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Robo-signers List

25 Mar


FOR NEWEST LIST OF ROBO-SIGNERS  SEE http://takeyourhomeback.com/?p=428



What is a robo-signer?

Robo-signers are mortgage lending company employees who prepared and signed off on foreclosures without reviewing them, as the law requires. Jeffrey Stephan, the GMAC employee who was the first identified as a robo-signer, has acknowledged in sworn deposition that he prepared 400 such foreclosures a day. The discovery of robo-signers could simply be the tip of the iceberg. If so, more revelations could only increase the pressure on large banks. Their potential exposure to losses could skyrocket.

What’s the significance?

The “robo-signing of affidavits and Assignments of Mortgage and all other mortgage foreclosure documents served to cover up the fact that loan servicers cannot demonstrate the facts required to conduct a lawful foreclosure. If it turns out that robo-signers did indeed sign off on loans without review, they committed fraud by claiming knowledge of a financial matter of which they had no personal knowledge. It could also mean that some people are wrongly being evicted from their houses.

From underwriting fraudulent mortgages; to shuffling it through the mortgage securitization chain without following proper legal procedures like the simple act of passing along paperwork; to concealing or doctoring basic facts when securitizing the mortgages and selling them to investors, large lenders and their partners on Wall Street could face hundreds of billions of dollars in losses by being forced to buy back faulty mortgages, some of which have already defaulted, from misled investors.

Investors bought mortgage-linked securities with the promise that the underlying mortgages conformed to basic underwriting standards, and that proper procedures were followed in the chain of securitization and a tax-exempt status. Steep losses on those investments and the discovery of potentially fraudulent activity are pushing investors to force banks to buy them back.

With all of the press robo-signing has gotten, it is a bit surprising that everyone is having such a hard time concluding whether these practices effect non-judicial foreclosures.
The topic has not gotten the treatment it deserves, I will try to help. The following are by no means a complete list, but are the most clear LEGAL reasons (setting aside pure moral questions and the U.S. Constitution) that the Robo-Signer Controversy will entitle hundreds of thousands of homeowners wrongfully foreclosed and evicted to sue in non-judicial foreclosure states.

Briefly, Robo Signers are illegal because fraud cannot be the basis of clear title, trustee’s deeds following Robo Signed sales are void as a matter of law, notarization is a recording requirement for many of the documents, which we also know was often botched, and most importantly because robo signed falsifications ARE meant for use in court, including unlawful detainers and bankruptcy matters.

Clear Title May Not Derive From A Fraud (including a bona fide purchaser for value).
In the case of a fraudulent transaction the law is well settled.

Numerous authorities have established the rule that an instrument wholly void, such as an undelivered deed, a forged instrument, or a deed in blank, cannot be made the foundation of a good title, even under the equitable doctrine of bona fide purchase. Consequently, the fact that purchaser acted in good faith in dealing with persons who apparently held legal title, is not in itself sufficient basis for relief.

It is the general rule that courts have power to vacate a foreclosure sale where there has been fraud in the procurement of the foreclosure decree or where the sale has been improperly, unfairly or unlawfully conducted, or is tainted by fraud, or where there has been such a mistake that to allow it to stand would be inequitable to purchaser and parties.

Hence, if forged Robo Signed signatures are used to obtain the foreclosure, it CERTAINLY makes a difference in non-judicial foreclosure states as well as judicial states.

Any apparent sale based on Robo Signed documents is void – without any legal effect – like Monopoly Money.

In turn, the law requires that the beneficiary execute and notarize and record a substitution for a valid substitution of trustee to take effect. Thus, if the Assignment of Deed of Trust/ Mortgage is robo-signed, the sale is void. If the substitution of trustee is robo-signed, the sale is void. If the Notice of Default is Robo-Signed, the sale is void.

These documents are not recordable without good notarization.The reason these documents are notarized in the first place is because otherwise they will not be accepted by the County recorder. Moreover, a notary who helps commit real estate fraud is liable.

Once the document is recorded, however, it is entitled to a “presumption of validity”, which is what spurned the falsification trend in the first place. Therefore, the notarization of a false signature not only constitutes fraud, but is every bit intended as part of a larger conspiracy to commit fraud on the court.

The documents are intended for court proceedings. A necessary purpose for these documents, AFTER the non judicial foreclosure, is the eviction of the rightful owners afterward. While the foreclosures are non-judicial, evictions afterwards still are conducted in court, although the process moves quickly and is mostly a “rubber stamping” by skeptical judges. However, as demonstrated below, once these documents make it into court, the bank officers and lawyers become guilty of FELONIES:

The Doctrine of Unclean Hands provides: plaintiff’s misconduct in the matter before the court makes his hands “unclean” and he may not hold with them the pristine remedy of injunctive relief. The unclean hands rule requires that the Plaintiff not cheat, and behave fairly. The plaintiff must come into court with clean hands, and keep them clean, or he or she will be denied relief, regardless of the merits of the claim. Whether the doctrine applies is a question of fact.

Robo Signed Documents Are Intended for Use in Bankruptcy Court Matters. One majorly overlooked facet is the extremely active bankruptcy court proceedings, where, just as in judicial foreclosure states, the banks must prove “standing” to proceed with a foreclosure. If they are not signed by persons with the requisite knowledge, affidavits submitted in bankruptcy court proceedings such as objections to a plan and Relief from Stays are perjured. The documents in support are often falsified evidence. Conclusion

Verified eviction complaints, perjured motions for summary judgment, and all other eviction paperwork after robo signed non judicial foreclosures are illegal and void. The paperwork itself is void. The sale is void. But the only way to clean up the hundreds of thousands of effected titles is through litigation, because even now the banks will simply not do the right thing. And that’s why robo signers count in non-judicial foreclosure states. Victims of robosigners in may seek declaratory relief and damages, an injunction and attorney’s fees for Unfair Business practices, as well as claims for slander of title; abuse of process, civil theft, and variety of other civil remedies. 

Final words: the “Robo” actions are just the tip of the iceberg but the “Robo” actions allowed part of the iceberg to be seen.

For the complete Congressional Written Report go to : http://www.foreclosureself-defense.com/downloads/Congressional_Foreclosure_Report.pdf

Admission by Florida Law Group- http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/37452927-FDLG-Admits-to-Violation-of-Professional-Conduct-Code-Jeffrey-Stephan-Affidavits.pdf,


