3 thoughts on “2 fraud factories of foreclosure video”

  1. 3 cheers for this congressman. i wish california would take this mans speech and follow the same and protect us instead of letting these foreclosures happen to many people here in california. i know because i am one who lost there home to wells fargo, who has been homeless and living in my car since september 8th of this year and i am one who can’t find an attorney to represent me with out high costs. i am just one in a million. and we all suffer.

  2. i have been digging up this information my own self too,….why do we not do anything about this ???…….lets get our own group of private attorneys together and do mass lawsuits,…we have an overwhelming voice if we get together,….i believe from what i am percieving -that timothy guiehtner is a major reason why we are seeing little action from the government ,,mr guiehtner needs the banks to be in top shape to be able to compete worldwide,,in fact he called the 50 ag’s on the resent settlement on the non fannie mae loans and said “”he wanted a quick settlement””…….all at the detriment of homeowners,we need to force california to hear unlawfull forclosure type cases in an extreem ,serious and just manor…..change the system for the better.

  3. I can only hope more people like this man will stop to look and then start to ask questions. It has been sold to the public that banks do not want to foreclose because they lose money and that all of this talk about fraud was just from dead beats trying to beat the system to get a free home. When you start to look at the whole picture it is becoming very clear that this is a major fraud and it was that way from day one. The banks were making bad loans because they knew they could get them rated as AAA investments then have wall street sell that investment. Each day another lawsuit is settled where investors are making the same claims and having some of their money returned to them. There is more, after the bonds were rated and sold the banks made side bets with credit default swaps that the AAA rated bonds would go down in value. Others who fell for the AAA rating took those bets only to see the bad loans in fact go down in value with the banks winning big on their credit default swaps. If the bank received money from the credit default swaps would that not be credited to your mortgage? If your house burns down and you have ins, that ins pays your mortgage first, then you if there is any left over. So if my loan was in a investment that had bets with credit swaps that paid off,then why didn’t my loan also get paid off. If a true accounting was done, millions would find that their mortgage should have been paid off and then some of the winning passed on to the homeowner. Not only does wall street owe me a free house they owe me some of the profit they made off my loan. I will be turning this over to a debt collector very soon for them to sue the hell out of wall street. Let them have a dose of there own meds, let them feel the pain that I and millions of others have had to go thru the past few years, or better, put their sorry asses in jail, with my dumb ass cousin Bubba. He will do, what so needs to be done to their rear ends.

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