David, do you know Rodney Koopmans, yugeshnie sooprayen or Valdelene De Ramos Oliveira?

21 Nov
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icon_no_photo_60x60.png Rodney Koopmans, Pastor of St. Croix Reformed Church
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icon_no_photo_60x60.png yugeshnie sooprayen, —
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03b044a.jpg Valdelene De Ramos Oliveira, Profissional independente de Ensino fundamental/médio
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1f99fdd.jpg Kerry O’Neill, Experienced Project Manager across multiple disciplines and industries
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One Response to “David, do you know Rodney Koopmans, yugeshnie sooprayen or Valdelene De Ramos Oliveira?”

  1. Collene Collins November 22, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    I need an ethical MA lawyer! I am beginning to wonder if there is such a thing. We had a clear case of fraud and illegal foreclosure and paid an atty $35,000 and had an unethical judge that ignored the “Facts of Law”. I need an ethical person with a voice that will be heard to expose our story. It is not like others who have fallen in arrears. We were never in arrears on an invalid loan that was never recorded and home was sold without our knowledge. The MA foreclosure laws were ignored. We never received any NOD because we weren’t in default and no Notice of Sale. It was also never listed in the newspaper and it was bought with an INVALID CREDIT BID. Our home was stole from us by people that had no legal right to it. The Judge ignored the preponderance of evidence.

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