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11 thoughts on “1 CLASS ACTION VIDEO”

  1. please email 1 class action video and tila law suit with stay of eviction for no disclosures and tila viiolaitons

  2. Why did my loan number change when the service
    of the my loan changed? My loan was originated with Downey savings and sold just before they were seized in Nov 2008. I have found the the original loan number still active in a mortgage loan trust. I went to the county recorders office and the grantee is still Downey Saving from 2008. Are the banks possibly using the new second loan number also as collateral backing in a MBS ? How do a find out if my deed has been assigned if the country recorder information has not been updated ?

    1. Bank of America foreclosed my property after I filed chap 13, and they were notified by the lawyer in time to stop it. they even told the lawyer that the trustee sale would be stopped but we later found out that they sold my property to third party.
      What should I do about that. do I have a case.

    2. Hey Will I just saw what happened to you regarding the loan # changes. I also had the same thing happen to me in October 2009 by Bank of America. They would never respond to my QWR’s. At the same time they completely changed the loan terms and wouldn’t respond. If you can email me at bobcapmailbox-misc@yahoo.com

  3. I have a dear friend who is facing loss of her home due to a foreclosure and possible short sale. Could you forward to me the information on the class action suit if it is still underway? I can refer her to you by email also. Her Name is Nancy F Ramey in southern California.

  4. We lived in our home for 28 years. Our lender defrauded us about the loan. We were charged excessive fees totaling more than 50% of the loan amount, as well as a usurious rate of interest. The lender did not reinstate the Bank of America $4,017.79 . Chicago Title did not pay the Bank of America $4,017.79. We were charged $7,500.00 for a $15,000 loan. Can I join your class action, I have a lot more

  5. I was just ut through my 8th loan modification apllication. I had a WAMU loan and when it went to Chase the trouble started.I was told by the investment company I paid $3,600 tomodify my loan the firs ttime to stop makign payments to look more attractive to the bank for modification. I did and got scared and went in with cash in hand and the bank refused to take my money. I tried this multiple times to make my house payment and was turned away from Chase then as they were not setup yet and didnt have processes in place for me to make my payments yet. I got my loan in December 2007. We moved in and two months later I lost my fiance’s income and was left on my own to try to support this new home. Several loan mod companies, then a lawyer then a second lawyer later I still did not have any results. The first company refused to return my money to me after Schwarzenagers law came out and the companies kept going out of business while in the middle of my modifications. They did get a few mnth forbearance and then the bank claimed I would get modified a tthe end of the forbearance then the bank moved out my forbearance and enver modified even though they said they would modify me. I have an ARM loan that is 8.49% at full makret value of 1,000,000. Of course it’s not worth that now.
    So I just did another loan mod after going through NACA and being promised a modification and hours of documents, then I spoke with the representative and he said i would qualify for a loan mod as I had enough income now. 5 renters and I live in the residence plus three jobs which I am working and they will still not modify me. I just got my last loan mod done where they once again promised me I qualified and then turned me down October 14th and now the sale date is Nov. 10th. My hardship is temporary and yet they won’t help me becasue I do not qualify for a generic HAMP or CHAMP which I knew my loan was too big for before this even started. They said I am too far in the rears now, why because they wouldn’t take my payments. Months ago they intercepted my insurance and took it from State Farm when I was paying it monthly leaving all my contents uninsured. My lawyer filed BK7 and I have no debt left except a student loan. He now wants to file a new BK11 which was discussed in bankrupsy court and the judge allowed me to go back to th bank to work this out, the bank will not modify. They have had me on ice all this time with no workout. The judge didn’t like my attorney as he did a generic BK7 now he wants $15,000 for the BK11 toargue my home loan through them instead of the state litigation. He has $9,000 from me I have paid without a single piece of paper he has filed on this case. I am so worried and distraught over losing this home andduring the BK paperwork US Bank newly appeared on my paperwork as the investor, that was new to me!

  6. Name: Ray Shelton
    Email: shel3r@aol.com
    Feedback or Comments: Mr. Livinglies, Please get the word out ASAP, we now have proof that US Bank and SN servicing are involved in submitting forged documents to the court. Our deed is forged and we will be presenting the information to the FBI. I have found others who are claiming the same thing, we need everyone to join in this battle for a class action case. Please have them send me their names and address if they have some proof. Proof is what we need. Please have you readers take a real close look at the docs that have been submitted to the courts. Is the papper the same as when they signed? Is the ink in royal blue as signed or is it now black? Any change may be the proof needed to show massive nation wide fraud on the American People and our courts. The Board of Directors of US BANK and SN SERVICING, the managers and the processors should be charged with criminal racketeering. Our Attorney is JEFF BARNES from Beverly Hills Ca. He is a big pit bull who is winning all across this nation. Ray Shelton
    Phone Number: 352 274 8467
    zip code: 34432

  7. to sondra creed i too have a wamu loan in ct now 3 years watch out for people who dont want to work just your money, even when you have acase handed to them on a platter terrible to just get lip service

  8. Hi
    I must say thank you.)
    I been kinda told that they may come and take me up out of here before the storm.
    They better let angel my dog be right beside me. And I’m sick inside due to my granddaughter my son said last Monday he would go if
    I asked and ask only that they find him a job in hospital respatory therapist board certified this way we can start new. And be together. Heard possible 7 years away I was thinking if I’m a whistle blower my life is in danger. I don’tike knowing this nor leaving my family we been apart too long and it sounded as we were getting our home back so we been on hold. I must remember to have someone talk to him and make sure that their all safe also. God help me. Guess I opened a can of whip ass. It is what it is and some times we must do what only leaving my sweetheart who just started walking breaks my heart. Honestly will I be safe? I don’t have any thing together nor know what I would even take.
    Yes scared little but not. Something must start changing history. And it Has started
    Thank you for every kind thing you did
    Just being here and keeping my story safe. I read about asbestos and remembered when had kitchen tiled I asked to do hall out to garage and 1/2 bath but be said this may cause asbestos ? Maybe that house that turned into our home was not healthy
    Just so I do not have to be on stand drilled by all the Legual teams I’m
    Not sure I would handle this one.
    Ahh I’m lost for words and not trying to destroy the economy nor get anyone hurt. No more fighting I had more then my share
    Keep me in prayers save and with my family
    Dam this is hard not knowing
    : re

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