Class of Homebuyers Claims BofA Found a New Dirty Trick

12 Dec

From: Charles Cox []
Sent: Sunday, December 11, 2011 4:23 PM
To: Charles Cox
Subject: Class of Homebuyers Claims BofA Found a New Dirty Trick

I’m suggesting you be VERY careful if you pay to reinstate or past payments or they could pull the same trick on you and you pay tens of thousands of dollars more and they still show you in “default” and foreclose on you. These guys have no scruples and will do ANYTHING they can to pull more money out of you and still take your house away from you.


One Response to “Class of Homebuyers Claims BofA Found a New Dirty Trick”

  1. Jay December 12, 2011 at 11:36 pm #

    How about Wells Fargo’s dirty tricks? They bring “debt collector attorneys” in bankruptcy court in SF even though it is against the law for debt collectors to come into that Court.

    In my case in the SF Bankruptcy court, Wells Fargo, although it has not owned my home since 2004, the Judge has allowed them to “dismiss”my Adversary complaint in its entirety”…even though there are two parties in it with no relation to Wells Fargo. And, even though Wells Fargo should not even be in Bankruptcy court in my case as they have no financial interest in my property. I filed the Securitization audit showing the sale, and asking for a re hearing, rescind, etc. but the Judge has done nothing to corect this error. I wonder why Wells Fargo is getting a pass on obeying any of our laws ????

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