  1. Any document signed by an officer of MERS. MERS states at www.mersinc.org that: Employees of the servicer will be certifying officers of MERS. This means they are authorized to sign any necessary documents as an officer of MERS. The certifying officer is granted this power by a corporate resolution from MERS. In other words, the same individual that signs the documents for the servicer will continue to sign the documents, but now as an officer of MERS.
  2. The signor of the document states that they are acting “solely as nominee” for some other party.
  3. The document was notarized in Dakota County, Minnesota
  4. The document was notarized in Hinnepin County, Minnesota
  5. The document was notarized in Duval County, Florida
  6. The document was notarized in Palm Beach County, Florida
  7.  The document was notarized in Pinellas County Florida
  8. The document was notarized in San Diego County, CA
  9.  The document was notarized in Fulton County, GA
  10.  The document was notarized in Polk County, IA
  11.  The document was notarized in Travis County, Texas
  12.  The document was notarized in Harris County, Texas
  13.  The document was notarized in Salt Lake County, Utah
  14. The document was execute the same day it was filed with the Court
  15. The party who signed the document executed it as “an authorized agent” for the servicer or the Plaintiff.
  16. The party who signed the document executed it as “an attorney in fact” for the servicer or the Plaintiff.
  17. The name of the signing party is stamped on the documents in block letters.
  18. The name of the servicer or Plaintiff is stamped on the document in block letters.
  19.  The document appears to be a standard form with “fill-in-the-blanks” for the names of the signors and entities.
  20.  The paragraph numbers are not consistent (for example the first page may end with paragraph 7 and the second page may start with paragraph 10)
  21.  The party who signed the document and the notary are the same person.
  22.  You cannot read the signature of the signor and the name is not printed out on the document. (some people refer to these a “squiggle marks”) The bottom line is you cannot decipher any name or word on the document.
  23.  The signature on the document consists of one loop in the shape of an “S” or something that looks like an “8”.
  24.  The date of the signature and the date of the notarization are not the same.
  25.  The same “officer” or Vice President” of a mortgage company or lender is also the “Vice President” or “officer” of many other entities or lenders in the chain of assignments or endorsements.
  26.  The same “officer” or “ Vice President” of a lender signing the documents is located in various cities throughout the United States.
  27.   The document includes numerous pre-stamped names and signatures.
  28.  The document includes a second page or last page notarization that does not conform in type font, style, format, texture, age, from the primary pages of the document.
  29.  Backdating effective dates on assignments.
  30.  Signatures of officers are dated years after an entity has been out of business, merged with another company or filed for bankruptcy.
  31.   The party who signed the document executed it as a representative of the servicer. 
  32.  The notary failed to attach a notarial seal. 
  33.  The notary failed to sign the notarization. 
  34.  The name of the party appearing before the notary is blank. 
  35.  The name of the party appearing before the notary is block stamped. 
  36.  The endorsement is not at the foot of the note, but on a separate page or allonge to the note. (if there is room at the foot of the note, the endorsement must appear there. An allonge may only be used if there is insufficient room at the foot of the note for the endorsement) 
  37.  The document purports to assign the mortgage or the deed of trust from the originator directly to the trust. 
  38.  The document that purports to assign the mortgage of deed of trust to the Trust is dated BEFORE the Trust was registered with the SEC.
  39.  The document that purports to assign the mortgage of deed of trust to the Trust was signed AFTER        the cut-off date for the transfer of all such to the  Trust pursuant to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.
  40.  The origination date on the mortgage note is not within the origination and cut-off dates provided for by the terms of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.
  41.  The mortgage note is assigned rather than endorsed from Party “A” to Party “B” or from any party to another party or entity.
  42.  The mortgage note is endorsed from the originator to the securitized Trust.
  43.  The mortgage note is endorsed from the originator to the current mortgage servicer.
  44.  The mortgage note is endorsed from the originator to the depositor for the securitized trust.
  45.  The affidavit is a “Lost Note Affidavit” filed by the mortgage servicer.
  46.  The affidavit is a “Lost Note Affidavit” filed by the Trustee for the securitized Trust and claims they never received the original Note. ( You can only file a lost note affidavit under the UCC if you possessed the Note before it was lost)
  47.  The assignment of mortgage or deed of trust was filed or signed after the filing of the bankruptcy case.
  48. The assignment of mortgage or deed of trust was filed or signed after the foreclosure proceeding began/was filed.
  49.  The assignment of mortgage or deed of trust was filed or signed after the filing of the Motion for Relief from Stay in Bankruptcy Court.
  50.  The affidavit was signed by an employee  MR Default Servicers or has the MR Default Servicers information on the document as an identification number.
  51.  The affidavit was signed by an employee  Promiss Solutions or has the Promiss Solutions information on the document as an identification number.
  52.  The affidavit was signed by an employee  NDEx Technologies, LLC or has the NDEx  information on the document as an identification number.
  53.  The affidavit was signed by the same attorney that signed the foreclosure complaint.
  54. The affidavit was filed by an employee of the attorney that filed the foreclosure complaint.
  55.  The documents are clearly two photocopies of the same document with different information filled in regarding the names of the assignor and assignee.
  56. The Note is stamped with the following: “Certified True Copy”.
  57.  The signature of the Vice President states that they are a Vice President of Lehman Brother Holding Company, but the printed or stamped name on the document is Lehman Brothers Bank, FSB.
  58.  The document is signed by a “Bank Officer” without any designation of the office/position held.
  59.  The affidavit is signed by the “designated agent” of any entity or party.
  60.  The affidavit includes one or more bar codes. ( Similar to the bar codes you see on items at the grocery store, etc.)
  61.  Any document signed by an individual who states that they are the “legal coordinator” for any entity involved in the lawsuit or chain of custody.
  62.  The return address on the Assignment or affidavit is to a third party provider, such as Financial Dimensions, Inc, FANDO or FNFS.
  63.  The transferor and the transferee  have the exact same physical address including the same street and/or P.O. box numbers.
  64.  The document bears the image: “This is not a certified copy”
  65.  The document refers to a Power of Attorney, but no such document is attached or filed and recorded.




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Beth Cottrell– Employee of Lenders Processing Services, claims is an employee of Chase, robo-signer, signed false affidavits, never had personal knowledge of contents. See full depo of May 18, 2010 at http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/BETH-COTTRELL-CHASE-HOME-FINANCE.pdf


Jeffrey Stephan– One of the largest robo-signers in the country, approx. 400 per week. See depo at  http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Deposition_of_Jeffrey_Stephan.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stephan_Jeffrey.BMP,

Krystal Hall– robo signer, see full deposition at http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/DEPOSITION_OF_KRYSTAL-HALL.pdf 

Stacy Spohn– Employee of Lenders Processing Services. See http://4closurefraud.org/2010/09/29/can-it-be-true-fraud-digest-mortgage-fraud-jpmorgan-chase-barbara-hindman-et-al/#comments 

Crystal Moore–  employee at Nationwide Title Clearing. See signatures at http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Doko_Dhurata.3.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Doko_Dhurata.4.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Doko_Dhurata.5.pdf,  See video deposition at http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/07/sff-exclusive-video-deposition-of-nationwide-title-crystal-moore/ 

http://search.wn.com/?template=cheetah-search-adv/index.txt&action=search&results_type=news&search_string=crystal moore robosigner deposition on mortgage fraud of 4mp4&language_id=1&sort_type=-pub-datetime&corpus=current&search_type=expression 

Margaret Dalton– Employee of Lenders Processing Services. See http://4closurefraud.org/2010/09/29/can-it-be-true-fraud-digest-mortgage-fraud-jpmorgan-chase-barbara-hindman-et-al/#comments,  http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/  

SIGNED AFFIDAVIT BY AN EXPERT http://whatsignature.com/files/Affidavit_of_Robo-Signer_Margaret_Dalton.pdf

Christina Allen– see http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/

 Alfonzo Greene– see http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/

Laura Hescott– See http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hescott_Laura.pdf, and http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/03/12/topako-love-laura-hescott-christina-allen-eric-tate-officers-of-way-way-too-many-banks-part-deux-the-twilight-zone/ 

Bethany Hood– see http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hood_Bethany.GIF, http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/ http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo  

Barbara Hindman– Too many jobs at the same time http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.1.JPG, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.2.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.4.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.5.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.6.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.8.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.9.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.10.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.11.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.12.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.13.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.16.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Hindman_Barbara.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thievin_Shelley.JPG, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thievin_Shelley.1.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Seda_Roderick.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Seda_Roderick_1.pdf http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Seda_Roderick.3.pdf, http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/,  

http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/YEHiDw-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/AssignmentofMortgage.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/MTF5p2-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/MTF5p2-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nl6WZo-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/K8LQQ4-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/YEHiDw-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/AssignmentofMortgage.pdf.pdf

Shelley Thievenhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thievin_Shelley.JPG, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thievin_Shelley.1.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thievin_Shelley.2.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thieven_Shelley.7.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/AssignmentofMortgage.pdf.pdf,

Zuhra Huftio–  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huftio_Zuhra.JPGhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huftio_Zuhra.1.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huftio_Zuhra.2.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huftio_Zuhra.3.pdf,

Linda Green– employee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia, see different signature at http://www.frauddigest.com/TOO_MANY_JOBS.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.1.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.2.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.4.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thomas_Tywanna.2.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thomas_Tywanna.3.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.1.pdf,   http://www.myprivateaudio.com/11_Trust_Assignment_Fraud_Letter_to_SEC.doc , http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Cf2fyq-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/JkM4KF-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Linda%20Green%20no%20authority%20to%20sign%20on%20behalf%20of%20MERS%20Sept%202009.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/QHOlVR-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Registry%20of%20Deeds.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Untitled.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/VErRd8-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/green%20titles.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/l%20green.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Registry%20of%20Deeds.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Untitled.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_590_16232253_img.pdf, http://www.progressivenewsdaily.com/?p=10012 http://api.ning.com/files/aqSARSiTkefAl9393gVzsI3f4SH1*K1goYHMlptGDfY6PAwGI82Ew0u8u0YJVF82HF8Gbyo90CbsDap8NovcnUFMr36wxshl/JessicaOhdesignaturesamples.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/znwiYjn7FBGiR1q-G6aV1ttAWTjihjjK9WabIYLkCOgT4Hr7uzRUybEIxH6Grn-fe8TaUVTcQwhP1Zp-Xh8F0buIGRwrE3m5/LindaGreen5signaturesamples.pdf  – 5 different signatures

NO AUTHORITY: http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Linda%20Green%20no%20authority%20to%20sign%20on%20behalf%20of%20MERS%20Sept%202009.pdf. http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Corrective+Assignment%5b2%5d.pdf,

Karrel Harp–  employee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia http://www.frauddigest.com/TOO_MANY_JOBS.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.3.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.4.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thomas_Tywanna.1.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thomas_Tywanna.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.1.pdf,  http://www.myprivateaudio.com/11_Trust_Assignment_Fraud_Letter_to_SEC.doc , ,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/FCOT4y-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/JkM4KF-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/QHOlVR-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/RQndQL-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/VErRd8-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/W6XJgC-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/green%20titles.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/t%20thomas.pdf, http://api.ning.com/files/aqSARSiTkefAl9393gVzsI3f4SH1*K1goYHMlptGDfY6PAwGI82Ew0u8u0YJVF82HF8Gbyo90CbsDap8NovcnUFMr36wxshl/JessicaOhdesignaturesamples.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/wcUUmX7oCvO2NtBWk4POMcHmea0acZWXrXKaYOW0K0h-mufX1-k3mk1GX*WGvcLM9frbdOD8LioPGYOg6gu1-yL82y-WI4S3/KorellHarpSignatureSamples.pdf

