Max Gardner Personal Message to Bankruptcy Boot Camp Graduates

22 May

From: Charles Cox []
Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2012 1:41 PM
To: Charles Cox
Subject: Max Gardner Personal Message to Bankruptcy Boot Camp Graduates

Special Announcement

Health and Boot Camp Schedule Update

Bob Godnik

As many of you already know, Max has for some time been undergoing treatment for malignant tumors in his lungs and bladder. Recent testing revealed new tumor growth in his liver. Surgical intervention offers uncertain results, and Max has concluded that his time is better spent with his family and furthering his mission to teach attorneys rather than undergoing and recovering from medical procedures which might do little to extend his remaining time.

There is, of course, still much work to be done. In the interests of accomplishing as much as possible and spreading information to as many consumer attorneys as possible without unduly straining Max’s health, we are making some changes.

First, Max has decided not to travel outside of North Carolina for live events. Second, live Boot Camps at the Farm will end this summer.

While Max loves the intensive, interactive nature of the Farm Boot Camps, attendance is necessarily limited and hosting the event is taxing for him and for his wife, Victoria.

The June Boot Camp at the Farm will go forward as scheduled, from June 7-11. We hope to offer one or two additional Boot Camps at the Farm in July and/or August. After that, all events will be scheduled in more metropolitan locations, at venues that will allow Max to reach a larger number of attorneys in a single session.

Max sincerely thanks each of you for your interest and support and wants you to know that he is as committed as ever to the war on predatory lenders, slippery servicers and dishonest debt collectors.

One Response to “Max Gardner Personal Message to Bankruptcy Boot Camp Graduates”

  1. linda May 23, 2012 at 7:17 pm #

    Please tell Mr. Gardner to go to where he can get in touch with Doug Kaufman, who’s been studying this stuff for years.
    Read the testimonials and keep an open mind because most of these tumors are fungal in origin, and unfortunately, are not treated properly by conventional medical protocol.
    E.g.: Doctors, like banks, are servicers.

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