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  1. maryanne March 12, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    I received a foreclosure notice on my home with sale date of April 7. I received it on March 5. The loan that I took out was with World Savings and letter from lawyer says Wells Fargo fka Wachovia, fka Wold Savings. I contacted the lawyer who sent me the letter yesterday to postpone the foreclosure so that I can straighten it out with loan mod or whatever and they had their paralegal respond stating that she is the one handling my file and told me to call Wells Fargo at a certain number– I had asked the lawyers if they could postpone the foreclosure– the paralegal said I would have to ask Wells Fargo at such & such a number. When I called that number I found out that it is a Wachovia number–they were closed when I called. I am 62 What should I do to postpone this foreclosure? Please help

    • LAURIE MENDOZA July 17, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

      just for your information when you try to call wells fargo you will always get wachovia. that how wells fargo gets away with it all. wachovia will send you to wells and wells to wachovia. i got dizzy from going in circles. my mom died on march 6, 2010. i asked wachovia if we could put everything on the back burner for 1 week so i could deal with the funeral, family from out of town. wachovia did just that 1 week. while i was dealing with the family stuff wachovia and wells were getting the trustee sale ready to go. got notice of trustee sale 1 week after mom died. now im dealing with the unlawful detainer. its so stressful i wish somebody would just take over for me. i’m almost 59 years old and when the sheriff comes to put me out i get to go live in my car. im on disability for high blood pressure. pnly get $529.00 a month from social security. i wont be able to rent nothing but a box.
      aint life grand.

  2. Jenna LaFleur July 11, 2010 at 12:52 am #

    I am 67, female, diabilities, and have a foreclosure sale scheduled for Aug 5, 2010. Wells Fargo refuses to acknowledge my disabilities or the predatory lending that was so obvious when my payment was 3 times my disability income. I had to refi to pay it, move out to pay it, had to pay $1,000 for the Title Co. to get insuranc to protect them…now they say it never happened, the broker falsified my income by $55,000 I later found out.. I really want to do a predatory lawsuit with a lawyer who knows what they’re doing in this field. So far, our group hasn’t found that. Can you help? I have heard good things about your site. the latest lawsuit in bankruptcy court was good (I forget the name) re fraud in predatory lending. I know the award is 3 x for a senior, ? a disabled senior? Love to hear from you. I know you’re busy. Jenna

  3. elexquisitor July 6, 2013 at 7:50 am #

    I am not an attorney. But a plain reading of the statutes appears to show a minimum age of 65 to be defined as an elder in California, regardless of physical status. The elder abuse laws may also apply to any disabled adult under the age of 65.

    In terms of tactics, it seems to me that any homeowner 65 or older should include a cause of action for elder abuse in their complaint. The same would apply to disabled adults with evidence of their disability included in their complaint.

    And due to the recent Calvo decision that not all assignments need to be recorded with the counties, there should be no presumption by the courts that judicially noticing the recorded documents is sufficient to prove a complete chain of beneficiary interest, and that early discovery filed with the Complaint is demanded as a result.

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