Jessica Ohde– employee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/VErRd8-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf, http://api.ning.com/files/aqSARSiTkefAl9393gVzsI3f4SH1*K1goYHMlptGDfY6PAwGI82Ew0u8u0YJVF82HF8Gbyo90CbsDap8NovcnUFMr36wxshl/JessicaOhdesignaturesamples.pdf  – 5different signatures http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/


Tawanna Thomasemployee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia , see different signatures at http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.1.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.2.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thomas_Tywanna.1.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thomas_Tywanna.2.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thomas_Tywanna.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.pdf,  http://www.myprivateaudio.com/11_Trust_Assignment_Fraud_Letter_to_SEC.doc , http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/t%20thomas.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/l%20green.pdf,  http://www.progressivenewsdaily.com/?p=10012  http://api.ning.com/files/znwiYjn7FBGiR1q-G6aV1ttAWTjihjjK9WabIYLkCOgT4Hr7uzRUybEIxH6Grn-fe8TaUVTcQwhP1Zp-Xh8F0buIGRwrE3m5/LindaGreen5signaturesamples.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/aqSARSiTkee3tbDeMIFoHE4wu1iHuumF-uiTADvL*knBNwLuoZg8h*a5CYRPbQbQtPiu2qQOgXIx58z8lsR3FMFtVwNko7hy/TywannaThomassignaturesamples.pdf  http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/  

Tawanna Thomas – TOO MANY JOBS http://www.frauddigest.com/TOO_MANY_JOBS.pdf,   http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Cf2fyq-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/FCOT4y-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/JkM4KF-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/QHOlVR-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/RQndQL-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/W6XJgC-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/green%20titles.pdf,  http://www.progressivenewsdaily.com/?p=10012  http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/

Jessica Leeteemployee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia. See http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Untitled.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_590_16232253_img.pdf,  

Shelley Scheffey– see http://www.frauddigest.com/TOO_MANY_JOBS.pdf,

Linda Thorsen–  employee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Green_Linda.4.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Thoresen_Linda.1.pdf,

Christina Huang–  employee of Lenders Processing Services, Fulton County Georgia http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huang_Christina.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huang_Christina.1.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huang_Christina.2.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Huang_Christina.3.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/Cf2fyq-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdfhttp://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/FCOT4y-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/JkM4KF-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/RQndQL-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/W6XJgC-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/green%20titles.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/t%20thomas.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/l%20green.pdf,

Dawn Williams– employee of Lenders Processing Services, Fulton County, Georgia http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/l%20green.pdf,

Cecelia Knox–  SEE http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/  http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/

 Topako Love– See http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/03/12/topako-love-laura-hescott-christina-allen-eric-tate-officers-of-way-way-too-many-banks-part-deux-the-twilight-zone/, http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/                              http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/                                                                        http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html 

Christine Allen– See http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/                http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/03/12/topako-love-laura-hescott-christina-allen-eric-tate-officers-of-way-way-too-many-banks-part-deux-the-twilight-zone/ http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Jodi Sobotta,- see http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/

Eric Tate– See http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/03/12/topako-love-laura-hescott-christina-allen-eric-tate-officers-of-way-way-too-many-banks-part-deux-the-twilight-zone/, http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/,  

Herman John Kennerty – employee of Wells Fargo Bank. False affidavits, see deposition at http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Full-Deposition-of-Wells_Fargo_John-Herman-Kennerty.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Kennerty_Herman_John.1.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Kennerty_Herman_John.2.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Kennerty_Herman_John.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Kennerty_John.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Kennerty_John.1.pdf, http://livinglies.wordpress.com/2010/03/29/caryn-a-graham-%E2%80%93-mers-assistant-secretary-bofa-countrywide-wells-fargo/                                                 http://www.dsnews.com/articles/jpmorgan-halts-foreclosures-robo-signers-appear-commonplace-2010-09-30 http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo

Judy Faber–  see full deposition at http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/WM_FULL_DEPOSITION_OF_RESIDENTIAL-FUNDING.GMAC_JUDY_FABER.pdf

Renee D. Hertzler– employee of Bank of America. See full deposition at http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/WM_FULL_DEPOSITION_TRANSCRIPT_OF_BANK_OF_AMERICA_RENEE_D_HERTZLER.pdf

Robert R. Stoudmire– see signature and false credentials at http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stoudemire_Robert.pdf

Roger Stotts– different signatures and credentials see  at http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stotts_Roger.2.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stotts_Roger.1.GIF, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stotts_Roger.3.JPG,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stotts_Roger.4.JPG, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stotts_Roger_D.GIF, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Stotts_Roger_D.1.GIF

Tamara Price– see full deposition at http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/WM_FULL-DEPOSITION-OF-CITI-RESIDENTIAL-AMC-TAMARA-PRICE.pdf http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

R.K. Arnold– former  CEO of MERSCORP and Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. Depo taken at the American Association for Justice, Washington, D.C. on September 25, 2009. See http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/MERS-DEPO-OF-CEO-RK-Arnold-2009.pdf

Margaret Dalton– Expert Affidavit by an Attorney, see http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Affidavit_of_Robo-Signer_Margaret_Dalton.pdf,  http://www.frauddigest.com/fraud.php?ident=4663 , http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/YEHiDw-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/forclosure%20deed.pdf.pdf,  

Liquenda Allotey– employee of Lenders Processing Services, Dakota County, MN signing as V.P. of MERS-  unreadable signature http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Unknown_MERS_-_First_Financail_Equities.GIF, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allotey_Liquenda.2.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allen_Greg.4.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allotey_Liquenda.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allotey_Liquenda.4.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allotey_Liquenda.5.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allotey_Liquenda.6.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allotey_Liquenda.7.pdf,

William Hultman–  actual MERS  executive– see full depo at http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/MERS%20VP%20William%20Hultman%20Deposition%20NJ.pdf,

Greg Allenhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allen_Greg.1.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allen_Greg2.1.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allen_Greg2.2.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allen_Greg.3.pdf, http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allen_Greg.4.pdfhttp://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allen_Greg.5.pdf,  http://www.whatsignature.com/files/Allotey_Liquenda.5.pdf,

Tam Doanhttp://money.cnn.com/2010/10/28/real_estate/robosigner/index.htm, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/28/tam-doan-robosigner-bank-of-america_n_775225.htmlhttp://realestate.about.com/b/2010/10/28/tam-doan-i-was-a-bank-of-america-robosigner-oct-28-2010.htm,

Stanley Silvadeposition http://4closurefraud.org/2011/01/21/more-wells-fargo-woes-full-deposition-of-stanley-silva-notice-of-default-robo-signer/#comment-18380

Nate Blackstun– – employee of CitiBank – http://mattweidnerlaw.com/blog/2010/07/the-new-foreclosure-fraud-battleground-fraud-and-motions-to-disqualify-counsel/

Jamie Hardcastle– employee of CitiBank – http://mattweidnerlaw.com/blog/2010/07/the-new-foreclosure-fraud-battleground-fraud-and-motions-to-disqualify-counsel/

Steven Nagyhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/20887303/New-Century-Mortgage-Forgeries-Notarized-Illegal-Stamped-Signatures-Newsletter-Nagy  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/0LNWLQ-ShowPDF.aspx.pdf.pdf http://4closurefraud.org/2011/01/09/fraudclosuregate-grandma-in-california-does-some-sleuthing-and-uncovers-major-robo-notary-violations/

NATIONAL DEFAULT SERVICING COMPANY – FULL DEPOSITION http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo

TICOR TITLE – FULL DEPOSITION http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo



Rosa C. Larahttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Tamara Pricehttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Christopher M. Zeishttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

John Shelleyhttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Ely Harlesshttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Jeff Rivashttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Cathy Menchisehttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Bryan Kusichhttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Margery Rotundohttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Jessica Dybashttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Albert Fiorellohttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Victor F. Parisihttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Leo Ortega, Jr.- http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Keri Selmanhttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/

Joe Lanninghttp://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/


Bank of America’s Robo-Signer Listhttp://www.scribd.com/doc/40927249/Bank-Of-America-Robo-signer-List

Tom Croft-employee of  Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC – Orange County CA.

