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Publishing Paper not of general Circulation Trustee sale not valid Government code 6000

4 Feb

We have uncovered a number of the Newspapers that “publish” for 21 days the notice of Trustee sale are not legally qualified to do so.
A “newspaper of general circulation” is a newspaper published for the dissemination of local or telegraphic news and intelligence of a general character, which has a bona fide subscription list of paying subscribers, and has been established, printed and published at regular intervals in the State, county, or city where publication, notice by publication, or official advertising is to be given or made for at least one year preceding the date of the publication, notice or advertisement.
The Paso Robles Press in Paso Robles California are not Judicially adjudicated and they are printed outside the county, We are currently litigating cases and having the Trustee Sales set aside. This paper is printed hundreds of miles ouside the San Luis Obispo county in Watsonville, California and they have published hundreds of Legal notices.

Generally speaking, the statutory, nonjudicial foreclosure procedure begins with the recording of a notice of default by the trustee. (§ 2924, subd. (a)(1).) 8  After the expiration of not less than three months, the trustee must publish, post, and mail a notice of sale at least 20 days before the sale, and must also record the notice of sale at least 14 days before the sale (§§ 2924, subds. (a)(1), (a)(2) & (a)(3), 2924f, subd. (b)(1);  see Moeller v. Lien (1994) 25 Cal.App.4th 822, 830, 30 Cal.Rptr.2d 777 (Moeller );  see also 4 Miller & Starr, supra, § 10:199, p. 623.)   The sale and any postponement are governed by section 2924g.  (Moeller, supra, 25 Cal.App.4th at p. 830, 30 Cal.Rptr.2d 777;  Miller & Starr, supra, § 10:201, p. 637.)

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