The case is lost when you stip to the commissioner

2 Oct

remember this if you forget everything else you don’t have to agree to take a commissioner in your eviction case he has thirty or so cases per day and therefore does not have time to listen to your defenses to the foreclosure or that the sale was not dully perfected . He will politely say I do not have  jurisdiction to hear these defenses. if they present the Trustees deed,

Trustees Fleming and Huff

Trustees Fleming and Huff (Photo credit: dave.cournoyer)

its over.
See Cal. Const. Article 6, §§21; 22
CCP § 259(e)


One Response to “The case is lost when you stip to the commissioner”

  1. DyingTruth October 7, 2009 at 1:03 am #

    what if the trustees deed was never recorded and the trustee that was conducting the foreclosure does not hold a valid bar or real estate license? I have to respond today

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