G. Soberanis– employee of  Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC  and signer for Deutsche Bank– Orange County CA

Rachel Warmack– employee of  Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC – signing as VP of Option One Mortgage Corporation, Orange County, CA

Gino Tomasino – signing as Assistant Secretary of American Home Mortgage Servicing, Orange County, CA

Smith, Hiatt & Diaz –  Broward County, Florida http://whatsignature.com/files/Smith_Hiatt_Diaz_P.A._-_unknown_signature.JPG

Valerie Broom– employee of  Lender Processing Services, Duval County, Florida

Margaret Dalton- employee of  Lender Processing Services, Duval County, Florida

Michele Halyard- employee of  Lender Processing Services, Duval County, Florida

Michael Hunt- employee of  Lender Processing Services, Duval County, Florida

Joseph Kaminsky- employee of  Lender Processing Services, Duval County, Florida

Coleman Stokes – employee of  Lender Processing Services, Duval County, Florida

Tara Stabile– employee of Shapiro & Fishman, LLP signing as Vice President and Asst. Secretary of MERS for America’s Wholesale Lender, Hillsborough County, Florida

Scott Anderson– employee of  Ocwen Loan Servicing Palm Beach County, Florida http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_978_16592874_img.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_363_16824558_img.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_625_17027721_img.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_646_17433704_img.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_52_17505354_img.pdf.pdf,

Oscar Taveras– employee of  Ocwen Loan Servicing Palm Beach County, Florida, http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_52_17505354_img.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_646_17433704_img.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_52_17505354_img.pdf.pdf,

Doris Chapman– employee of  Ocwen Loan Servicing Palm Beach County, Florida, http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_52_17505354_img.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_52_17505354_img.pdf.pdf,

Leticia Ariasemployee of  Ocwen Loan Servicing Palm Beach County, Florida, http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html  http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_978_16592874_img.pdf.pdf, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_363_16824558_img.pdf,

Dana Moore– employee of Owen Laon Servicing, Palm Beach, County, Florida, http://www.frauddigest.com/indictments/nv_978_16592874_img.pdf.pdf,

Jonathan Burgess– employee of  Ocwen Loan Servicing Palm Beach County, Florida http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Laura Buxton– employee of  Ocwen Loan Servicing Palm Beach County, Florida http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Rebecca Winner– employee at Shapiro & Fishman, LP, Palm Beach County, Florida http://whatsignature.com/files/Shapiro_Fishman_LLP.1.GIF http://whatsignature.com/files/Shapiro_Fishman_LLP.GIF

Bryan Bly– employee of  Nationwide Title Clearing,  Pinellas County Florida http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Vilma Castro– employee of  Nationwide Title Clearing,  Pinellas County Florida http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Mary Jo McGowan – employee of  Nationwide Title Clearing,  Pinellas County Florida, signing as Asst V.P. Washington Mutual Bank

Dhurato Doko– employee of  Nationwide Title Clearing,  Pinellas County Florida, more above  http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Jessica Fretwell– employee of  Nationwide Title Clearing,  Pinellas County Florida and others http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Cheryl Thomas– employee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia,

Christie Baldwin– employee of Lenders Processing, Fulton County Georgia

Darin Bueltelsigning as V.P. Wells Fargo Financial, Polk County, IA

Kevin Butterweggesigning as V.P. Wells Fargo Financial, Polk County, IA 

Topeka Love– employee of Lenders Processing Services, Dakota County, MN

Christine Anderson- employee of Lenders Processing Services, Dakota County, MN

Dory or Dorey Goebel – employee of Lenders Processing Services, signing as Asst. Secretary of Option One Mortgage, Dakota County, MN

Christine Allen- employee of Lenders Processing Services, Dakota County, MN

Mark Bischop-  is a FIS Foreclosure Solutions notary from Dakota County, MN.

Eric Tate- employee of Lenders Processing Services, Dakota County, MN

Michael Ackerman– attorney at Zucker, Goldberg and Ackerman, NJ

Christina Trowbridge– employee of Chase Home Finance, Franklin County, OH, http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/09/29/here-comes-jpmorgan-chase-lender-processing-services-and-its-robo-signers/ http://api.ning.com/files/tlbopfq3IZ0rstKpWUwhKXuuhfsfFdGnDCFaVjhwU3zbo1YTXQHRy8OczkZTiaqKRsnKVwKz4vaDqg6H1IIk-2DS1sQryfJW/TowbridgeandCookChaseBankUSA6809.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/wwpdBrEz4Fz-ltD8ICz0te23fyFAAGjKHhznRJQEvlZXVqIAZoaEIGle2NJI7vHqmdid7QnQRFOmmRNiiT7RHzomi7tJV7tr/TowbridgeandCookJPMorganChaseBank122008.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/i0L51jUXROyI7sEHaUnVJtPbmqwdSlsf*XSl1ERD2xNKyqL9pmmYfqXKxJdvfwUB8iMy4HLlR-WsO3JtdNSu7pyfcdQvHwJI/TowbridgeandCookMERS52109.pdf

Whitney Cook– employee of Chase Home Finance, Franklin County, OH http://api.ning.com/files/gDnjnrj7Oj3riU2vVL9qsIcGIPTDad8znRRP*ea0YuASQtrKdQyOGeislELEw5Ix5JRpbYlqcPEuFHtqok4oY4YfkDEPFNuU/CookADO2.pdf http://api.ning.com/files/V33VP3LtT7615dwidPPUxlEKbZj-YQSviH8ywJqApvfZpFXgx9zVrJuuuWP-21L1*C*MPu56UbTvw7rr5VNe6gRbluekNIEa/CookCitibankEMC1_0003.pdf http://api.ning.com/files/4jnqlbCXwfs3Z3-ENgcbtAI8PtVjEEe18j-hetj0ZLHpOAhU*wooq8prvl7jmLs7P8e21Ao4FVmONCwYSba49IFrvpTt9701/CookandCottrellUSBankNAatFLehman7109.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/qwWP9H3ypGk*9U3tdBjULSquKCZaoH3hzp4GvpzbMFdYMAEHq7zsswHu5IkVQf02Q6t2q0LeZT-Qjs-spA9ZgTQXPBLjHE-N/CookandTowbridgeJPMorganChase52109.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/wwpdBrEz4Fz-ltD8ICz0te23fyFAAGjKHhznRJQEvlZXVqIAZoaEIGle2NJI7vHqmdid7QnQRFOmmRNiiT7RHzomi7tJV7tr/TowbridgeandCookJPMorganChaseBank122008.pdf http://api.ning.com/files/V33VP3LtT74vil7ye2kM4fb2kCnMyuszQ*YFk2W*lfMo6wy2qraegqrVisqOC6bqgI9w9ypw5kpFoO5pfuR5EuATeQiP-Jty/CookChaseBankNA12262008.pdf http://api.ning.com/files/gDnjnrj7Oj2sd8XrmTJLhSU8a-Xxp6wUDZGhZgvoEDmTIWXApXesiwh9X1n6d5VZlRlo1N8Qqxdc-v11R*QdGgr1N6O40MsA/CookChaseBankUSA82808.pdf http://api.ning.com/files/X1iGwvmnVRnZilM1l5ptzXKUJiG-*7K*aSyaTasWFKAR22*pr0iDks5vDLsCCB8RfW7I4qv57pSOze06AMOZfJ0hxm8TXwFR/CookChaseHomeFinance22509.pdf http://api.ning.com/files/HYdFdD9AInlkIIyoxOmR5Cb54FLjpkrPE-1FZKvc7V8lld59iIwVLaSZb-Qm17VrZs5py6XUteMlsUR-FZKYtIYiH8kGdLtV/CookMERS4909.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/tlbopfq3IZ0rstKpWUwhKXuuhfsfFdGnDCFaVjhwU3zbo1YTXQHRy8OczkZTiaqKRsnKVwKz4vaDqg6H1IIk-2DS1sQryfJW/TowbridgeandCookChaseBankUSA6809.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/i0L51jUXROyI7sEHaUnVJtPbmqwdSlsf*XSl1ERD2xNKyqL9pmmYfqXKxJdvfwUB8iMy4HLlR-WsO3JtdNSu7pyfcdQvHwJI/TowbridgeandCookMERS52109.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/qwWP9H3ypGnbgiBwiJxGflMKRoYt7Ij*LAZ71D*LO8UDNshAyR-ESB2r7XsETxGyDKCTVm3Ph9kTg3dS4oUOVDswPzN-jOSG/WhitneyKCookMERSAmnet2009MWAsg.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/HYdFdD9AInnaws6IJl6aLRPpbREuttbV2el5CAg5SZ-r3-H1Ud2QUSC2xo1zSxmAaV7JZgINGve3lPh*yenlAR3hA2fgq3Hn/2009.12.22PLWhitneyKCookResptoDFsInterr.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/Xt0W0vH8Dd6JTnuTtSHrH*Zw-ibhKCrFaaYetgNCSxa9erbDwER-Qj8jwqT3zPYj5*dw5pFcs8cjeGSf1mbo2bZJenG5cADk/CookVerification0603.pdf  http://api.ning.com/files/RDFm1oi-lqT4WIIV9acxA4SgAuHsyeUvmCH78T1-6t7habrP*NEKKJD3ID5A1MTWrwwRxsamKRVX80k01NMQLQuO3Vn-EXp4/WhitneyKCookAllonge.pdf

Kevin Prieshoff- signing as Asst. Secretary & V.P. of MERS, Hamilton County, OH

Laura Carroll– Foreclosure Specialist for Home Loan Services, Allegheny County, PA

