Mrs Harris 13,000.00 settlement we are under water an average of 128,000.00 how does this punish Fraud? The California Lack of Commitment!!

10 Feb

Mrs Harris our Attorney General says we foreclosure victims will get real relief but if you divide 26 Billion into the 2 million victims that’s 13,000 how is that going to help anybody but the Banks. Short sale relief is no relief at all. California is an Anti- deficiency state. The victim only gets to move.

2 Responses to “Mrs Harris 13,000.00 settlement we are under water an average of 128,000.00 how does this punish Fraud? The California Lack of Commitment!!”

  1. linda February 10, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    Yeah, and how do you factor into these numbers the wave of upcoming foreclosures?
    It seems that banks will do their utmost now, to push through as many foreclosures as possible “So we can reach the bottom of the market,” as Romney says as his solution to the mess; and allow “investors” to buy up the foreclosures. What investors? Foreign countries? the U.S. Government? Other banks? The Federal Reserve? Like that is going to put us all back on track. Sure, let’s just pool up these loans again and start all over.

    I guess that’s one way to stimulate the economy, by aiding abetting criminal activities and creating more and more transactions subject to litigation. Hey, maybe the robo-signing hairdressers will get special grants to study law.

    What about the “investors” that were screwed? We throw them under bus for a new crop of investors? They cut their losses from the previous investments so they can invest in the defective real estate? Huh?? That spells a double loss, if you ask me.

    Look, I’ve only studied this situation for less than two years and it’s painfully obvious the massive clouded titles, recording issues,…As disgruntled homeowners we are definitely suing when funds become available because I don’t take kindly to fictional entities with fabricated promissory notes and false paperwork ignoring us and evicting us out of our home of 15 years. It’s just wrong. Everyone is being screwed.

    And I say “homeowners,” because legally we are STILL the homeowners. We’ll let the current “buyers” camp out in our house for a just little while longer.

  2. nlight February 11, 2012 at 1:03 pm #

    There’s no such thing as 26Billion, they are only giving 5 or 6 Billion and the rest is supposedly given through loan reduction! First we were screwed by the banks, now we are being screwed by our government, how American! The 5 or 6 Billions are going to be divided in such way that each foreclosure family will get $2000.00 or less, don’t forget the 4 Million homes foreclosed on between 2008 and 2010. this settlement was a jock, how can anyone ever trust our officials, they lie to their teeth!

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