Foreclosure Alternatives Explored

31 Mar

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Editor’s Comment: 

By William C. Veal, Esq.

As we see the progress, or lack thereof, of the investigation into the massive scan called Foreclosure in our country, we read many articles by various people regarding the current status of investigations and attempted solutions.  See the two articles below.

            One article, by Jessica Bye reports on two “whistle blowers” who state that BoA defrauded the Federal Housing Administration by inflating appraisals used for government-insured home loans.  In one of the lawsuits, it states, “In other words, BoA has had it both ways.  BoA has continued to maximize the value of its mortgage portfolio with anti-HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) modification practices and then make money by committing fraud on the homeowner”.  Obviously, lawsuits are brought by those who believe…

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