Banks Throw $20 Billion at Securitized Debt Market to Avoid Markdowns

19 Apr

Livinglies's Weblog

Bloomberg Reports that the big banks are borrowing big time money using money market funds as source money for financing repurchase agreements. This stirs the obvious conclusion that the mortgage bonds — and hence the claim on underlying loans — are in constant movement making the proof problems in foreclosure proceedings difficult at best.

The underlying theme is that there is tremendous pressure to make good on the mortgage bonds that never actually existed issued by REMIC trusts that were never actually funded who made claims on loans that never actually existed. All that is why I say you should argue away from the presumption and keep the burden of persuasion or burden of proof on the party who has exclusive access to the actual proof of payment and proof of loss.

The banks are still claiming assets on their balance sheet that are either without value of any kind…

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One Response to “Banks Throw $20 Billion at Securitized Debt Market to Avoid Markdowns”

  1. EH April 19, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

    And created forgeries! I signed on “DocMagic” software (my loan documents), but VMP Mortgage Solutions AND MY FORGED SIGNATURE containing DIFFERENT TERMS, was on a note that ONEWEST BANK has, hence we are in COURT, needless to say.

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