4 Nov

From: Charles Cox [mailto:charles@bayliving.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 5:56 PM
To: Charles Cox

(Neil Garfield) EDITOR’S COMMENT: I was talking with an expert in landlord tenant law and I received an interesting suggestion. The case involved someone who has just been served with a writ of restitution where the owner had to peaceably leave her home — or it wouldn’t be so peaceful. The suggestion was that the owner file a forcible detainer action of her own against the current party that evicted her and accuse them of trespass as well. If she has proof, and in this case she does, that the documents were forged (even the verified complaint for eviction was forged) then there were many false parties and false documents.

So I squeezed my source a little more and the following is the line of reasoning he was suggesting that we follow from a fact standpoint. The names and details are redacted except for the pretenders. Comments anyone?

1. Petitioner’s primary residence has just been served with a writ of restitution requiring her to vacate the premises.

2. Petitioner is the legal owner of the property.

3. Petitioner cooperated with law enforcement, but states affirmatively that she has proof that the verified complaint filed by US Bank for the forcible detainer from her primary residence was a forged document with a false notary.

4. Further, Petitioner now has in her possession proof that the documents by which US Bank claims to be the creditor were also forged, fabricated and misrepresented to the court intentionally and with willful disregard for the consequences or the truth.

5. Petitioner asserts that US Bank used trickery and falsehood to falsely represent facts to the Court that it knew were untrue.

6. The Substitution of Trustee was a false, forged and fabricated document that was misrepresented by US BANK and their counsel as being authentic.

7. Using the false Substitution of trustee, US BANK caused a false, fabricated notice of default, despite payments being made under contract to the creditors.

8. Using the false Notice of Default, US Bank caused a false Notice of Sale to be issued despite the fact that it was neither the beneficiary nor the lender, nor a successor thereto by any means, nor had US Bank ever parted with anything of value that would constitute consideration or an interest in Petitioner’s obligation to creditors.

9. Using the false Notice of Sale and the false substitute of trustee, a false auction was held by the false substitute trustee, where the false substitute trustee represented US Bank as the false creditor and the false trustee “Accepted” a non-existent bid (US Bank was not present at the false auction) in which the false substitute trustee issued a deed upon “foreclosure” without receiving any consideration of any kind.

10. The false substitute trustee was at all times under the direct control and instructions of US BANK. US Bank had in substance substituted itself as the false trustee using the CalWestern entity.

11. Using the fraudulently created and fraudulently obtained deed from the false substitute trustee US Bank initiated an FED action against the Petitioner.

12. Using the false, forged, fabricated and unauthorized documentation described above, and using the rules of eviction to its advantage, US Bank obtained a Judgment for Eviction and Restitution of the premises against the Petitioner.

13. Using the fraudulently obtained Judgment for Restitution and Eviction, US Bank filed the required documents for a writ of restitution to issue.

14. Petitioner is now legally evicted from a home that she legally owns since the deeds used by US Bank were wild deeds, unauthorized and not in the chain of title.

15. Petitioner demands possession of her home.

16. The actions of US Bank constitute slander of title, trespass, and have caused severe emotional distress to the Petitioner.

To allow US Bank to continue on this march of theft would make this court a co-venturer in a gross miscarriage of justice.

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