Home Affordable Modification Plan – Checklist For Approval

8 Feb

Are you applying for HAMP Program which is also known as Home Affordable Modification Program? The program is federally subsidized and that would pay lenders over and above servicers to modify eligible loans using the consistent terms state with the Treasury Department. What are the advantages of this loan workout programs and what are the necessities to partake?

“Obama’s HAMP loan modification program is part of the $75 billion dollar housing stimulus program that is planned to help out around 4 million homeowners out of foreclosure.”

The advantages of Obama’s HAMP loan modification program include:

  • Trim down payments to equal 31% of monthly total earnings
  • Stopping foreclosure procedure
  • Let off late fees and penalties
  • Include past outstanding payments in new loan
  • Lower interest rate as low as 2%*
  • Lengthen loan term to forty years
  • Defer or forgive principal balance

Unfortunately, not everyone could get eligible for aid under this program, nevertheless if you can meet the necessary eligibility requirements you can submit a loan modification program request for consideration. Here’re the requirements to apply for a loan workout:

  • Individual should stay in the home as your primary residence
  • Loan amount should be less than $729,750
  • Present payment equals more than 31% of monthly total income
  • Facing financial hardship

Majority lenders as well as servicers are contributing in Obama’s home affordable modification program, and concerned homeowners are positive to start the application process. Only borrowers who can prove they meet the appropriate guidelines would be accepted for a lower mortgage payment. There is a standard formula that lenders make use of to decide who would get eligible for approval. Homeowners can use a software program that uses this very similar program to help out them to organizing an exact and suitable application. Just input income and expenses, and the debt ratio, new target payment with new interest rate, disposable income and additional calculations are done automatically. Save hours of frustration and pass up mistakes.

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One Response to “Home Affordable Modification Plan – Checklist For Approval”

  1. Millie February 8, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    HAMP “sounded” like a good program to us when we first applied in 2009. At the time we applied, we had never missed a payment and were not even nearing struggling… We just wanted to lower our payments to avoid the inevitable “balloon” of our payments that we knew would eventually happen…BUT HAMP was the very program that our loan servicer (SLS) used to get into “default” where they foreclosed upon us immediately after they notified us that we did not qualify (which we should have)! US Bank NA has been complicit it this fraud, and have come after us full-force to take our home and all our equity (the only loan we have is a HELOC that we took out on our our 100% fully-owned home that we had worked hard and paid cash for in 2005!) NOW we are less than 2 weeks away from EVICTION after having fought an Unlawful Detainer here in CA for 6 months! We are now in the Appeal stage, and the courts are not even listening to us about the fraud that our loan servicer committed while using a FEDERALLY-FUNDED program! We are Pro Se. Just beware of your loan servicer if you enter this program, and by all means, do not skip even one payment! We are going to be rendered homeless over 2 lousy payments! I isn’t a question whether the HAMP program is a good program that can and should help homeowners…it is a question of “How HONEST is your Loan Servicer?” If you don’t know for sure, then stay away from a loan mod!!!

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