"Rigged Game"! (via Foreclosureblues)

27 Jan

"Rigged Game"! "Rigged Game"! Today, January 27, 2011, 3 hours ago | Millie This is a "Rigged Game"!   This "game" we are playing against the banks in the judicial system is like unto a blindfolded novice chess player up against a world champion who can see and who cheats and who changes the rules as the game goes along, only the novice isn't told the new hidden rules, nor can he use them, for he has his own limited set of rules (double standard)…and the … Read More

via Foreclosureblues

One Response to “"Rigged Game"! (via Foreclosureblues)”

  1. michael jackson walker March 3, 2011 at 11:46 am #

    A p giannini son – lawrence mario- aka william black , is working with michael williams , and randal williams anthony williams ,on to defraud the real michael williams ,james williams son elected president owner of all the banks . Country wide home loans ,fannie freddic mae , all of that is fraud too , my grand dad a p giannini owned everything almost , and I’ve been robbed for it . I report crimes to cops 2002 in atl ga .arrest made 2004 . Even if the executors was put on james will to run the companies onto I was old a nuff , its still fraud because they haven’t gave me a dime , they have left me for dead . They never told me a word , clean the office out for million of documents , anthony williams to me he hate me with all his heart and soul , told me to forget the fraud its not real , told me to shut up about something 9-12 years old at the time its was just 4 years old these people are bad news . Anthony williams is the executive of james . He fraud because he never told me nothing , nothing to me , I’ve been almost killed and who no what else , because my born life has been change by the killer theves .

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