of Attorney and a response to the Delaney Order to show Cause. Just entering the case, Johnson had been requesting from Delaney time to restructure and update his claim because there were defects in his First amended complaint and so much more violations that had occurred since Johnson’s original filing. Delaney denied Johnson that opportunity and on April 11, 2012, Document Query 46, Delaney ordered Johnson to Serve on Defendants Wells Fargo Bank Johnsons defective complaint drafted by Johnson’s previous Attorney Mosley. Defendants Wells Fargo Bank after being served immediately filed a Motion to dismiss. Delaney thereafter decided on her own and in violation of her oath, her duty and the law, set Johnsons case on a course to intentionally dismiss his case.
    As Johnson filed his opposition to Defendant Wells Fargo Banks, Motion to dismiss, Johnson attached his proposed Second amended complaints to his answers, despite Delaney’s attempt to stop him from repairing his claims. Johnson added claims of Quiet Title, Racketeering under Rico, Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, Conspiracy to foreclose using false and fraudulent document and affricatives. Johnson attached documented evidence showing that Wells Fargo Bank employees robo-signed and used forged and false documents to foreclose. Some of Johnsons attached evidence show that documents were notarized but not even signed. Johnson even attached documents that were back dated. To top it off, Johnson showed that defendants made a material alteration on his Deed of Trust for his Yorktown Property. It was changed from its original form and filed with the wrong address. Johnson’s Yorktown property Deed of Trust clearly illegally had an unreferenced attachment to it in an attempt to repair the defect in the legal description. The attachment was done after Johnson signed the contract. What was most difficult for Johnson to deal with was that he was disabled and going through a major depression and stress at the time and seeking counseling. Johnson always informed Delaney in his documents to be patient with him because he was going through this and it will take him more time to complete his Second Amended complaint. Delaney ignored Johnson’s documents.
    On September 12, 2012 Delaney moved forward with defendant Wells Fargo’s Motion to dismiss trail. Transcripts show that District Court Judge Delaney conducted the trial to look procedural, but it was a sham trial. Despite all the evidence of fraud , and serious causes of actions Johnson claimed, Delaney intentionally and in violation of her oath and Duty suppressed all Johnson’s arguments, case law, arguments and evidence and refused at the hearing to allow any allegations of fraud to be put on record. Delaney asked both Johnson and Defendants Wells Fargo one main question. What is your legal theory? Delaney thereafter dismissed Johnson’s unfinished second amended complaint on the spot.
    The mistake that District Court Judge Delaney made was that she drafted, filed and mailed fraudulent Findings and Recommendations conclusion order #65 that dismissed Johnson’s case by intentionally misrepresenting Johnson’s legal theory and by suppressing Johnson’s legal arguments and Fraud evidence that were attached to his complaint. Delaney intentionally drafted her order to construe around case law and evidence Johnson presented as if they did not exist. District Court Judge Delaney knew of Defendant Wells Fargo Banks fraudulent activities. They were common knowledge. Delaney’s employer along with 49 other States Attorney Generals, were part of a nationwide Class Action which identified the same fraudulent conduct by these same defendants. Delaney intentionally suppressed Johnson’s evidence because she did not want a Pro Se Plaintiff (Johnson) to win his case. District Court Judge Delaney knew that if she acknowledged verbally or in writing the fraud that she would be required to leave Defendants Wells Fargo Bank right where they stand without a defense. Delaney refused to allow this to happen as duty required her to do.

  13. How has my address of 22 years that wrongfully foreclosed on with temp mail address and I have chair shower to sleep use
    Where do I stand with my foreclosure that destroyed my life put me out to pasture still in out of my car. Do I get any compensation. I am lost confused just a mess

    1. God and compensation Jesus the Christ who should always and forever come first in our lives is on the job just put all of your faith the size of a mustard seed in him also stand in agreement with Gods word along with all tee other 62 million and it shall come to pass especially since the Lord our shepherd said he would put a roof over our heads and his word never comes back void as he have many reasons for all he do and the ones he discerned on my spirit are as followers some people did not get their homes right in the first place some were having to pay for their homes over and over and over and some will now get Gods very best this is the way he have chosen to get the job done and he is to wise to make a mistake he is to just to do wrong and he can do anything but fail he is always and for ever on the job so do not worry fret panic have fear or try to seek justice yourself let go and let GOD

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