John Kerr– GMAC / Homecomings, Montgomery County, PA http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

China Brown– employee of  America’s Servicing Company, York County, SC http://www.frauddigest.com/fraud.php?ident=4670  http://whatcomforum.blogspot.com/2010/10/wells-fargo-and-its-robo-signers-must.html http://wfhmcaught.blogspot.com/2010/10/oh-good-grief-wells-fargo-will-you.html http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/                                                          http://www.dsnews.com/articles/jpmorgan-halts-foreclosures-robo-signers-appear-commonplace-2010-09-30                                                  http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-11-01/wells-fargo-foreclosure-robo-signer-draws-maryland-dismissal-motion.html                                  http://stopforeclosurefraud.com/2010/11/16/mind-blowing-judge-schack-names-robo-signers-in-many-foreclosure-cases-greatest-hits/ http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo

Xee Moua– employee of  America’s Servicing Company, York County, SC http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-11-01/wells-fargo-foreclosure-robo-signer-draws-maryland-dismissal-motion.html  http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo

Noriko Colstonhttp://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo

Natasha Clark – Employee of America’s Servicing Company, York County, SC- signing as V.P. Washington Mutual Bank                                           http://whatcomforum.blogspot.com/2010/10/wells-fargo-and-its-robo-signers-must.html http://www.veritasaudits.com/blog/tag/intentional-misrepresentation/ http://wfhmcaught.blogspot.com/2010/10/oh-good-grief-wells-fargo-will-you.html

Heather Carrico- employee of America’s Servicing Company, York County, SC http://whatcomforum.blogspot.com/2010/10/wells-fargo-and-its-robo-signers-must.html http://wfhmcaught.blogspot.com/2010/10/oh-good-grief-wells-fargo-will-you.html

Micall Bachman a.k.a. Michelle Bachman– signing as V.P. of Argent Mortgage, Collin County, TX- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/10/robo-signers-threaten-foreclosure-lawyers_n_795291.html                                                              http://www.scribd.com/doc/40927249/Bank-Of-America-Robo-signer-List http://washingtonexaminer.com/nep/2010/11/robo-signing-mers-issues-create-new-concerns-foreclosure-buyers

Marti Noriega- employee of  Litton Loan Servicing, LP, Harris County, TX- http://whatsignature.com/files/Unknown_-_from_South_Carolina.pdf  http://www.deanmostofi.com/?p=924

Denise Bailey– employee of  Litton Loan Servicing, LP, Harris County, TX http://www.housingwire.com/2010/11/12/florida-court-robo-signing-not-sufficient-to-stop-foreclosure                                                                      http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html                                                    http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/

Diane Dixon– employee of  Litton Loan Servicing, LP, Harris County, TX- http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/the-dirty-dozen-banks-most-responsible-for-foreclosure-fraud/

D.M. Wileman– signing as VP of MERS, Tarrant County, TX

Brian Burnett– employee of  IndyMac Bank Home Loan Servicing, Travis County, TX- http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Kristen Kemp– employee of  IndyMac Bank Home Loan Servicing, Travis County, TX http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Suchan Murray – employee of  IndyMac Bank Home Loan Servicing, Travis County, TX http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Chamagne Williams– employee of  IndyMac Bank Home Loan Servicing, Travis County, TX http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Dennis Kirkpatick– employee of  IndyMac Bank,  Williamson County, TX (years after IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. ceased to exist, many of the signers will sign as officers of IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. (the entity that should have made the assignment to the trust years earlier) http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Eric Friedman- IndyMac Bank (years after IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. ceased to exist, many of the signers will sign as officers of IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. (the entity that should have made the assignment to the trust years earlier)                           http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Luisa Alfonso– employee of Select Portfolio Servicing, Salt Lake County, UT http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Bill Koch- employee of Select Portfolio Servicing, Salt Lake County, UT http://pippinghole.blogspot.com/2010/12/robo-signers-signors-names-revealed.html

Pam January- signer for CR Title and CitiMortgage              http://www.loansafe.org/forum/citi-mortgage/36803-mers-robo-citimortgage-sold-loan-pennymac-aug-2010-a.html

Lisa Markham– signer for CR Title, CitiMortgage and Deutsche Bank http://www.loansafe.org/forum/citi-mortgage/36803-mers-robo-citimortgage-sold-loan-pennymac-aug-2010-a.html

Tam Doan- signer at Bank of America               http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/10/28/tam-doan-robosigner-bank-of-america_n_775225.html                                            http://realestate.about.com/b/2010/10/28/tam-doan-i-was-a-bank-of-america-robosigner-oct-28-2010.htm

Chris Jones –  http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo

Brenda McKinzyhttp://www.deanmostofi.com/?p=924 http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/122195-bank-of-america-suspends-foreclosure-proceedings-in-23-states

Daniella Marie Garretthttp://www.deanmostofi.com/?p=924  http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/122195-bank-of-america-suspends-foreclosure-proceedings-in-23-states

Debra Lymanhttp://www.deanmostofi.com/?p=924 http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/122195-bank-of-america-suspends-foreclosure-proceedings-in-23-states

John Crandallhttp://www.deanmostofi.com/?p=924 http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/122195-bank-of-america-suspends-foreclosure-proceedings-in-23-states http://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo

Leigh Blackwellhttp://www.deanmostofi.com/?p=924 http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/122195-bank-of-america-suspends-foreclosure-proceedings-in-23-states

Martha Kunkle– died in 1995-see http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204204004576049902142690400.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

Melissa Bellhttp://www.deanmostofi.com/?p=924  http://www.massrealestatelawblog.com/2010/10/02/major-lenders-halt-foreclosures-over-concerns-with-faulty-documents/  http://livinglies.wordpress.com/2010/11/05/georgia-notary-fraud-revealed-by-tv-investigation/  http://thehill.com/blogs/on-the-money/banking-financial-institutions/122195-bank-of-america-suspends-foreclosure-proceedings-in-23-states http://homesolutioncounselors.com/indymac-onewest-time-to-halt-foreclosures

Stanley Silvahttp://www.gastonforeclosures.org/full_deposition_transcript_of_ticor_title_stanley_silva__notice_of_defaults__lps__fidelity__mers__wells_fargo 

BANK OF AMERICA ROBO-SIGNERS – AS RECORDED IN PUBLIC RECORDS  FILED / EFFECTIVE DATE 3/18/2010  http://www.scribd.com/doc/40927249/Bank-Of-America-Robo-signer-List

Carrie Erbe– Senior Vice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Catherine M. Gorlewski– Senior Vice President Vice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Jeanette Grodsky– Senior Vice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Suzanne M. Haumesser – Senior Vice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Cynthia A. Mach– Senior Vice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Mark Acosta – Senior Vice-President- of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Brandon Sciumbato– Senior Vice President

John S. Smith– Senior Vice President

David P. Sunlin – Senior Vice President

Christine AlbertVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Lisa AllinsonVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Micall  BachmanVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Lance BellVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Donald R. ClarkVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Kimberly DawsonVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Renee HertzlerVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Lancia HerzogVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Mary  LoosVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Mary KistVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Michael PrindleVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Rhoena RiceVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Sheri SolumVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Melissa ViverosVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Rhonda WestonVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Jill WosnakVice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Gregory Higeons – Assistant Vice  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Michele Holtz – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Kaneisha Hunley- Assistant Vice President  of  Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Holly M. Jarmusz – Assistant Vice President of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Deborah A. Jurek – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Barbara Komisarof – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Bridget Lett – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Cody Mahon – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Cheryl Mallory- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Susan McCaughan- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Timothy E. Moran- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Roxanne Nowicki- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Frances Pecoraro- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

David M, Perez- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Laura M. Pirritano – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Tania Ramos – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Robert Rybarczyk- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Ken Satsky- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Joyce Sciumbato – Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Keri Selman- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Teresa Skinner- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

TiaQuanda Turner- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Sandra Williams- Assistant Vice President  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Ashley Barraza – Assistant Secretary  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Destiny Bentley – Assistant Secretary  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Tyira Ganison – Assistant Secretary  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Benjamin Hillis – Assistant Secretary  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Julia Myra- Assistant Secretary  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

Gregory J. Price – Assistant Secretary  of Bank of America / BAC GP, LLC / BAC Home Loans LP formerly Countrywide Home Loans

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The Robo-Signing Mess Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Mortgage Putbacks Will Be the Harbinger of the Collapse of Big Banks that Will Dwarf 2008!

31 Oct

The Robo-Signing Mess Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, Mortgage Putbacks Will Be the Harbinger of the Collapse of Big Banks that Will Dwarf 2008!

