2nd amended complaint (e) manuel

2nd amended complaint (e) manuel

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  1. MO SALAM October 6, 2009 at 2:52 pm #


  2. Keith October 8, 2009 at 7:46 pm #

    How can I get a copy?

  3. james richard November 5, 2009 at 10:26 am #

    Linder foreclosed without following Civil Code 2923.5 or 2923.6, can we sue for nocomplince of these codes.

    • timothymccandless November 13, 2009 at 6:56 am #

      action to cancel the trustees deed and wrongful forrclosure see sample complaint

      • Brian April 8, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

        Where do I get this sample complaint. Also, do you or one of your lawyers have time to talk to me about my particular case?

  4. randy March 12, 2010 at 11:36 am #

    if a deed of trust sets out the Trustee (Old Republic) and nominee/beneficiary as mers and without any further acknowledged/recorded Substitution of Trustee executed by the Lender, can an entirely different entity bring the Trustee’s sale as Agent for the Agent of the Beneficary, who is essentially only a nominal beneficary???? here it was LSI Title Company for Quality Loan Service Corp., as Agent for Beneficary, which was MERS in the Deed of Trust- is this legal?

  5. Victoria May 2, 2010 at 8:58 pm #

    Should the Assignment of the Deed of Trust be recorded prior to the NOD? If not, what violation they committed? I have an assignment of the Deed of Trust recorded after the NOD by MERS as nominee of Indymac Bank F.S.B. assigning to Indymac F.S.B. a month after NOD was recorded and Indymac Bank closed. Not only that, when you compare the signature of the Notary in the document with the one registered in his card with the Secretary of State MN, is totally different. How can I incorporate this in the complaint? I have to open cases in court right now here in Los Angeles, one Unlawful Detainer filed by then and the other one is a complaint filed by me. I have to file the amended complaint and don’t know how to do this part. I read the sample you posted here and I think I can use a lot of it but so far I have not read anything about the dates as I stated previously.
    If all of the parties involved knew about the fraudulent document they filed, isn’t that conspiracy to defraud?

    • timothymccandless May 4, 2010 at 5:08 am #

      violation Civil code 2932.5. Unless its recorded it is void sale

  6. marlon romero September 9, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    can i get a court order document on steps on foreclosure so i start the procedures. my lender is first franklin loan services? how can i sue my lender please help. What are my steps?

  7. marlon romero September 9, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    court order cases with foreclosures in riverside county ca 92555-please help im in foreclosure! so mote a be !

  8. Barbara November 16, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    Mr McCandless: The encoding on this manual complaint is all messed up. Can you please post it in word format? thank you very much

  9. wheresmyson April 22, 2013 at 4:33 am #

    More likely you already may of heard of me san berbardino ca. Exclusive grant deed to my home
    Original stamped with seal
    Paid in full

    Now this case that comes up this Tuesday Supreme Court

    Someone knew and let a non notary sign for their selfs
    Fidelity national title
    Well 2006 march was my clerk of court signing off ex s name court ordered by divorce judge 1998

