15 Nov

From: Charles Cox []
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 5:44 AM
To: Charles Cox
Subject: NO AUTHORITY FOR MERS SIGNERS – SUPPORT FOR STATEMENT – hultman/lps depo materials

April got quite a few emails asking for the authority for the above statement. The below email and attachments are the response to all these emails.

Please read the depos and the applicable mers membership rules.

Neither MERS nor merscorp ever performed the corporate actions or gave authority or documentation needed to give the mers VP Bill Hultman the corp authority to appoint a single signer; the signers were required to be officers of the mers member corp; the signer had to be appointed in their official capacity, not personal, and mers’ signers would only have the power that the principal had (as mers is only a nominee), the principal being the originating lender who was contractually bound to execute the docs required by the psa only and exclusively within the start up term of the trust. And there is no capacity or authority for any of the signer activity that we are dealing with, surrogate or otherwise, after the closing date of each REMIC trust.

4-7-10 William Hultman Deposition.pdf
09-25-2009 Deposition of RK Arnold, CEO, MERS.doc
corporate rep depo rk arnold 9 25 2006.doc
MERS dep trans of William Hultman.- 11_11_09.pdf

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