Mortgage Lawsuits

8 Feb

DUNN v. WELLS FARGO: Eight causes of action
ACEVES v. U.S. BANK: Bank’s promise to work with her in reinstating and modifying the loan was enforceable
KESLING v. COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS: Countrywide has refused to exercise its rights to obtain repayment on the loan
BROWN v. BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON: Homeowners do not have a a private right of action under HAMP for denial of a loan modification
CALDERON v. AURORA LOAN SERVICES: Plaintiffs alleged that “at no time” was MERS a holder of the “Note” or “Deed of Trust”
MARSH v. WELLS FARGO BANK: Approved Plaintiffs’ application for a loan modification
DELEBREAU v. BAYVIEW LOAN SERVICING: The Court is Alarmed by the Factual and Procedural Morass
TORRES v. LITTON LOAN SERVICING: Another solicitation from Defendant for a loan modification plan
WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. v. YOUNG: Question of whether foreclosures are legal proceedings or equitable proceedings
BANK OF NEW YORK v. PARNELL: A notice of mortgage cancellation
BANK v HARP: JPMorgan improperly filed the foreclosure complaint
CATALAN v. GMAC MORTGAGE: Details of plaintiffs’ maddening troubles with their mortgage
Keller Rohrback L.L.P. Files Class Action Against EMC Mortgage Corp. and Bear Stearns
International Investors Join Forces in Lawsuit Against Fortis Over Massive Misrepresentation Ahead of 2008 Bank Collapse
Wells Fargo Comments on Massachusetts Supreme Court Ruling
U.S. Bank’s Statement on Massachusetts Court Ruling
Massachusetts Foreclosure Case Reveals Bad Practices Behind the Mortgage Scene
Prisco v. U.S. Bank: Defendant violated the automatic stay under 11 U.S.C. § 362.1
Brookstone Law Fights For Orange County Law Enforcement Professionals Loan Modification
KARL v. QUALITY LOAN SERVICE: Plaintiff alleges several defects in the NOD
SIFRE v. WELLS FARGO BANK: Defendant does not have standing to foreclose and fraudulently induced him into entering into the mortgage contract
U.S. v. RAMENTOL: Appeal that the government failed to introduce evidence sufficient for a jury to convict them of wire fraud
MORTENSEN v. MERS: Defendants treated Mortensen shabbily in connection with his efforts to negotiate a mortgage loan modification
U.S. v. NOVRIT: Appeal from a criminal conviction for multiple counts relating to a mortgage fraud conspiracy
Ally Financial Reaches Agreement with Fannie Mae on Mortgage Repurchase Exposure
HAMP: Public citizens are not intended third-party beneficiaries to government contracts
VIDA v. ONEWEST BANK: HAMP does not provide for a private right of action
Loan Officers File Overtime Case Against Republic Mortgage Home Loans
Mortgage Lawsuits Up 41%
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6 Responses to “Mortgage Lawsuits”

  1. a p giannini February 28, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    They have no standing to do nothing , they caught a young girl in my wellsfargo vault , in atl ga , that could have been bad ,because the bank should be open . When , somebody doing fraud , even if they on the will testement to be a power of attorney . U still doing fraud , when u don’t let the owner in on the banks , in 11 years hideing all the paper work , and playing like u a idiot , executive and tors . Nobody can’t follow a will , from a passed person 100 %onless u got fraud at mind . 11 years with real owner in dark yall are fraud , yall tring to kill the owner , and take over with fraud for real . If not , prove us wrong go get the real owner let him run the banks ,so the world can see the real. Born banker . Run the banks- like a-( 1970)- super sport- ls6- chevelle . Just like it came in 1970 new .

  2. a p giannini - M g March 18, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    The all new stagecoach financial system , come soon ,new century financial corp , name change to the new stagecoach financial banking system . Striaght from the , black side of giannini 21 century grand son . Stop the fraud please . Its not call for . Their to much the young banker see and can get , like a eye seeing its every path of living .

  3. michael rockefella a p giannini April 29, 2011 at 1:29 pm #

    – the fraud might be out of control cause of -unitedbank- ,one-united bank -fleet boston financial bank , td bank , that part of me is my grandmothers I have two black grandmother in my family tree , and the rest italy and scotland . Rockefella&williams grimes&pierpont . Hoffman&hellman . Jack john morgan jr . Morgan&giannini .- nothing been added to overheard at alliance bancorp oak brook yet . Washington mutal bank , liberty bank , lincon bank , bankunited . My family history is mixed with all the races of people on earth . I’m a black colores human being today , and the fraud is been done by a black america – gloria jean mayes .

  4. jpmorgan Jr lll August 17, 2011 at 12:10 am #

    They can’t even open the account up with the IRS , because they don’t no the owner Ss number or his soleproirtyship number as Wellsfargo , so they are just filkeing the taxes and running a stolen company from what the guy Michael hawk is saying , now banco de and banco sa merger together , which means , wells and chase jpmorgan is the same bank . Founded and builded up buy Alexander Hamilton aka Morris and girand , Corestate bank na , bank of nEw England , bank of Scotland aKa bank of Spain , which still is banco itia , banco de , banco sa , banco poplar , which banco owns Citi bank Citi corp and Citi group , and that was under rockefella , and a p giannini , united financial corp under jpmorgan and rockefella – us steel corp aka national steel corp , Hamilton face is on the 10 bill. Of the money , so isent that the addres of 1430 Sharon St Atl ga George Washington , the 1 bill of money . Homeside lending , hsbc bank , delta financial group , champion mortgage corp , the Riggs bank na , commecia bank na , ge capital Inc , bellsouth phone co , the braves baseball team , what all have been stole from Hamilton blood line here ?

  5. eVa smith September 3, 2011 at 10:44 pm #

    First united bank ,one united bank , citizen trust bank ,first citizen bank ,first southern bank, southern bank ,south trust bank ,amsouth bank ,wachoviA legercy bank ,bank united , all these bank merger c&s bank aka bank of America , bank one ,and wellsfargo ,which known of this stuff is a blk or white banks , its a national and nations bank . Those banker and financer are mixed with every human race on earth . All thos banks are own by same blood line . But walker Mitchell , was the sister of josphine Burton ,which John d rockefella lll that had control of citi Bank and chase bank and the chemical bank , like her , and founded citizen trust bank and the sanit Luke penny bank ,well luke bank was already going , he let her run them banks as a owner , but ,it all was still owned by bank of Spain aka bbva ,the bank of new England . That is corestate bank na . Man I’m a good researcher my self , here ,my bulls fans .

  6. Rebecca turner September 21, 2011 at 12:16 am #

    He can’t say he has fraud onto he see the soleproirtyship benifary paper the benifary trsutee has first . Cause the benifary trustee of wellsfargo banco santander ,chile ,oro ,bbva , de ,ne ,itia ,banco real , could have the power to do all the stuff they are doing , but , if its all a fact for them to run jpmorgan like they are , why don’t they make the guy up their shut up , by showing him the documents his father put his name on starting with beening a benifary of the corp wellsfargo .

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