    They say did not harm anyone
    Sorry yes they did. I’m destroyed
    Homeless 55 disabled after train derailed &jacknifed AZ aug 1997
    They put me on SSI disability. Extremely low limited income homeless now two years
    Foreclosure after 22 years lockout march 29 2011
    From jan 2010 didn’t miss payment until 2010 march 29. Have receipt time date what ever they put
    I have the papers where clerk of court signed off it said first clerk her name said I needed to bring my own notary. But. Then she changed it
    The she something not sure I would need to look at these divorce notes prior. If we are talking about her she told me then no it would be alright
    If the two Mers tri party loan banks were found no standings this is telling me they are wrong I’d win ?
    If I have these papers originals
    If it was broker who worked as broker was always around fidelity everyone liked him very friendly good great positive talker. In the loan docs April 2006 this year I found three other originals each had different addresses. Names only two loan numbers matched there was writing they knew did not understand and let it pass through only to wrong person. Broker neighbor gave to me. With the equity loan joint with my son he made good money with credit few numbers lower. Dec 2006 son didn’t qualify to be on lone only I was qualified. Predatory lending due to my SSI income
    Signed not sure I want to compare my copy with there’s Just to varafy signatures see I signed three one did not go through nun sure why cause ya Jason didn’t qualify to be on loan
    Only I
    His cousins his wife her mom child
    They knew I was losing the home. I never saw him
    After lockout prior think aug my youngest told me he saw syrie. He lost job was working in cocumongo or around there and why didn’t your mother call me ? The only way was to know someone before you’d get in. He also knew all of them. Nice friendly positive man
    Who hung out at Huds NHSIE program on d st
    they would of saved home you had to know someone to get into it I got in myself. So did 80 other people
    How do I know NHSIE emailed twice each had 81 email addresses together strolling down down down just to read their words. Say sign print return for IFR
    I called him see I remember only by us postal mail not any other way of conformation contacting for fraud
    Alright. I said what’s this for. He wasn’t that quick to answer so I said you just need for your records ? He said yes. I didn’t say anything About IFR
    Nor did he. I said alright
    But called IFR after 6 times telling I read it they said forward to Russ consaltents around may 2012
    Fraud alert then call Wells Fargo and say fraud was filed. I just called the branch she said why you telling me. Because they said to it was true
    Next week email from them with all 81 email addresses it took long time. Before you got to what they had to say. Saying dont contact the email address about. Alright
    I forgot to write that in cfpb case. When she called me jan 2013 to change the part about demanding home back. They typed that in there I didn’t know until later days printed saw referred by finch numbers letters ?or filed twice could be the reason ?
    I have my record reciepts for last payment march or feb 2010 loan Wachovia what’s on this ?
    All my payment records did not miss payment from jan 2007 up
    Fidelity title wrote notes
    They rubber stamped not checked. To see if was real June 2011 when home sold.
    Ben knew someone that got me all my records from beginning title co transfer hall of records stapled thick together sturdy stapler of papers
    This was still filed envelope sent in should have date I know there’s typing over typing on the very bottom covering up what was under you can see it
    Can’t filling know what letter number ?
    They said one year before they made complete not yet year possibly
    I’d need to check and see

    This is to prove harm was done not only loss of $100.00 ? Right
    David Roberg ? Fred delenabach? The name with Linda green ? The broker? Clerk of court? Hall of records ? See I know no one or talked just paid handed her the packet she stamped handed back stapled receipt onto

    Cfpb said started way before I was even late paying the loan statement

    HUD housing it first seemed as sent aproval for housing or discrimination form to fill out today along with court docs b of a fidelity and who let sign knowing
    I tried two years to get help housing only nothing until they see I did not win anything?
    Come on now what the f is this?
    Along with who knows I don’t I can’t get them to read show on the computer let even know what to do then fill out and how to what to do
    Just as the court docs
    They were final jan 2012
    Then came April 2013 today yesterday? Close
    Why did they have me wait so long. They knew I was out here I drive housing HUD affordable low income property management cos crazy writing going postal on them even doing Webinar s then letting then know what and how it would help then they used it
    Gov Servey monkey asked question s if who
    Did I speak with how did or didn’t they Washington, D.C. Asked I told beginning of 2012. Prior I filed discriminat on Huds NHSIE Washington HUD returned call landline he said banks lie. Dec 2010 jan 2011
    I was reporting how my case worker vanished foreclosure docs came end aug 2010 first day next open sept 2010. No one knew a thing. I asked only it took
    A month to finally get heard I was losing our home 22 years. The women who got my new worker told me spelling NAme 4 times or more softly red flag
    I had it written on paper I sent and they would of saw these errors Mers tri party no sign dated typos

    I would have to have help gathering faxing coping helping comple do what that’s if any thing would be needed to be done before Tuesday 22 2013
    Discrimination. Stress that I had to go through by getting renters when their income does
    Loss called police then went there made complant
    Wells said I did not have renter jan 2010 he was there to march 25 2010 both didn’t pay
    Why did they keep having me jump through lopes I did not stop completing paperwork
    I am a mess so lost today I am unsure what those court files of case 1890 some pages
    Help me out I don’t no I am not able to figure what is what out reading I don’t know understand what is needed if
    Or how to I never would complete all alone plus I’d have to be where no one was talking causing drama sleeping on a chair you know I had IHHS they closed case Powell Beth. She got adult protection involved
    Dam it we must prove how much and yes harm not one kind of. We know there’s many names of fraud that came out in to open
    Cover up. Promontary Sightlines contacted emailed I didn’t know what I still don’t
    ??? I’m numb can’t move confused I can’t understand all of what if I’m needed to do if
    In two days
    I must find help please its too much I’m unsure what if did will I get compensated for my physical injuries sickness
    I’m not the same I know its brothers me not good for self esteem I hate what this had done to my head mentally emotionally physically more then anyone needs
    Who can I ask send call
    Would someone call talk not email I can’t pull it together to read let understand think figure out too much for me. I’m

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