Charles Koppa Team is Nailing It in Southern California

26 Sep

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Charles (Poppa Koppa) has been a tireless investigator since the mortgage misery began. It was he who saw the correlation between the amount of the wrongful “credit bid” at auction and the amount reported to investors and regulators and insurers and guarantors. I just received the following from him. He and his team are focusing in on the plain fact that none of the transactions referenced or implied by “assignment,” “indorsement” or “power of attorney” ever happened. None of the “documents” are true. The courts are mostly running on the biased and completely incorrect underlying assumption or narrative that any of the foreclosing parties had any legal role in originating, transferring or even processing loans or payments on loans. The entire scheme is a fraud with pennies being sent out to keep “investors” pacified while their wallets are being purged of any value.

Here is what Charles Koppa wrote to…

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One Response to “Charles Koppa Team is Nailing It in Southern California”

  1. farginizol September 26, 2014 at 1:41 pm #

    Wowee Koppa Poppa.. a Star is Affirmed. Amazing and incredible. Anyway, I got a call from an investigator from the Los Angeles Department of Consumer Affairs informing me that they opened a complaint for me against MTC Financial and BOA. I also got an e-mail from the CFPB informing me that Dianne Feinstein created a new complaint against Bank of America in my behalf. The e-mail said it was generated by the White House. I’ve been there before. What good will all this do, probably nothing, but I move foward. Congratulations again Poppa Koppa !!!! gracie

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