Click on the links below for individual wrongful foreclosure stories.

4 Oct

Click on the links below for individual wrongful foreclosure stories.

Bank of America’s unfunny foreclosure tricks

Repossession hell: 6 extremely ‘wrongful’ foreclosures

Bank of America Sued for Foreclosing on Wrong Homes

House “trashed out” that Michigan couple paid cash for

Kentucky man sues after bank takes wrong house

Bank of America Pocketed Insurance Proceeds for Gas Explosion, Then Attempts Foreclosure on Home Anyway

Foreclosures go wrong as lenders, clean-up crews cut legal corners

Pittsburgh area woman with paid-up mortgage says bank “repossessed” property, damaged furniture, confiscated pet parrot

Bank of America forecloses on house that Massachusetts couple paid cash for

Texas doctor says bank seized house he owns free and clear, turned off utilities and left him with 75 pounds of spoiled fish

Bank Tries To Foreclose on Owned Home in California

Fort Lauderdale man’s home sold out from under him in foreclosure mistake

Click on the links below for overviews of the foreclosure crisis.

Caught in a pile of paper – the foreclosure crisis rages on

The looting of America continues

Bank of America Exec Signed, but Didn’t Read Up to 8,000 Foreclosure Papers Per Month

A Crack in Wall Street’s Foreclosure Pipeline

While We Are on the Subject of Bad Foreclosures, What About HAMP’s Compliance?

Fannie And Freddie’s Foreclosure Barons

Bank of America to Freeze Foreclosure Cases

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