26 Apr


One Response to “sample-bank-final-complaint1-2”

  1. chris February 6, 2010 at 6:45 am #

    have you ever been involved in a pre-emptive dec relief? In other words, I have been in the same house for many years and my loan has been transferred many times. The original lender is no longer even in business. I suspect the current “servicer” has woefull documentation (I suspect this because I keep asking them in writing for information supporting their right to collect) and they do not give it to me. Therefore, there is no foreclosure because I pay my loan but I am concerned I am paying an entity that does not have the right to collect and that is pocketing money for the true (now defunct) owner. I was thinking of a dec relief action to declare my rights and I am curious if you have ever done one or heard of such an approach.

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