Consumer Law E-mail Groups

14 Aug

Advancing Fairness in the Marketplace for All

Why Join an E-Mail Group?
• They are free; all you need is an e-mail address
• Get instant answers to your questions from experts around the country
• Hear the latest developments, practice ideas, and litigation issues
• Obtain copies of pleadings and other useful documents
• Get into the nitty-gritty of the actual practice of consumer law
• Join a community of like-minded attorneys focused on the same subject area
NCLC and NACA sponsor a number of email groups for those representing consumer interests. These groups are not open to those who represent the industry that is the topic of the group or other adverse parties.
1. Autofraud (Contact: Jon Sheldon) To join:
This is one of the oldest and most active consumer law e-mail groups with over 350 members, and much email traffic each day. The group focuses on many different issues related to motor vehicles, from financing to sales practices to lemons to repossessions. Like all NCLC e-mail groups, you can perform key-word searches in the archives for past e-mails.
2. Manufactured Homes (Contact: Odette Williamson)
To join: and CC:
If manufactured home cases ever come to your office, this is the e-mail group for you, covering issues of financing, defects, sales, and parks.
3. Student Loans (Contact: Deanne Loonin)
To join:
( if experiencing technical problems)
This is NCLC’s first group, dating back over 10 years. The discussion covers student loan collections, offsets, vocational schools, and related topics.
4. FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act (Contact: Chi Chi Wu)
To join:
A large group of experts exchanging ideas about credit reporting issues.
5. E-payments (Contact: Lauren Saunders) To join:
This is the e-mail group for anyone concerned with the electronic payment of food stamps and other state benefits.
6. UtilityNetwork – Massachusetts (Contact: Charlie Harak)
To join:
Covers issues of utility terminations, energy affordability, payment sources for utility bills, and low-income utility programs FOR MASSACHUSETTS ONLY.
7. EnergyNetwork – National (Contact: Charlie Harak, Olivia Wein, or John Howat)
To join:
Covers issues of utility terminations, energy affordability, telephones, and low-income utility programs. Keep current on policy and programmatic issues.
8. Bankruptcy (Contact: John Rao) To join:
This group is for legal services attorneys and pro bono coordinators and covers many issues relating to representation of low-income consumers in bankruptcy.
9. DC Updates (Contact: Lauren Saunders). To join:
Provides updates on legislative and administrative developments in Washington, including agency comment opportunities and critical moments for legislative input. Open to NACA members and nonprofit consumer advocates (including non-attorneys).
10. California (Contact: Lauren Saunders). To join:
Provides a forum for sharing of information on consumer law activities in California. Open to nonprofit attorneys and to NACA members willing to partner with or mentor nonprofit attorneys.
11. Carchange- Auto Ownership, Finance, and Policy (Contact John Van Alst)
To join:
A new group for advocates seeking to improve the ability of low-income families to get, keep, and use a reliable, affordable car. Includes topics of car finance, sales, and ownership as well as anyone working on broader issues that affect access to transportation for low-income workers and their families (e.g., insurance, driver’s licenses, maintenance, etc.).
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CONSUMER ADVOCATES E-MAIL GROUPS Tlie lists operated by NACA require NACA membership for admission to those lists.
12. Mortgage (Contact: Jeff Dillman) To apply for admission:
This NACA group has over 600 members and covers all aspects of protecting a homeowner against foreclosure, from predatory lending to servicer abuses.
13. Class Action (Contact: Steve Gardner) To apply for admission: sgardner@cspinetorg
The place to be if your office handles class actions, if you are interested in co-counseling with other NACA offices experienced in class cases, or if you just want to learn more about the class action remedy.
14. Stop Binding Mandatory Arbitration Campaign (Contact: Cora Ganzglass)
To join:
This NACA list is to help build awareness and support for state and federal legislation that fights back against binding mandatory arbitration clauses.
15. Statewide Listserves (Contact: Chris Wojcik) To join:
NACA Statewide listserves exist for NACA members in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, DC, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington state, and Wisconsin. The listserves provide support, share documents and information, call attention to recent developments, and facilitate group action to protect and promote consumer rights.
16. Military Statewide Listserves (Contact: Chris Wojcik) To join: A special Military NACA list for military attorneys in any state.
17. Doing Well by Doing Good list (Contact: Chris Wojcik) To join: A listserve open to all NACA members.

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