finding who holds the note

21 Jan

One Response to “finding who holds the note”

  1. don c January 21, 2011 at 7:15 am #

    Great piece that supports the feeling held by most who read this blog, but it also raises the question of why it is that only those who are being exposed frist hand to the cuts made by the rough blade of this sword are the only ones who seem to see any injustice? It is hard to believe that there is not a larger group of judges, lawyers, Congressman, Senators, Governors, Attorney generals, Consumer Groups, etc that are screaming of this unchecked cancer being unleashed upon this nations citizens– These banks have rewritten common law and judges are allowing it. This affliction has been in the viral stage for sometime now yet a cure or even a call for a cure has yet to come on a level that acknowledges its seriousness. There seems to be a governing undertone that this widespread ignorance is “neccesary to preserve the economic vialbility” of these banks who concocted and unleashed the scheme, i.e. “too big to be punished”, yet a man who in desperation steals a package of diapers is put behind bars and marked for life as a social outcast who has defiled social order. Is this REALLY the true America? Is this what we have all sacrificed our sons and daughters for? This is a far more dangerous threat than 9-11 or any war on foreign soil; its a direct attack upon the principals of the Constitution that define this Republic as “free.” There should be no one who does not at least write to your local, state and ntional political leaders, to your local judges and to your local and national media… Maybe there needs to be a national protest held in Washington DC– but clear transparent answers need to be given… If not we are no better than any other poor soul living under a puppet dictatorship.

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