10 Jul

One Response to “20090709-foreclosuredebt-clipartcom”

  1. charlene kramer August 9, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

    I have a question I hope you can answer.
    I had a notice of trustee’s sale for 2/18/2010 i filed BK on 2/7/2010 to
    stop the sale. My BK was dismissed. So I was working with the loan company
    trying to get help and they told me things were looking good.
    (WACHOVIA) Then I get a 3 day notice to Quit and that Wachovia
    has puchased my home at a foreclosure sale on 7/29,2010.
    Did I have a right to recieve another Notice of trustee’s sale?
    I checked with the county recorders office and the only thing that was there
    was the 2/18/2010 one.
    I have had so many problems and to top it all the broker I had at the start of
    all this was prosecuted for for fraud and not having a brokers licence. freedom capital mortgage sacramento (I just found this out) its on internet.
    My loan has went through golden west saving, Popular mortgage, World Savings and Wachovia, Wells Fargo
    Thank you also for letting me know about the lease. Took it the people
    that send me the to get out. should be okay for 90 days If I live that long.

    Thank you so much hope you and can answer my question

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