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  1. Sam N November 27, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    Losing a home is a terrible experience. We lost our home in foreclosure on September 26th, 2011.
    This was just 2 short months. Today, we are still here with a new mortgage that we can afford. It’s a long story and worth reading if you’re in a similar situation. First, we went into default in November 2008. Then, we received a Notice of Trustee Sale in October 2009. After fighting the bank and trying to modify the loan we ultimately lost our home. During all this time, since 2008 we never thought to analyze the parties involved until the foreclosure actually went through. There was no third party buyer; the house just went back to the bank. Anyways, it was at this point that we were faced with an eviction situation. I started to hear about all the fraud that banks were committing in foreclosure and I was interested in having my own foreclosure analyzed. During my research I came across a company called Lighthouse Consulting Group in Orange County, Ca. I called Lighthouse and send over all the documents that were used to execute my foreclosure. It took about 1 week for them to look over the file and when they were done they found that the documents were riddled with all types of foreclosure fraud. From the Declaration of Compliance to the Substitution of Trustee, Affidavit of Mailing and even an Assignment of the Deed of Trust after the Notice of Default turned out to be a Robo-Signed document. The process used to find all this information was a Mortgage Scene Analysis and a Securitization Audit. If you’ve faced a situation similar to mine you should contact someone that can help determine what happen and then you’ll better understand your options. I reached Lighthouse at 800 520-2959.
    Sam N.

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