Why Hire An Attorney for Bankruptcy

16 Oct

Since the passage of new bankruptcy legislation in years past, the laws have become so complex that it is virtually impossible for lawyers who do not handle bankruptcy cases, much less a paralegal or document preparer, to be able to properly analyze a debtor’s situation, recognize the applicable exemptions and handle the debtor’s case from petition through discharge. In addition to completing the debtor’s petition, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can advise which banks are quicker to freeze deposited funds when bankruptcy is filed or which lenders will immediately repossess your car despite timely payments by a debtor.

While an individual could save money by hiring a less qualified individual to assist with their bankruptcy case, the old adage of “you get what you pay for” is good advice. While it is possible to pay too much if a lawyer’s fees are exorbitant, you can also pay too little as the cheapest bankruptcy can often turn into the most expensive as mistakes in preparing the petition could be costly. While paralegals may charge low fees, he or she cannot give legal advice which could result in the loss of certain assets or a denial of discharge by the Court. By hiring an experienced lawyer you can get peace of mind knowing whether filing bankruptcy is really in your best interests and that foregoing some savings will save you money in the long run. If your eyesight was bad and you needed laser surgery (LASIX™) would you trust your vision to the cheapest doctor? Probably not. While past mistakes may have left you in the position where filing bankruptcy is necessary, do not make another mistake when it comes to your financial future and hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

The McCandless Law Firmoffers free initial consultations to individuals and families who are struggling financially and seek relief afforded by the Bankruptcy Code. Whether you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy or have received a foreclosure notice and are having difficulty with creditors,  in Southern California (909)890-9192 in Northern California(925)957-9797 if you want to get past difficult times and get the fresh start you need.

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