Katherine Porter Appointed Overseer of California Settlement with Big Banks…Here We Go Again!

31 Mar

Foreclosure Nation

Kamala Harris, CA’s Attorney General,  announced today that Katherine Porter, a law professor of UC Irvine was appointed

to oversee the Big Banks follow through in the recent Settlement.

Don’t you just love late Friday news!

Porter, a UC Irvine law professor, is a former student of Elizabeth Warren, the onetime Harvard Law School professor who led a watchdog committee to oversee the 2008 banking bailout, helped conceive the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and is now a candidate to represent Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate.  Well we all know that the Big Bank bailout didn’t help us much as it only kept the Big Banks around longer so they could come back and steal our homes to collect on foreclosure insurance policies that padded their pockets.  

The LA Times reports that Porter, a specialist in foreclosures and bankruptcy,  performed a study in 2007 that offered evidence of the types of mortgage servicing abuses and foreclosure…

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One Response to “Katherine Porter Appointed Overseer of California Settlement with Big Banks…Here We Go Again!”

  1. linda April 8, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Well, I thought Elizabeth Warren was on the side of justice. (?)
    How do these people get to be law professors just out of law school? What experience do they have in the field, and especially real estate law? It’s befuddling.

    Most attorneys still don’t know how to perform a quiet title action, according to a paralegal I know of who is traveling around the country offering workshops to attorneys.

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