Today, October 12, 2010, 1 hour ago | Reggie MiddletonGo to full article

Now that the Robo-Signing scandals have achieved full notoriety through the media, it is time to address the real issues facing investors in bank stocks. I also believe that the media is staring at the wrong target. Each major media outlet is copying what is popular or what the next outlet broke as a story versus where the true economic risks actually lie – which is essentially the real story and where the meat actually is. Here’s what’s truly at stake – the United States is now at risk of losing its hegemony as the financial capital of the world! Why? Because when we had the chance to put the injured banks to sleep and redirect resources to into new productivity, we instead allowed politics to shovel 100′s of billions in tax payer capital into zombie institutions as they turned around and paid much of it right back out as bonuses. As a result, significant capital has been destroyed, the original problem has metastized, and the banks are still in zombie status, but with share prices that are multiples of the actual values of the entities that they allegedly represent – a perfect storm for a market crash that will make 2008 look like a bull rally! For those who feel I am being sensationalist, I refer you first my track record in making such claims.

The Japanese tried to hide massive NPAs in its banking system after a credit fueled bubble burst by sweeping them under a rug for political reasons. Here’s a newsflash – it didn’t work, it hasn’t worked for 20 years, and despite that Japan is embarking on QE v3.3 because it simply doesn’t believe that it is not working. Here are the steps the US is consciously taking it its bid to enter a 20 year deflationary spiral like Japan, and may I add that these steps were clearly delineated on BoomBustBlog ONE YEAR ago (Bad CRE, Rotten Home Loans, and the End of US Banking Prominence? Thursday, November 12th, 2009), so no one can say this is a surprise.

Step one: Hide the Truth!


Step two: Formulate intricate lies to placate the masses

In this case, the US bank stress tests: You’ve Been Bamboozled, Hoodwinked and Lied To! Here’s the Proof. What Are You Going to Do About It?. We have government complicity in the purposeful opacity of the values of the mortgage assets (see the FDIC “Prudent Commercial Real Estate Loan Workouts” guidance issued Oct 30th, as reported by the WSJ: Banks Hasten to Adopt New Loan Rules and the new FDIC guidance that states performing loans “made to creditworthy borrowers” will not require write downs “solely because the value of the underlying collateral declined”).

Step three: Being forced to face the music

This is where we are now, and I will go through this in more detail below

Step four: The eradication of US banks from global prominence

Not the floundering of the banks that I predicted in 2007 and 2008, but the outright collapse of many (and probably most) of the big ones, or at the very least significant shrinkage. Does this sound outrageous to you? For those of you who believe that the government’s “pretend and extend” policy has any chance in hell of working, or better yet, that we are not following in the footsteps of Japan, let’s take a pictorial trip through recent history. There are practically no Japanese banks in the top 20 bank category on  global basis by 2003 – NONE (save potentially Nomura, which arguably survived in name, alone). As you can see, they literally dominated 90% of the space in 1990!

Click to enlarge…


Source: Cap Gemini Banking M&A

The European banks are not faring much better than the US banks,either – reference the Pan-European Sovergein Debt Crisis, as I see it. This is so much more serious than robo-signing scandals, and I have been shouting about this non-sense of 3 years straight. Well, are we following the Japanese “Lost Path”? Notwithstanding the damning evidence of hide the truth and hide amongst lies linked to above, ponder the following rather dated, but still quite poignant data…




Source: Nomura on Balance Sheet Recessions

Keep in mind that the US housing futures data above is based on the unrealistically optimistic Case Shiller index – reference Those Who Blindly Follow Housing Prices Without Taking Other Metrics Into Consideration Are Missing the Housing Depression of the New Millennium.

Robo-Signing: What is the  real issue at hand?

The Robo-Signing issues have arisen because some mortgage servicers have been signing off foreclosure documents without actually reading them, or doing so without the presence of a notary. Thus, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) has directed seven of the US’ biggest lenders — BAC, JPM, WFC, Citi, HSBC, PNC and UBS  — to review their foreclosure processes. Consequently, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and GMAC Mortgage have suspended foreclosure cases in 23 states after noting their employees may have mishandled foreclosure documents. Goldman Sachs is following suit via their Litton Loans arm. It should also be noted that the document forgery issues penetrate much farther than just distressed properties and foreclosures. Evidence has surfaced that all types of forgeries and misrepresentations are abound in all types of mortgage paperwork. 4closureFraud (a sight where I sourced a lot of the recent robo-signing scandal info from) has a post that actually shows  President Obama’s mortgage paperwork as a “Victim to Chase Robo-Signer” This mess, in and of itself, will be difficult to untangle.

For those who didn’t notices, this is a regulatory “hold it” to the MERS system and an alert to its constituency, many of whom are subjects of extensive BoomBustBlog forensic analysis. Major MERS shareholders include:

These companies will start infighting as their myriad interest start to conflict with each other. Title insurers will balk at insuring what could be defective title, banks will fight insurers who will try to renege on insurance and/or put back loans through the warranties and representations clause as losses to investors mount though either increased expenses to work out the paperwork mess or outright losses due to fraud.

Make no mistake, the amount of litigation that is being thrown at these banks and service companies is significant, and they are shining lights on aspects of the banking world that were most conveniently kept secret, as in this class action suit that outlines the contradictory wording in the MERS paperwork (reference pages 10, 11 and 15). Pages 15 on makes issue of fraudulent assignments, of Robo-Signing fame – see for yourself;

Here is a deposition of one of the “said” secretaries from another suit in New Jersey…

#000000;”>Does MERS have any salaried employees?
A No.
Q Does MERS have any employees?
A Did they ever have any? I couldn’t hear you.
Q Does MERS have any employees currently?
A No.
Q In the last five years has MERS had any
A No.
Q To whom do the officers of MERS report?
A The Board of Directors.
Q To your knowledge has Mr. Hallinan ever
reported to the Board?
A He would have reported through me if there was
something to report.
Q So if I understand your answer, at least the
MERS officers reflected on Hultman Exhibit 4, if they
had something to report would report to you even though
you’re not an employee of MERS, is that correct?
MR. BROCHIN: Object to the form of the
A That’s correct.
Q And in what capacity would they report to you?
A As a corporate officer. I’m the secretary.
Q As a corporate officer of what?
Q So you are the secretary of MERS, but are not
an employee of MERS?
A That’s correct.

How many assistant secretaries have you
appointed pursuant to the April 9, 1998 resolution; how
many assistant secretaries of MERS have you appointed?
A I don’t know that number.
Q Approximately?
A I wouldn’t even begin to be able to tell you
right now.
Q Is it in the thousands?
A Yes.
Q Have you been doing this all around the
country in every state in the country?
A Yes.
Q And all these officers I understand are unpaid
officers of MERS
A Yes.
Q And there’s no live person who is an employee
of MERS that they report to, is that correct, who is an
MR. BROCHIN: Object to the form of the
A There are no employees of MERS.

And even more damning, this particular suit gets right to the heart of the matter from an economic AND legal perspective (something that the previous suits have not) and that is that the banks were complicit in overvaluing both the lender and the collateral at the point of underwriting, and doing so on a broad basis. This is the notion behind my premise that a wave of losses and litigation will be coming any minute now as investors and the insurers facing claims from those investors attempt to put back loans on a wide scale and near universal basis as the rampant fraud of the real estate bubble of the new millenium is exposed and litigated throughout the court system.Those entities that swallowed loan mills such as Wachovia, Countrywide, Nationwide, Lehman, Bear Sterns, Merrill Lynch and WaMu will be feeling their indigestion.

I read through portions of a couple of filings and there appears to be some technical errors and maybe even a slight misunderstanding of the banking business, but if these guys (the plaintiff’s attorneys) get their act together in terms of coordinating with each other and getting some real expertise on the subject matter to bolster their filings, I really don’t see how this will not – at the very least – materially drive the expense ratios of both the banks and the investment pools, and at worst hasten the inevitable demise of those entities that underwrote or bought the bad paper then paid the gift of US taxpayer capital (TARP,ZIRP, PPIP, etc. ) out as bonuses versus alleviating the matter at hand.

Impact on RMBS and CDOs

Most analysts believe that a break in foreclosures will not be an optimistic sign for Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS).  This is because RMBS portfolios that contain the foreclosure loans will likely experience higher loss severities due to longer liquidation timelines.  Additionally, the RMBS market is expected to witness a large number of repurchases as well as higher monetary losses and ratings downgrades if it is proved that loans were not serviced in accordance with regulatory guidelines. Of course, I believe that servicing is the minor issue. It is the faulty underwriting that is the canary in the goldmine here, and the servicing issues is simply the impetus that will shine the light on the premise that at least half of the high LTV loans written were done so on a fraudulent basis.

GMAC Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed Over Alleged … Oct 4, 2010 GMAC Homeowners In Maine File Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Against GMAC Mortgage Over Alleged False Foreclosure Documents, Affidavits and.

Wrongful Foreclosure Class Action « Timothymccandless’s Weblog

Jan 15, 2010 13 Responses to “Wrongful Foreclosure Class Action” I would like to be included in your class action lawsuit. I am a victim of predatory

o    According to Canadian rating agency DBRS “The recent findings could have far reaching implications throughout the industry with hundreds of thousands of homeowners contesting foreclosures that are in process or have been completed; ultimately causing servicers to face losses due to expensive litigation and class action lawsuits. The biggest uncertainty remains on how the courts will view the “legality” of foreclosures that have already taken place and what actions, if any, will be taken to remedy the situation.

