25 Jan

From: rene powers []
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 6:23 AM
To: CJ Holmes

CJ! I am on fire to get to the attorneys and the judge so we homeowners can be heard. Apparently it looks like we could have been by the deadlines noted BUT I don’t know about the rest of those affected but I never got notice to participate! The verbiage in the notice "mentions" anyone affected could be heard..They had ALL the addresses in the 530 trusts but I did not get a notice in the mail??? Anyhow, I have sent an email to Kenneth Warner through his AVVO account, will be calling his office and want this CALL TO ACTION to go out! THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES!! I know BJ will be on today and you are doing updates, this is HUGE for all homeowners to start making noise! It was like they threw a party and never invited the guest of honor!! THANK YOU!!!

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CALL TO ACTION! Are you affected by ANY of the Countrywide Trust Pools? If you are CONTACT ME! Doc Wood sent me the link to the case going on with BONY and investors I am linking here. I sent an email to one of the attorneys asking WHY ARE HOMEOWNERS LEFT OUT OF THIS SETTLEMENT??? The investors think THEY were duped? WHAT ABOUT THE HOMEOWNERS?? We MUST have a voice and I want to direct those affected to READ THE LINKS IN THIS CASE AND START MAKING NOISE!!! WE MUST STAND TOGETHER AND BE HEARD AS WE HAVE BEEN SILENCED TOO LONG!! FIND EMAIL ADDRESSES FOR THESE ATTORNEYS AND LET’s CALL THEIR OFFICES TOO! PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR ORGANIZATION OF OUR EFFORTS AND WE WILL MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!!address for addressing the court is included as well! GET LETTERS WRITTEN AND TELL YOUR STORY! WE were victims ALONG WITH the investors! WITH 530 affected trusts that is A LOT of homeowners affected! DO IT! FAX EMAIL CALL SEND MAIL. Thank you! Rene gpanda26!! Put "affected by one of the "TRUSTS" " in the subject line please!

Rene’ Powers

Real Estate & Mortgage Consultant/Agent

949.648-3655 Cell

"Integrity & Service Coming To You"

license# 01797666


  1. George S. Elghossain January 25, 2013 at 10:49 am #

    I am “affected by one of the “TRUSTS” . I would like to be heard. What can I do?

    George S. Elghossain 744 Cranbury Cross Road North Brunswick, NJ 08902-2854 Telephone: (732) 828-8030 Fax (732) 828-8011 Email:

  2. Georgi Kostadinov February 6, 2013 at 1:57 am #

    Dear Messrs,I look for Your help as a heritor of one of Your Bank Trusts-In fact SunTrust Investment Services inc,Suntrust Bank inc. Dickinson Financial Corporation II. I wouldlike to send me Your appinion onmy case:I am aheritor of Corporate Investor in the F.N.Bank of Athens FDIC/21141866 today a member of SunTrust Holding Company. our Original Bank was sold them Bonds registeredatour Accont Holder name from the beggining of last Century.The last letter from the Bank of Athens was dated :30.08.1925.It was international investments via Dickinson Corporation/under control of Federal Reserve Bank/and Bank of Athens Bonds registered at Holder Name.I think that it wasBank Fraud against the investor from the City of London,when the Bank of Athens was registered as British Bank after merger with Gunners Bishop Bank and Banque D’Athenes via 1906.With Act of the British Parliament since 1906,theBank of Athens received statud as British Bank and in 1908,was registered as London Bankers.the investments were made in the Bank with Fiscal Memory.I sent my complaint in front WhistleBlower Office CFPB,Ministry of Labor in the USA,regarding Serbanes Oxley Act-2002 and Dodd-Frank Act-2010 of American Congress as fraud in area of corporate securitiesholders .Today the SunTrust Bankshownthe address of diferent Bank than this mentioned from me,and it was infrigement in the USA Banking Laws,becauseI found our investments from the City of London whichwere moved in the USA.The Bonds were registered as U.S. GR HR FCP Bonds with out the original name of the Account Holder,and were registered in NYSE too. In my oppinion it was just a theft! That’s way I look for Your Co-operation to find out Solicitors to represent me in the Court of USA,if it will be nessesery!The case was sent to OCC too. I will wait Your answer. Regards George

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