March 12 Occupy The Crime Scene

31 Mar

Foreclosure Nation

Folks in many counties throughout California will be gathering at local County Recorders’ offices to protest the lack of action taken in protection of homeowners experiencing fraudulent foreclosures and gross errors in real property records.

Locally this protest will take place at the Ventura County Recorder’s office from 10:30 to early afternoon.  Please take time to show up and stand with others demanding action be taken to investigate the recorder’s records of homes in foreclosure, stop the foreclosure spiral happening in this community, and insist that the big bank/Wall Street CEOs be brought to court to answer for their crimes. 

The County Recorder is responsible for “holding” as a legal record, filings that pertain to any given property within their county.   As titles to properties chain, so should the records at the recorder’s office.

The MERS system was created by the Big Banks and Wall Street to undermine…

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One Response to “March 12 Occupy The Crime Scene”

  1. linda April 8, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    I hope we can stage more of these gatherings in front of County Recorder’s offices. How do we get the word out?
    Los Angeles County Recorder’s office in Norwalk would not let me record any of my documents whatsoever. Upon asking why a couple of times, they would only respond that I should speak with an attorney. Just ridiculous. Now as I stood to the sideline, I saw that they also gave the same treatment to other people who had traveled for long distances.
    The documents that you attempt to record all have to be inspected by the queen witch lady who then calls over the guard to stand nearby and intimidate you. It’s preposterous.

    Who knows. I could have saved an interest in my home before it was too late.

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