DBRS believes that servicers will be able to quickly correct and refile any deficient affidavits in addition to implementing the appropriate controls to ensure there is not another breakdown in process. However, RMBS that contain these loans will likely experience higher loss severities due to longer liquidation timelines, negative rating actions and the potential for loans to be repurchased out of the transaction due to breaches of representation and warranties if it is proven that they were not serviced in accordance with applicable guidelines. DBRS will continue to monitor the impact of this situation on its rated transactions and take any rating actions as necessary” (Source: http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/10/05/360811/from-robo-signing-to-rmbs/)

o    Researchers at DBRS also highlighted that the robo-signing debacle will likely lead to a large number of residential mortgage-backed securities repurchases as well as higher monetary losses and continual ratings downgrades if it is proven that loans were not serviced in accordance with federal guidelines. (Source: http://foreclosureblues.wordpress.com/2010/10/04/rmbs-buybacks-expected-to-increase-due-to-robo-signing-dbrs/)

Every material development is impetus for the potential for putbacks due to breaches of representation and warranties Uncertainty in the RMBS market in terms of actual valuation is a result of rampant and provable inflation of appraisal prices during the underwriting of said mortgages and not so much falsification of documents since in many cases those documents can be cured, but misrepresentation cannot! You do not hear this in the media circuits, but it is a fact. Thus, the underwriting banks face the chance of systemic losses. I have warned of this about a year ago – Banks Swallow Another $30 billion or So in More Losses as Their Share Prices Surge (Again). You see, banks often allowed for the inflation of appraisal values and/or income/assets, but the broker channel did it as par for the course.

This is the part that everybody seems to be overlooking…

All you really need to do is find the banks that accepted a lot of broker business, factor in the expense of the class action suit litigation that is popping up in nearly every state (try Googling it, you will be amazed as big firms and store front lawyers alike are throwing their hats in the ring), and you will see the easiest way out of a potentially tough bind for investors is the put back. Where does this land? Squarely on the balance sheet of the banks – who, BTW have the money to attract even more predatory lawyers. A forensic review of high LTV loans between 2003 and 2007 should find that at the very least 30% were aggressively valued, with a more realistic number coming in at about 60%. Ask anyone who was in in the business at that time, I doubt they will disagree.

When I warned of this LAST YEAR, it was not taken very seriously. I suggest all should think again – Reggie Middleton on JP Morgan’s “Blowout” Q4-09 Results. Let’s reminisce…

I pointed out an anomaly in JP Morgan’s “blowout” quarterly earnings release – #1f1f1f;”>Reggie Middleton on JP Morgan’s “Blowout” Q4-09 Results#000000;”>. Let’s reminisce…


#333333;”>Warranties of representation, and forced repurchase of loans

#333333;”>JP Morgan has increased its reserves with regards to repurchase of sold securities but the information surround these actions are very limited as the company does not separately report the repurchase reserves created to meet contingencies. However, the Company’s income from mortgage servicing was severely impacted by increase in repurchase reserves. Mortgage production revenue was negative $192 million against negative $70 million in 3Q09 and positive $62 million in 4Q08.

Counterparties who are accruing losses from bad loans, (ex. monoline insurers such as Ambac and MBIA, see A Super Scary Halloween Tale of 104 Basis Points Pt I & II, by Reggie Middleton circa November 2007,) are stepping up their aggression in pushing loans that appear to breach certain warranties or smack of fraud. I expect this activity to pick up significantly, and those banks that made significant use of brokers and third parties to place mortgages will be at material risk – much more so than the primarily direct writers. I’ll give you two guesses at which two banks are suspect. If you need a hint, take a look at who is increasing reserves for repurchases! JP Morgan and their not so profitable acquisition, WaMu!


As I said, losses should be ramping up on the mortgage sector. Notice the trend of housing prices after the onset of government bubble blowing: If Anybody Bothered to Take a Close Look at the Latest Housing Numbers…

PNC Bank and Wells Fargo are in very similar situations regarding acquiring stinky loan portfolios. I suggest subscribers review the latest forensic reports on each company to refresh as the companies report Q4 2009 earnings. Unlike JPM, these banks do not have the investment banking and trading fees of significance (albeit decreasing significance) to fall back on as a cushion to consumer and mortgage credit losses.


Well, it looks as if I was onto something. From Bloomberg:


March 5 (Bloomberg) – Fannie Mae andFreddie Mac may force lenders includingBank of America Corp.JPMorgan Chase & Co.Wells Fargo & Co. and Citigroup Inc. to buy back $21 billion of home loans this year as part of a crackdown on faulty mortgages.

That’s the estimate of Oppenheimer & Co. analyst Chris Kotowski, who says U.S. banks could suffer losses of $7 billion this year when those loans are returned and get marked down to their true value. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both controlled by the U.S. government, stuck the four biggest U.S. banks with losses of about $5 billion on buybacks in 2009, according to company filings made in the past two weeks.


The surge shows lenders are still paying the price for lax standards three years after mortgage markets collapsed under record defaults. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are looking for more faulty loans to return after suffering $202 billion of losses since 2007, and banks may have to go along, since the two U.S.- owned firms now buy at least 70 percent of new mortgages.



Freddie Mac forced lenders to buy back $4.1 billion of mortgages last year, almost triple the amount in 2008, according to a Feb. 26 filing. As of Dec. 31, Freddie Mac had another $4 billion outstanding loan-purchase demands that lenders hadn’t met, according to the filing. Fannie Mae didn’t disclose the amount of its loan-repurchase demands. Both firms were seized by the government in 2008 to stave off their collapse.




The government’s efforts might be counterproductive, since the Treasury and Federal Reserve are trying to help banks heal, FBR’s Miller said. The banks have to buy back the loans at par, and then take an impairment, because borrowers usually have stopped paying and the price of the underlying homehas plunged. JPMorgan said in a presentation last month that it loses about 50 cents on the dollar for every loan it has to buy back.


Striking a Balance


“It’s a fine line you’re walking, because the government’s trying to recapitalize the banks, not put them in bankruptcy, and then here’s Fannie and Freddie putting more pressure on the banks through these buybacks,” FBR’s Miller said. “If it becomes too big of an issue, the banks are going to complain to Congress, and they’re going to stop it.” [Of, course! Let the taxpayer eat the losses borne from our purposefully sloppy underwriting]


Bank of America recorded a $1.9 billion “warranties expense” for past and future buybacks of loans that weren’t properly written, seven times the 2008 amount, the bank said in a Feb. 26 filing. A spokesman for Charlotte, North Carolina- based Bank of America, Scott Silvestri, declined to comment.


JPMorgan, based in New York, recorded $1.6 billion of costs in 2009 from repurchases, including $500 million of losses on repurchased loans and $1 billion to increase reserves for future losses, according to a Feb. 24 filing.


“It’s become a very meaningful issue, and it will continue to be a meaningful issue for the next couple of years,” Charlie Scharf, JPMorgan’s head of retail banking, said at a Feb. 26 investor conference. He declined to say when the repurchase demands might peak.



“I can’t forecast the rates at which they’re going to continue,” she said. Her division lost $3.84 billion last year, as the bank overall posted a $6.28 billion profit. “The volume is increasing.”


Wells Fargo, ranked No. 1 among U.S. home lenders last year, bought back $1.3 billion of loans in 2009, triple the year-earlier amount, according to a Feb. 26 filing. The San Francisco-based bank recorded $927 million of costs last year associated with repurchases and estimated future losses.



Citigroup increased its repurchase reserve sixfold to $482 million, because of increased “trends in requests by investors for loan-documentation packages to be reviewed,” according to a Feb. 26 filing.


“The request for loan documentation packages is an early indicator of a potential claim,” New York-based Citigroup said.


According to a WSJ analysis, the RMBS market may have a balanced impact with the junior bondholders typically at the bottom of the credit structure could actually end up better off than expected. Senior bondholders, typically at the top, could end up worse off.  This is because when houses that have been packaged into a mortgage bond are liquidated at a foreclosure sale—the very end of the foreclosure processes—the holders of the junior, or riskiest debt, would be the first investors to take losses. But if a foreclosure is delayed, the servicer must typically keep advancing payments that will go to all bondholders, including the junior debt holders, even though the home loan itself is producing no revenue stream. In addition, how the allocation of cost of re-processing the foreclosed loans, which could be significant also, remains a key concern. (Source: http://ftalphaville.ft.com/blog/2010/10/07/363876/updating-the-us-foreclosure-scandal/)

However, some analysts and bond traders have a contrarian view that the “Robo-signing” issues will not have a significant effect on the RMBS valuations, as most RMBS investments have been made after stringent performance modeling (Yeeeahhh, right! Just like the HPA (perpetual housing price appreciation assumptions utilized by Fitch during the boom to dole out AAA ratings on subprime trash! This is total and absolute BULLSHIT, but I am including it so as to be as balanced as possible). More so, they believe that the actual impact on RMBS valuations will depend on how long it takes for banks to tackle the problem.

