14 Mar


One Response to “united-first-bankruptcy-notice-of-stay”

  1. Donn Hart May 3, 2009 at 8:38 am #


    I have tried every whitch way to open the file for the United First Bancruptcy doc. and keep getting this message when I click to open:

    “http://timotyhymccandless.fileswordpress.com/2009/03/united-first-bankruptcy-notice-of-stay.doc” DNS error occured.

    This is stange since I did open it up once already and filed the document in the South Bay Court in Chula Vista on the 551 Marsh Harbor Drive, San Diego CA 92154 property. When I went to court, May 1st, I met the opposing council who was very respecful and understanding with us. I expained that we have been trying to negotiate a settlement with the lender for over a year with no results. In addition I gave her a copy of the bankruptcy file. She was there to request an extension of 60 days (which is a little strnage). She told me that she would be in contact with the bank to see if we can come to a mutual settlement of the property.

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