  • According to a RMBS manager at one capital market group, “the majority of investors currently involved in trading RMBS performed stringent performance modeling. Anyone who bought RMBS from 2006 and 2007, vintages from when presumably these robo-signed foreclosures were inked, would have run the collateral through extended resolution scenarios”. He also expects that bond rally will continue, and that problem would not emerge unless the robo-signing issue is not resolved in less than six months. As per the RMBS manager, “RMBS right now is trading like stocks. Besides, in the year-end, the book always goes up, it’s window dressing the portfolio.
  • Another bond trader, who is also has a bullish view for the market, believes that every single major servicer will face problems similar to Ally and JPMorgan, but still expects RMBS to remain well-valued considering overall loss severities are level and constant repayment rates remain healthy (source: http://www.housingwire.com/2010/10/01/robo-signers-dont-scare-the-mortgage-bond-market).
  • According to Brett Schaffer, the president of Phoenix Capital Inc. and Phoenix Analytics Services Inc, “it’s premature to determine how big of a hit the “robo-signing” scandal will have on servicing valuations. Much depends on how long it takes for servicers to address the problem. If this gets resolved in fairly short order within a month or six weeks and … there isn’t any critical flaw in the mortgage servicers’ practices in general, then I don’t think it has really any impact,” On the other hand, if it is determined that there is a material flaw and there is going to be long-term foreclosure halts, then it probably would have a material impact on those particular firms. It’s not just a blanket statement for the market.”
  • According to Robert Lee, senior vice president at Mortgage Industry Advisory Corp. in New York, “Servicing costs are going to rise regardless of how long it takes for the issue to be resolved, as companies hire employees to work through the documents and the foreclosure process is delayed. But the impact of those higher costs on mortgage servicing asset values may be minimal because many servicers have been conservative in their estimates. Servicing rights themselves right now are weaker than where the cash flow values are.” He also estimated the hit to most portfolios’ value from the fallout of the documentation scandal will be less than 10 basis points. (Servicing values are expressed as a percentage of the unpaid principal balance of the loans in a portfolio).

Overall, we at the BoomBust believe that the uncertainty on the impact of robo-signing on RMBS valuation will remain until the banks give clarity on how long the foreclosures are expected to remain suspended. We also believe that the media is staring at the wrong target. Each major media outlet is copying what is popular or what the next outlet broke as a story versus where the true economic risks actually lie – which is essentially the real story and where the meat actually is. Watch the W&R number over the next two quarters for those banks that purchased cesspool portfolios such as Countrywide, National City, Wachovia and WaMu, and let me know if they start to skyrocket.

In the meantime, I will be updating my forensic valuations of the big banks that I have covered right about the time they report in the upcoming weeks. These updates will include Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, PNC, Wells Fargo, and JP Morgan. I will put them through the realistic stress test scenarios that our government failed to and have the results available to paying subscribers. Of course, I will factor in the very real probability of a surge in W&R activity, just as I warned last year. This is something that is just not found in banking analysis that I see on the Street. Below is an example of what was done last year for PNC…….

#ffffff;”>For those of you want to know what the stress tests results of the big banks were if they used the NY Fed/FDIC official loss data, I have run the numbers for you. It doesn’t look very pretty in some cases. This content is paid subscriber-only, except for the two links that have public-lite and public excerpt included! Let’s walk through the PNC free data, in light of how misleading their latest quarterly report was (see For those that didn’t notice – Reggie Middleton on PNCl Q3-09 Results and then be sure to read At What Point Does Accounting Gimmickery Become an Outright Lie? Let’s Ask PNC).

#ffffff;”>Click any of these graphics to enlarge…


#ffffff;”>Notice the amount of leverage that PNC is using if one were to use the NY Fed and FDIC data in lieu of what PNC has proffered through their take home test.


#ffffff;”>As you can see from above, there is a significant difference between what the government’s SCAP tests reveal PNC will lose and what the government’s NY Fed and FDIC call sheet data says PNC will lose – a very significant difference. Solely as a result of looking at this chart, one should be willing to demand a second round of considerably more stringent stress testing.


#ffffff;”>If one were to granularly break down the foreseen losses to PNC’s portfolio using the government data…


#ffffff;”>As you can see, going through each major loan category in PNC’s books reveals a much LESS optimistic scenario than ANY portrayed in their SCAP take home test results…

#ffffff;”>In an act of near unprecedented generosity, I have included the PNC valuation along with the Blackrock contribution in the free PNC lite public download below (in alphabetical order).


Subscriber content that reveals what the banks REALLY needed in terms of capital and cushions to whether the true rate of losses and unemployment to come. You may subscribe here to access this content.#ffffff;”>Goldman Sachs Stress Test Professional Goldman Sachs Stress Test Professional 2009-04-20 10:06:45 4.04 Mb

Goldman Sachs Stress Test Retail Goldman Sachs Stress Test Retail 2009-04-20 10:08:06 720.25 Kb

MS Simulated Government Stress Test MS Simulated Government Stress Test 2009-05-05 11:36:25 2.49 Mb

MS Stess Test Model Assumptions and Stress Test Valuation MS Stess Test Model Assumptions and Stress Test Valuation 2009-04-22 07:55:17 339.99 Kb

PNC SCAP Results recast using FDIC and NY Fed data - Pro PNC SCAP Results recast using FDIC and NY Fed data – Pro 2009-05-15 07:31:21 455.37 Kb

PNC SCAP Results recast using FDIC and NY Fed data - Retail PNC SCAP Results recast using FDIC and NY Fed data – Retail 2009-05-15 07:30:25 395.18 Kb

PNC Stress Test Pro PNC Stress Test Pro 2009-04-13 02:10:17 3.11 Mb

PNC Stress Test update - Professional PNC Stress Test update – Professional 2009-04-21 15:55:56 3.00 Mb

PNC Stress Test Retail PNC Stress Test Retail 2009-04-13 02:11:08 323.51 Kb

PNC Stress Test update - Retail PNC Stress Test update – Retail 2009-04-21 15:53:52 777.50 Kb

PNC stress test write up - public lite PNC stress test write up – public lite 2009-07-27 02:37:11 995.30 Kb

Sun Trust Banks Simulated Government Stress Test Sun Trust Banks Simulated Government Stress Test 2009-05-05 11:37:13 1016.17 Kb

JPM Public Excerpt of Forensic Analysis Subscription JPM Public Excerpt of Forensic Analysis Subscription 2009-09-22 14:33:53 1.51 Mb


Its not Robo-Singning its lying !!!

22 Oct

Like everyone else, I’d been reading with amazement the stories about one of those legal problems: the robo-signing scandal that has ensnared all the banks with mortgage servicing subsidiaries, Bank of America included. That’s the scandal in which a tiny handful of employees had signed — or allowed others to forge their signatures — on thousands of affidavits confirming that the banks had the legal right to foreclose on properties they serviced. In truth, they had often never seen the documents proving the bank had that legal right. In some cases, the documents didn’t even exist. As a result of the mounting publicity, many big banks had halted all foreclosures while they reviewed the legality of their affidavits. Its more than just the process of robo-signing its lying. In California in 2008 the California Foreclosure prevention act was passed requiring lenders to contact Borrowers and assess their financial condition before a valid foreclosure could be initiated. Rather some Mers employee signs a declaration that the borrower was contacted. They do not follow the law civil code 2923.5 and 2923.6 and 2924.

Southern California (909)890-9192  in Northern California(925)957-9797

A wrongful foreclosure action typically occurs when the lender starts a non judicial foreclosure action when it simply has no legal cause. This is even more evident now since California passed the Foreclosure prevention act of 2008 SB 1194 codified in Civil code 2923.5 and 2923.6. In 2009 it is this attorneys opinion that 90% of all foreclosures are wrongful in that the lender does not comply (just look at the declaration page on the notice of default). The lenders most notably Indymac, Countrywide, and Wells Fargo have taken a calculated risk. To comply would cost hundreds of millions in staff, paperwork, and workouts that they don’t deem to be in their best interest. The workout is not in there best interest because our tax dollars are guaranteeing the Banks that are To Big to Fail’s debt. If they don’t foreclose and if they work it out the loss is on them. There is no incentive to modify loan for the benefit of the consumer.

Sooooo they proceed to foreclosure without the mandated contacts with the borrower. Oh and yes contact is made by a computer or some outsourcing contact agent based in India. But compliance with 2923.5 is not done. The Borrower is never told that he or she have the right to a meeting within 14 days of the contact. They do not get offers to avoid foreclosure there are typically two offers short sale or a probationary mod that will be declined upon the 90th day.

Wrongful foreclosure actions are also brought when the service providers accept partial payments after initiation of the wrongful foreclosure process, and then continue on with the foreclosure process. These predatory lending strategies, as well as other forms of misleading homeowners, are illegal.

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